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Full text of "The Devotion And Office Of The Sacred Heart Of The Lord Jesus Christ, with its nature, origin, progress, etc., including the devotion to the Sacred Heart of The Blessed Virgin Mary &c. Also, Exercises for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Of the Sacred Heart. To which is prefixed, the recommendatory Pastoral Letter of the Lord Bishop of Boulogne. New edition."

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TAC 5 

The Pastoral Letter, &c > 

The Preface. xxviu 


The Nature of the Devotion to the Sacred 

Heart,.. S3 

The Origin of this Devotion, 43 

The progress of the Devotion, 52 

The credibility of the Rerelation, 56 

Ite difference from that paid to the Blessed 

Eucharist, 66 

Of the end of this Devotion,.. 69 

On the love of Jesus Christ, 70 

On the ingratitude of Mankind, 82 

The just complaints of Jesus Christ......... 90 

Objection, and answer to it, 96 


Method of practising this devotion,. 107 

Every Year, Month, Week, Day, and 

Night, 109 

The prayer of St. Gertrude,.. 112 

Act of consecration to the Sacred Heart, 114 

The Litany, 116 

An Invitation, or repair to the Sacred 

Heart 120 

The Reparation of Honour, «... 121 

The Beads, or Little Rosary...... 124 

A prayer to the Eternal Father, 126 

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An Association in honour of the Sacred 

Heart, 127 

Fire Visits to the Blessed Sacrament, 131 

Holy Communion,..,. 132 

,Five Acts to be performed, flee 135 

Twenty-four Acts of Reparation, flee 141 

A Prayer for a Happy death, 150 

A Meditation for the Feast of the S. H. 

and for the Fridays, flee 151 

The Rules of the Association, 156 

letters Patent of Aggregation, 160 

The Approbation of the Bp. of Bruges 163 

The Petition of British Subjects, 164 

The Grant Ate 166 

Decree of Poland, 167 

The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of 

Mary, 169 

The Consecration to her Sacred Heart,.... 172 

The Litany of the S. H. of Mary, 173 

Various Salutations, Ate., Ate 175 

Act of Consecration, 177 

A Noveiia, or nine days’ Devotion, 1 78 

The prayer Memorare, . 180 

The practice of St. Mechtildis, 181 

A Votive Oblation to St. Joseph, 182 

The Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity,..,.. 186 
Indulgences granted for the Recital of 

these Acts, 187 

A short and daily Exercise for the suffer- 
ing Souls in Purgatory, flee 190 

The Psalm De Pmfundis 194 

The Reparation of Honour, 195 

A Visit to the Blessed Sacrament, 197 

A Prayer to heg Purity, Sec. 198 

^-c Seven Dolours of our B. Lad?,... . 200 

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Contents . 


H«r seven Joy* in life, 208 

in Glory, ........ 216 

A Prayer to the Blessed Virgin 223 

The Litany of Jean 224 

The Veraicle and Prayer of the Blessed 

Sacrament, 228 

The Versicle and Prayer for thanks- 
giving, ib. 

A devout Prayer to Jesus, 229 

Wbat Caesarius accounts of this Prayer,. •• ib. 
A Prayer in honour of the Five Wounds, 230 

The Passion of our Lord, ib. 

An Angelical Exercise, 236 

The form of Admission, &c..- 256 

The Litany of our Lady of Loretto, ib. 

The Angelus Domini, 261 

Thirty Days* Prayer, See 262 

The fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary, 269 

The Beads of St. Joseph 271 

The seven Dolours and seven Joys of St. 

Joseph, 272 

What St. Teresa says of this glorious 

Saint, 276 

The Litany of St. Francis Xaverius, 277 

The Novena, he 281 

— Commemoration of St. Patrick, 294 

The Devout Client's Address to Saint 

Aloysius,.. 300 

The Litany, 301 

The Devotion of the six Sundays, 304 

The manner of performing it, 306 

A Prayer to our Angel- Guardian, 309 

■ ' to our Monthly Patron, 310 

■ — to all the Saints,.. ibi 

■ ■ — ■■ for all the Faithful de^arted^... 311 


Contents . 

ta am 

The Beads for the Soals in Purgatory,... 8T2 

Concerning Indulgences, ib. 

Of a Jubilee, 315 

A Prayer for the Intentions of an Indul- 
gence, 316 

Of Agnus Dei's, 323 

The true secret of living with content, and 
dying with joy in a religious state........ 325 

The Night Prayers, 340 

An Aet of Contrition, ....1 850 


Exercises for the Mass of the Sacred Heart 

ofjesus,... 351 

The Little Office to the Sacred Heart of 

our Saviour Jesus Christ, 368 

Officium Sanctissimi Cordis Domini Nostri 

Jesu Christ! 381 

Translations of the Latin Hymns, and the 

Lessons from St. Bernard, 413 

Act of Consecration,.. 413 

Act of Atonement,.... 421 

Devout Salutations, 423 

Short Litany, 426 

Prayer for gaining Indulgence, 420 

Act of Condolence with S. H. B. V. M... 432 

Prayer for a happy death, 434 

Indult of his Holiness Pope Pius VII. in 
favour of the practice of the devotions 
to the Sacred Heart,... 438 

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FRANCIS JOSEPH , by the mercy 
of God, and of the Apostolic See , 
Bishop of Boulogne , #c., to all the 
Faithful of our Diocese , Greeting 
and Benediction. 


object and the mot! res of the estab- 
lishment which we announce to you, my 
dear brethren, are contained In the short 
extract of the verbal process sent os by the 
General Assembly of the Clergy of France, 
held last year at Paris, and of which the 
tenour is as follows ; 

Wednesday, 17 th July , 1 765, at the half 
hour after 8 in the morning 

His Lordship, the Archbishop and Duke of 
Rhkims, President. 

M IS Lordship, the Archbishop of Itbeims, 
stated, that the Queen not being content 
with giving the most shining example of the 
tenderest and sincerest piety her soul was 
full of, was yet desirous to find the most 
effectual means to rouse and stir it up more 
and more through the whole kingdom ; that 
her majesty desired him to inform the assem- 
bly how earnestly she wished to see the 
devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus, and a 
peculiar office in its honour, established in 

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iv Bishop of Boulogne 9 

all the dioceses in which it was not yet re- 
ceived; that he did not doubt but the assem- 
bly would be sensible of the manifold ad- 
vantages 'of such a pious establishment, and 
would approve of, and authorize it by a 
deliberation conformable to her majesty’s 
laudable design. Upon which, the Bishops, 
of whom the assembly consisted, penetrated 
with the profoundest respect and veneration 
which her majesty deserves, both by her 
exaltea rank and her eminent virtues, and 
being desirous to assist and favour, as much 
as in them lies, the commendable zeal of her 
majesty, have, with an unanimous consent, 
agreed and resolved to establish in their res- 
pective dioceses, the devotion to the Sacred 
Heart of Jesus, and a solemn office in its 
honour; and to invite by a circular letter, 
the other Bishops of the kingdom, that have 
not yet recommended this salutary devotion to 
the faithful who are committed to their care, 
to do the same, and to comply with her ma- 
jesty’s desire. Signed, 

C. A. Arch-duke of Rheims. 

By our Lords of the Assembly, 

The Abbot of Bausset, formerly Agent, 

The Abbot of Lestoco ; both Secretaries. 

O UR august Queen,* my dear brethren, 
not satisfied with making that pious devotion 

♦ Mary Lecksinska, Princess of Poland, Queen of 
France, daughter of the late Stanislaus, King of Poland 
at.d Duke of Lorrain, espoused to Lewis XV. She died on 

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Pastoral Letter . 


to which we invite you, (to which she her- 
self glories to be associated, and which 
reigns with her on the throne,) takes a pride 
and pleasure in spreading it over the whole 
kingdom of France. As she has learned in 
the school of Christ, the admirable invention 
of reconciling the humility of the heart with 
the elevation of the soul, it is not enough for 
this incomparable princess to resemble the 
pious Esther, who, preserving the love of 
holy abjection even at the highest pitch of 
her glory, deplored her being constrained 
to appear in public with a diadem on her 
head, and delighted to lay down in private 
her sceptre and crown at the feet of her 
Creator ; she is also willing to walk in the 
footsteps of St. Clotilda, who, procuring the 
conversion of the first of our most Christian 
kings, conceived at the same time the noble 
design of subjugating the whole French na- 
tion to the pious yoke of Jesus Christ. The 
design of our august queen is yet more sub- 
lime, since she intends nothing less than to 
enlarge the empire of divine love, and to make 
it flourish in all her dominions, by establishing 
a devotion, whose chief end is to bring all 
her people under the subjection of the sacred 
heart of her Lord and God, and to inflame 
their hearts, as well as her own, with the fire 
of his love. This commendable design has 

the 24th of June, 17fiS. Her life, and thelive* of lier son 
the Dauphin, and of her daughter, Madame Louise, the 

•* Ahb6 Provart. 

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▼i Bishop of Boulogne* 

been applauded by an illustrious assembly, 
consisting of thirty- two prelates, and of as 
many deputies of the second order of the 
clergy; both eminent for their great learning 
and unfeigned virtues. They have honoured 
us with a letter, and invited us to support 
such a laudable design, and we think it our 
indispensable duty to follow the rule pre- 
scribed by St. Austin,* that is, not only not 
to disapprove, but even to commend, to en- 
courage, and embrace all those establish- 
ments, that wound neither peace nor morals, 
and may be conducive to the improvement of 
virtue and piety. Such is the nature of the 
devotion we are speaking of. It is most or- 
thodox, and very apt to promote both the 
edification of the faithful, and the glory and 
love of Jesus Christ. 

The life of this God-man, in whose soul 
all the treasures of wisdom, knowledge, and 
sanctity are hidden, is full of so many admir- 
able wonders, and so abundant are the riches 
of his grace and glory, that the church does 
not confine to the narrow compass of one fes- 
tival, the honour she pays to all his mysteries, 
but sets apart several days and times, in or- 

* Sal uberrima regula retinenda est, ut quae non aunt 
contra fidem, neque contra bonos mores, et habent aliquid 
ad exbortationem vitae melioris, ubicunque institute vide, 
mus, vel instituta cognoscimus, non solum non improbe. 
mug, sed etiam laudando et knitando sectamur. Spot, *4 


Pistoral Letter. rii 

der to celebrate sometimes the one and some- 
times the other. Thus Advent is appointed 
by the chnrch to honour, in a particular 
manner, the time he was in his mother’s womb. 
Thus she honours his birth during the octave 
of Christmas ; his last in the wilderness, by 
the forty days of Lent ; his sufferings and 
death, in Holy Week ; in Easter time, his ad- 
mirable Resurrection and glorious Ascension ; 
in Whitsuntide, the coming down of the Holy 
Ghost upon his Apostles; and during the oc- 
tave of Corpus Christi, the institution of the 
Blessed Eucharist. Thus, at other times she 
celebrates the finding and exaltation of the 
Cross ; in several places she exposes to the 
veneration of the faithful, the nails with which 
the hands and feet of our Saviour were pierced ; 
the wreath of thorns with which his sacred 
head was crowned ; the sponge which wa 
offered to his mouth ; and the winding sheet 
in which his body was wrapped : in a word, 
all that he has made use of in his mortal life, 
seemed to the church worthy of a singular ven- 
eration, and of the particular festivals she has 
established for this purpose in several ages. 

It was to our age and nation the divine 
providence *was pleased to reserve the honour 
and glory to seal, as it were, all those solem- 
nities, by the general and perpetual estab- 
lishment of the pious devotion to the Sacred 
Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is al- 
ready spread through the several dioceses of 
France, in the capital city of the Christian 
world, in all the Catholic countries, and even 
in China, and in the East and West Indie* 
It has bad the sanction of the most lean.- 

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viii Bishop of Boulogne & 

doctors, and has been approved of by man 
illustrious persons and chief bishops, who 
have granted indulgences to its followers : 
amongst whom we may reckon many persons 
of the most eminent virtue, great personages 
of the world, several princesses of the blood, 
and many crowned heads. It is to this de- 
votion the most salutary advantages both cor- 
poral and spiritual are ascribed. 

When in 1720, one of the most flourishing 
provinces of France was desolated by pesti- 
lence, and many of its inhabitants fell a daily 
prey to this malignant contagion, as soon as 
the bishops of Provence, the magistrates and 
citizens of Marseilles, Arles, Aix, and Tou- 
lon, dedicated themselves by a solemn oath to 
the worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 
these cities were immediately delivered from 
the dreadful plague with which they were 
afflicted. Such is the esteem we have enter- 
tained of this devotion, that upon mature de- 
liberation, we wish heartily to establish and 
spread it throughout out* whole diocese. 

Would to God, my dear brethren, that to 
induce you more effectually to the embracing 
such * an advantageous devotion, we were en- 
dowed with greater abilities to treat in a 
worthy manner so sublime a subject, for which 
the most pathetic and moving eloquence is 
required; that we were animated with the ten- 
der piety of Saint Bernard, and supplied 
with the insinuating unction and the persua- 
sive charms of his eloqueuce : but were we 
enriched with all those endowments, were 
we speaking with the tongues of prophets, 
of the apostles, and even of angels, we 

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Pastoral Letter 


9onid neither attain all the prerogative*, nor 
worthily express all the allurements and pre- 
cious advantages of this devotion. In what- 
ever light it may he considered, what do we 
perceive in it but a tendency to display the 
wonderful bounties of God for meu, that 
should triumph over the hardness of (heir in- 
sensible hearts by the love of his own, to de- 
liver them from the tyranny of their impe- 
rious passions, and the slavery of the most 
shameful vices, in order to briug them under 
the glorious and happy dominion of the qfljgm 
of all virtues. Yes, my dear brethren, the 
object of this devotion proclaims nothing bat 
charity; its motives breathe nothing but char- 
ity; its practice is the most powerful incen- 
tive to charity. Let us resume these three 
heads that are the characteristic marks of the 
devotion we are speaking off each of which 
deserves a particular explanation. 

What is the corporal and sensible object 
of this devotion ? It is the material heart of 
the Son of God, who was made man out of 
his pure love for us ; it is the most noble part, 
of his adorable body ; it is the principal or- 
gan of all the affections, and consequently 
of all the virtues of his blessed humanity; 
it is the seat and centre wherein corporally 
dwells all the plenitude of his divinity, and 
which becoming by virtue of the hypostatical 
union the heart of the King of kings, of the 
Holy of holies, of the God of majesty, is 
raised to an infinite dignity, which makes it 
worthy of our profound homage and ador- 
ation. Ah ! if the lauce with which the side 
Jesus was opened upon the cross, is by 

x Bishop of Boulogne's 

that very touch become an object of vener- 
ation to all the Catholic world, how much 
more venerable ought to be hie Sacred Heart, 
which conferred so much dignity on this low, 
mean, and contemptible piece of steel! If 
the precious ointment poured by Magdalen 
on the feet of our Redeemer, was so accept- 
able to him as to deserve his commendation 
and a munificent reward, how much more 
highly will he approve of, and plentifully re- 
compense the honour which is paid to his 
heart, whose motions were always so perfectly 
conformable to the sentiments either of the 
love or zeal which burned in his sacred breast, 
or of the sadness and anguish with which his 
soul was overwhelmed, and more contributed 
than those of any other part of his body to 
the most wonderful production of his divine 
mercy, the great work of our redemption. 
If the perfidious Judas, who, blinded by in- 
famous avarice, blamed the laudable deed 
of that generous lover of Christ, was himself 
reproved on account of his unjust and impious 
censure, how much more blameable and re- 
prehensible are the clamours of those rash 
critics, who being prompted by ignorance or 
prejudice, rise up against a devotion, whose 
corporal object deserves, by so many titles, 
the homage and adoration of all the true fol- 
lowers of Jesus Christ. 

Do not, therefore, my dear brethren, suffer 
yourselves to be prepossessed, either by the 
nauseous and contemptible jests of some li- 
bertines, on account of the name of the ven- 
erable person, who was the instrument that 
God was pleased to employ to make known 

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Pastoral Letter . 


the devotion to the Sue red Heart of bit Son, 
or fay the manifold contradictions it baa met 
with in several places. The pious design of 
the holy Juliana was also contradicted when 
she proposed to establish a new festival in 
honour of the 'body of Jeans Christ. The 
sauie difficulties which have been since urged 
against the devotion to which we invite you, 
were opposed to the festival of Corpus 
Christi. They contended that it was cele- 
brated by the Church on Thursday in Holy 
Wi-ek, and that there was no more need to 
establish n new solemnity in honour of the 
body of Jesus Christ than in honour of his 
most holy soul. Presumptuous man as thou 
art! does it belong to thy weak reason to 
fathom and measure the breadth, length, 
height, and depth of the ways and mysteries 
of the love of God, who seems to take plea- 
sure in confounding the proud wisdom of the 
learned nieu of the world, by securing the 
most wonderful success to various means he 
makes use of in several ages, in order to re- 
vive the languishing spirit of the faithful? 
Though the honour we pay to the adorable 
body of Christ is paid at the same time to bis 
sacred wounds; has he not been pleased that 
Iris Church should appoint a particular festi- 
val to celebrate them, because the remem- 
brance, and the very sight of ttfern, are most 
apt to instil into our hearts the most tender 
and solid devotion ? Is then the worship of 
bis Sacred Heart less moving, less instructive, 
or less salutary, than that of his wounds ? It 
Is undoubtedly far more affecting, since it% 
traces back their veneration to their first 

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• xii Bisht'p of Boulogne $ 

cause and origin, which its spiritual and pri 
cipal object calls to our mind in a more sen- 
sible manner. 

And indeed, what is their spiritual and 
principal object ? It is the infinite lore our 
Saviour bore us, who, though he was the 
Creator and supreme Lord of the whole uni- 
verse, yet debased himself, taking the form of 
a servant, and submitting to his creatures, 
being pleased to be born in a stable, to spend 
the greater part of his mortal life in obscurity 
and retirement, to die the most disgraceful 
death of the cross, to lie concealed under 
low and mean outward appearances iu the 
Blessed Eucharist, and to give himself to us 
to be our food, comfort, and support in our 
pilgrimage, and all this to soften more effec- 
tually the hardness of our insensible hearts, 
and to secure to himself the return of our 
love and gratitude. It is for this purpose, 
oh! divine Redeemer! that by the most as- 
tonishing of all wonders, thou ljast left us a 
standing and perpetual memorial of thy 
passion and death, in the august sacrament of 
thy love, worthy of the praise, homage, and 
adoration both of men and angels; but alas! 
too often dishonoured and abused by the 
contempt and blasphemies of infidels, and un- 
believers, by the insulting derisions, and the 
most outragedhs profanations of heretics, and 
by the cold indifferences, the scandalous irre- 
verences, and the unworthy communion* of 
ungrateful Catholics. Such was the excess of 
thy love for us, as made thee forget thy own 
glory. Thou hast preferred our advantage, 
honour, and happiness, before thy own ; the 

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Pastoral Letter . 


foresight of all these outrages, indignities, 
and atironts, has not extinguished thy love, 
nor prevented thy working the most surpris- 
ing of all prodigies, and thy perfecting all 
thy other blessings, by the institution of the 
blessed Eucharist, in which thou hast be- 
queathed to us the most precious of all trea- 
sures, thy own sacred body and blood, toge- 
ther, with thy soul and divinity, thy whole 
self; so rich a present that heaven can give 
nothing greater, and so estimable a gift that 
We can never repay it, whatever may be our 
love and gratitude. Have we then a heart? 
or is it not more hard than adamantine, than 
marble and brass, if so precious a pledge of 
an unbounded love make not the deepest 
impression upon us ; nor move us with the 
most sorrowful grief and affliction, at seeing 
such cruel insults offered to our most gener- 
ous lover ; nor excite us to repair to the ut- 
most of our power, by a solemn act of atone- 
ment, such atrocious indignities and affronts ? 

But as this infinite love of the Son of God 
is all spiritual, and as men are not used to 
be affected but by corporal objects, they 
stood in need of some outward sign to make 
them sensible of it. Now is not the heart the 
most natural symbol of love ? Has not the 
word heart the same meaning among men as 
that of love ? and therefore, what expression 
more proper and more full of energy could 
we make choice of, to draw the characteris- 
tic of this devotion, whose only end is love ? 
And since God himself is love, can it terrain 
Date in an object more noble, more august 
and venerable, and at the same time more 

J ’ Dl9,t,zed by GoOgle 



xi? Bishop of Boulogne i 

sweet, ^ore charming, more attractive and 
amiable ? I beg leave to add, that this boun- 
tiful God, who loves the souls of men with 
such tender affection, suffers them in holy 
writ to call him their Spouse , and the God of 
their heart. Is it not just then, that by making 
a tender return of mutual- love, they endea- 
vour to deserve the houour to be called the 
Spouses of God, and the beloved of his heart ? 
Yes, my dear brethren ! there is no Cbristiau, 
there is none but ignoble souls, degenerate 
children, cruel and hard-hearted men, that 
is to say, men without any affection and 
gratitude for God, who can be insensible of 
this symbol of love, and disapprove or 
despise such a devotion as this, which is so 
much the more laudable and useful, as the 
motives on which it is grounded are both mo- 
ving and interesting. 

And indeed these motives are nothing but 
ttife various feelings of the Sacred Heart of 
Jesus Christ, that display his infinite love for 
Us and loudly claim the return of their gra- 
titude j a feeling of an unexhausted goodness, 
and of the most tender compassion, which 
engaged him to take upon himself all our 
infirmities, to rescue our souls from the ty- 
ranny of sin and hell ; — a feeling of an unal- 
terable meekness, that made him endure with 
an unwearied patience, our cold indifference, 
monstrous ingratitude, and repeated rebel- 
lions a feeling of mercy very far superior 
•X/ the clemency of the best of all fathers, 
watch induced him to reclaim us by the most 
pressing invitations, when we had gone astray 
from him, and to meet, embrace, and har- 

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Pastoral Letter . 


bour us in bis bosom, when we return to him 
bv a thorough conversion, a feeling of an un- 
heard-of generosity, that prompted him to 
be lavish of himself, and to sacrifice his own 
giory by the institution of the blessed Eucha- 
rist, wherein, beyond all onr wishes and all 
our conceptions, be carries his love to such 
an excess, as seems unworthy of the Majesty 
of a God-inan, by becoming the food and 
nourishment of ungrateful men, who are more 
contemptible than the very worms of the 
earth, aud the object of their flight, outrages, 
and affronts a feeling of zeal, that burnt 
in his sacred breast for our salvation, after 
which he always panted with such longing 
desires, that his heart pined away, and was, 
as it were, exhausted and consumed like a 
holocaust upon the altar of the cross, in the 
midst of all kinds of ignominies, and the 
worst of torments ; the very sight of whj|h 
raised the astonishment of angels, and even 
put in confusion the inanimate part of the 
creation: in a word ; — a feeling of the most 
inconceivable and inexpressible love which 
he has shown to us, by doing in our favour, 
at the very time we were his mortal enemies, 
rebels and traitors to him and his Father, 
more than was ever done by the most gene- 
rous of our friends, and the most affectionate 
of all lovers. And, indeed, was there ever 
seen such a friend, as being rich, became 
poor, that his poverty might enrich us with 
the most precious treasure ? This was done 
l-y Jesus Christ. Was there ever known such 
friend as, being a great monarch, willingly 
became a eubiect and servant, that he might, 

■Digitized byViOOgle 



Bishop of Boulogne s 

by bis subjection *md servitude, afford us true 
liberty, and bring us to the possession of an 
eternal kingdom ?— This was done by Jesus 
Christ. Who has ever heard of a friend, who, 
being God, became man, even the most Ab- 
ject of men, that he might make ns in some 
manner gods and angels ? — This was done by 
Jesus Christ. Who has ever heard of a friend, 
who, being a Judge, became our advocate and 
mediator, our victim and ransom, by dying 
the most cruel and ignominious death, that 
he might open in our favour the gates of 
mercy, grace, and salvation, and secure to 
us a new life, by his disgraceful death ; an 
Immortal glory, by his profound humiliations ; 
and an eternal happiness by his unheard-of 
sufferings and torments ?— All this, and more, 
has Jesus Christ effected. What then ought 
he not to expect from our gratitude, after 
simh singular marks of his love, and so many 
favours bestowed upon us? Would he de- 
mand too much, if he required that we 
should return him' life for life, blood for 
blood, or at least heart for heart, aud love 
for love ; and that we should prefer his friend- 
ship before that of men — of whom none have 
ever laid down their lives for us, nor endured, 
like Jesus Christ, the ignominious death of 
the Cross. 

The holy Pope St. Martin, who by oppos- 
ing with a manly fortitude the famous type 
of the Emperor Constance, deserved the glory 
of sealing by his blood the unquestionable 
right with which God invested the successors 
of the apostles, not to remain silent and dis- 
semble, when the interest of religion is cou- 

Pastoral falter. xvii 

cernrd. but to watch for it* safety, and to 
preach upon the house-tops, and to wake all 
the world resound with the truths of faith, 

(being driven away from his see, loaded with 
chains, ignominiously hurried through ll.J 
streets of Constantinople, and afterwards ban- 
ished,) encourages himself, as well as the 
other bishops, rather to obey God than even 
the most powerful men, whose lives, suid he, 
vanish away like the grass of the field. us then, my brethren, endeavour to 
excite the like sentiments in our souls. What 
motive is more apt to briug us to a tender, 
strong, and constant love of Jesus Christ, 
and to determine us to undertake, to perform, 
and suffer every thing for his sake, than this 
moving thought of the apostle ; — he loved me, 
and delivered himself for me? He was deaf to 
the voice of my ingratitude and treasons, 
which cried for vengeance ; he att£uded*only 
to the fondness of his heart, that pleaded for 
mercy and grace for me ; and to introduce 
me to the sanctuary of his divine mercy, and 
to cancel my sins, he laid down his life, and 
poured out the last drop of his most sacred 
blood. His love was the principle of his 
sufferings and death. Such was the excess 
of his affection for me, as to engage him to 
take my place, to sacrifice himself for me, 
and to suffer the punishment due to ray sins. 

What tender gratitude, what heroic charity, 
what strong desires of martyrdom did not 
this thought raise in the soul of St. Paul, and 
so many other lovers of Christ ! The very _.m* 
sight of a God-tnan, who debased and ar»ui?,« andhifB 
hiJated himself to exalt mew ; who offer who <»d 

xviii Bishop of Boulogne » 

himself as a victim to redeem them, and died 
the most cruel and ignominious death of the 
cross to give them life, so charming, gained, 
and transported their hearts as to fill them 
with rapture. 

St. Francis, St. Teresa, St. John of the 
Cross, could not contemplate the image of 
Christ crucified, without being moved with 
the most tender compassion, affected with 
giief and sorrow, inflamed with love and 
gratitude, and without burning with the de- 
sire of pouring out their blood for the glory 
of their Redeemer, at the feet of whom 
their affeetionate devotion caused them to 
shed a flood of tears. But if only the sight 
of the crucifix made so deep an impression 
upon the hearts of these saints, by putting 
them in mind of the inestimable benefits of 
our redemption, how much more apt is the 
remembraitce of the heart of Jesus Christ to 
raise in our souls such pious affections ! Does 
it not call back to our memory the primeval 
souree of so precious a favour? Was it not 
in this merciful heart that the plan aud de- 
sign of our salvation was framed ? Is it not 
true, that to this Sacred Heart we are par. 
tioularly indebted for the execution of it? 
Yes, my dear brethren ! and were this truth 
to be called in question, we could say, ac* 
cording to the metaphorical speech of holy 
writ, and of the doctors of the holy church, 
that the heart of Jesus was the ark of the 
covenant, and the temple of peace, wherein the 
Son of God managed and concluded the great 
treaty of our reconciliation with his heavenly 
Father. We con>4 say that his heart is the 

_ Pigitizsd by Google 

Pastoral Letter, 


ml tar of holocausts and perfumes, where this 
eternal Poniff offered and continues to offer 
daily for obtaining mercy and pardon for 
our sins, a sacrifice of the most sweet odour, 
his prayers and supplications, bis sigbs and 
groans, his desires and affections, bis sweat 
and tears, the pains and labours of bis life, 
the sufferings and torments of his death. We 
might add, that his heart is the nuptial bed 
in which the church was espoused to the Son 
of God ; the mysterious bath in which she 
was cleansed by his blood ; the golden table 
on which he prepared for her the heavenly 
food of his body ; the true propitiatory from 
which he declares his oracles, and imparts 
to her both the light of his wisdom, and the 
fire of his charity. But let us speak without 
metaphor, and say with St. Francis of Sales, 
that we cannot be sensible of the blessings 
of God, if we do not attend to bis eternal 
will, that deigns to confer them upon us, and 
to the heart of our divine Redeemer, who 
deserves them for us, enduring* so many pains 
and labours, and especially by his passion 
and death. “ O love,” says be, “ O sove- 
reign love of the heart of Jesus! What 
heart can bless and praise thee as thou de- 
servest to be praised?” See, my dpar bre- 
thren, with what transports the holy bishop 
of Geneva speaks of this Sacred Heart. Not 
satisfied with the honour he paid it, he wish- 
ed to inflame the hearts of all men with its 
love and to induce them to make it the ob- 
ject of their worship and veneration. “ How 
good and bountiful is the Lord,'* cries he, 
“ how lovely and amiable is his heart ! Let ? 

rx JJishftp of Boulogne $ 

dwell in this holy abode! Let this adorable 
heart always live in our hearts.” 

As for the rest, do not think, my dear 
brethren, that the devotion we are speaking 
of was particular to St. Francis of Sales, 
and an invention lately contrived. St. Au- 
gustin knew and practised it long before : 
the lance, dhid he, opened the side of Jesus 
to me, I eutered it, and there 1 rest as in a 
place of safety. St. Bernard had said before, 
that the spear, by piercing the sacred heart of 
Jesus, had revealed his mysteries and discov- 
ered his tender mercies to us. Had not 
Saint Thomas, the angel of the school, re- 
presented already the same heart of Jesns, 
wounded, and pouring out his precious blood 
by the opening of his side, that it might 
bear witness to the excess of his love, and 
inflame the cold hearts of his disciples ? Had 
not St. Bernardin of Sienna already describ- 
ed the same heart as a furnace of the most 
ardent love, able to kindle the whole uni- 
verse ? Had uot St. Eleazer said before, to St. 
Delphina, his spouse — ** You are anxious 
about my health, you wish to know how 1 am : 
be assiduous in paying frequent visits to our 
amiable Jesus in the blessed Sacrament, en- 
ter into his Sacred Heart ; this is the abode I 
have made choice of ; there you will always 
meet me.” Had not St. Bortaventure, the 
seraphic doctor, already expressed in a book, 
whose title is, The Incentive of Divine Love , 
his ardent desire to dwell and live continual- 
ly in the sacred side of Jesus, to speak there 
to his 'heart, and to obtain from it whatever he 
should desire? Had he not assured us, that 

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Pastoral Letter 

onion with the heart of Jesus makes ns 
0R]ny a delightful sweetness and exquisite 
pleasure, beyond all expression ; that ws 
find it in all goods and blessings ; that we may 
confidently euter it, since this lovely spouse 
of our souls, has not opened his side but to 
give us his whole heart ? Had not Lewis 
Blosius a Benedictine, and one *of the most 
excellent masters of a spiritual life; recom- 
mended before in many of his writings, our 
offering the good works we perform in honour 
of the heart of Jesus, that he may purify 
and perfect them? Do we not read In his 
works the following prayer? “ O heavenly 
Father! 1 1 offer to thee the burning love and 
the ardent desires of the heart of thy beloved 
son Jesus, to supply the coldness and insen- 
sibility of my own.” 

To thfs we might add what was said on the 
same subject by St. Clare, St. Gertrude, St. 
Mechtildis, and many other illustrious lovers 
of Christ, who have attained to so perfect a 
knowledge and love of the Sacred Heart of 
their heavenly spouse, and so highly praised 
and commended its divine charms; but as* we 
have selected their pious thou^fc* and affec- 
tions, in a book we have lately published 
concerning this devotion, and which we in- 
vite you to peruse, we had rather quote a 
passage of the fhmous John Lanspergius, a 
Carthusian, who was surnamed the just, on 
account of the extraordinary piety that is 
conspicuous In all his writings, which are full 
of a moving unction, and the^ science of the 
saints. These ure the words of this author, 
who published in the beginning of the six- 

xxii Bishop of Boulogne’s 

teentli century, a particular devotion to 
Sacred Heart of Jesus : “ Take care,” s 
he, “to entertain in your soul by frequentl^^ 
repeated acts, a constant devotion to the 
worship of the amiable heart of Jesus, which 
is overflowing with love and mercy. Let 
mutual love invite thee to this divine heart, 
and let us, enter it in spirit: through this 
heart beg all the graces you stand in need of, 
through this heart offer all your actions to 
God ; for we find the most valuable treasure 
aud inestimable blessings in it; this is the 
gate through which we must go to God, and 
by which he comes to us. And therefore I 
advise you to put in the different places you 
are used to frequent, some devout image of 
this adorable heart, the sight of which may 
enable you to renew often your holy prac- 
tice of devotion in its honour, and inspire 
you with the fire of divine love. You may 
even, according to the interior inspiration of 
grace, kiss this image with the same affection 
with which you would kiss the heart itself 
of Jesus. Enter in spirit into this deified 
heart, imprint it on your own, and plunge 
your whole £pul into this sacred fountain, 
with a longing desire that it should be entirely 
lost in it, and endeavour to fill your own 
heart with the spirit by which that of Jesus 
is animated, with his graces aud virtues ; in 
a word, with all the salutary blessiugs it 
comprehends, and which are beyond all mea- 
sure; for the heart of Jesus is an overflow- 
ing source of all good. It is a pious and 
very useful ptactice to pay a singular wor- 
«hip and veneration to this adorable heart, 

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Pastoral Letttr. xxiii 

which ought to be our refuge in our neces- 
sities, and in which you will find the comfort 
and assistance you stand in need of ; for were 
all men to leave and deceive you, be assured 
that such a faithful heart as that of Jesus 
will never forsake you, nor lead you into 

Long as this quotation may .appear, we 
thought it proper, my dear brethren, to lay 
the whole passage before you ; for as it com- 
prehends the chief and the most material 
practices of this devotion, it may be very 
much subservient to bring you to the perfect 
notice, and consequently to the embracing 
of it. And indeed experience daily shows 
that this devotion cannot be known well and 
not be liked and esteemed by those who bear 
any love and affection to Jesus Christ. As 
soon as they are acquainted With its nature 
and excellency they are attracted with such 
charming allurements that they can hardly 
forbear embracing it; and afterwards they 
are inclined to keep In their house, and 
to look often upon an image of the sacred 
heart of Jesus, as being a powerful incentive 
to the love of. their Redeemer. For as the 
very eight of his wounds is apt to move us with 
a tender compassion, so the sight of his heart, 
which is usually represented all surrounded 
by flames to represent the fire of charity with 
which it always glowed, and will ever burn 
for us, is very well qualified to inspire us with 
this divine fire, which Jesus came to send on 
earth / and what wiUeth he, but that it be enkin- 
dled in our hearts? And wbat more proper 
means to produce this effect, than our eeiv- 

Digitized by CjOOglC 

xxiv Bishop of Boulogne's 

templating with the eyes of faith, the sensible 
marks of his unparalleled love, not only in 
its burning dames, but in the painful instrt*- 
roents of his passion ; iu the wreath of thorns 
that is used to be painted around his adorable 
heart, and the cross that is planted upon it ? 
What more pressing motive for a devout per- 
son to return love for love, than the sight of 
a heart which loved him to such an excess, as 
to endure for the love of him, the most cruel 
and disgraceful death ? 

And, therefore, my dear brethren, to excite 
more effectually in our souls a lively sense 
of the love which our divine Redeemer is 
entitled to by so many claims, and which 
you cannot refuse to him without drawing 
upon yourselves the dreadful anathemas ful- 
minated by the apostle, against those who do 
not love our Lord Jesus Christ, fail not to 
perform in private the pious practices we 
have just recommended to you. May you by 
some associations and confraternities, pay a 
solemn worship and a public honour to the 
immense love of Jesus Christ, under the sym- 
bol of his Sacred Heart ! May you increase 
more and more the number of those choice 
souls, whom the burning fire of charity urges 
and impels to devote themselves to the most 
noble, the most generous, and most holy of 
all hearts, and to consecrate to it all their 
thoughts, affections, and deeds, in order to 
be the continual admirers of its divine per- 
fections, the victims of its good will, and the 
faithful imitators of its virtues ! What comfort 
and relief, in the grief and sorrow we are 
oppressed with, at seeing this adorable heart 

Digitized by GoOglC 

P.sloral LclUr . 


blasphemed and dishonoured by so many im- 
pious wretches, disregarded by so many li- 
bertines and false sages in the world, ne- 
glected and abandoned by so many lukewarm 
and sluggish Christians; what satisfaction for 
us, I say, if you embrace the establishing of 
this devotion, with the same fervour and zeal 
with which you receive that of the perpetual 
adoration of the most Blessed Sacrament, 
which so highly promoted both the glory of 
God and the piety of the faithfol. The end 
they both aim at, is to make, as much an in 
us lies, an atonement and compensation for 
those many insults and affronts offered to Je- 
sus Christ in the Sacrament of his love, and 
it seeqns that the former has paved the way 
to the latter. What happiness would you 
enjoy, my dear brethren ! did you thereby 
deserve that -this our Saviour, who delights 
and glories in loving, defending, and loading 
bis lovers with the most signal favours, should 
give you a distinguished place in his heart, 
keep you with a singular care and Aten t ion 
as the apple of his eye, and protect voa 
under the shadow of his wings, during your 
mortal life, and especially at the hour of 
your death ? Ah ! how sweet lyid comfort- 
able it will be for you to die in peace, and 
to sleep in the Lord, after bearing till your 
last breath, a tender and fervent devotion, 
both to the adorable heart of your Judge, 
and the most amiable heart of your Re- 

For these reasons, and agreeably to the 
pious intention of our august queen, and to 
the unanimous wishes of the la&i general 

Digitized by CjOOglC 


Bishop of Boulogne s 

assembly of the clergy, we agree and ap« 
prove of the establishing for ever, • the de- 
votion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, together 
with the office in its honour, in all the par- 
ishes and religious convents of our diocese. 
We confirm the establishment of this devotion, 
which has been already made, either by the 
authority of the bishops ohr predecessors, or 
onr own, in many of those convents, and 
especially in that of the nuns of the Annun- 
ciation of this city, in the year 1716, and 
which was approved of by the Holy See, that 
was pleased to grant and annex to it ample in- 
dulgences. We recommend to all the rectors, 
vicars, preachers, and confessors, to inspire 
the faithful with the love of such a salutary 
devotion, to advise them to read the book we 
have lately published, wherein its objects, 
motives, and practices, are explained more 
at large, to exhort them to associate them- 
selves to it in a due form, and to remove 
from them all such difficulties as mirbt deter 
them from these associations and confraterni- 
ties. In that book we have offered some 
regulation's very suitable to the spirit with 
which such as enter these confraternities 
should be animated. We have thought it 
proper to add many prayers, litanies, and 
the whole office of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 
whether for the day of its principal festival, 
for the celebration of which the Friday 
immediately following the octave of the 
most blessed Sacrament has been appointed, 
or for the first Friday of every month. We 
allow and authorize all the clergy who are 
bound to the Breviary : to say the Oif.ce on 

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Pastoral Letter. 


the above-mentioned days, when no double 
festival of the first class occurs on the Friday 
following the said octave, or no double 
festival on the Friday of every month. And, 
lastly, we exhort all the faithful of our 
diocese, to keep in their houses some picture 
or image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and 
to expose it decently in a place where they 
are accustomed to say their prayers. We 
grant to all those who shall comply in that 
poiut, with our desire, forty days’ indulgence, 
which they are allowed to gain every Friday, 
on condition, that they say on their knees, 
before this image or picture, the Litany of 
the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Besides we grant 
forty days* indulgence, to all those who, 
being truly penitent, and having confessed 
their sins, shall worthily receive the holy 
communion on the principal festival, or the 
next following Sunday, or the first Friday in 
the month, in order to atone and repair the 
outrages and affronts offered to Jesus Christ, 
in the most Blessed Sacrament, and to pay 
their homage and honour to his Sacred Heart. 
May it be adored, loved, praised, and glori- 
fied, for ever and ever. Amen. 

Given at Boulogne , in our Ejriscopa* 
Palace , the 22d of March, 1766. 

Signed Francis Joseph, tht 
Bishop of Boulogne. 

Clement, Secretary. 



Tt is the ordinary lot of the works of God, 
to be contradicted. The more they contribute 
to his greater glory, the more is the rage of 
hell levelled against them. The devotion to 
the Sacred Heart of Jesus was to be distin- 
guished by this character : it was too pleasing 
to God not to meet with great opposition, 
wherever it should be established. 

The devotion took its origin from a revela- 
tion. This was a sufficient reason at first for 
many persons to reject it, as if those favours 
"Were to be no moi*e, and as if the Almighty 
should not communicate himself at present to 
pious souls by such extraordinary ways. The 
novelty of the devotiou was a pretext with 
some to rise up agaiust it ; not considering that 
the most solid and me most ancient devotions, 
\iaving each had a beginning, the same objec- 
tion might have been made to all. Some, 
transported with a spirit of contradiction, 
formed difficulties without eud. They found 
some in the object of the devotion itself, in its 
nature, and even in its very name ; they dis- 
puted about what they neither examined nor 
derstood. There were many who spoke of 
new worship with no other view but to 



The Preface. 

render it contemptible; they thought to have 
confuted all the pious souls devoted to the Sa» 
ered Heart, by asking them, with a kind of 
sneer, if they would not soon celebrate the 
feast of the foot or the hand of Jesus ; for why 
thould they rather worship the heart ? If such 
unbelieving critics will read the following 
work, they will know the reason why, and be 
►shamed of their jests on a subject so divine. 
We must not divide Jesus Christ, said others ; 
he is whole and entire iu the sacrament of the 
ftltar; let us worship him there whole, and 
not in part only ; as if Jesus Christ was more 
divided by the devotion to his sacred heart, 
than by that to his wounds, to his name, to his 
blood, &c., or to any particular mystery of his 
life: in short, many who had but an obscure 
and very imperfect idea of the devotion, did 
not distinguish it from that of the Blessed Sa- 
crament, and could not bear that a name so 
new should be given to so ancient a devotion. 

The disposition of the mind being so un- 
favourable, the devotion so holy in itself, and 
hi fit to gain the heart, could not extend 
lery much. Unknown to the multitude, des- 
pised, and even contradicted by many who 
knew it, it remained confined to a few holy 
souls, who durst not show themselves, for fear 
of being exposed tp a kind of persecution. 

Thus the devil strove to oppose this holy 
work in its very beginning ; he foresaw how 
fatal the consequences would be to kis empire ; 
he rose therefore to destroy it, or at least to 
stop its progress. But what can hell or the con- 
tradictions of men do against the will of the 
Almighty ? The happy day being arrived, 

Digitized by GoOgle 

The Preface 


when God had resolved to reveal to men the 
riches of the heart of his only Son, and to 
maac them adore and honour it in a worthy 
manner, his wisdom knew how to remove all 
dithculties, and this new devotion was seen to 
spread in the church, with a success so rapid 
and so universal, that one must acknowledge 
the finger of God in it. 

In the following work we will endeavour 
to lay before our readers, what happened on 
tnat occasion ; and in order not to forget any 
thing that might be expected from our exact- 
ness in regard of this new subject, and at the 
same time to set what we have to say about 
it in proper order, we shall divide our work 
into two parts. The first will contain what 
has reference to the devotion, its nature, its 
origin, its progress, its end, & c. In the just 
idea which will be given of its nature, will be 
seen a mark of solidity, which is not inferior 
to any other devotion ; and it will be easy to 
find in its origin and progress, tt^| visible 
power of Gs h The second part will treat of 
its practice; and in explaining it, the reader 
will be convinced that' it contains nothing but 
what is conformable to the true spirit of reli- 
gion, and most worthy of the piety of a 
Christian souL 

Sweet Jesus ! give thy blessing to these my 
weak endeavours, that they may in some 
measure contribute towards making thy divine 
love known, and thy sacred heart honoured 
and reverenced by mankind. May we, by thy 
supernatural grace, become susceptible of thy 
heavenly instructions ; may we be preserved 
from that spirit of libertinism, of infidelity. 

Digitized by ViOOgLe 


The. Prtfice. 

and profaneness, and from that presumption 
and spirit of pride, which is In real It v the 
greatest of all weaknesses ; so that our minds 
being, by thy favour, replenished with a holy 
simplicity, we may discover those riches which 
are contained in thy Sacred Heart, that by 
practising with' love, honour, and reverence, 
this holy devotion during our lives, we may 
be hereafter made partakers of the glory tbia 
most Sacred Heart enjoys in heaven. 

Amen, sweet Jesus ! Amen. 







CfHAP. I. 

Of the Nature of the Devotion to the Sacrea 
Heart of Jesus Christ . 

To satisfy the enlightened reader on 
Ids important point of onr work, it 
will he necessary to begin by making 
two essential observations. 

1. An object, which, considered pre- 
cisely in itself, is not worthy of certain 
hononrs, may, by an intimate union with 
another object, to which they are due, 
become entitled to them. Thus the sa- 
cred humanity of Jesus Christ, as a 
created object, is not worthy of the 
adoration of Latria, the supreme wor- 
ship. but becomes worthy of it by its 

Digitized by GoOgle 

34 Nature of the Devotion 

intimate union with the divinity, so 
that by a single act we adore indivisibly 
the humanity and divinity, as all divines 
teach after St. Thomas, p. 3. 1. 25. 
art. 2, 3. The same may be said 
of all natural objects. The human 
body, by its union with the soul, ac- 
quires a right to all those honours which 
are paid to the soul; equal honour is 
paid to both these objects, which is 
equally referred to body and soul ; it 
is a general maxim, that a spiritual 
object communicates its dignity and ex- 
cellence to the material object to which 
it is united, and in this state renders it 
worthy of the honours which are paid to 

2. In every devotion and every fes- 
tival which regards the sacred human- 
ity of .Jesus Christ, there are two ob- 
jects, the one sensible and material, 
the other spiritual and invisible, which 
are closely united and indivisibly ho- 
noured, from the communication we have 
just now mentioned. But it is the 
sensible material object which gives the 
denomination to a devotion or festival. 
A few examples will make this clear. 

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to the Sacred Heart. 


Lot us take the devotion to the cross of 
Jesus Christ, to his wounds, to his 
name, which the church lias made so 
many festivals. What is the object of 
the feast of the cross ? It is two-fold : 
there is a material object, which is the 
cross itself, and there is a spiritual ob- 
ject, namely, Jesus Christ crucified, and 
consummating on the cross the sacrifice 
of our redemption. The spiritual object 
communicates to the cross its dignity, 
and by its uuion renders it worthy of 
the great honours which are solemnly 
paid to it by the church. But the festival 
does not take its name from this spiri- 
tual object, but from the material, and 
it is called the feast of the cross. In 
like manner the devotion to the wounds 
of Jesus Christ, has two objects indi- 
visibly united ! the wounds themselves, 
which are a sensible object, and the 
sufferings of Jesus Christ, caused by 
those wounds, and the mystery of love 
therein contained, which form a spiri- 
tual object. The devotion takes its name 
from the wounds, the sensible object ; 
but it is the spiritual object, or the 
mystery of the sufferings and love of 

Oh Nature of the. Devotion 

Jesus Christ, that renders these wounds 
so venerable and amiable. The same 
may be said of the festival of the holy 
name of Jesus: the name itself ex- 
hibited to the faithful is the sensible ob- 
ject ; the spiritual objects are the mys- 
teries contained in this name, which ex- 
presses all the grandeur of a Man- God* 
What we have said of these three devo- 
tions ipay be applied to all others. I 
now come to the subject before us, and 
I will endeavour to give you a clear and 
distinct idea of the devotion of which 
we treat. 

If we would enter into the designs 
of Jesus Christ, we neefll look no far- 
ther for this idea of the devotiop to his 
sacred heart, than to the revelation 
which gave rise to it ; and since it has 
pleased our divine Redeemer to explain 
himself on this subject, his own words 
will furnish the best idea we can form 
of it ; as he has spoken io plainly that 
he cannot be misunderstood. We will 
lay this part of the revelation before 
our readers. But siuce the church has 
delivered no opinion on this revelation, 
nor on the sauctity of the person who 


to (he Sacred Heart 


rocked it, I must conform to the wise 
regulations of the Holy See, by declar- 
ing that I deliver it only as an histori- 
cal fact, well enough grounded to de- 
serve theassentand belief of the faithful. 
I speak of it as the revelation of Saint 
Juliana, which gave occasion to the 
festival of the Body oj Christ , as 
was spoken of at the time. I claim no 
other authenticity for it, than was for- 
merly allowed the revelations of Saint 
Magdalen de Pazzi, and St. Catherine 
of Sienna, &c., before they were can- 
onized. Having made this declaration, 
I proceed to the revelation itself. 

On a certain, day, that had fallen 
within the octave of Corpus Christie 
Jesus Christ appeared to the mother, 
Mary Margaret, a holy nun in the con- 
vent of the visitation of our Blessed 
Lady at Paroy, in the province of 
Burgundy,* and spoke thus to her: — 
44 You cannot festify your love for me 
“ better, than by doing what I have so 
44 often asked at thy hands; (here dis- 
44 closing his sacred heart,) he said 
44 Behold this heart , which has loved 
44 mankind so tenderly, and spared 

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38 Nature of the Devotion 

“ nothing, even to the wasting and 
“ consuming itself, in testimony of its 
“ love ; and yet in return I generally 
“ meet with nothing but ingratitude, 
“ contempt, sacrileges, ireverences, 
“ and coldness even in the very sacra- 
“ m^nt of my love ; and what still more 
“ sensibly affects me is, that I receive 
“ this usage from hearts peculiarly con- 
“ secrated to my service. Wherefore I 
“ demand of thee, that the first Fri- 
“ day after the octave of the blessed 
“ sacrament, be consecrated to a spe- 
“ cial feast in honour of my heart ; that 
“ a solemn reparation of honour, and a 
“ public act of atonement, be offered 
to it on that day, and holy common- 
“ ion received, with an intention to 
“ repair by it, as far as possible, all 
“ the injuries and affronts it has re- 
“ ceived when exposed on the altars ; 
(t and I promise it shall dilate itself to 
“ pour profusely the gifts of divine 
M love on all such persons as shall pay 
“ to it this homage, ancb induce others 
“ to the performance of the same reli- 
M gious office. Address thyself to my 
* servant N. and bid him from 


to the Sacred Heart. 


“ me, to do all he can to establish this 
“ devotion.” 

It is evident from the context of this 
revelation, 1. That Jesus Christ wishes 
to establish a particular devotion to 
his sacred heart. This it what his 
words ekpress, this is what he asks of 
this holy soul. He declares that no- 
thing can be more agreeable to him. He 
therefore commands her to address her- 
self to his servant, and desire him to 
do all that he can to establish this 
devotion. He will have it to be a par- 
ticular festival, and appoints a day for 
its celebration. 2. It is equally evident 
that all this is to be understood of the 
heart of Jesus, in its proper and natural 
sense, and not in a metaphorical sense. 
It is evident from his opening and 
showing liis heart; Behold the heart , 
4*c., he speaks of the heart which he 
shows. It is this heart he wishes to be 
honoured by a particular festival. We 
can give no other sense to the repetition 
of the word heart , in this revelation, 
without offering violence to the words 
and to the actions of Jesus Christ. 
Again, it is evident, that wherever this 


**0 Nature of the Devotion 

devotion is named in the life of the ve- 
nerable mother Margaret, she always 
considers the heart of Jesus in this 
natural sense. 

This adorable heart is then the sen- 
sible objec^of the devotion which Jesus 
Christ desires to establish. I call it 
the sensible object in the sense of the 
foregoing observations. For you must 
take notice, that this devotion, like ma- 
ny others, has two united objects, which 
are indivisibly honoured, one sensible 
and material, another spiritual and in- 
visible. Our Saviour ha9 pointed out 
the sensible object, which is his ador- 
able heart ; from which the devotion 
takes its name. The spiritual and prin- 
cipal object is marked out by the fol- 
lowing words of Jesus Christ : “ Be- 

“ hold this heart, which has so loved 
“ man that it has spared nothing, nor 
“ hesitated to exhaust and consume it- 
“ self in testimony of its affection.” 
Jesus Christ expresses, in the language 
of the holy Ghost and of men, the 
love he bears us, by attributing it to his 
heart : the unbounded love, burning in 
his sacred heart, is the spiritual object 


to the Sacred Heart* 41 

of tliis devotion: and this unbounded 
love being intimately united to the 
heart, renders it worthy of the same 
honours, the same worship, and the same 
affections, as are due to the love itself, 
as we have observed above. 

But we must here make an observa- 
tion, essential to the nature of this 
devotion. The love of Jesus Christ, 
which burns in his heart, must be con- 
sidered as a love despised and insulted 
by the ingratitude of mankind. This 
circumstance is clearly expressed in the 
following words of Jesus Christ : “ And 
“ in return I receive nothing from the 
“ greatest number but ingratitude, 
“ contempt, disrespect, sacrileges, and 
ts insensibility in the sacrament of my 
“ love.” The heart of Jesus must be 
considered in two different views ; on 
one hand as burning with love for man- 
kind, on the other as cruelly suffering 
from their ingratitude. This double 
motive should excite in us two different 
sentiments, equally essential in this de- 
votion ; a love in return for his, and a 
sorrow inclining us to atone for the in- 
juries he suffered from us. 


42 Nature of the Devotion , fyc. 

The particular method of discharging 
both these duties, is expressed io tfi* 
concluding words : 44 I require tha; 

44 the "first Friday after the octave ot 
44 the holy sacrament, be dedicated to 
44 a particular festival in honour of my 
44 heart, by making a reparation of 
44 honour, and receiving the holy com- 
44 munion, to atone for the many in- 
44 dignities offered to it whilst exposed 
44 on the altar.'* Jesus Christ is here 
pleased to express the principal exercise 
of the devotion he wishes to establish, 
but we must employ other means to 
honour this divine heart: these we shall 
mention hereafter. 

Before we conclude this chapter, in 
order to remove the possibility of error 
from the minds of the uninformed, we 
must make the following observation. 

Many are apt to misconceive this 
devotion, by confining their thoughts 
when they hear it mentioned, to the 
material heart of Jesus. They consi- 
der this sacred heart, only as a piece of 
flesh, inanimate and insensible, as they 
would a material holy relic. How dif- 
ferent and how much more sublime 


Origin of thii Devotion* 43 

should t\ eir idea be o( this divine heart, 
which should be considered as intimately 
and inseparately united to the soul and 
person of our Redeemer, and raised by 
this union to a state of life, sentiment, 
and knowledge, so that all the honours 
which are paid to it do not terminate 
solely in the material heart of Jesus 
Christ, but at the same time, and indi- 
visibly in his divine soul and person. — 
This has not been sufficiently attended 
to by those who have disapproved of 
this devotion. 


The origin of this Devotion* 

JESUS CHRISTistheauthorofthe 
devotion to the sacred heart ; he has 
revealed it, he has instituted it, he 
explained its nature, taught its practice, 
prescribed its form and method: he 
has promised to shower his graces on 
those who frequent it : of this there 
cannot be the least doubt. But as it is 
a matter of importance, I will enter 
into some of proofs for the instruc- 
tion and education of the ignorant. 

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44 Origin of this Devotion . 

Before I proceed, I beg leave to make 
ati observation of some consequence. 
Private revelations are the ordinary 
means adopted by divine wisdom for the 
execution of its designs. Many holy 
institutions, in various parts of the 
world, sprung from this source. Such 
was the case of most religious orders, as 
may be collected from the lives of their 
founders, and the annals of each order. 
When extraordinary succours were 
needed by the church, either to spread 
her faith over the face of the universe, 
to defend and support it against the 
efforts of its enemies, or to strengthen 
it against persecutions, heresies, schisms, 
and corruption of manners, private 
revelations were the means always em- 

But to come nearer to our subject ; 
how many festivals, either common to 
the whole church, or particular to cer- 
tain provinces, owe their rise to similar 
revelations. Such are the feasts of the 
invention and exaltation of the holy 
cross ; tho conception of-om^Lady ; her 
nativity ; the solemnity of the Rosary ; 
the apparition of St Michael, &c. ; 

9d by GoOglC 

Origin of this Devotion. 4C> 

and bow many other solemnities proper 
to particular kingdoms, and to different 
cities, owe their institution to this same 

I cannot omit mentioning the solemn 
festival of Corpus Christi . There is so 
great a resemblance between that and 
the feast of the sacred heart of Jesus 
Christ, that if we attentively consider 
the origin and progress of both, the 
contradictions they met with, and many 
circumstances attending their establish- 
ment, we shall find so perfect a confor- 
mity as well deserves our attention. 

The most authentic monuments of 
history make it evident, l. That the 
festival of Corpus Christi , owes its 
origin to a private revelation. The 
Bull of its institution establishes this 
fact. lu it Urban speaks thus: “ When 
“ we were in an inferior rank, we 
“ knew that there had been a private 
“revelation, that this festival would 
“ one day be celebrated by the whole 
“ church/* 

2. It is certain that this institution 
met with great opposition. My readers 
will not be displeased that I give them 



Origin of this Devotion . 

a short sketch of what the historians of 
those times have written on the subject. 

In 1210, there was a nunnery in the 
neighbourhood of Liege ; here lived in 
silent solitude, a virgin, named Juliana, 
and since canonized. God, who takes 
pleasure in communicating his secrets 
to the simple and the innocent, and in 
employing weak instruments to effect 
his great designs, being determined to 
establish in his church the festival of 
Corpus Christi , was pleased to reveal 
his design to this holy nun, declaring 
at the same time, that she was the 
person he meant to employ on this 
occasion. The humble virgin, astonished 
at the novelty of the undertaking, and 
still more at the difficulty of its execu- 
tion by so feeble an instrument, con- 
fined within the walls of a monastery, 
hesitated and mistrusted the revelation. 
God pressed her interiorly to open 
her sentiments : she still hesitated, 
and during twenty years, she kept the 
secret locked up in her own breast. At 
.length, yielding to the apprehension of 
offending God, and the cruel struggle 
which tore her breast, she resolved to 

Digitized by CjOO^Ic 

Origin of this Devotion. 47 

open herself to her confessor. He was 
a canon of Liege, a pious and learned 
man, and endowed with the direction 
of spirits. He had long been acquainted 
with the virtuous Juliana, and, assisted 
by a light from heaven, which God 
never fails to impart to his ministers on 
these occasions, he was convinced of the 
truth of the revelation. But to proceed 
with caution in a matter of this im- 
portance, he took the opinion of other 
spiritual and learned men, who were 
unanimously of the same opinion. They 
promised to join him in the execution of 
his pious design. But no sooner had the 
report gone forth, that a new festival 
was to be established in honour of the 
body of Jesus Christ, than the loudest 
clamours were raised against it. History 
represents it as a sign set up for contra- 
diction. Men of all descriptions, and 
some members of the chapter of Liege 
joined the opposition. The revelation 
made to Juliana was treated as an idle 
dream, and she herself as a deluded 
devotee. The peace of the church was 
declared to be in danger. They carried 
their resentment so far against Juliana, 


48 Origin of this Devotion . 

that they obliged her to quit her con- 
vent, and all those who took her part 
were considered as weak heads or bad 
hearts. Some specious arguments Were 
adduced to discredit this devotion. J f 
was said to be new, useless, and sin- 
gular. They contended that all inno- 
vation in religion is dangerous. They 
pretended neither to be better nor worse 
than their ancestors. Why adopt other 
usages ? They were contented with the 
devotions they found established. Why 
should we seek others? But this parti- 
cular devotion is perfectly useless. It is 
celebrated on Thursday in Holy Week, 
and a commemoration is daily made of 
it in the Mass : what need can there be 
for a new festival ? The very name of 
the body of Jesus Christ furnishes arms 
to those who watched only for oppor- 
tunities to oppose it: what has since 
been said of his sacred heart, was then 
applied to his body ; it was considered 
only as a material part of his humanity ; 
he is adored whole and entire on the 
altar; why split him into parts, why 
adore his body rather than his soul or 
nis divinity? 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 

Origin of this Devotion. 49 

Thus the new devotion was attacked 
on all sides with great warmth and ob- 
stinacy. Bat God, in his wisdom, was 
pleased to secure its success. The first 
person employed was the Bishop of 
Liege, who in 1246, approved of it for 
his diocese. F rom thence it spread into 
other provinces, but not without oppo- 
sition, till Urban IV. proposed it to the 
whole church : 'nor did opposition en- 
tirely cease till this Bull was confirmed 
by Clement V. in the council of Vienne, 
in 1311, and the church now peaceably 
enjoys the possession of this amiable 
feast, after it had been contested for 
fourscore years. 

We come now to the subject before 
us. In a small town called Paroy le 
Monial, in the province of Burgundy, 
and diocese of Auttim, there is a con- 
vent of the Visitation of the Blessed 
Virgin Mary. Here a holy nun, named 
Mary Margaret, was consecrated to 
Jesus Christ, at the age of twenty, and 
lived in retiremen t unknown. She died 
there in the odour of sanctity, aged 
forty, on the 17th October, 1690. — 
Her virtues are attested by her superi- 

( Digitized by GoOgle 

50 Origin of this Devotion. 

©rs, and we learn by a writing she gave 
in obedience to her directory, how emi- 
nently she was favoured by almighty 

This holy virgin was chosen by Jesus 
Christ to give a beginning to the devo- 
tions of his Sacred Heart. To dispose 
her to accomplish his design, he infused 
into her a perfect knowledge of the 
excellence, the perfections, and the 
sufferings of this heart. This gave her 
an ardent desire to see it known, honour- 
ed, and glorified by all creatures. — 
When she was thus prepared, Jesus 
Christ one day appeared to her, and 
declared his intention of establishing a 
solemnity in honour of his Sacred Heart, 
adding, that he chose her to be the in- 
strument of carrying it into execution. 
Happy to find that the devotion was % to 
be established, she trembled at the 
thought of being employed in it. Her 
youth, her natural diffidence, and her 
retirement from creatures, made her 
conclude that the execution of the de- 
sign must, in her hands, be impossible. 
Under this impression she studiously 
concealed the revelation. But God still 


Origin of this Devotion. 51 


urging her to obey, she at length con- 
ceived that she could no longer resist 
without guilt. Father Claude la Colom- 
biere, of the Society of Jesus, coming 
providentially to Paroy, she determined 
to open herself fully to him. This 
holy man, whose eminent sanctity and 
excellent writings still preserve his me- 
mory fresh in the minds of the faithful, 
full of the Spirit of God, not content 
with hearing from her mouth all that 
had passed, as above-mentioned, obliged 
her moreover to deliver in writing a 
circumstantial account of the revelation 
she had received and so long concealed, 
concerning this devotion to the 8acred 
Heart. We have in the foregoing chap- 
ter quoted and explained it. 

He was too well acquainted with 
the eminent sanctity of his penitent to 
doubt her sincerity, and he considered 
the concluding injunction as an order 
of Jesus Christ, obliging him to use all 
his endeavours to promote the design. 
But his absence from France, his infir- 
mities, and the shortness of his remain- 
ing existence, prevented his making 
any considerable progress at the time. 

oy Google 

52 Progress of the Devotion. 

But we shall soon see that he was an 
instrument in the hands of Providence 
even after his death. 


The Progress of the Devotion . 

The works of Father la Colombiere 
were published after his death, and 
among the rest the Journal of his Re- 
treats, which, among other things, con- 
tained the revelation we are speaking 
of. Another Jesuit going to Paroy, and 
enjoying the confidence of this holy 
nun, published a treatise on the devo- 
tion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was 
well received by the public, and a larger 
work on the same subject, met with 
equal success, but it was not lasting ; a 
warm opposition ensued. People of 
all descriptions clamorously reprobated 
what they called a novelty capable of 
disturbing the peace of the Church. — 
Every thing relating to the devotion, 
even the very name, became odious. — 
The same difficulties were urged against 
this dcvotiou, as had been urged agaiust 

Progress of the Devotion* 53 

the festival of Corpus Christi. But 

as they did not succeed on the latter 
occasion, so neither did they on this. 
It is true, few persons embraced it for 
some time, and practised it in private. 
Truth triumphed at last. It was first 
introduced into religious houses, and 
was soon approved of by the Bishops. 
Under their protection several confra- 
ternities were erected, to which many 
indulgences were granted by the Holy 
See. Books were printed, images of 
the Sacred Heart were hung up. Cha- 
pels and Altars, were dedicated to it. 
Most of the towns in France celebrat- 
ed the Feast, and it was soon adopted 
by the neighbouring kingdoms. The 
hand of God was visible in the wide 
extent which it soon reached. After 
filling'Enrope with fervour, it passed to 
the ludies, Persia, America, Syria, &c. 
Whilst we are speaking of the progress 
of this devotion, we must not omit a 
memorable event, which greatly con- 
tributed to the celebrity of it, and in- 
creased the zeal of the faithful. 

In 1720, when Provence was afflict- 
ed with the plague, and saw' its most 

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54 Progress of the Devotion. 

flourishing cities fall a prey to the 
scourge; when a general consternation 
pervaded the whole kingdom, God in- 
spiring the suffering victims with a hope 
of safety from a devout address to liis 
Sacred Heart, they had recourse to it 
to appease the vengeance of offended 
heaven. One town followed another in 
adopting the means of delivery. Bishops 
and Magistrates consecrated their re- 
spective people to the Sacred Heart, and 
engaged themselves, by oath, to celebrate 
the feast annually, to the end of time. 
It may be said with truth, that God 
employed this visitation as a means to 
promote the glory of his Sacred Heart, 
which was the fruit of it. Happy they 
who wait not for the scourge, but apply 
to this amiable heart, in order to pre- 
vent the punishment which their sins 
have deserved I 

What happened at Marseilles on this 
occasion is particularly remarkable. — 
This was the first city which bad the 
honour to be solemnly consecrated to 
the heart of Jesus, and which bestowed 
on it the most distinguished attachment, 
and it received the most singular favours. 



**rogreM of the Devotion . 55 

Tm* was owing to the great zeal and 
devotion of a great prelate, who, by 
his pastoral labours, merited the special 
approbation of the Holy See, and whose 
authority carries with it great weight in 
a matter of this nature. 

But the Bishops of Provence were 
not the first to approve of this devotion. 
Before the contagion broke out, the 
Archbishop of Lyons, from a motive 
of piety and zeal for the galvation of 
his flock, in 1718, instituted the festi- 
val throughout his whole diocese ; and 
in 1721, when the whole kingdom 
was alarmed with apprehension of the 
contagion, he confirmed the same by a 
second mandate. In 1692, the Arch- 
bishop of Besan 9 <m, one of the most 
religious prelates that ever governed 
that diocese, approved the same devo- 
tion, and granted an indulgence of 
forty days, to such as should recite a 
prayer in honour of the Sacred Heart 
of Jesus Christ. 

The Bishop of Coutance, . in Nor- 
mandy, followed his example : I might 
and a long list of Popes* Bishops, and 


56 Credibility of 

Religious Orders who have contribute* 
to the advancement of this aevotiou 
but the enumeration might fatigue tne 
reader, who has already the most re- 
spectable authorities before him. 

From these considerations it may be 
fairly deduced, that a progress so rapid 
and so extensive, could only be the effect 
of a particular providence, especially as 
this devotion has not had the aid granted 
to many others, which originating with 
Religious Orders, had as many abettors 
as there were members in the respective 
communities. The providence of God 
has supplied every defect, and has pro- 
moted in a surprising manner the pro- 
gress of this devotion. 


On the Truth and the Credibility of the 

A solid devotion needs not the aid 
of revelation, but revelation affords a 
most incontestible proof of its solidity. 
It is therefore of importance to establish 
this fact on the most certain proofs.— 


Dy Gog 

tfte Revelation . 


This is the more necessary as we live 
in an age of incredulity, when a pre- 
tended philosophy affects to doubt every 
supernatural agency, and laughs to 
scorn every tlocile disciple of the gos- 
pel. If any of my readers should, un- 
fortunately, be of this unbelieving tribe, 
I wish them to allow my reflections 
he weight which they shall appear to 
deserve, and not wilfully to shut their 
eyes to conviction. 

To begin with the revelations made 
formerly to canonized saints, we cannot, 
without incurring the imputation of 
temerity, deny that they received re- 
velations, celestial visions, and other 
extraordinary favours. They are record- 
ed by every ecclesiastical historian of 
the different ages of the Church. The 
testimony of those authors, who are 
generally allowed to be men of probity, 
will overbalance the authority of mo- 
dern critics, little conversant in the 
science of the saints, and the interior 
operations of the Holy Spirit, and less 
commendable for their morality. I 
might adduce the authority of the 

Digitized by Google 


Credibility of 

Church, acknowledging the reality of 
these favours, in the canonization of 
saints. But I waive these considera- 
tions, and come to a proof, which to 
me has always appeared unanswerable, 
f appeal to the writings of saints who 
have attested this extraordinary inter- 
course between God and his servants. 
That revelations have been made to 
Saint Teresa, Saint Gertrude, and many 
other holy persons, no man can ration- 
ally doubt. But I think it necessary 
to declare, that I think no man obliged 
to believe all that has been written 
of or by these saints. Nothing but ex- 
treme weakness can induce me to be- 
lieve every thing or to believe nothing. 
Saints may mistake, and have been 
mistaken. We must take nothing upon 
trust, but bring every thing to the test 
of authority and reason. Revelations 
and all extraordinary favours, may be 
ranked with miracles. It is the extreme 
of folly and impiety, to dispute the 
reality of miracles, because some are 
false. There have been forged revela- 
tions, but this will not prove that there 
uever were any true ones. Hear Saint 

Digitized by 


the Revelation . 


Paul, 1 Thess. v. Despise not prophe- 
cies, prove and examine every thing , 
and abide by the truth . I proceed to 
the proof on which I rest the truth of 
this revelation. 

The Public is in possession of many 
writings of holy women, who have yield- 
ed to advice, and obeyed their spiritual 
directors. They contain an account 
of many revelations, celestial visions, 
and other extraordinary graces, which 
they had received from God. Now 1 
reason thus : either these writings were 
penned by the saints, or they were not. 
If they were, either they designedly 
published a falsehood, or were them- 
selves deluded, and have given us idle 
dreams. Will you suppose that they 
were not the real authors of these 
works ? You shock every idea of reason, 
and common sense. The man who will 
venture to deny that Saint Teresa wrote 
her life, may doubt of her existence. 
But you will say she was deluded, and 
her imagination deluded all she wrote. 
The delusion must be the work of the 
evil spirit, which no Catholic can be- 
lieve to have had any power over the 


Digitized by GoOgle 

60 Credibility of 

chaste spouse of Jesus Christ, canonized 
by the Church. If imagination prevail- 
ed, it is true she was not a hypocrite, 
but a fool. I shudder at the thought of 
so impious, so groundless an imputa- 
tion ; who can believe that these saints 
lived in a perpetual aberration of mind ? 

I say perpetual ; for we are not here 
treating of transient acts, which lasted 
a few hours or days, or even during 
certain periods of life, but the duration 
of which is measured by the whole ex- 
tent of their existence. 

This is a serious reflection, which, 
if .suffered to sink deep in our minds, 
■will operate more strongly in favour of 
these saints, than any thing adduced 
by incredulity can militate against them. 
But let us examine what is really ad- 
duced on that side. The philosophers 
of the day do not deal in arguments, 
but appeal only to their own sensations 
what they do not see they will not be- 
lieve, especially in spiritual ^matters 
of which they have no experience. — 
What they do not choose to believe, 
they term incredible. Now I must ask 
them this plain question: do you think 


the Revelation. 


it credible, that these holy women were 
hypocrites, as they must be, if they 
forged their visions ; or idiots and fools, 
if they only dreamt what they wrote ; 
or possessed by the spirit of darkness, 
if by him they were deluded ? Is it cre- 
dible, that the directors of these chaste 
spouses of Jesus Christ, men eminent 
for their piety and learning, should be 
deceived, and after an application of 
many years, should be unable to dis- 
cern this illusion of the devil, and the 
effects of imagination from the opera- 
tions of the Holy Ghoet ? Is it credible 
that the Church should err in ranking 
among the saints in heaven those' per- 
sons, while the extravagance of their 
imaginations had no claim to the bene 
fit of reason ? Such, however, are the 
absurdities, such the impieties, which 
flow frfcm this system. 

Another reflection appears to me to 
be quite decisive. Nothing that has 
been written by the saints on the subject 
of the divine communication, can ap- 
pear incredible to a Christian, who 
attentively considers what the love of 
Jesus Christ can do, and what it has 



Credibility of 

really done for mankind. When I re- 
flect on the mercies of our Redeemer, 
and particularly in the mystery of the 
Eucharist, all that I hear and all that 
I read concerning the extraordinary 
favours received by these holy persons, 
ceases to appear incredible ; and I am 
convinced that every man who shall 
make the same reflection, will think as 
I do. Is it more incredible that Jesus 
Christ should give his heart to a Ger- 
trude, a Catherine, the chaste spouses 
of heaven, than that he should give his 
body to be eaten by man a sinner ? 

Let us suppose for a moment, that 
this sacrament had never been instituted, 
never been known in the Church. Had 
some pious soul among other favours 
mentioned this; had 'she given an ac- 
count of what passed between her and 
her divine Spouse, who to unite Mmself 
intimately to her, in order that he might 
never be absent from her, disguised 
himself under the appearance of bread, 
to nourish her with his own flesh ; what 
should we think of it? What would 
the incredulous sophist say to it ? Can 
any thing to human reason appear 
more extravagant, more like an idle 


the Revelation- 


dream? And yet all this has been 
done, not for a Teresa, or a Gertrude, 
or a Catherine, but for the body of the 
faithful, for the wickedest as well as for 
the most fervent. The excess of divine 
bve, which faith teaches, infinitely 
surpasses all that particular saints have 
written, and therefore all is credible. 

The well informed and the wise have 
sufficient reason to believe that in for- 
mer ages revelations and other extra- 
ordinary favours have been granted to 
saints : and if formerly, why not now ? 
There are still some pions souls left. 
Jesus Christ has his favourite spouses, 
and he treats them as he did the others. 
Some of them have been obliged by 
their vow of obedience, to write an ac- 
count of their visions and revelations ; 
these writings exist, and are read with 
edification by the faithful. We may 
gay of these, what was said of a Teresa 
and a Catherine. It would be extreme 
temerity, to affirm, that they have left 
us nothing but fictions and dreams.— 
Their piety and their prudence forbid 
the injurious suspicion. We may then 
•afely believe what they have written. 



Credibility of 

They were saints ; they were the au- 
thors of those writings ; and every cir- 
cumstance confirms the truth. 

Let us now apply this reasoning to 
the case before us. To no other person 
of these latter times can these circum- 
stances be ascribed with greater pro- 
priety, than to the venerable mother, 
Mary Margaret. 1. It is certain, be- 
yond the possibility of a doubt, that, 
compelled by obedience, she wrote with 
her own hand, an account of the favours 
she had received. This writing has 
been acknowledged to be true, after 
a juridical process in the bishop’s court. 
The original, attested by a commissary, 
was, till of late, preserved in the con- 
vent of Paroy. In this writing is 
contained an account of the Revelation 
of the Sacred Heart, and evident 
proofs that she was chosen by almighty 
God, and enabled by special graces to 
encourage and promote this devotion. 
2. As to her sanctity, we have the at- 
testations of the directors of her con- 
science, of her sister nuns, of her supe- 
riors, and of all who had the happiness 
to approach her. But nothing can give 

Digitized by GoOgk 

Vie Revelation . 


ns a more satisfactory proof of her emi- 
nent virtues, than the memorial of her 
life, written with her own hand, which 
we have mentioned above. The entire 
history of her life has also been pub- 
lished, by one of the most learned and 
the most religious prelates of France, 
and her fame spreads with the rapid 
progress of the devotion. Hypocrites, 
and visionary fanatics, never enjoy so 
lasting a reputation. Illusion never sur- 
vives the enthusiast. An authentic mir- 
acle also adds weight to these testi- 

In regard of this particular revela- 
tion, nothing can more effectually prove 
its reality, than the progress of this 
devotion. On this occasion, ive may 
with great propriety adopt the words of 
Gamaliel, in tbo Acts of the Apostles ; 
u If this is a human invention, it had 
long ago come to nothing ; but as it is 
the design of God, it shall never fail/’ 
Acts v. 38, 39. 

I will conclude this chapter with a 
reflection which I most seriously re- 
commend to the notice of such as op- 
posed this devotion. There is nothing 


66 Difference of Devotion. 

in it but what is perfectly conformable 
to a spirit of religious piety; on the other 
hand, we have the strongest proof that 
it comes from God. Let us then fear 
the threat of the same Gamaliel to the 
Jews : “ Lest perhaps ye be found in 
opposition to God himself.” Let us em- 
brace this pious exercise, and let us 
earnestly recommend it to others, to the 
greater glory of Jesus Christ. 


In what this devotion differs from that which is 
practised towards the Blessed Eucharist . 

These two objects have been con- 
founded, not only by libertines and un- 
believers, always ready to decry and 
censure new forms of devotion, but 
also by some devout souls, who through 
ignorance or inadvertency, had formed 
a very imperfect notion of their distinc- 
tion. As we write only for the edifica- 
tion of the faithful, no notice shall be 
taken of the impious, groundless rail- 
leries of worldly and carnal men; men, 
whose bitterest invectives and satires, 



Difference of Devotion* 

serve only to recommend those pious 
practices they designed to explode. — 
' Something must be said for the informa- 
tion of the devout Christian ; and what 
we shall say on this occasion, will help 
to throw a new light on this subject. 

Ascetics have laid it down as a rule, 
that in order to ascertain the difference 
of any two devotions from one another, 
we need only consider their object, 
their motive, and their end. Now a 
little reflection must convince us, that 
the subjects of our present inquiry, 
differ widely in these three essential 
points. As to their object; the one is 
directed wholly to the adorable heart of 
Jesus in the blessed Eucharist, without 
any relation to the other parts of his 
sacred body ; and in the other, the body 
of Jesus Christ, whole and entire, as 
bidden under the sacramental species, 
is proposed to our adoration, without 
any special reference to his Sacred Heart. 
Nor do these two devotions differ less 
with regard to their motive: in that 
which is practised towards the blessed 
Eucharist, the motive is the influite 


68 Difference of Devotion . 

dignity of Christ’s most adorable body 
hypostatically united to the Divinity, 
and worthy of the adoration of men and 
angels ; whereas the motive of our de- 
votion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 
is, first, the infinite love he bears us in 
that heart, united in like manner to 
the Divinity ; and, secondly, the many 
injuries, affronts, and indignities it re- 
ceives in return from ungrateful men. 
This distinction is too obvious and too 
sensible, to stand in need of further 
eclaircissement. Lastly, the end pro- 
posed by these two pious institutions, 
evinces their total indifference. The 
church in appointing the feast of the 
blessed Eucharist, encourages the faith- 
ful servants of Jesus Christ to pay him 
that tribute of praise, adoration, and 
love, which are so justly due to him in 
this unspeakable mystery. Now the 
end proposed in the devotion of the 
Sacred Heart, is to excite us to make 
a solemn atonement, for the many inju- 
ries and outrages offered to the divine 
love, in the abuse and profanation of 
the sacrament of the altar. An atone- 
ment directed to the adorable heart of 

D.cjMy Google 

End of the Devotion* 


our Saviour, as to the source and seat 
of his divine love. An atonement, 
which cannot be the end of onr devo- 
tion to the blessed sacrament, which is 
perfectly independent on the sacrile- 
gious indignities committed against the 
real presence, and which would equally 
subsist, if God was always worthily 
served in this sacrament, as his sove- 
reign independency, and onr .infinite 
obligations, would still demand this ac- 
knowledgment of our love and gratitude 


Of the end of the Devotion to the Sacred 

The end proposed by the devotion 
to the Sacred Heart, is to repair the in- 
juries which Jesus Christ has suffered, 
and continues daily to suffer in the sa- 
crament of his love. To comprehend 
the excellency of this end, two consi- 
derations are necessary ; one, on the 
immense love which Jesus Christ has 
for mankind ; the other, on the ingrati- 

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The Love of Jesus 

tilde, with which so roach love is repaid 
by mankind. In opposing after this 
manner, the greatest love to the great- 
est ingratitude, we shall easily conceive 
how just the reparation is, which Jesus 
Christ exacts of faithful souls. 


Jesus Christ, willing to manifest to 
the world the love of his father for 
mankind, expresses himself by those 
admirable words, which comprehend 
with a divine energy, whatever may be 
said of the greatness of that love : God 
so loved the world , as to give his only 
begotten Son , that whosoever believes 
in him may not perish , but may have 
life everlasting . Let us now apply 

these divine words to Jesus Christ him- 
self; a more just application cannot be 
made. Yes I we may say that Jesus, 
to express his love for man, so loved 
mankind, as to offer up himself to die 
to save him, that whosoever believes in 
him may not perish, but may obtain 
life everlasting. Let us now attend to 

Google “ 

for Mankind* 71 

these two important points ; who is the 
person that loves, and who are those 
whom he so loves ? 

Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of 
God, equal to the Father, and God, 
like him, loved man. But what is man 
in the sight of God ? Nothing but dust 
and ashes. And what was he become by 
sin ? The enemy of God, the slave of 
the devil, condemned to an eternal 
death, and plunged into an abyss of 
blindness and corruption. In this so 
odious and contemptible a state, Jesus 
loved him, and formed the design of 
delivering him from his misery, and 
bestowing upon him infinite favours. 
But in what manner did Jesus show 
the greatness of his love ? In a manner 
which surpasses all our expressions and 
all our conceptions ; he carried his love 
to such an excess as seemed unworthy 
of a God-man, and did for him what 
no man ever did for another, nor a 
slave for his master, nor a son for his 
father, or what the most violent lover 
ever did for the object of his love. 

Men were the enemies of God, and 
auhiect to the rigour of his justice. Now 

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The Low* of Jesus 

what did Jesus Christ do to deliver 
them ? He offered himself to his eternal 
Father, as a sacrifice to redeem them, 
and to suffer the punishment due to their 
sins; and his offer being accepted by 
his Father, he executed what he had 
designed after such a manner, as to fill 
heaven and earth with astonishment : 
he sacrificed himself for mankind with 
a generosity wholly divine; he came 
down from heaven in their behalf, and 
divesting himself of all the pomp and 
splendour of his glory, he led a poor, 
contemptible, and laborious life, in the 
midst of persecutions and sufferings ; and 
all this for the love of them. Every mo- 
ment of his life was devoted to their 
happiness; Jesus did not a single action, 
nor spoke a word, nor shed a tear, but 
in behalf of men. To lay down our 
lives for those we love, is the greatest 
proof we can give of our love. Such 
was the love of Jesus for man ; he died 
for him, but what sort of death ? Ah f 
stop a moment, and call to mind the 
ignominy and torments of his passion, 
his death on the cross, and be amased 

Digitized by CjOO^lC 

for Mankind* 76 

to see God himself reduced to such a 
state for the lore of man. Such then 
was the love of Jesus Christ for ns ; a 
lore the most disinterested, the most 
tender and the most generous. It ie 
to this lore that we owe all we have, 
and all that we expect from God. If 
God has created us and made us his 
children — if he has prepared for us an 
eternal glory, we are solely indebted for 
all these favours to the love which Jesus 
has for us. 

Let us now make a second reflection, 
which naturally rises from what has 
been said. What ought not Jesus Christ 
to expect from the gratitude of man, 
after such marks of his love, and s6 
many favours bestowed on him ? To 
comprehend and penetrate more and 
more his love for us, let us, after the 
example of the fathers of the church, 
assist our own weakness by some sen- 
sible comparisons. 

Represent to yourself a great and 
powerful king, who, after having be- 
stowed the greatest favours on a few of 
his subjects in a remote country, is 
basely deserted by them ; they take up 

3d by GoOglC 

74 The Lave of Jesus 

arms and rebel against him. Soon after 
these ungrateful and perfidious wretches 
are subdued by a powerful tyrant, who, 
finding them destitute of succour and 
protection, strips them of their property, 
and reduces them to a cruel slavery, 
under which they groan for their per- 
fidy. In these circumstances, should 
this laing, out of a fund of goodness, 
and unheard-of clemency, forgetting 
the injury he had received, and being 
moved with compassion for these miser- 
able rebels, form a design to deliver 
them from their oppression, and to re- 
store them to their former liberty ; if, 
in order to execute this design, he 
should take up arms, and be determined 
to expose himself to all the dangers and 
fatigues of a long war, to go himself 
to battle, and expose his sacred person 
to be killed or taken prisoner by his 
enemy ; if by his wisdom and valour, 
after a long series of hardships, he 
should overcome the tyrant, and reduce 
him to such a state, as never more to 
be in a condition to hurt his deluded 
people, what would not these poor 
people do, seeing their generous sove- 

by Google 

for Mankind. 


reign returning from victory, covered 
with the blood he had shed for theit 
deliverance, and showing himself to 
them, should pardon them, and restor- 
ing them to their ancient rights and 
privileges, should fix * his residence 
among them, to be more in the way of 
conferring his favours on them ; would 
there, in that case, be found hearts so 
savage and barbarous a9 not to be sen- 
sibly affected with such an excess of 
goodness, or to refuse to make their 
gratitude appear by all means imagin- 

Represent to yourself again a friend 
who, in order to deliver his friend from 
death, offers to die for him ; what would 
a man do who should have received 
such a mark of his love? If we were 
witnesses of such generosity, what should 
we say, and how should we feel? Ir 
you, who read this, should ever expe- 
rience such generosity ; if you, being 
unluckily involved in a plot against 
your sovereign, and on that account 
condemned to a cruel death, should 
find a friend so affectionate and so ge- 
nerous , as, after having tried all imagin* 

Digitized by (jOOglC 


The Love of Jesus 

able means to procure your pardon, 
but to no effect, to offer himself to 
die for you, and on that condition 
6eing accepted, should repair to your 
prison, see your chains taken off, and 
himself loaded with them ; should you 
afterwards see him conducted to be exe- 
cuted, and dying for you by the hand 
of the executioner; if this friend died 
contented to preserve your life by the 
loss of his own, and to leave you an 
incomes tible proof of his love for you, 
what would you say at such a sight? 
Would you be so insensible as not to' 
be moved at it, as not to shed a torrent 
of tears ? Could your heart ever con- 
tain those feelings of love and gratitude 
which it would experience on this oc- 
casion ? Could you ever forget such a 
friend ? O dear ! O affectionate friend ! 
would you cry out ; O generous, kind, 
and incomparable friend! can I ever 
acknowledge what I owe to you ? Who 
will grant me to be able to repay you 
what you have done for me ? But take 
notice of what I am going to add: 
should it ever happen by some miracu- 
lous means, that this friend should be 

9d by GoOglC 

for Mankind. 


restored to yon, should he rise from his 
grave, and be delivered to you, what 
would you not do for him, and what 
ought he not to expect from you ? 

The application of these parables is 
obvious. The attentive reader has al- 
ready made it in his heart. But, alas ! 
they are too weak to express what Jesus 
has done for mankind. They describe 
but very imperfectly his love and 
favours. No king ever did for his peo- 
ple, nor friend for his friend, what we 
have supposed above; and though they 
have done it, in that supposition, man 
suffered for man ; thou alone, my Jesus 1 
hast carried thy love to such an excess, 
and thou art God ! Thou art that mag- 
nanimous King, who, to deliver thy 
subjects from the yoke of oppression 
under which they groaned, for having 
revolted against thee, compassionating 
their unfortunate state, hast voluntarily 
exposed thyself to the greatest of la- 
bours and sufferings; thou hast exposed 
thy sacred body to the rage of thy ene- 
mies, and thou hast fought for them as 
far as to shed thy blood; thou hast 
subdued the tyrant who enslaved them 

9d by GoOglC 


The Love of Jesus 

thou hast delivered mankind from s/a- 
very, and thou hast enabled man to 
possess the liberty of the children of 
God. Thou really art that affectionate 
friend, who died for thy friends ; and 
thou didst beg pardon for them, but 
their pardon could not be granted, but 
upon condition that thou shouldst make 
satisfaction for them: and what satisfac- 
tion was demanded ? The most cruel 
torments, the most shameful disgrace, 
the death of the cross. This was the 
price of our redemption. The divine 
justice demanded it, and thou didst 
consent to it : these conditions, so hard 
in themselves, and apparently so unbe- 
coming thy high dignity, were not able 
to stop thy zeal to save us : thou wert 
disposed to suffer much more, had it 
been required of thee ; thou offeredst 
thyself to the torments ; thou wert cru- 
cified and died for them, content to 
procure them, by the sacrifice of thy 
own life, the immense benefits thou 
didst wish them. 

O my Lord I what will not men do 
for thee, after such singular marks of 
thy love for them ? What will they not 

3 d by Google 

for Mankind. 79 

do to acknowledge so ranch goodness, 
and to repay so ranch love? Alas! 
when thon sufferedst for ns, men did 
not know thee, and they returned thee 
insults and abuses, whilst thou wert 
heaping the greatest favours on them ; 
but at present, as Christians know who 
thon art, and are convinced of the ex- 
cess of thy love for them, what wil 
they not do to testify their love and gra* 
ti tude for what ihou hast so generously 
done for them ? What can they desire 
more, to fulfil their duty towards thee ? 
Perhaps they wish for thy divine pre- 
sence among them to possess thee I Ah 1 
if they could but hope for this favour ! 
Return then amongst us. O adorable 
Saviour I Come, O King of love I and 
give that comfort to thy people, which 
surpasses all others. What place in 
the whole world couldst thou choose to 
remain in, where thou couldst be more 
honoured and loved ? 

Jesus Christ has prevented our wish- 
es ; he has already performed what we 
ask of him ; he has come amongst us, 
to remain with us, not for a time only, 
but to the end of ages ; he has done 

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The IxYue of Jesvs 

for us, what we never could have hoped 
for, or imagined ; he would be united 
with us after an unheard-of manner, 
and his love has invented for us a 
prodigy the most surprising, the most 
astonishing that could ever enter into 
the mind of man ; he has instituted 
the sacrament of our altars, and shut- 
ting himself up there under the ap- 
pearance of bread, he comes and dwells 
in our hearts to feed and nourish us. 
O incomparable love ! O unspeakable 
excess of charity I by this favour he 
has perfected all his other blessings, 
and though he is omnipotent, we may 
say that he has put it out of his power 
to do more for us. Behold him then 
among us, full of beauty, full of love ; 
behold him ready to receive in person 
from us, the tokens of the love and 
gratitude we justly owe him. We ex- 
pressed the greatest wishes to have 
him ; our wishes are fulfilled, and we 
possess him in a state which ought to 
render him most amiable and dear to 
us. For in this mystery of his love for 
us, he delivers himself up to us, and 
places an unreserved confidence in us ; 


for Mankind. 81 

he leaves to ns the care of his sacred 
person, to lodge him, to build temples, 
and raise altars to his honour, to adorn 
his temples, to deck his altars, to pro- 
cure what may be necessary for the 
maintaining of his divine worship, to 
keep him company and compose his 
court. He will have no other ministers 
nor courtiers but ourselves: he is only 
with us for ourselves, and will receive 
honours and presents only from our- 
selves. O happy Christians ! what a 
subject of comfort for you; rejoice, 
beloved nation ! and abandon your 
hearts to the sweet transports which the 
possessing of your good Master, and 
the liberty of approaching him, must 
cause in you ; testify to him all you 
feel for so much love. Make your zeal 
resound by all sorts of means, and put 
no other bounds to it than such as Jesus 
himself has put to his love for you. Do 
I say too much ? Are not such senti- 
ments just? Can you not conceive, 
with the help of these reflections, the 
extent of the love of Jesus, and what 
his divine justice has a right to expect 
from man in this sacrament of his love ? 


jLuyrazaudt oj Mankind. 

Let as now attend to the effects of th.$ 
gratitude, or rather let us oppose thd 
greatest of all ingratitudes to such love 
as surpasses our understanding. 


Whichever way I turn my eyes ; 
find melancholy instances of this in 
gratitude. I run over the habitable 
globe; I consider the nations where 
Christians reside, all conditions, all 
stations and places, and every-where I 
find Jesus Christ exposed to insults and 
contempt in the blessed Sacrament.—^ 
Great part of the Christian world is 
tainted with heresy ; here his real pre- 
sence in this mystery is denied, and 
the most cruel outrage offered to his 
loving heart by not acknowledging the 
benefits received. But besides denying 
the presence of their divine benefactor 
what outrages have they not committeQ 
against his sacred body ? We cannot 
reflect on this without horror. Hell 
never inspired the Jews with a more 
inveterate hatred and violence against 
Jesus Christ, than heretics have exer- 
cised against him in the Eucharist. Not 

Digitized by GoOgle 

Ingratitude of Mankind . 83 

content to pillage the temples in which 
he resided, to profane, to demolish, to 
burn them, to overturn the altars and 
tabernacles, to murder the priests, and 
to sully the holy vessels, they have laid 
their sacrilegious hands on the conse. 
crated hosts, and have thrown them to 
the ground, trampled upon them, and 
applied them to the most execrable uses 
We turn with horror from these abo- 
minations, but another sentiment is 
more suitable to the occasion. Jesus 
Christ has suffered these outrages for 
our sakes : he foresaw them when he 
instituted this mystery, and his love 
was not extinguished. This is a fresh 
motive for our love and gratitude towards 
our amiable Redeemer. 

Banished from many places wherein 
his love induced him to reside, Catho- 
lics alone now possess him. Yes ! you 
alone are his faithful people : from you 
alone he expects the returns due to him. 
Could we be surprised, if to discharge 
a duty so sweet, so pressing, so worthy 
of our zeal, Catholics should perform 
th » most extraordinary actions ? If we 
saould by night and dav be employed 

Digitized by GoOgle 

84 Ingratitudi of Mankind, 

in contemplating, in loving our good 
Master in the holy sacrament; if we 
spent all our time in the places of his 
residence, to enjoy the benefit of his 
presence, and offer our homage to him 
if we entered these holy places on our 
hands and knees, and remained pros- 
trate on the ground, out of respect for 
him ; if we made him an unreserve! 
offer of all we possess to promote his 
worship, should we do too much? 
should we discharge the debt we have 
incurred to his infinite bounty ? What 
then must be the surprise and astonish- 
ment of a faithful soul who considers 
with any attention what really happens, 
and how Jesus Christ is treated even by 
Catholics in this mystery of his love; 
how he is forgotten and forsaken ; what 
a cold indifference is shown to him ; — 
liow wanting they are in respect and 
gratitude towards him ; how often he is 
insulted by contempt, outrages, abuses 
profanations, and sacrileges. O my 
God ! who can ever express what a 
Christian heart should feel at the sight 
of such ingratitude? O my Jesus! 
what a new subject of grief for your 

9d by GoOglC 

Ingratitude of Mankind. 85 

sacred heart ? It is not from the Jews, 
infidels, and heretics, that thou re- 
ceivest this ill usage, but from thy cho- 
sen people ; from a people who acknow- 
ledge thee to be their God, who make 
profession of believing in thy real pre- 
sence, and yet are guilty of these 

With what neglect is not Jesns Christ 
treated in the churches ? He is there 
as if he was not ; he is abandoned and 
forgotten by his creatures. We make 
frequent visits to our relations, our 
friends, our benefactors, and protectors; 
we pay an assiduous court to the great, 
to our superiors and our masters. Jesus 
Christ is our master, our king, onr Re- 
deemer, benefactor, friend, and father ; 
he is in the midst of us, we know it, but 
he alone is forgotten. Few ever think 
of making a visit to Jesus Christ; months 
and years pass away, and few attend to 
this duty. Many go to church to comply 
with the precepts of the law, but they 
enter not in spirit, they are not actuated 
by motives of love, gratitude and respect. 

The real presence of Jesus Christ in 
our churches should inspire us with 

9d by GoOglC 

86 Ingratitude of Mankind . 

sentiments of the profoundest respect 
and modesty ; how do we comply with 
this duty? Less respect is shown to 
him in his temples than to a temporal 
prince in his drawing-room. Modesty 
is reserved for the palaces of the great. 
Some sit, loll, and stare about with such 
an air of dissipation, as clearly evinces 
their thoughts and hearts to be some- 
where else. Business and pleasure are 
sometimes here the topics of a profane 
conversation. The heathens are more 
religiously employed in the temples of 
their false gods. 

How many churches and chapels are 
a disgrace to religion. How many do 
we see so unprovided, so dirty, so ne- 
glected, and so abandoned, that God 
seems to be worse lodged than the 
poorest of his creatures. 

I will dwell no longer on these out- 
ward irreverences. Could we penetrate 
into the recesses of the heart, we should 
discover still more heinous crimes. — 
What are the dispositions of many at 
communion and at mass ? In the for- 
mer we receive Jesus Christ, who comes 
himself to us with au infinite love. 

Digitized by Google 

Ingratitude of Mankind . 87 

What return do we make to it ? What 
disgust, what restraint, what repug- 
nance ? It was necessary to command 
it, under pain of damnation. How many 
commit a sacrilege, and give to Jesus 
Christ the treacherous kiss of Judas? 

As to the mass : the behaviour of 
those who assist at it is scarce less faulty, 
it is marked with indifference, sloth 
and disrespect. What is their faith, 
their devotion, their love ? Many ne- 
glect to attend; the least excuse suffices 
for their absence: but if they do attend, 
they are tired, they are distracted, the 
mass is too long, and while Jesus Christ 
sacrifices himself for them, they find 
half an hour fatiguing for their at- 
tention. Here let us conclude. It is 
too evident that, turn your eyes where 
yon will, you meet with nothing but 
a want of love, of respect, of grati- 
tude to Jesns Christ; every-where in- 
difference, ingratitude, and contempt. 
This is the return which Christians 
make to the love and the generosity of 
their God. 

Here my voice faulters, and the pen 
falls from my hand. Angels and pro- 

, y Google 

88 Ingratitude of Mankind. 

phets alone can express my sentiments, 
and the horror 1 feel at the recollec- 
tion of the injuries offered to my God, 
Floods of tears will not wash away this 
bitter anguish. To make a deeper im- 
pression on the heart of man, I will 
recapitulate what I have said to this 
chapter. May all Christians, sensible 
to equity, to reason and humanity, at- 
tend to my complaints, and be covered 
with confusion. Jesus Christ, the only 
Son of God, the Master of the world, 
the Sovereign of angels and men, the 
Creator of the Universe, and in a spe- 
cial manner the God of Christians, their 
King, their Father, their Saviour ; this 
same Jesus, who came down from heaven 
for their sakes, who from an excess of 
love became man, who consecrated 
every moment of his life to their salva- 
tion, whoilied on a cross to deliver them 
from hell, and to open to them the gates 
of heaven; this same Jesus, who, by 
another effect of his immeuse love, has 
again appeared among them, and to 
prevent the probability of a separation, 
has instituted the sacrament of the 
altar, wherein he resides really, corpo- 

Digitized by Google 

Ingratitude of Mankind. 89 

tnly, and perpetually, is near them, 
and often in the same house with them ; 
this same Jesus is not loved, is forgot- 
ten, abandoned, despised and out- 
raged. Ye heavens be astonished at 
this prodigy of ingratitude, and ye in- 
habitants of the earth, tremble with 
horror. If this account should ever 
reach infidel nations, what will they 
say of us ? Who can these Christians, 
these inhuman creatures be? How 
barbarous a nation ! In what inhospi- 
table climate, and under what frozen 
heaven do they exist ? What I can 
they be insensible to the love of a God, 
to such a love ? Can they be ingrateful 
after so many favours received? Can 
they carry their ingratitude so far as to 
abuse and insult their benefactor ? 

O Jesus ! what tender heart was 
ever insensible to the crime of ingrati- 
tude ! how must thou resent this cruel 
behaviour ? WTiat deeper wound could 
be given to thy loving heart ? O sacred 
Heart! proclaim aloud thy complaints, 
strike and pierce our hearts. 



The just Complaints 


These complaints were made by Jesns 
Christ to the holy Nun, the venerable 
mother Mary Margaret, mentioned in 
the foregoing chapter. 

Disclosing to me his divine heart, he 
said : Behold this hearty which has loved 
mankind , and spared nothing even to 
the wasting and consuming itself in tes- 
timony of its love. 

Come my spouse I come and behold 
the state to which my love for mankind 
has reduced me. I saw man oppressed 
with miseries and infinite evils : moved 
with compassion, I was desirous to 
deliver him, and for that end I stripped 
myself of all the pomp and splendour of 
my glo/y ; I came down from heaven, 
I annihilated myself and took upon 
me the form of a slave. My desire 
was to become like man. I took a 
body subject to all human misery, and 
passed my life amidst labours and 
sufferings. I suffered poverty, watch- 
ings, hunger, thirst, cold and heat; 
in a word, whatever the hatred of 

Digitized by CjOOglc 

of Jesus Christ. 


man could cause me to suffer. My 
Father required still more : according 
to his eternal decrees, I was to shea my 
blood, and die upon a cross amidst the 
most cruel torments. 1 delivered up 
my body ; I was loaded with chains, 
heat and buffeted, whipped at the 
pillar, spit on, crowned with thorns, 
and nailed to the cross, where 1 shed 
the last drop of my blood. Consider 
this attentively, my spouse ! and reflect 
that though innocent, though God and 
man, I was fastened to the cross, and 
died on it, to save guilty man, to set 
slaves free, and to redeem my creatures. 
I could have redeemed man at not so 
dear a rate ; one drop of my blood, 
one tear would have been sufficient, but 
my love would not have been satisfied. 
I would show the greatness of my love 
by the greatness of my sufferings. I 
did for man something which ought to 
move him still more. I left him my 
flesh as food, and my blood as drink. 
I would be united with my creatures, 
so as to become one and the same with 
them, and I have done every thing to 
give them proofs of my love, in order 

Digitized by CjOO^Ic 

92 The just Complaints 

to soften their hearts, and to inspire 
some feeling of love and gratitude into 
theift ! But alas ! whatever I have done 
has been in vain, at least for the 
greatest part. In return , I generally 
meet with nothing but ingratitude , con- 
tempt, sacrileges and coldness , even 
in the very sacrament of my love ; 
and still what sensibly affects me is , 
that I receive this usage from hearts 
peculiarly consecrated to my service . 
Thus my heart has also subject to com- 
plain on this mystery, where it is daily 
exposed, to be dishonoured and abused. 
In this abandoned state, I seek from 
thee, and the small number of faithfiA 
souls, some consolation. I expect that 
thou, being sensible of the injuries and 
insults I endure, wilt take part with 
/ne, and endeavour to repair them.— - 
But to teach thee particularly what 
my heart desires, my will is, and I 
demand of thee, that the first Friday 
after the Octave of the blessed Sacra* 
ment be consecrated to a special feast 
in hohour of my heart ; that a solemn 
reparation of honour , and a public act 
of atonement be offered to it on that 

Digitized by Google 

of Jesus Christ. 


day, and holy communion received, 
with an intent to repair by it, as Jan 
as possible, all the injuries and af- 
fronts it has received when exposed on 
the attars . 

O devout and attentive reader ! what 
have you to say, what have you to 
answer to these so just complaints of 
thy amiable Saviour? Can you hear 
them and not be moved with compas- 
sion? It may be true, that he has 
not received such injuries from you; 
but do not imagine that it is enough 
for you to abstain from injuring him ; 
you ought to show your gratitude and 
fidelity in taking part in the affronts 
which he receives from others, in tes- 
tifying your grief, and making him re* 
paration to the utmost of your power. 
And indeed, what would you say of a 
son, who, seeing his father insulted, 
should think himself free from blame, 
if he only refused to join himself with 
those who insulted him ? Would you 
not say that he ought to repress those 
insults to the utmost of his power? And 
shall we he less zealous for the glory of 
Jesus Christ? Ah! I could not see my 



The just Complaints 

friend insulted and abused, without 
testifying nay sorrow, and doing all in 
my power to procure him comfort : and 
can I see such atrocious crimes com- 
mitted against my Saviour without being 
moved ? I know that Jesus Christ has 
been exposed for the love of me to a 
thousand indignities, in the holy sacra- 
ment of the altar ; that his sacred body 
has been pierced by the Jews a thou- 
sand times in the consecrated hosts; 
that it has been thrown into the fire, 
trodden under foot and shamefully dis- 
honoured by so many profanations and 
sacrileges as cannot be numbered : and 
can I see all these indignities and re- 
main insensible ? O Lord ! let me die, 
rather than be guilty of so much ingra- 
titude ; let my heart be torn from me, 
rather than remain insensible of sa 
much goodness. O my divine Saviour I 
let me join with those faithful souls 
who love and wish to please thee ; let 
me associate with those who make it 
their duty to repair the injuries done 
thee. I will often go and prostrate 
myself at the foot of thy altars, where 
thou remain?^ and 1 will there bewail 

Digitized by Google 


of Jesus Christ . 

thy love, treated with »o much con- 
tempt. I will wash with my tears thosf 
holy places so often profaned, and i 
will there make an honourable repara- 
tion, so justly due to thy divine heart, 
for my own sins and ingratitudes, and 
for those of mankind. Thus prostrate 
at thy feet, my amiable Jesns! I will 
consider myself as happy, and esteem 
it as the greatest of favours, that thou 
wilt permit me to be in thy divine pre- 
sence in such a state of humiliation. 

Now, devout reader, is it not just 
holy, and worthy of a Christian to en- 
tertain such sentiments ? Let me ask 
if a devotion, of which the principal 
end is to ihspire such sentiments, is not 
a solid devotion ; if it is not according 
to true piety ? Finally, if a feast insti- 
tuted to pay so just a tribute of honour 
to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, should 
not be added to those already instituted 
for the glory of God and the edification 
of the faithful ? 

Our holy Mother, the Catholic Church, 
consecrates every year a week to ho- 
nour the sufferings of Jesus Christ. Du 
ring this octave, it endeavours to repay 

Digitized by Google 



the outrages, abuses and insults which 
fie receives on the cross, dying there to 
redeem and save us. It pays the 
greatest honours to Jesus Christ’s suffer- 
ing, and at the same time honours also 
the instrument of our salvation. No- 
thing can be more commendable and just 
than this institution. But Jesus Christ 
has not loved us less in the blessed sa- 
crament than in his passion, and he 
has not been less insulted in this mys- 
tery of his love, than in that of his 
death. What, then, can be more rea- 
sonable than the institution of a feast, 
in order to repair those injuries, and to 
engage the faithful to fulfil publicly so 
holy a duty; and what is more be- 
coming, than to institute this feast in 
honour of his Sacred Heart, since it was 
the instrument and seat of his love and 
suffering ? 


Ip the Church approves a feast in 
honour of the divine heart of Jesus 
Christ, why not approve of other feasts 
to honour every part of his sacred 

Digitized by CjOO^Ic 

answered . 


body? Why a particular feast in honour 
of his divine heart? Moreover, the feasts 
are already so numerous in the Church, 
that it seems improper to multiply them, 
new offices interrupt those which the 
church has formerly instituted. 

As this objection has made great 
impression on many who have taken no 
pains to examine it, I have thought it 
necessary to mention it in a separate 
article, and to show the weakness of it. 

I. The numerous Confraternities who 
celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart 
with great solemnity, the number of 
Bishops who have approved them, the 
number of briefs of indulgences granted 
to them by the Holy See, are a great 
proof that the above objection ha9 
nothing solid. It is of little purpose to 
dispute whether the feast of the Sacred 
Heart deserves to be approved. In a 
point of this nature a great part of the 
Church, authorized by so many Bishops 
and the Holy See, cannot mistake; for 
which reason the objection which op- 
poses the institution of this feast, can 
make no impression on a faithful and 
devout souL 

Digitized by (jOCK^Ic 



II. The foregoing objection can be 
of no weight, unless we suppose that 
the motives which authorize the feast of 
the Sacred Heart, are common to the 
other parts of his sacred body ; but this 
supposition will seem unwarrantable to 
any one who has paid the least attention 
to what we have said in this work, either 
with regard to the feast itself, or the 
privileges and pre-eminences of the 
heart, or with regard to other decisive 
circumstances which we have pointed 

With regard to the feast, we have 
explained its nature in the first chapter, 
and we have observed, that its having 
for its spiritual object the love of Jesus 
Christ, abused and insulted by the in- 

f ratitude of mankind, nothing could 
e more proper, than to give it for its 
corporal object the heart of Jesus, 
as being essentially connected with the 
divine love, and the centre of the 
sufferings inflicted on him by man. — 
This is a sufficient answer which will 
suffer no reply. We celebrate the 
feast of the heart, together with that of 

Digitized by Google 



the love. Are we from thence to con- 
clude that every part of the sacred body 
of Jesus Christ ought to be celebrated 
by a particular feast ? Where is the 
conclusion ? 

As to the privileges of the Sacred 
Heart, they are so singular, so specific, 
so admirable, and so certain, that it is 
not possible for a person who has read 
what we have published on this subject, 
to doubt a moment on its excellence 
and pre-eminence. There is to be 
found in this pre-eminence a clear and 
solid answer to the objection, which 
loses all its weight, since with regard to 
the Sacred Heart, there are such specific 
reasons for the preference given to it. 

It is true, that every part of his sacred 
body is holy and adorable; but it is 
not sufficient for the institution of a 
public feast, that a thing is holy. 

A choice must be made, which must 
be directed by the Holy Spirit, which 
governs the Church; and it is visible 
that this choice is always in favour ol 
what is most excellent and proper to 
excite and encourage the piety of the 

, y Google 

1 HO OOfection 

faithful. All the actions of Jesus Christ 
ire holy, but the church does not insti- 
tute a feast for all of them. All the 
mysteries of the Life of Jesus Christ 
are holy, and yet the Church does not 
honour them by a particular feast. She 
has chosen out the most admirable, the 
most moving, and the most instructive. 
All the sufferings of Jesus Christ are 
holy, and deserving the love and grati- 
tude of mankind, and yet this is not a 
sufficient motive to engage the church to 
honour them separately ; it is not there- 
fore, reasoning justly, to say, if the 
church approves the feast of the Sacred 
Heart, it ought to establish a feast for 
all the other parts of his sacred body : 
there is in all these things, as we have 
said, a wise distinction to be made, 
which belongs to the Holy Ghost, who 
inspires the church. 

Among other decisive circumstances 
m favour of the devotion and feast of 
the Sacred Heart which we have already 
remarked, the principle, to which the 
church seems to have paid a particular 
attention, is the will of God, on this 




occasion sufficiently manifested. Now 
m these matters Almighty God is accus- 
tomed to manifest his will by different 
ways; by particular revelations; by 
miracles ; by inspiring the chief pastors 
of the church ; by moving the hearts of 
the faithful; by the concurrence of 
different nations, and by the humble 
petitions addressed to the Holy See, 
oy different bishops and sovereign 
princes ; and it is to be remarked, 
that all these signs of the divine will 
eoncur in favour of the devotion and 
feast of the Sacred Heart, as has been 
already proved by what has been said 

Having made these remarks, let us 
return to the objection, and endeavour 
to show the emptiness of it : we cele- 
brate the feast of the Sacred Heart of 
Jesus, because this heart is the princi- 
pal of the sensible love of Jesus Christ, 
the seat of his love, the symbol of his 
love, and the precious pledge of his 
love ; because this heart was the centre 
of the sufferings caused by the ingra- 
titude of mankind ; because it was in- 
timately united with those sufferings 

Digitized by (jOCK^Ic 



and pierced on the cross with the stroke 
of a lance. Now all these privileges 
belong so particularly to the heart, as 
not to agree with the other parts of the 
sacred body ; if, therefore, we celebrate 
the festival of the Sacred Heart, we ought 
also to have festivals in honour of the 
other parts of his sacred body — who 
does not see the falsehood of such rea- 
soning ? Moreover, we have in favour of 
the festival of the Sacred Heart all the 
signs of the divine will we can desire ; 
express revelations, inspirations, granted 
to the chief pastors, the divine impres- 
sion on the hearts of the faithful, the 
concurrence of different nations, the 
petition to the Holy See from bishops 
and sovereign princes, &c. Now there 
is nothing like to this with regard to the 
other parts of his sacred body, all which 
prove the objection which has been so 
often canvassed, to be frivolous, and not 
worthy to be noticed. 

A 8 for what remains, those who are 
afraid, that on account of the devotion 
and festival of the Sacred Heart, other 
improper devotions and festivals should 
be introduced into the church, need 

Digitized by Google 



only to attend to that constant troth, 
that the establishing a devotion and a 
feast, is not the work of man bnt ofL 
God. A man may imagine a devotion 
little becoming the sanctity, the majesty, 
and the wisdom of the church : he may 
undertake to establish it, he may prac- 
tise it and endeavour to inspire it in 
others, but to establish it in a great 
part of the church and among different 
people, to introduce it into different 
provinces and kingdoms, so that it may 
become every-where public, as is the 
devotion to the Sacred Heart, that sur- 
passes the human understanding, and 
consequently it is not doing justice to 
the divine providence, which watches 
over the church, to fear that the estab- 
lishing a festival in honour of the Sacred 
Heart, so proved to us to be the will of 
God, should be introductive of other 
devotions superfluous and improper. 

But you will object again and say : 
there are already too many feasts in the 
church, why multiply them ? Would 
you then put limits to the divine pro- 
vidence? Are there no more devotions 
among the treasures of the divine wisdom 



proper to edify the church, to honour 
Jesus Christ, and excite the devotion of 
the faithful ? Those who are afraiji of 
^he devotions and feasts being multiplied 
do not reflect on the constant conduct of 
God in every age, who makes use of 
these means to rouse and renew the de- 
votion of the faithful, nor to the glory 
which accrues to Jesus Christ, nor to the 
profits which the faithful receive for the 
safety and sanctification of their souls, 
these devotions and feasts being an un- 
exhausted source of spiritual blessings. 

Finally, not to leave our present 
subject, the devotion and feast of the 
Sacred Heart being once established, 
who can say how much it will contri- 
bute to the glory of God, and the good 
of souls, by the pious practices and 
exercises essentially connected with it ; 
to the glory of Jesus Christ by the 
multiplied acts of virtue, which are 
proper to it, of love, of faith, of con- 
trition, of reparation, of praise, of 
thanksgiving; to the sanctification of 
souls by confessions, 4 communions, in- 
dulgences, masses, visiting of holy 
places, alms-deeds, acts or penance, 

Digitized by Google 



of mortification, humility, &c. If they 
did but reflect on the immense treasure 
of merits by which the church is en- 
riched, and will continue to be enriched 
to the end of time, they never would 
dare to object this maxim to us, that 
feasts ought not to bp multiplied : this 
maxim, however, does not regard the 
feasts we are treating about; on the 
contrary it ought to be considered as 
a special favour of heaven, as a most 
precious pledge of the love of Jesus 
for mankind, worthy to be received by 
the church with every respect and gra- 

But these new devotions, these new 
feasts ought not to be allowed, because 
they interrupt the divine service for- 
merly established by the church; to 
this I answer, first, that if this objection 
be of any weight, we must put a stop 
to all dedication of churches, canoni- 
sation of saints, translations of relics, 
to which are annexed particular feu»ts, 
masses, and offices. Secondly, were it 
necessary to suppress any of the feasts, 
would it be proper to suppress those 
which regard immediately Jesus Christ, 

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106 Objection answered. 

and contribute so much to his being 
honoured and beloved, and have til 
other end but that? It is true, that 
the ancient offices will be interrupted 
for that day, but when the churcft 
judges proper to order a new office more 
glorious to God, and of more utility to 
the faithful, is there any reason to mur- 
mur and complain ? 


Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 






¥he practice of this devotion. 

In general by the practice of this de- 
motion, nothing more is meant than the 
use of such means as are best calculate-! 
fo render us true adorers and faithful 
imitators of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 
Christ. Now this practice is both in- 
terior and exterior. The interior prac- 
tice consists in the inward acts of faith, 
adoration, love, hope, confidence, gra- 
titude, and the like. The exterior prac- 
tice consists in outward and visible 
acts, such as are meant to denote out- 
wardly the inward devotions. Of this 
sort are prayers, novenat, confessions, 
and communions, visits to Jesus Christ 

Digitized by Google 


Practice of 

in the blessed sacrament, associations, 
confraternities, fasting, penances, and 
generally all pious and edifying acts, 
which are performed to honour the ador- 
able heart of our blessed Redeemer. — 
Whereupon it is not remiss to observe, 
that we must not so rest and depend 
on these outward practices, as to per- 
suade ourselves that if we have but 
performed them, we have therefore 
fulfilled all justice. This would be 
confining the whole system of devotion 
to bare and empty ceremonies. Much 
less ought they to be considered as a 
claim to impunity for one’s faults, or as 
a security of a future conversion, after 
having long slighted Almighty God’s 
grace. This would be a gross illusion 
and a fatal abuse, ever disallowed by 
true devotion. But, on the other hand, 
because devotion is misused, it is no 
reason why it should be condemned or 
suppressed ; for the best things are lia- 
ble to be misused. The abuse, indeed, 
ought to be checked, but the devotion 
: tself, wholly saintly and solid, should 
ever be preserved. 

These general notions being once 

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this Devotion . 


premised, let us now consider in par* 
ticular the devotions to be practised in 
honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. — 
Among them some are to be performed 
every year, some every month, some 
every week, and some every day. 


The solemn festival of this devotion 
is fixed on the first Friday after the oc- 
tave of Corpus Christi. This day must 
be sanctified and consecrated to the 
love of our blessed Saviour by prayer, 
pious reading, visits to the blessed sa- 
crament, and every good work; and 
therefore on the eve of this solemn day, 
prepare your heart by some act of pen- - 
ance or charity, for the reception of 
divine grace. On the festival itself, 
repair to the sacraments of penance 
and holy communion. At confession 
accuse yourself, and detest in a special 
manner your many ingratitudes and 
acts of disrespect towards the blessed 
sacrament. Your communion ought to 
be performed with so much the more 
fervour, as it is intended as a reparation 

d by Google 



Practice oj 

of honour, and an atonement for the 
many negligences and defects in former 
communions. During the day, if con- 
venient, pay a special visit to the bless- 
ed sacrament, and there, or in your 
oratory, at the foot of the crucifix, 
make a solemn act of atonement to the 
Sacred Heart, for all the indignities it 
daily receives in the blessed eucharist, 
and for such as we ourselves perhaps 
have been guilty of. 


Besides the principal festival, 
which happens but once a-year, the first 
Friday of every month has been also 
consecrated to the Sacred Heart. On 
‘that day the clients endeavour to per- 
form, either wholly or in part, the reli- 
gious duties practised on the feast itself, 
viz., confession, communion, visits to the 
blessed sacrament, the reparation of 
honour, &c. 


The zealous clients of this devotion, 
who endeavour to procure for them* 

Digitized by GoOglC 

this Devotion . 


selves a more plentiful flow of heavenly 
graces, are not satisfied with honouring 
this divine heart once a-month ; they 
moreover consecrate the Friday of every 
week to its honour, by the performance 
of some acts of devotion, some good 
works, or small mortifications, interior 
or exterior, in order to testify their 
gratitude, and repair by their love the 
ingratitude of men to Jesus Christ. 



Every morning, as soon as you 
awake, throw yourself in spirit into that 
divine heart, which so mercifully watch- 
ed over you while you were asleep. — 
Thank Jesus Christ for the institution 
of the most blessed sacrament; adore 
that most amiable Saviour, love him 
most tenderly, and entreat your angel 
guardian to visit him for you. When 
dressed, turning yourself towards the 
next chapel, where the blessed sacra- 
ment is kept, make a profound reve- 
rence, resolved to present yourself there 



Practice cf 

in person with all proper convenience. 
In the meanwhile make the following 
act of adoration. 

Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God I 
whom I believe truly and really present 
in the blessed sacrament of the altar, 
* receive this my homage, and let it sup- 
ply for the desire I have of adoring thee 
without intermission, and in return for 
those sentiments of love which thy sa- 
cred heart expresses for us in the ever 
adorable sacrament. 


Hail, O sacred heart of Jesus! liv- 
ing and quickening source of eternal 
life, infinite treasure of the divinity, 
burning furnace of divine love I thou 
art my refuge and my sanctuary: O 
my amiable Saviour I .consume my heart 
with that burning fire with which thine 
is ever inflamed ; poor down on my soul 
those graces which flow from thy love, 
and let my heart be so united with 
thine, that our wills may be one, and 
mine in all tilings conformable to thine. 

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this Devotion . 


May thine be the standard and role 
equally of my desires and of my actions. 


This is a time when Jesus Christ is 
little thought of; those, therefore, who 
shall visit him at this time, cannot but 
be well received; for as we are then 
carried neither by custom, nor the crowd, 
our visits of consequence must be the ef- 
fect of pure love, and undoubtedly the 
occasion of very signal favours, as Jesus 
Christ will never suffer himself to be 
outdone in point of liberality. 


It was the practice of St. Aloysius 
Gonzaga, every night before he went 
to bed, to say, upon his knees, three 
Hail Marys. The first in honour of 
that instant in which the Blessed Virgin 
Mary was immaculately conceived. 
The secoud in honour of the feast of 
the Annunciation, when she became 
Mother of God; and the third in honour 

oy Google 

114 Act of Consecration, SfC. 

of her glorious Assumption, in which 
after her death she was united to her 
dear Son. After this, adoring in spirit 
Jesus Christ on the altar, and casting 
himself, as it were, into his most sacred 
heart, he reposed, saying with the 
author of the Imitation of Christ: In 
this peace will I rest ; in thee , my 
Jesus! and in thy sacred heart wiU I 
repose . 



O most amiable Mother of God ! life 
passes away, and death approaches, 
when the hour comes, be unto me, I 
beseech thee, a tender mother, and dis- 
pose the heart of thy blessed Son favour- 
ably in my regard. Ave Maria. 


To thee, O sacred heart of Jesus I 
to thee I devote and offer up my life, 
thoughts, words, actions, pains, and 
sufferings. May the least part of my 

3d by Google 

Act of Consecration . 


being be no longer employed, save only 
n loving* serving, honouring, and glo- 
rifying thee. Wherefore, O most sa- 
cred heart 1 be thou the sole object of 
my love, the protector of my life, the 
pledge of ray salvation, and my secure 
refuge at the hour of my death. Be 
thou, O most bountiful heart ! rov 
justification at the throne of God, and 
screen me from his anger, which I have 
so justly merited. In thee 1 place all 
my confidence, and, convinced as I am 
of my own weakness, I rely entirely 
on thy bounty. Annihilate in me all 
that is displeasing and offensive to thy 
pure eye. Imprint thyself like a divine 
seal on my heart, that I may ever re- 
member my obligations never to be 
separated from thee. May my name 
also, I beseech thee by thy tender 
bounty, ever be fixed and engraved in 
thee, O Book of Life ! and may 1 ever 
be a victim consecrated to thy glory, 
ever burning with.the flames of thy pure 
love, and entirely penetrated with it 
for an eternity. In this I place all my 
happiness, this is all my desire, to live 
and die in no other quality, but that of 
thy devoted servant. Amen. 

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116 The Litany. 


Lord, have mercy on us* 

Christ, have mercy on us. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

God the Father of heaven, 1 
God the Son, Redeemer of the 

God the Holy Ghost, „ 

Holy Trinity, one God, 

Heart of Jesus I 

Heart pf Jesus, formed in the 
womb of the most blessed 

Heart of Jesus, hypostatically 
united to the eternal Word, ► 
Heart of Jesus, sanctuary of the 

Heart of Jesus, Tabernacle of the 
most holy Trinity, 

Heart of Jesus, Temple of all 

Heart of Jesus, Fountain of all 

Heart of Jesus, most meek, 

Heart of Jesus, most humble, 


Have mercy on us. 

The Litany. 


Heart of Jesus, most obedient, ' 

Heart of Jesus, most chaste, 

Heart of Jesus, Furnace of Love, 

Heart of Jesus, Source of Contri- 

Heart of Jesus, Treasure of 

Heart of Jesus, Ocean of Bounty, 

Heart of Jesus, Throne of Mercy, 

Heart of Jesus, Abyss of all Vir- 

Heart of Jesus, ^sorrowful in the 

Heart of Jesus, spent with a > 
bloody Sweat, 

Heart of Jesus, glutted with Re- 

Heart of Jesus, consumed for our 

Heart of Jesus, made obedient 
even unto the Death of the 

Heart of Jesus, pierced through 
with a Lance, 

Heart of Jesus, Refuge of Sinners, 

Heart of Jesus, Fortitude of tho 

Digitized by Google 

TJave mercy on us. 


The Litany. 

Heart of Jesus, Comfort of the] 

Heart of Jesus, main strength of 

the tempted, k- 

Heart of Jesus, Terror of the sf 
Devils, ** 

Heart of Jesus, Sanctification of 1 

Heart of Jesus, Perseverance of o 
the Good, 

Heart of Jesus, Hope of the dying, ? 

Heart of Jesus, joy of the blessed, 

Heart of Jesus, the delight of all 
the Saints, 1 

Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, spare us, O 

Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, hear us, O 
Jesus ! 

Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, have mercy on 
us, O Jesus ! 

V. O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have 
mercy on us. 

R. That we may worthily love thee with 
our whole hearts. 

Digitized by Google 

The Litany, 119 


O God I who out of thy immense 
love hast given to the faithful the most 
Sacred Heart of thy Son our Lord, as 
the object of thy tender affection; 
grant, we beseech thee, that we may 
so love and honour this pledge of thy 
love on earth, as by it to merit the love 
both of thee and thy gift., and be eter- 
nally loved by thee and thU most blessed 
heart in heaven. Through the same 
Jesus Christ our Lord thy Son, who 
liveth and reigneth with thee in the 
unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world 
without end. Amen. 

Through thy Sacred Heart, O Jesus, 
overflowing with all sweetness, we 
recommend to thee ourselves, and all 
our concerns, our friends, benefactors, 
parents and relations, our superiors, 
and enemies : take under thy protection 
this house, city, and kingdom ; extend 
this thy care to all such as are under 
any affliction; and to those who labour 
in the agony and pangs of death ; cast 
an eye of compassion on the obstinate 
sinner and more particularly on the 

9d by GoOglC 


An Invitation . 

poor suffering souls in purgatory, as 
also on those who are engaged and 
united with us in the holy confederacy 
of honouring and worshipping thee. — 
Bless these in particular, O bountiful 
Jesus I and bless them according to the 
extent of thy infinite goodness, mercy, 
and charity. Amen. 



All the faithful adorers of Jesus 
are invited to repair in spirit every day, 
at nine o’clock in the morning, and four 
in the evening, to his divine heart, in 
order to make in common some of the 
following aspirations. 

O most sacred heart of Jesus ! have 
mercy on us. 

O divine heart, wounded for love 
of us! let us ever be sensible. of thy 
bounty, and let thy love ever plead in 
our favour. 

O heart of Jesus, burning with leve 
of us, inflame our hearts with the love 
of thee. 

Blessed be the most adorable 'heart 
ct jcsi. 8 my God for ever and ever. 

Digitized by GoOgle 

The Reparation* 


No love, no heart equals thine, most 
loving Jesus. 

O may thy adorable heart be for ever 
praised, and all thanks both in time and 
eternity paid to it. 

O adorable heart of Jesus ! mayest 
thou be known, loved, and adored 
throughout the whole world* 

O divine fire, ever burning and never 
ceasing, raise my heart into a flame, 
that I may always love, and never cease 
from loving thee. 


O Most amiable and adorable heart 
of Jesus, centre of all hearts, glowing 
with charity, and inflamed with zeal 
for the interest of thy Father, and the 
salvation of mankind I O heart, ever 
sensible of our misery, and ever iv 
motion to redress our evils, the reafc 
victim of love in the Holy Eucharist, 
and propitiatory sacrifice for sin on the 

, y Google 



The Reparation, 

altar of the cross ! seeing that the 
generality of Christians make no other 
return for these thy mercies, than con- 
tempt of thy favours, forgetfulness of 
their own obligations, and ingratitude 
to the best of benefactors ; is it not just 
that we, thy servants, penetrated with 
the deepest sense of the like indignities, 
should enter upon a due and satisfactory 
reparation of honour to thy most sacred 
majesty ? Prostrate, therefore, in body, 
and humbled in mind, before heaven 
and earth, we solemnly declare our utter 
detestation and abhorrence of such a 
conduct. Inexpressible, we know, was 
the bitterness which the multitude of 
our sins brought upon thy tender heart; 
insufferable the weight of our iniquities 
which pressed thy face to the earth in 
the Garden of Olives ; and unsurmount- 
able thy anguish, when expiring with 
love, grief, and agony, on Mount Cal- 
vary, in thy last breath thou wouldst 
reclaim sinners to their duty and repen- 
tance. This we know, O dear Redeem- 
er ! and would most willingly redress 
these thy sufferings by our own, or share 
with thee in thine. 


The Reparation . 


O merciful Jesus ! ever present on our 
altars, and with a heart open to receive 
all who labour and art burdened ! O 
adorable heart of Jesus, source of frue 
contrition! impart to our hearts the true 
spirit of penance, and to our eyes a 
fountain of tears, that we may bewail 
and wash off our sins, and those of the 
world. Pardon, divine Jesus ! all the 
injuries, reproaches, and outrages, done 
thee through the course of thy holy life 
and bitter passion. Pardon all the 
impieties, irreverences, and sacrileges, 
wluch have been committed against 
thee in the sacrament of the Eucharist, 
from its first institution. Graciously 
receive the small tribute of our sincere 
repentance, as an agreeable offering in 
thy sight, and in requital for the bene- 
fits we daily receive from the altar, 
where thou art a living and continual 
sacrifice, and in union of that bloody 
holocaust, thou didst present to thy 
eternal Father on Mount Calvary from 
the Cross. 

Sweet Jesus I give thy blessing to 
the ardent desire we now entertain, 
and the holy resolution we have taken, 


Digitized by CjOO^Ic 

124 The Beads . 

of ever loving and adoring thee after a 
proper manner, in the sacrament of love, 
the Eucharist; thus to repair by a true 
conversion of heart, and a becoming 
zeal for thy glory, our past negligence 
and infidelity. Be thou, O adorable 
Heart I who knowest the clay of which 
we are formed, be thou our mediator 
with thy heavenly Father, whom we 
have so grievously offended : strengthen 
our weakness, confirm our resolution, 
and with thy charity, humility, meek- 
ness, and patience, cover the multitude 
of our iniquities ; be thou our support, 
our refuge, and our strength, that no- 
thing henceforth in life or death may 
separate us from thee. Amen. 


This little Rosary consists of a small 
Cross, thirty-eight Beads; that is, five 
of a larger size, to remind us of the sa- 
cred wounds of our blessed Saviour, and 
thirty-three of a smaller form, answering 
to the number of years he spent on earth 
in the great work of our redemption. 

9d by GoOgk 

The Beads. 


Range the whole that : The Cross 
stands in the front, or first place ; then 
follow three of the smaller beads, shat 
up between two larger. After which 
are three Tens, or Decades of small 
beads, each Decade terminated with a 
larger one. 


O Jesus! give ns thy heart as a 
pledge of thy love, and as a place of 
refuge, that we may find therein a 
secure repose during onr life, and a 
sweet comfort at the hour of our death. 


Thee I adore, praise, and love, 0 
Sacred Heart of my dear Jesus ! pene- 
trated with grief at the thought of so 
many offences, which have been hitherto 
committed against thee in the most holy 
sacrament of the altar. I offer up the 
most amiable heart of thy most beloved 
mother, with the merits of the saints, in 
satisfaction thereof. Amen. 

by Google 

Ii6 A Prayer, 


O Sacred Heart of Jesus, burning 
with the love of us ; inflame our hearts 
with the love of thee. Amen. 

a prayer to the eternal father. 

O Eternal Father, let me offer 
up unto thy mercy, the Sacred Heart of 
thy well-beloved Son, even as he of- 
fered up himself as a sacrifice to thy 

Accept in my behalf all the desires, 
sentiments, affections, motions, and all 
the actions of this Sacred Heart : they 
are mine, because it was immolated for 
me; they are mine, because for the future 
1 am resolved to possess nothing but what 
Is peculiar to it. Receive, then, the 
merits of this Sacred Heart in satisfaction 
for my sins, and in thanksgiving for the 
benefits conferred upon me. Receive 
them, O Lprd 1 as so many motives of 
granting thy servant those peculiar 
graces he stands in need of, but particu- 
larly the gift of final perseverance. Re- 
ceive them as so many acts of love, ado- 

, y Google 

An AsxKtatiofu 


ration and praise, which 1 now offer to 
thydivine Majesty. This Sacred Heart, 
this heart only, can love, honour, and 
glorify thee as thou deservest to he loved, 
honoured, and glorified. Amen . 




This Association is an assembly or 
agreement of some pious and virtuous 
people, who, in order to honour the Sa- 
cred Heart, and to make some atonement 
to it, agree among themselves to perform 
some particular practice of devotion 
each Friday of the month. 

2. The association under our present 
consideration, is one of the many de- 
votions practised with great advantage 
in honour of the Sacred Heart, it being 
experimentally certain that God Al- 
mighty heaps his distinguished favours 
on such as are thus concerned to honour 

3. The number of devout persons 
composing this association maybe more 
or less, as they shall judge convenient. 

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An Association . 

4. The choice of these practices, 
which are to be found in the second 
part of this book, may be made in the 
following manner. 

Let there be as many billets folded 
np as there are persons who compose 
this association : on the inside of each 
of these must be wrote some particular 
practice. The whole being mixed to- 
gether, each draws one billet for himself, 
and engages himself to offer up on the 
Fridays of the following month, to the 
Sacred Heart, that practice which has 
fallen to his lot. 

5. The choice must be made regularly 
on the last Thursday of the expiring 
month, or on the following Thursday. 

6. Every associate should have in his 
house or chamber, a picture of the 
Sacred Heart. The advantage amongst 
others is this : should any one in par- 
ticular be hindered from visiting the 
blessed Sacrament, he may before this 
picture acquit himself of the obligation 
he has involuntarily taken upon himself. 
Jesus Christ has given us an instance 
and proof of how great merit this prac- 
tice is in his sight. Of this troth the 

Digitized by 


An Association. 


renerable mother Mary Margaret is a 
witness, as appears in her life, wrote 
at large, 1729, by that learned and il- 
lustrious Prelate, Joseph Latiguet, at 
that time Bishop of Soissons, and pro- 
moted afterwards to the Archbishopric 
of Sens. Our blessed Redeemer spoke 
to her, as is related in the said life, as 
follows : 

“ I am much pleased with the devo- 
tion the faithful show for my heart, 
and for this reason 1 desire the picture 
thereof may be drawn and exposed, 
that by this so amiable a representation 
the hearts of men may be softened into 
repentance. I promise that such as, 
in a more particular manner, honour 
this picture, shall partake more amply 
of those graces with which my heart 
is replenished.” 

7. The virtues of the greatest esti- 
mation, as most dear to the Sacred 
Heart of Jesus among the associates, 
must ever be Meekness and Humility , 
and the vices opposite to these mfist be 
held in equal detestation. 



An Association . 

8. In general they roust bear a truly 
Christian charity for each other, and 
fly all animosity and aversion. 

9. Let each one ask from time to 
time, through the merits of the Sacred 
Heart, that God would protect their 
fellow associates from all evils, spiritual 
and temporal, and that he would pour 
down his choicest blessings on them, 
not in life only, but more particularly 
at the hour of their death. 

10. Nor must their charity end with 
life. This ought to continue even be- 
yond the sepulchre, and the living en- 
deavour to assist their deceased brethren 
by their holy prayers. 

If, then, devout reader, this Sacred 
Heart of Jesus is really an object of 
your affections, as no doubt it ought 
to be, make up amongst those with 
whom you live, your family, friends, 
and domestics, a small association of 
this nature, and take my word for it, 
Almighty God will look with a pro- 
pitious eye both on you, and this your 

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Visits to the Blessed Sacrament 131 


rent, in honour of the sacred 


In the first , thank the Eternal Father 
for having given us his only Son in the 
divine Eucharist, and offer up to him the 
sentiments of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 
in acknowledgment of so great a favour. 

In the second, return thanks to Jesus 
Christ, for having instituted this ado- 
rable mystery, and for all the favours he 
has done us in the work of our redemp- 
tion ; as also for having been pleased to 
make his Sacred Heart known to ns in 
these latter days. 

In the third, thank our blessed Re- 
deemer, for all the benefits we have re- 
ceived from him in the blessed Eucha- 
rist, and ask of him, that all his designs 
may be most perfectly accomplished 
in ns. 

The fourth shall be, in order to be- 
noan before the Sacred Heart all the 
sacrilegious communions which have 
Utherto been made, and to deplore all 

Digitized by Google 

132 Holy Communion. 

the injuries, ingratitudes, ' contempts, 
disorders, and irreverences, which have 
hitherto been committed. If you have 
shared in these crimes, enter into your- 
self, and thank Jesus Christ that he has 
not cast you headlong into hell, nor 
delivered up your soul to the devil, as 
he did that of Judas. You must also 
make this visit to consecrate yourself 
entirely to the honour and glory of this 
Sacred Heart. 

The fifth ought to be expressly, to 
adore the Sacred Heart of Jesus in all 
the churches of the world where he 


The devout client of the Sacred 
Heart, finding himself fired with the love 
and surrounded with the bounties of this 
amiable Saviour, most ardently pants 
after the happiness of enjoying him by 
the closest union. Repair, then, O 
devout soul ! to the holy communion. 
Go thither with a view to honour, and 
glorify this divine heart to obtain the 
graces necessary to keep you from sin, 

9d by GoOglC 


Holy Communion. 

to practise virtne, and to attain to that 
degree of sanctity to which Almighty 
God means to raise you. “ Ask all 
these graces with confidence,” says St. 
Bonaventure. Can he deny yon any 
thing, who imparts to you himself? 
When the happy moment approaches 
in which yon are about to communicate, 
imagine you hear this Sacred Heart ad- 
dressing you in the following manner : 
“ Come to me, O sinner ! that thou 
mayest ever renounce sin. Come, O 
afflicted soul ! in order to receive com- 
fort. Come, O poor and indigent crea- 
ture ! that thon mayest be admitted to 
the possession of my Fathers kingdom. 
Come, O faithful spouse I that thou 
mayest unite thyself to thy heavenly 
Bridegroom.” Then answer him thus : 
“ I joyfully embrace, O most adorable 
heart I thy kind and tender invitation. 
I come to be filled with the love of 
thee, and to live by thy life. I come 
to lose myself wholly in thee, and to 
live entirely for, thee. Behold I open 
to thee the gate of my poor and wretch- 
ed heart. Open thou thine to receive 
mine in it. David called thee the God 

by Google 


Holy Communion . 

of k is heart ; be thou the God of mine, 
and the sole master of it for ever.*' 
After having communicated, imagine 
that the Son of God pours down the 
torrent of his graces into your soul, to 
raise it to life ; and say within yourself. 
It is not I that live , it is Jesus Christ 
who livetk in me. Make an entire sa- 
crifice of yourself to him, as an atone- 
ment for having so long and so obsti- 
nately refused him your heart; and 
should you still feel any reluctance in 
giving it quite up, beseech him, that, 
by a total change and conversion there- 
of, he would add one miracle more to 
the many he has already wrought. At 
parting, leave your heart as a pledge 
at the foot of the Cross, unite it to the 
heart of the God of love, who resides 
on the altar as on the throne of his 
mercies, to receive our tribute of ado- 
ration, and to distribute his grace. 

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The Five Acte . 




Adorable heart of Jesus, hypos* 
tatically united to the Eternal Word l 
ever present in the holy Eucharist, re- 
ceive my homage, and the tribute of 
adoration which I here bring, prostrate 
at the throne of thy glory. 

Mayest thou ever be reverenced and 
adored by all creatures ; may the raising 
of hands, bending of knees, prostrations 
of body, practised in our devotions; 
may the prayers, vows, and sacrifices 
of thy servants be ever agreeable and 
acceptable to thee. May the angels in 
heaven ever adore thee, and may the 
hearts of all the faithful, especially that 
of the most blessed Virgin, ever breathe 
out in thy honour a most sweet odour 
and perfume of love, esteem, and 

Sweet Jesus I receive this act of 
adoration. May it be acceptable in 


130 Act of Thanksgiving. 

thy sight from my hands, and those of 
thy servants of this association, whom 
1 particularly recommend to thee. — 


Most munificent heart of Jesus, 
hypostatically united to the Eternal 
Word I ever present in the holy Eucha- 
rist, receive my homage and the tribute 
of thanksgiving which 1 here bring, 
prostrate at the throne of thy bounty. 

In the joy of my heart I return thee 
thanks for all thy favours. Ye crea- 
tures of God I brought forth from your 
nothing; ye children of men, created, 
redeemed, and sanctified, praise and 
magnify your great Benefactor: but 
chiefly thou, O immaculate and most 
pure Virgin I preserved from all spot 
and blemish, enriched with the fulness 
of grace, exalted above the nine choirs 
of angels, and next in dignity to the 
throne of God, extol, praise, and glo- 
rify this munificpnt dispenser of all 
good gifts. 

May thy name, O most bountiful 

9d by Google 


Act of Lo re. 

God ! be ever blessed ; may thou be 
ever praised, and may thy bounty be 
ever glorified. 

Sweet Jesus ! receive these my thanks. 
May they be acceptable in thy sight from 
my hands, and those of thy servants of 
this association, whom I particularly 
recommend to thee. Amen. 


Most amiable heart of Jesus, hy- 
postatically united to the Eternal Word! 
ever present in the holy Eucharist, re- 
ceive my homage and the tribute of love 
which I here pay, prostrate at the throne 
of thy charity. 

Be thou ever, O sacred Heart ! obey- 
ed and loved by all creatures, even as 
man is always chferished and loved by 
tbee. Thou hast settled thy affections 
upon him, and with him thou hast ever 
desired to dwell. O that I could love 
thee as thou deservest, and as thou art 
loved by the angels and saints in hea- 
ven ; at least with a love if not cor- 
responding to thy favours, equal how-' 
ever in some measure to the greatness 

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Acts of Atonement . 

of the obligations I lie under. Ye Che- 
rubim and Seraphim I ye thrice happy 
citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem 1 
and principally thou, O most pure Vir- 
gin Mother I supply by thy love what- 
ever is wanting to mine. Maythy good- 
ness, O Jesus I be ever praised, mag- 
nified, and exalted 2 mayest thou ever 
reign as King, Lord, and Sovereign, over 
all hearts, and may thy amiable heart 
draw all hearts to thee. 

Sweet Jesus 1 receive this act of love. 
May it be acceptable in thy sight from 
my hand, and those of thy servants of 
this association, whom I particularly 
recommend to thee. Amen . . 


Most compassionate heart ofr Jesus, 
hypostatically united to the Eternal 
Word I ever present in the holy Eu- 
charist, receive my homage, and the 
tribute of atonement for sin which I 
here pay, prostrate at the throne of thy 

What have we hitherto been doing, 
my God ? Thou hast bestowed on us 

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A** of Atonement 

most signal favours, even to the surprise 
of heaven itself, and these without any 
merit on our part, even while we of- 
fended thee ; and as thou lovest us 
beyond measure, so without measure 
thou continually heapest thy blessings 
upon us. For all these what return 
have we made ? what ingratitude have 
we not shown ? O God of pity and 
compassion ! cast the'eye of thy mercy 
on oar present repentance, or rather 
look not on us ; look on the blessed 
spirits of thy heavenly court, and es- 
pecially on the ever faithful Virgin; 
look on thy devout servants, who al- 
ways obey thy commands, hearken to 
thy inspirations, and follow thy direc- 
tions. These will intercede with thee 
in our behalf, these will atone for our 
sins, plead our cause, and obtain par- 
don for past neglects. These will keep 
us firm and unalterable in our present 
purposes and resolutions of loving and 
serving thee more fervently hereafter. 

Sweet Jesus I receive this act of 
atonement for sin. May it be accept- 
able in thy sight from my hands, and 




Act of Petition* 

those of thy servants of this association, 
whom I particularly recommend to 
thee. Amen, 


Most bountiful heart of Jesus, hy- 
postatically united to the Eternal Word I 
ever present in the holy Eucharist, re- 
ceive my homage, and the tribute of 
prayer which I here offer, prostrate at 
the throne of thy mercy. 

To whom, my God ! can I address 
my petition with equal confidence. 

Thy care watched over me from all 
eternity ; in time thy indulgence drew 
me out of my non-existence ; thy good- 
ness preserves me every moment Of 
my life, and thy munificence supports, 
feeds, and nourishes me. But still, 
my Lord and Creator! I am environed 
with a world of enemies, who contin- 
ually disturb the quiet and peace of 
my mind interiorly, and exteriorly 
assault my weakness and violence. I 
am tempted to cry out a thousand times 
in the day: Save us 9 O Lord! we 
perish. Open then a Sanctuary into 

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Acts of Adoration. 141 

winch I may retire ; a refuge where I 
inay be covered against the attacks of 
my enemies ; an harbour, where, after 
escaping from the tempestuous waves I 
may repose. 

Thou hast granted the Sacred Heart 
of Jesus unto us, and in it thy servants 
have found all these advantages. 

The associates of the Sabred Heart, 
have a particular right *nd title to this 
holy and safe retreat; give them then 
a distinguished place in it. Thou, O 
Virgin Mother I enforce my petition by 
thy powerful mediation. 

Sweet Jesus I receive this my prayer. 
May it be acceptable in thy sight from 
my hands and those of thy servants 
of this association, whom I particularly 
recommend to thee. Amen 


Jesus, my Lord and my God, ever 
adorable ! O that 1 could be present la 

Digitized by CjOO^Ic 

142 Acts of Adoration . 

ail the churches throughout the uni- 
verse, where thou art not adored as 
thou oughtest to be, and where thy 
inflamed love is not repaid with the gra- 
titude worthy thy Majesty ! I fly, at least 
in spirit, to these holy places, now pro- 
faned, and offer on thy altar there all 
the love and adorations of thy holy 
Mother, in compensation for the inju- 
ries ever done thee by the Jews, by 
Heretics, and bad Christians. Eternal 
vraise be to the ever blessed Sacrament 
of the Altar . 

2. O Jesus, true Sun, that enlight- 
ens the church, and raises into a flame 
the hearts of thy servants ! I adore thee ; 
and to repair the sloth, indifference, 
and tepidity of so many religious per- 
sons, who, though favoured with the as- 
pect of so burning a luminary, remain 
cold, insensible, and inanimate, I offer 
up to thee all the inflamed desire of the 
Seraphim. Eternal praise, 8$c. 

3. I adore thee, O Eternal Wisdom 1 
and to repair the gross ignorance which 
has caused us to offend thee, I offer up 
to thee all the knowledge of those most 
enlightened spirits the Cherubim. Eter 
nal praise , fyc. 

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Acts of Adoration. 145 

4. I adore thee, O most jneek and 
merciful God ! and to repair all the shis 
of anger, passion, and revenge, highly 
offensive in thy sight, I offer up to thee 
the peace, mildness, and tranquillity of 
the Thrones. Eternal praise, Sfc. 

5. I adore thee, O Sacrament of 
Dove I and to repair all the thoughts 
and criminal desires conceived, even at 
the very foot of thy altars, 1 offer up to 
thee all the pure affections and chaste 
desires of the Dominations. Eternal 
praise, fyc. 

6. I adore thee, O immaculate Lamb ! 
that takest away the sins of the world ! 
and to repair all the irreverences, gazing 
at dangerous objects, and disrespectful 
postures, during the time of holy mass, 
I offer to thee the profound respect of 
the Choir of Virtues. Eternal praise, 

7. I adore thee, O source and origin 
of all sanctity and innocence! and to 
repair the abominations committed by 
wicked priests, who consecrate and re- 
ceive thee in the sfate of mortal sin, I 
offer up to thee the profound adora- 
tions and holiness of the Power*. Eter- 
nal praise, Sfc. 

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1 44 Acts of Adoration . 

8. I adore thee, sovereign Lord of 
the universe ! to whom all knees, hoth 
in heaven and earth, should bend, all 
reverence be paid; and in order to 
repair the many blasphemies against thy 
honour, I offer up to thee the praises and 
homages of the Principalities. Eternal 
praise , fyc. 

9. I adore thee, Saviour of the world ! 
to whom all fidelity and glory is due ; 
and to repair the sacrilegious commun- 
ions, and treacheries of so many false 
consciences, I offer up to thee the fer- 
vent and faithful zeal of the Archangels. 
Eternal praise, fyc. 

10. I adore thee, the delight of 
heaven and earth! and to repair the 
neglect, indifference, and contempt 
mankind shows of that amorous invita- 
tion, by which thou callest them to thy 
sweet embraces in the holy Eucharist, I 
offer up to thee the ready obedience, 
content, and happiness of the Angels. 
Eternal praise, ${C. 

11. I adore thee, never-failing 
pounty and Goodness ! and to repair 
man's offensive diffidence in thy tender- 
mercy, 1 offer up to thee the steadfast 

Digitized by (jOCK^Ic 

Acts of Adoration, 


reliance and assurance of the holy 
Patriarchs in tby promises. Eternal 
praise , fyc. 

12. I adore thee, most amiable Jesus ! 
and revere the sacred mystery of the 
blessed Eucharist, revealed by thy di- 
vine word, taught by the Church, and 
proved by miracles ; and to repair the 
doubts men have had of thy real pres- 
ence in the holy sacrament, I offer up 
to thee the due submission shown by 
the Prophets to the divine oracles. 
Eternal praise, Sfc . 

Id. I adore thee, most tender and 
most amiable of all Fathers ! and, to 
make reparation for the errors and in- 
fidelities of thy own children, I offer 
up to thee the faith of the Apostles. 
Eternal praise, Sfc. 

14. I adore thee, most loving Shep- 
herd 1 pattern of true charity ; and to 
make reparation for the designs of re- 
venge conceived in my defiance of thy 
divine prohibitions, I offer up to thee 
the patience and prayers of the Martyrs 
in favour of their persecutors. Eternal 
praise, fyc. 



Acts of Adoration . 

15. I adore thee, inexhaustible Fund 
of Treasures ! and to make a reparation 
for all the robberies committed in thy 
churches, I offer up to thee the rich and 
bountiful donations of thy devout ser- 
vants. Eternal praise, fyc. 

16. I adore thee, O most watchful 
Advocate I and to make reparation for 
the many negligences of those who 
have any authority in the Church, to 
correct the abuses and irreverences 
there committed against thee, I offer 
up to thee the exact attention and care- 
ful solicitude of holy Bishops and Pre- 
lates. Eternal praise, fyc. 

17. I adore thee, O God of infinite 
Majesty! and whom we can never suffi- 
ciently adore and reverence : and to 
make reparation for all the impious 
oaths pronounced against thee, I offer 
up to thee all the pious discourses made 
in thy honour by the holy doctors of the 
church. Eternal praise , SfC. 

18. I adore thee, most hidden and 
most humble Divinity ! and to make re- 
paration for all the contests, disputes, 
punctilios of honour, and scandal; by 
which thou hast been offended, I offer 

3d by GoOglC 

Acts of Adoration . 


up to thee the humility of the ho’y 
Confessors. Eternal praise t fyc. 

19. I adore thee, eternal Priest ! 
whose delight is to offer sacrifice ; and 
to make reparation for the insults and 
affronts done to thy priests, religions, 
and virgins, 1 offer up to thee thy own 
invincible patience, together with the 
true and fervent zeal of all good Priests 
and apostolic preachers. Eternal praise , 

20. I adore thee, true Bread of An- 
gels ! and to make reparation for the 
sins comraited against thy command of 
abstinence, I offer up to thee the fasts 
and temperance of the holy Anchorets. 
Eternal praise , fyc. 

21. I adore thee, O God of all purity! 
and to make reparation for all the sins 
which have hitherto been committed 
against the virtue of purity, I offer up 
to thee the modesty and penance of all 
holy and-religious men and women.— 
Eternal praise , S$c. 

22. I adore thee, amiable Spouse of 
our souls ! and to make reparation for 
all the lukewarmness and indifference 
shown by many, particularly in time of 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 

148 Acts of Adoration, 

holy communion, I offer up to thee the 
raptures and ecstacies of holy Virgins. 
Eternal praise, Sfc. 

23. I adore thee, most worthy object 
of the love and affection of men and 
angels ! and to repair the profanations 
committed in thy churches by the effu- 
sion of so much innocent blood, as also 
to make some atonement for the poor 
and indigent manner thou art entertained 
there, I offet up to thee the piety of all 
the blessed Saints, and the distress and 
want in which thy persecuted servants 
were. Eternal praise , fyc. 

24. I adore thee, Son of the ever 
glorious Virgin ! and to make a general 
reparation, as much as lies in my power, 
for all the indignities thou hast suffered 
from men since the institution of this 
adorable mystery, I have recourse to 
thy holy Mother, looking upon her as, 
under thee, the greatest and most secure 
refuge of sinners. 

O Queen of heaven and earth, hope 
of mankind, who adorest thy divine 
Son incessantly, I entreat thee, that 
since I have the honour to be of the 
number of thy children, thou wouldst 

9d by Google 

Acts of Adoration. 


Interest thyself in onr behalf, and make 
satisfaction for us, and in our name, to 
our eternal judge, by rendering to him 
the duties we ourselves are incapable of 
performing. Amen. Eternal praise , 


Will you let me, devout soul, re- 
commend to your piety another most 
easy practice. You have, perhaps, a 
number of friends, and those equally 
engaged with you in this holy devotion. 
Take to yourself some of these acts, 
divide the others amongst these your 
friends. Let each recite daily, and 
offer up to God the acts he has taken ; 
nothing can be more agreeable to the 
amiable and offended heart of your 
divine Saviour, or more satisfactory for 
so many offences daily committed against 

Digitized by Google 

150 Prayer to implore, fyc. 


-Through thy adorable heart I 
bless and praise thee, my Lord and my 
God ! for having so often admitted me 
to participate of the divine food of thy 
precious body and blood, and comforted 
me with thy sweet and blessed presence 
in the most holy sacrament of the 
Eucharist. May every creature cele- 
brate thy praise, O merciful and loving 
Redeemer I for having bequeathed to 
thy children so inestimable a legacy— 
But lest, on account of my sins, thou 
shouldst reject ray praises, be pleased, 
O my God, to accept, in conjunction 
with them, the canticles of immaculate 
praise which the choir of angels and 
blessed spirits incessantly sing forth to 
thy glory. 

Vouchsafe, O glorious Jesus I that, 
after making a perfect act of contrition, 
and a sincere confession of my mani- 
fold sins, I may, at the hour of death, 
humbly adore and devoutly receive 

Digitized by Google 

Meditation for the Feast. 151 

thee present in the blessed Sacrament of 
the altar, as a sweet viaticum for my 
support and comfort in my awfu l passage 
to eternity ; and that having obtained 
a full and complete pardon of all my 
sins, I may close the last scene of my 
mortal life in the true faith and com- 
munion of thy holy Catholic Church, 
and in perfect love and charity with all 
mankind. Amen. Sweet Jesus! Amen. 



Consider , first, that the heart of 
Jesus, by its infinite union with the 
Divinity, and on account of its own 
divine perfections, draws all the com- 
placency of the eternal Father, and is 
worthy of the respect and adoration of 
all creatures. What obligation then 
can be more urgent for us than to pay 
all kind of respect which we are capa- 
ble of, to a heart which is deserving ot 
infinitely more than we can offer? — 
What more just than to endeavour to 
atone by our respect and reiterated 

Digitized by Google 

152 Meditation for the Feast 

homage, for the irreverences, abuses, 
and sacrileges with which we have per- 
haps to reproach ourselves with regard 
to this divine heart? But we must 
not stop here ; we must moreover have 
a lively sense of the offences and in- 
gratitude of others, and endeavour to 
atone for them as much as lies in our 
power. Nor must we be satisfied with 
our own atonement ; we must aspire 
and contribute as far as we are able, 
to excite all creatures to join us in so 
just and so holy a duty. 

O adorable heart of my amiable Jesus! 
I adore thee with the most profound 
homage I am capable of ; 1 beg thy 
pardon for all my past offences, irrev- 
erences, and Sacrileges ; I acknowledge 
their injustice and enormity; I beg thy 
pardon also for all the sins and ingrati- 
tudes which have hitherto ever been 
committed against thee: I most humbly 
beseech thee to accept my homage and 
the ardent desire I have to love and 
honour thee, and grant that I may live 
to see thee known, adored, and loved 
by all creatures. 



qf the Sacred Heart. 

Consider, secondly, the infinite obli- 
gations we lie under to the sacred heart 
of Jesus for the lore he bears us, and 
for the inestimable gift he bestows on 
us in himself in the blessed sacrament 
of the altar. We ought to be ever 
grateful, ever mindful of so great a 
favour ; and yet how few are there who 
ever think of it; how few who ever 
return him thanks for it. How happy 
should we be, if, incapable as we are 
of offering him any thing which is not 
infinitely inferior to what he has done 
for us, we knew how to benefit by 
his goodness, which induces him to be 
satisfied with the sincere offering up to 
him of our own hearts and yet by a 
monstrous ingratitude we refuse even to 
grant him what he asks, when it is not 
in our power to grant him what he de- 

I am penetrated with confusion and 
sorrow, my amiable Jesus 1 when I re- 
flect that I have hitherto lived so for- 
getful' of thy benefits, and so careless 
in returning thee my thanks. It grieves 
me tofthink how unjust 1 have been in 
refusing thee my wretched heart. Alas I 

by Google 

154 Meditation for the Feast 

ray adorable Saviour ! wilt thou deign 
now to accept it ? It is truly humbled 
and contrite. I will for the future ra- 
ther forget my right hand and my own 
heart, than forget thee. I will invite 
all creatures to unite their thanks with 
' mine and to repair with me our past 
ingratitudes ; and I will not omit to be- 
seech thee, that, through the merits of 
thy adorable heart, we may, after having 
loved and served thee in this life, sing 
eternally thy mercies in heaven. Amen, 
Consider, thirdly, that the sacred 
heart of Jesus is the most perfect of all 
hearts, and the only one which ought 
to serve as a model to all others ; our 
hearts cannot have any claim to eternal 
happiness, but in as much as they have 
conformity and resemblance with the 
heart of Jesus. O ! that we would but 
seriously reflect on this truth ; that we 
would but consider what a happiness it 
is for us to have any likeness to Jesus 
Christ ; how humble should we be, 
how patient, how ready to forgive inju- 
ries, and to love our enemies, of which 
Jesus has given us so great an example! 
Happy they, who, by a sincere devotion 

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<j f the Sacred Heart. 

in the Sacred Heart, constantly apply 
themselves to imitate the virtues of this 
divine heart 

I beseech thee, my amiable Savionr ! 
to bless with thy grace the endeavours 
of those whom thou hast inspired with 
zeal for the devotion to thy amiable 
heart May it be more and more pro- 
pagated among the faithful, and may 
they acquire by this means such a con- 
formity with thee, who art the model 
of the elect, that they may deserve to 
be partakers of the glory which thou 
enjoyest in heaven. Amen. 


Beloved object of our most tender af- 
fections ! may all honour, glory, love, 
and benediction be ever given to thee. 
Be thou our comfort in adversity, our 
guide in prosperity, our safety in dangers, 
and protection against all our enemies, 
visible aud invisible. Amen. 



156 Rules of the Association . 


1. The end of this association is, 
with the grace of God, to revive con- 
tinually, and nourish in our souls, the 
love of Jesus Christ, excited by the 
excess of his love for us. The heart, 
in general, is the most expressive sym- 
bol and incentive of love ; that of Jesus 
Christ in particular, as under our pre- 
sent consideration, naturally calls hack 
to our memory his boundless charity, 
and animates us, as much as may be, 
to a fixed resolution and desire of re- 
pairing the outrages committed daily 
against him in the adorable sacrament 
of the altar, 

% For your becoming a member of 
this association, it is required that your 
name be registered in the book where 
die association is kept, and that you go 
to communion on the day of your admis- 
sion, in order to gain the plenary indul- 
gence granted on that solemn occasion, 
and to take up the spirit of this devo- 
tion, by consecrating yourself solemnly 
to the divine heart. 

3d by GoOglC 

Rules of (he Association, 157 

3. The associates should be particu- 
larly careful and studious in frequently 
uniting themselves in mind with the 
Sacred Heart of Jesus, by means of re- 
peated acts of Faith, Hope, Charity, 
Contrition, SfC. 

4. Let no day pass without some 
offering or prayer in honour of this ado- 
rable heart. One of the following acts, 
as a token of your allegiance and the 
distinctive mark of this association ought 
never to be neglected. 

“Adorable heart of my Jesus! 
living Source of all Grace, and Model 
of Perfection, sanctify every moment 
of my life, and especially that of my 

“ Heart of Jesus ! have mercy on us. 
Heart of Jesus ! burning with the love 
of us, inflame our hearts with the love 
of thee. 

“May the adorable heart of Jesus 
live and reign over all hearts. 

“ Heart of Jesus, infinitely pure ! 
grant us purity of body and heart I 

5. Every Friday, but in particular 
the first Friday of each month, should 
be set aside and appropriated by the 


158 Rules of the Association. 

associates, as a day of humiliation and 
atonement to Jesus Christ for all the 
injuries and indignities whatsoever re- 
ceived by him in the adorable Eucha- 
rist. Some particular acts of devotion, 
as the reparation of honour, the litany, 
or what else your own piety may sug- 
gest ; some small sacrifice of your hu- 
mour, victory over your passions, or 
mortification, may very deservedly be 
recommended; some self -denial, or alms, 
may be proper to take place on such an 

6. All should,^ if they can conveni- 
ently do it, approach the holy sacra- 
ments of Penance and the Eucharist on 
the feast of the Sacred Heart : on this 
solemn festival, besides the ordinary 
prayers on such occasions, each one 
should repeat with new fervour the act 
of consecration to the divine heart, the 
reparation of honour, &c. 

7. Besides the above-mentioned 
communion, two communions in par- 
ticular should be yearly observed ; the 
one in behalf of the living members of 
this association, the other for the relief 


Rules of the Association. 1 59 

of the deceased brethren ; and in thnir 
other prayers and devotions they should 
often remember and recommend to 
God, both this and the other associa- 
tions of the Sacred Heart, and endea- 
vour all they can to draw on each one a 
large share of those blessings and graces 
which flow continually from this ado- 
rable heart. 

8. Finally, let every one of this as- 
sociation make it his chief business and 
endeavour to draw from the Sacred 
Heart of Jesus, a most reverential and 
tender affection towards our dear Lord 
and Saviour in the holy Eucharist, an 
efficacious desire of his own proper 
sanctification, and a well -governed zeal 
and solicitude for that of his neighbour, 
united with him in the same, devotion, 
and under the same bonds and rules of 
charity, promoting, according to bis 
power, but with prudence and discern- 
ment, the same holy practices to the 
greater glory of the sacred and adorable 
heart of Jesus Christ, inflamed with an 
ardent zeal for the honour of his eternal 
Father, aud the salvation of mankind. 



Letters Patent , fyc. 

“ Though the above rules and regu- 
lations oblige not of their own nature, 
under any sin whatsoever, yet the as- 
sociates, we persuade ourselves, will 
not on that account be less exact in the 
performance of what the rules prescribe, 
or less faithful in their purposes entered 
upon between God and their own con- 

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus ever 
live, be praised, and adored. 


We Brother Francis of S. Reginald, 
Prior of the venerable Arch-confra- 
ternity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 
at Rome. 

To our beloved in Christy the associates 
in the Sacred Heart of Jesus , the 
faithful of either sex y who are any 
ways Hritish Subjects , or descended 
from them 9 wheresoever they dwell; 
greeting in our Lord . 

Whereas, his Holiness of pious 
memory, Clement XII., has by sundry 

3d by GoOglC 

Letter $ Patent, 8ft. 


decrees, viz., by one of the 7th of Febru- 
ary, 1732 ; another of the 28th March, 
ditto; and a third of the 12th of June, 
1736, granted many favours and privi- 
leges to our Areh-confraternity of the 
Sacred Heart ; and among the rest has 
empowered it to unite and associate to 
itself any particular oonfraternity of the 
Sacred Heart, extant any where out of 
Rome, and to impart to it all and every 
indulgence, grant, or release of the 
canonical penance due to sins, that has 
at any time been heretofore granted to 
this our Arch-confraternity, by his said 

And whereas a confraternity of the 
Sacred Heart, erected in the church or 
domestic chapel of the English Fathers 
of the society of Jesus, at Bruges, has 
applied to us, through its solicitor in 
Rome, Signor Joseph Monionelli, in 
order to obtain leave to be thus associ- 
ated to ours, and to share in all its pri- 
vileges and grants; we have thought 
fit, considering the many good works 
of piety, penance, and charity, per- 
formed in that confraternity at Bruges, 
(which as to all essentials is modelled 

Digitized by CjOO^Ic ' 


Letters Patent , 8fc. 

upon the same plan as ours,) to unite 
and associate it to our Arch-confrater- 
nity, pursuant to the power given us 
for this purpose by the Holy See ; and 
we grant to it and its members all the 
indulgences and particular favours men- 
tioned in the Pope’s briefs, still keeping 
within the terms of the decree of Cle- 
ment VIII. which directs such associa- 
tions and communications of spiritual 

Moreover, besides the indulgence and 
special favours set down in the above- 
mentioned Papal grant, we impart r> 
the said Confraternity a share in all tht? 
masses, prayers, mortifications, pilgrim- 
ages, and other good works performed 
throughout the whole world by the 
several religious orders of Benedictions, 
Bernard in s, Dominicans, Franciscans, 
Carmelites, Theatins, and Fathers of 
the Society of Jesus, pursuant to the 
power we have received thereunto from 
the superiors of the said orders, as may 
be seen in the authentic deeds belonging 
to our Arch-confraternity, and lodged in 
our archives. 

Digitized by Google 

The Approbation > Sfc. 163 

For the proof whereof we have caused 
the present deed, signed by our own 
hand, to be Underwritten and published 
by the secretary of our Arch-confrater- 
nity, and to be sealed with the seal 

Given at Rome, in the usual place of 
our congregation, the 30th January, 
1767, in the 9th Year of his present 
Holiness Clement XIHth.’s Pontificate, 
formerly our fellow-associate, and now 
our most liberal father and, protector. 

Hr. Francis of S. Reginald , Prior. 

Br . Philip of S. Joseph of Callas - 
santioy Secretary. 

Registered, book the first, page 63, 
No. 38. 


We permit the publishing of these 
letters of aggregation, still with due 
regard to be paid to the decree of 
Clement the VIII. Qucecumque a sede 
Apostolica, and we approve of the 
choice made by the associates, of the 


164 A Petition. 

Friday after the octave of Corpus Christie 
for the principal feast of the association* 
in order to gain the plenary indulgence; 
and of the first Sunday in Advent, the 
second Sunday after the Epiphany* 
the third after Easter, and the first Sun* 
day of October, to gain the indulgences 
of seven years, and of so many quaran- 
tines, or forty days. 

Given at Bruges, in our episcopal 
Palace, the 20th March, 1767. 

By the Order of his Lordship, the 
Bishop of Bruges, 

C. Beerenbrock , Secretary. 

A Petition that British Subjects might 
partake of the advantages of this 
institution , though remote from , and 
unable to attend in the Chapels ap- 
pointed for the Association. 

Holy Father, 

The president and the members of 
the Confraternity of the most holy heart 
of Jesus, instituted for the subjects of 
Great Britain, of both sexes, in the 

Digitized by GoOglc 

A Petition* 


chapel of the English Seminary, at Bru- 
ges, in Flanders, and associated to the 
Arch-confraternity of the same title 
erected in the church of St. Theodore 
at Rome, prostrate themselves at your 
Holiness’ feet, and dutifully represent 
the signal advantages arising from the 
said Confraternity in the increase of 
spiritual fervour among the faithful, and 
desirous to transmit these religious 
fruits to the latest posterity, humbly 
supplicate your Holiness to grant, that 
the members of the said Confraternity 
of both sexes, who are not at liberty to 
visit the aforesaid chapel on the days 
appointed for obtaining the indulgences 
granted to the Confraternity, may obtain 
all and every one of them, as if tbey 
had personally attended, provided they 
perform all the other good works pre- 
scribed for obtaining the said indul* 


The Grant. 


At the audience of his Holiness , Feb 
23rd. 1768. 

Our Hoiy Father Pope Clement 
XIII. is graciously pleased to grant the 
prayer of the petition, and enacts, that 
such members of the said confraternity, 
as have it not in their power to visit the 
aforesaid chapel on the days appointed 
for obtaining the indulgences granted 
to the same, may have the benefit of all 
and every one of them, provided they 
perform all the other religious duties 
prescribed on that occasion ; and bis 
Holiness was pleased to order, that this 
his concession should be at all times 
considered as valid, without the expedi- 
tion of a brief. 

Dated Rome , from the office 
of the Secretary of the holy 
Congregation of Indulgences. 

Cardinal Calani, 

Borgia, Secretary of the saci'ed 
Congregation qf Indulgences. 


The Decree, Poland. 167 


The greatest part of the Right Re- 
verend Bishops of the kingdom of Po- 
land, and the association of this city, 
which bears the title of the Arch con- 
fraternity of the most sacred Heart of 
Jesus , having united their instances for 
a proper office and mass of the most 
sacred heart ; the Congregation of the 
Sacred Rites, held the 25th January of 
the current year, well apprised that 
the devotion of the Heart of Jesus 9 
under the favourable aspect and influence 
of the respective bishops, has been ex- 
tended through most parts of the Chris- 
tian world, and frequently honoured by 
the See Apostolic, with thousands of 
briefs of indulgences, granted to almost 
innumerable confraternities, canonically 
erected under the title of the Heart 
of Jesus, as also understanding that by 
the petition of the said office and mass 
nothing more is intended than an exten- 
sion of this devotion, and under that 
symbolical figure, a renewal of the 
memory of that divine love, with which 
the only begotten Son of God took on 

d ^ Google 


The Decree , Poland . 


himself our nature, and being obedient 
even unto death, exhibited himself, as 
he teaches us, a pattern of mildness 
and humility of heart : upon these con- 
siderations, at the motion of His Emi- 
nence the Right Reverend Lord Cardi- 
nal Bishop of Sabina, having first heard 
the R. F. JD. Cajetan Forti, promoter of 
faith notwithstanding the previous de- 
cision on the 30 th July, 1729, the said 
Congregation judged proper to accede 
to the supplication of the bishops of the 
Kingdom of - Poland, and the above- 
mentioned Arch-confraternity of this 
city, reserving to itself in due time the 
deliberation and approbation of the 
petitioned office and mass. And this 
desire of the Congregation, intimated 
by me to our Most Holy Father, Clement 
XIII., Pope ; His Holiness having gone 
through the tenor of the decree, ap- 
proved of all and each particular of 
its contents, this day, 6th February, 

Joseph Maria Porof ’ Prefectus . 

S. BurghesiUs , S. JR. C. Secretariat 

In place ij< of the seal. 

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As the adorable Heart of Jesus was 
formed in the chaste womb of the bless- 
ed Virgin, and of her blood and sub- 
stance, so we cannot in a more proper 
and agreeable manner show our de- 
votion to the Sacred Heart of the Son, 
than by dedicating some part of the 
said devotion to the ever pure heart of 
the Mother. For you have two hearts 
here united in the most strict alliance 
and tender conformity of sentiments, 
so that it is not in nature to please the 
one without making yourself agreeable 
to the other, and acceptable to both. 
Go then, devout client, go to the heart 

d ^ Google 


170 Devotion to the Hfart of Mary. 

of Jesus, bat let your way be through 
the heart of Mary. The sword of 
grief which pierced her soul, opens you 
a passage: enter by the wound love has 
made ; advance to the Heart of Jesus, 
and rest there even to death itself. Pre- 
sume not to separate and divide two 
objects so intimately one, or united to- 
gether, but ask redress in all your exi- 
gencies from the heart of Jesus, and 
ask this redress through the heart of 

This form and method of worship is 
the doctrine and the very spirit of 
God 8 church: it is what she teaches 
us in the unanimous voice and practice 
of the faithful, who will by no means 
that Jesus and Mary should be sepa- 
rated from each other in our prayers, 
praises, and affections. This considera- 
tion has engaged the sovereign Pontiffe 
and head Pastors of the Church, to give 
the self-same practice to the pious prac- 
tices instituted in honour of the Sacred 
1 tear* of Mary, as they give to those of 
t in* adorable Heart of Jesus, both within 
their proper limits. They both have 
equally their (vasts and solemnities, 

Digitized by CjOOglc 

Devotion to the Heart of Mary . 171 

both their associations, and those too 
equally enriched with the treasures of 
the Church, under the liberal dispen* 
sations of its governors. Many are the 
pious and virtuous souls, who have 
drawn most signal fruit and advantages 
from these devotions. 

Come then, hardened and inveterate 
sinner, how great soever your crimes 
may be, come and behold ! Mary 
stretches out her hand, opens her breast 
to receive you. Though insensible to 
the great concerns of your salvation, 
though unfortunately proof against the 
most engaging invitations and inspira- 
tions of the Holy Ghost, fling yourself 
at the feet of this powerful advocate. 
Her throne, though so exalted has no- 
thing forbidding, nothing dreadful ; her 
heart is all love, all tenderness. If 
you have the least remains of confidence 
and reliance on her protection, doubt 
not she will carry you through her own 
most blessed heart, in the most speedy 
and most favourable manner to the truly 
merciful and most Sacred Heart of her 
Son Jesus. 


Digitized by (aOOglC 

172 Consecration to the Heart . 



O Holy Mother of God, glorious 
Queen of heaven and earth ! I choose 
thee this day for my mother, my queen, 
and my advocate at the throne of thy 
divine Son. Accept the offering, may 
it he irrevocable ! I here make of my 
heart. It never can be out of danger 
whilst at my own disposal : never se- 
cure but in thy hands. 

Ye choirs of angels, witnesses of this 
my oblation, bear me up in the day of 
judgment, and next to Jesus and Mary 
be ye propitious to me, should the enemy 
of my salvation have any claim upon me. 
Obtain for me at present the gift of a 
true repentance, and those graces I may 
afterwards stand in need of for the gain- 
ing of life everlasting. 

* This feast has no fixed day. It is solem- 
nised in some churches, with the approbation 
•f the Ordinary, on the 8th of February; in 
•thers on the first of June, and in soma 
churches on Sunday within the octave of the 


Ltoamfy Sf+ 



Lord, hare mercy on ns. 

Christ, hare mercy on us. 

Lord, have mercy on ns. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

God the Father of heaven, 

God the Son, Redeemer of the 

God the Holy Ghost, 

Holy Trinity, one God, 

Heart of Mary, 

Heart of Mary, according to the 
heart of Jesus, 

Heart of Mary, united to that of 

Heart of Mary, organ of the 
Holy Ghost, 

Heart of Mary, sanctuary of the 

Heart of Mary, tabernacle of a 
God incarnate, 

Heart of Mary, always exempt 
. from sin, 

Heart of Mary, always full of 


f 90Vff 


Litany, fyc. 

Heart of Mary, blessed amongst' 
all hearts, 

Heart of Mary, illustrious throne 
of glory, 

Heart of Mary, abyss and prodigy 
of humility, 

Heart of Mary, glorious holocaust 
of divine love, L 

Heart of Mary, nailed to the cross 
of Jesus, 

Heart of Mary, comfort of the 

Heart of Mary, refuge of sinners, 

Heart of Mary, hope of the ago- 

Heart of Mary, seat of Mercy, „ 
Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, Spare us , O Lord . 
Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, Bear us, 0 Lord . 
Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, Have mercy on ue. 

V. Pray for us, O holy mother oi 

R. That we may be made worthy of 
the promises of Christ 

d ^ Google 


Pray for us* 

Various Sak i ta tk m s, 



Sweet Jesus! who tenderly lorest 
the most holy of Virgins, and art reci- 
procally most tenderly loved by her, 
grant, we beseech thee, through the in- 
tercession of thy most holy mother, and 
by the resemblance her most holy heart 
bore to thine, that we may ever return 
due love and affection for her care and 
*enderness in our regard, who, with the 
Father and Holy Ghost, livest and reign- 
est world without end. Amen. 


1. Hail, Mary, daughter of God 
the Father. 

2. Hail, Mary, mother of God the 

S. Hail, Mary, spouse of God the 
Holy Ghost. 

4* Hail, Mary, temple of the Divinity. 



Various SahtfaHons* 

5. Hail, Mary, beautiful lily of the 
most resplendent Trinity. 

6. Hail, Mary, sweet rose to all the 
celestial court. 

7. Hail, Mary, virgin of virgins, 
powerful virgin, full of sweetness and 
humility, of whom the king of heaven 
would be born, and of whose milk he 
would be nourished. 

8. Hail, Mary, queen of martyrs, 
whose soul was pierced with the sword 
of sorrow. 

9. Hail, Mary, lady and mistress of 
the world, to whom all power has been 
given, both in heaven and earth. 

10. Hail, Mary, queen of my heart, 
my mother, my life, my sweetness, and 
my love. 

11. Hail, Mary, most amiable mo- 

12. Hail, Mary, most admirable mo- 
ther, full of grace, our Lord is with 

1. Blessed art thou amongst women. 

2. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb. 

3. Blessed be thy sponse, St. Joseph. 


Act of Coiuetration. 177 

4. Blessed be the Father, St. Joa- 

5. Blessed be thy mother, St. Ann. 

6. Blessed be thy Son, St. John. 

7. Blessed be thy Angel, St. GabrieL 

8. Blessed be the Eternal Father, 
who has chosen thee. 

9. Blessed be tby Son, who has loved 
thee. , 

10. Blessed be the Holy Ghost, who 
has espoused thee. 

11. O most happy Virgin, let all that 
lore thee bless thee. 

12. Bless us, O holy Virgin, together 
with thy Son. Amen. 


Holy Mary, Virgin Mother of 
God ! 1, N. N. this day choose thee for 
my Mother, Queen, Patroness, and Ad- 
vocate; and I firmly resolve and purpose 
never to depart, either by word or ac- 
tion, from the duty I owe thee, or suffer 
those committed to my charge to say 
or do any thing against thy honour. 

Digitized by GoOgle 


A Novena. 

Receive me', therefore, as thy servant 
for ever : assist me in all the actions of 
ray whole life* and forsake me not in 
the hour of my death. Amen. 


Having ont of devotion lighted 
np a wax candle, either in your private 
oratory, or in the church, recite each 
day the following prayer. The intent 
is, for the obtaining some particular 

Incomparable Virgin 1 chosen by the 
ever adorable Trinity, from all eternity, 
to be the most pure mother of J4sus, 
allow thy servant to remind thee of 
that ineffable joy thou receivedst in the 
instant of the most sacred incarnation 
of our divine Lord, and during the 
nine months thou carriedst him in thy 
most chaste bowels. O that I could 
but renew, or if possible increase, this 
thy joy by the fervour of ray prayers ; 
at least, most tender mother of the 
afflicted, grant me, under the present 
pressure, those maternal consolations 

Digitized by GoOglC 


A Prayer. 

and that peculiar protection thou hast 
promised to such as shall devoutly com- 
memorate this ineffable joy. Relying 
on thy sacred word, and trusting in thy 
promise, I humbly entreat thee to obtain 
from Jesus Christ, thy dearly beloved 
Son, my request. 

Having specified it, sag 9 

May this light I burn before thy 
image, stand as a memorial of the lively 
confidence I repose in thy bounty. May 
it consume in honour of that inflamed 
and supernatural love and joy, with 
which thy sacred heart was replenished 
during the abode of thy blessed Son in 
thy womb, in veneration of which I 
offer to thee the sentiment of my heart, 
and the following salutations. 


Mother of my God, most merci- 
ful I to thee I offer these Hail Marys : 
they are so many brilliant jewels in the 

Digitized by Google 

180 A Prayer of St. Bernard. 

diadem of thy accidental glory, which 
will remain increasing to the end of the 
world. 1 beseech thee, comfort of the 
afflicted, by the joy thou receivedst 
in the nine months of thy pregnancy, 
to comfort my afflicted heart and to 
obtain for me, from thy Son, a favour- 
able answer to the petition I make to 
thy compassionate mercy and benevo- 
lence. To this effect I offer to thee all 
the good works that have ever been 
performed in the Confraternities of thy 
Sacred Heart, and other associations in 
thy honour. 1 most humbly entreat thee, 
on this consideration, and for the love 
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with which 
thy own was ever so inflamed, to hear 
my humble suit, and grant my request. 



Remember, O most pious Virgin! 
it is a thing unheard-of, that thou ever 
forsakest those who have recourse to 
thee. Encouraged with this hope and 

Digitized by Google 

Practice of St MechtUdis. 181 

confidence, my most dear mother, I, a 
most miserable sinner, cast myself at 
thy sacred feet, humbly begging that 
thon wilt adopt me as thy son, for ever, 
and take upon thee the care of my eter- 
nal salvation. Do not, Mother of the 
Word incarnate, reject my petition, but 
graciously hear and grant it. Amen. 


Hail Merry. 

O Holt Mary, our sovereign 
Queen ! as God the Father, by his om- 
nipotence has made thee most powerful, 
so assist us at the hour of our death, by 
defending us against all power that is 
contrary to thine. Hail Mary . 

O Holt Mary, our sovereign 
Queen ! as God the Son has endowed 
thee with so much knowledge and cha- 
rity, that it enlightens all heaven, so in 
the hour of our death, illustrate and 
strengthen our souls with the knowledge 
of the true faith, that they be not per- 
verted by error or pernicious ignorance. 
Hail Mary. 


182 A Votive ObkUiotu 

O Holy Mary, our sovereign 
Queen ! as the Holy Ghost has plenti- 
fully poured forth into thee the love of 
God, so instil into us at the hour of 
death, the sweetness of divine love, that 
all bitterness at that time may become 
acceptable and pleasant to us. Hail 
Mary . 

“ Our blessed Lady herself taught 
Saint Mechtildis the above-mentioned 
triple salutation, promising her certain 
assistance for it at the hour of her death.” 


O Holy Joseph I virgin spouse of 
the virgin Mother of God, most glorious 
advocate of all such as are in danger, 
or in their last agony, and most faithful 
protector of all the servants of Mary, 
thy dearest spouse 1, N. N., in the 
presence of Jesus and Mary, do from 
this moment choose thee for my lord 
and master, for my powerful patron 
and advocate, for the obtaining a most 
happy death, and I firmly resolve and 
ourpose never to forsake thee, and 


The Litany of SL Joseph. 183 

never to say or do any thing against 
thy hononr. Receive me, therefore, 
for thy constant servant, and recom- 
mend me to the constant protection of 
Mary, thy dearest spouse, and to the 
everlasting mercies of Jesus my Savionr; 
assist me in all the actions of my life, 
all which I now offer to the greater and 
everlasting glory of Jesus and Mary, 
as well as thine own. Never, therefore, 
forsake me, and whatsoever grace thon 
seest most necessary and profitable, 
obtain it for me now and at the hour of 
my death, to which I now invite thee, 
to the end that whatever, now and at 
that time, shall not be possible for me 
to obtain, may, by thy intercession, be 
bestowed upon me by Jesus, the God 
of my souL Amen. 


Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ, have mercy on us. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Jesus, receive our prayers. 

Lord Jesus, grant our petition. 



184 The Litany of Si. Joseph . 

O God the Father, Creator of the world 
have mercy on os. 

O God the Son, Redeemer of mankind, 
have mercy on us* 

Holy Ghost, perfecterof the elect,, have 
mercy on us. 

Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy 
on us. 

Holy Mary, spouseof St. Joseph, 

St. Joseph, advocate of the hum- 

St. Joseph, blessed amongst men, 

St. Joseph, confirmed in grace, 

St. Joseph, defender of the meek, 

St. Joseph, exiled with Christ into 

St. Joseph, favourite of the King 
of heaven, 

St. Joseph, guardian of the Word 
incarnate, P 

St. Joseph, honoured amongst men, 

St. Joseph, idea of humility and 

St. Joseph, kind intercessor of the 

St. Joseph, lily of chastity and 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 

Pray for 

The Litany of Si. Joseph. 18$ 

St. Joseph, Hiirror of silence and 

St. Joseph, nursing Father to the 
Son of God, 

St. Joseph, obsequious servant to 
the Son of Mary, 

8t Joseph, patron of the indus- 
trious and innocent, 

St. Joseph, quintescence of all 

St. Joseph, ruler of the family 
of Jesus, 

St. Joseph, spouse of the ever 
blessed Virgin, 

St. Joseph, theatre of all glorious 

St. Joseph, union of all Christian 

O Lamb of God, that takest away 
the sins of the world, spare us, O 

O Lamb of God, that takest away 
the sins of the world, hear us, O 

O Lamb of God, that takest away 
the sins of the world, have mercy 
on us. 

V. Pray for us, O holy Joseph. 

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The Acts. 

That we may be made worthy of 
the promises of Christ 

let us pray 

Assist us, O Lord, we beseech tnee, 
hy the merits of the spouse of thy most 
holy mother, that what our possibility 
cannot obtain, may be given us by his 
intercession, who livest and reignest 
with God the Father in the unity of 
the Holy Ghost, world without end. 
men . 


O my God I I firmly believe all the 
cred truths the Catholic Church be- 
lieves and teaches, because thou hast 
revealed them, who neither canst de 
ceive nor be deceived. 


O my God ! relying upon thy good- 
ness and promises, and power to fulfil 
them, I hope to obtain pardon for my 


Indulgences granted, 187 

•ins, and life everlasting, through the 
merits of Jesus Christ, and by the in- 
tercession of his blessed mother and 
the saints. 


O my God ! 1 love thee above all 
things, with my whole heart and soul, 
pnrely because thou art infinitely 
amiable and deserving of all love; I 
love also iny neighbour as myself for 
the love of thee ; 1 forgive all that have 
injured me, and I ask pardon of all I 
have injured. 

Indulgences granted to those who shall 
piously, devoutly , and from their 
heart, make the Acts' of the three 
theological Vo ues, Faith, Hope , 
and Charity . 

“ His Holiness Pope Benedict XIV. 
observing how useful, and even neces- 
sary, the acts of the three theological 
virtues, Faith, Hope, and Charity , are 
to eternal salvation ; in order to excite 

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188 Indulgences granted. 

all the faithful of both sexes to the ex- 
ercise of these same acts, after having 
taken the advice of the sacred Congre- 
gation charged with the care of indul- 
gences and holy relics, has most graci- 
ously confirmed the indulgences granted 
by Benedict XIII., of pious memory, 
the 15th of January, 1728, for the 
aforesaid acts, viz. 

“ 1. A Plenary indulgence, with 
the liberty of applying it to the souls 
of the faithful departed, which may be 
gained every month, by those who, 
during that space, shall every day make 
the aforesaid acts, piously, devoutly, 
and from their heart ; provided that on 
the day they would gain it, the particu- 
lar time being left to each one’s choice, 
being truly penitent, and having re- 
ceived the sacraments of penance and 
holy Eucharist, they shall pray as it 
behoves, for concord amongst Christian 
princes, the extirpation of heresies, and 
the exaltation of our holy Mother the 

“ 2. A plenary indulgence also at 
the hour of death. 

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Indulgences granted. 189 

“ Bui to engage the flock committed 
to his charge, to a frequent repetition 
of the above-mentioned acts, his Holi- 
ness, Benedict XIV., has most liberally 
extended to each repetition, the indul- 
gence of seven years, and of so many 
quarantines, or forty days, which may 
also be applied to the soul of the faith- 
ful departed, and which his predeces- 
sors had granted but for once a-day. 

“ Moreover, his Holiness has declared, 
that all the aforesaid indulgences should 
not be annexed to the pronouncing of 
certain determinate words, but that 
every one is at liberty to use any form, 
provided he expresses the proper motive 
of each of the three theological virtues. 
Given the 28 th of January, 1756, Signed, 
Fr. L. Card. Portocarrero, prefect. 
The place of the seal. A. E. Vicecomes, 
secretary of the congregation of indul- 



Ltatty EZzerctse. 

A short and daily exercise for the suf- 
fering souls in Purgatory ; to which 
is added \ a prayer for those who tire 
in the agony of J)eath . 


O Lord Jesus Christ ! I humbly beg 
of you, by the precious blood you spilt 
in the Garden of Olives, that you will 
give your blessing to those who are in 
their agony, and that you will deliver 
the poor souls in purgatory) but espe- 
cially that which is the most abandoned . 
Conduct it to your glory, where it will 
praise and bless you for ever and ever. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, and De pro- 
fundis , p. 194. 


O Lord Jesus Christ ! I humbly beg 
of you, by the precious blood you spilt 
during your cruel whipping at the 
pillar, that you will give your blessing 
to those who are in their agony, and 

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Daily Exercise* 

that yon will deliver the poor souls 
from purgatory, bat especially that which 
is nearest its deliverance* Conduct it 
*to your glory, where it will praise and 
bless you for ever and ever. 

Our Father, &c. 


O lord Jesus Christ ! I humbly beg 
of you, by the precious blood you spilt 
at your crowning with thorns, that you 
will give your blessing to those who are 
in their agony, and that you will deliver 
the poor souls from purgatory, but 
especially that which suffers the mast. 
Conduct it to your glory, where it will 
praise and bless you for ever and ever. 

Our Father, See. 


O lord Jesus Christ! I humbly beg 
of you, by the precious blood you spilt 
along the streets of Jerusalem, carrying 
your cross on your sacred shoulders. 

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Daily Exercise . 

that you will give your blessing to those 
who are in their agony, and that you 
will deliver the poor souls from purga- 
tory, but especially that which is the 
richest in merit . Conduct it to your 
glory, where it will praise and bless you 
for ever and ever. Amen . 

Our Father, &c. 


O lord Jesus Christ ! I humbly beg 
of you, by your precious body and blood, 
which you gave to your apostles at your 
last supper, the eve of your passion, 
that you will give your blessing to those 
who are in their agony, and that you 
will deliver the poor souls from purga- 
tory, but especially that which, whilst 
in this world, was most devout to the 
sacrament of the altar. Conduct it to 
vour glory, where it will praise and 
bless you for ever and ever. Amen. 

Our Father,. &c. 


O lord Jesus Christ! I humbly beg 
of you, by the precious blood you spilt on 

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Daily Exercise . 


cross on the day of your crucifixion, 
that you will give your blessing to those 
who are in their agony, and that you 
will deliver the poor souls from purga- 
tory, but especially that I have the 
greatest obligation to. Conduct it to 
your glory, where it will praise and bless 
you for ever and ever. Amen . 


O Lord Jesus Christ ! I humbly beg 
of you, by the precious blood which 
flowed from your blessed side, that you 
will give your blessing to those who are 
in their agony, and that you will deli- 
ver the poor souls from purgatory, but 
especially that most dear to your blessed 
Mothet . Conduct it to your glory, where 
it will praise and bless you for ever and 
ever. Amen . 

Our Father, &c. 

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194 Psalm h Profundis. 


Out of the depths I have cried to 
thee, O Lord ; Lord, hear my voice. 

Let thy ears be attentive to the voice 
of my supplication. 

If thou, O Lord, will mark iniquities ; 
Lord, who shall stand it ? 

For with thee there is merciful for- 
giveness : and, by reason of thy law, I 
have waited for thee, O Lord. 

My soul hath relied on his word. 
My soul hath hoped in the Lord. 

From the morning watch, even until 
night, let Israel hope in the Lord. 

Because with the Lord there is mercy, 
and with him plentiful redemption. 

And he shall redeem Israel from all 
his iniquities. . 

.Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord. 

And may perpetual light shine unto 

V. From the gates of hell, 

R. Deliver their souls, O Lord 1 

V. May they rest in peace. 

R. Amen. 

V. O Lord, hear my prayer. 

R. And let my supplication come 
unto thee. 

by Google 

Repartition to the Heart of Mary. 195 

O God, the Creator and Redeemer 
of all the faithful ! grant to the soul* of 
thy servants departed, but especially to 
that dear soul I pray for to-day , the 
remission of all their sins, that through 
the help of pious supplications they may 
obtain the pardon which they have 
always been desirous of, who livest and 
reignest world without end. Amen. 

A Reparation of Honour to the Sacred 
Heart of Mary . 

Mother of God most worthy I 
whose sanctity and sublime merit sur- 
pass the comprehension even of the 
angels themselves, how great is the 
maternal tenderness of thy heart to- 
wards mankind? how great thy favours? 
how unworthy our acknowledgment, 
our gratitude, our return ? My very 
soul is penetrated with grief at the con- 
sideration of the many injuries thou 
receivest from infidels and wicked 

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196 Reparation to the Heart of Mary . 

Christians, by the profanation of the 
altars dedicated to thy name, by the exe- 
crable blasphemies vomited out against 
thy maternal virginity, sanctity, and 
integrity; but especially from the an- 
guish with which those sinners load thee, 
who, heaping sin upon sin against thy 
divine Son, draw down vengeance and 
damnation on their own souls ; all which 
redound on thy tender love and com- 
passion. Thus affected, and upon this 
consideration, I fling myself at thy 
sacred feet, and though the greatest of 
sinners, most unworthy and least cor- 
responding with the graces I have re- 
ceived, 1 here enter my protest against 
such unwarrantable proceedings, and 
beseech thee, O Virgin, more than mar- 
tyr, to accept the same as a reparation 
of honour. Pardon my past offences and 
indignities, pardon those of mankind. 
Prostrate in like manner before thee, 
make us, sinners as we are, sensible of 
the favours thou hast conferred upon us, 
and being truly contrite for the past, 
may we, by thy aid and assistance, break 
the chains of our former thraldom and 
slavery, live henceforward in thy favour, 

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Visit to the Sacrament 197 

and in the happy liberty of the children 
of God. May this our act and deed, 
O Saviour of the world ! as we can do 
nothing more agreeable to thee, than 
by showing our love and gratitude to 
thy blessed mother, may it, I say, be 
approved and confirmed by thy blessing 
and authority. Amen. 

A Visit to the Blessed Sacrament in 
Honour of our Blessed Lady. 

On all the feasts of our Blessed Lady, 
and, if possible, on every Saturday, the 
devout clients of the Sacred Heart should 
visit the Blessed Sacrament with the 
following intentions. 

1. To return thanks to the blessed 
Trinity for having chosen from all eter- 
nity, and that in a special manner, the 
Blessed Virgin Mary to be daughter of 
the eternal Father, mother of God the 
Son, oud spouse of the Holy Ghost. Our 
blessed Redeemer might have come into 
the world in what manner he pleased. 
Return thanks that he would come in 
our nature, and provide us in the person 
of his ever blessed mother so powerful 
an advocate. 

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198 A Prayer to beg punty 

2. Having spent some time before 
the Blessed Sacrament in sentiments of 
gratitude and acknowledgment, recite 
devoutly thrice, Our F other t and the 
Hail Mary> in thanksgiving to God 
Almighty for having by his divine decree 
made so favourable a determination in 
our regard. 

3. Be thankful to Jesus Christ for 
having / .orned the heart of the most 
holy Virgin with so many extraordinary 
privileges, equally glorious to her and 
beneficial to ourselves. 

3. After recollecting yourself a lit- 
tle, recite the Te Deum Laudumus. 

5. Beg of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 
the grace of paying to his blessed Mother 
all the honour and respect which is due 
to her. 

A prayer to beg purity of soul and 
Body through the intercession of the 
Blessed Virgin. 

It is to thee, Holy Virgin! I have 
recourse, however unworthy of thy good- 
ness. I know thou never ab&ndonest 

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of Soul ana Body. 


those who call upon thee with confi- 
dence, and that the Chnrch does not 
call thee in vain the refuge of sinners : 
and this in effect is the only title which 
is left me to dare to approach to thee, 
and shall I be so unfortunate as to be 
the first and only one that thou wilt re- 
fuse to hear ? 

Thou wilt find in me none of those 
amiable marks by which thou acknow- 
ledgest thy true children. Slave of a 
shameful sin, which tyranizes over me, 
I come to humbly beg thy help to break 
my chain. 

MUder sensible of the beauty of a 
virtue 1 have hitherto abhorred, I de- 
sire absolutely to quit a vice which has 
hitherto pleased me too much, though 
so highly shameful. Blessed Virgin, 
obtain for me the grace to bate what 1 
have loved, and to love what I have 
hated. Make my eyes flow with tears 
lhat may efface all the impurities of my 
life. This miracle is reserved to thee, 
0 Mother of Mercy. Renew in me 
those prodigies of conversions which 
thou hast formerly wrought, and appear 
now so seldom in an age so corrupted 

200 Seven Principal Dolours, 

as ours. The more miserable I am, the 
more proper object I am of thy compas- 
sion; nor can any thing less than a 
miracle, free me from that infamous pas- 
sion which has over-ruled me till now. 
This miracle, O sacred Virgin 1 I beg of 
thee, by that purity which made thee 
so agreeable to God, and which drew 
upon thee the honour of being the Mother 
of his Son. Let not the price of that 
blood which thou gavest to the Saviour 
of men, be lost ; refuse not to thyself 
tl\e pleasure of reducing a strayed sheep 
to that heavenly shepherd. Show that 
thou art truly the mother of sinners, 
and let it not be said that I perished at 
thy sacred feet, where no one ever found 
but grace and salvation. 

The Seven Prirwipal Dolours of our 
Blessed Lady . 

Our Blessed Saviour, as is related 
in the book ©f the revelations witliwhich 
St. Bridget was favoured, promised his 
holy Mother, that whoever should pi- 
ously commemorate, and affectionately 
compassionate her dolours, and invoke 

oy Coogle 

An Example, 


her assistance through the merits thereof, 
should not quit this world without a true 
compunction for his sins; that in his 
afflictions, particularly at the hour of 
his death, he should find aid and relief ; 
and moreover, that on the motive of her 
dolours, no favour should be refused to 
her intercession, if the same was for the 
real good and advantage of her clients. 

An Example, 

A Nobleman, who, for sixty years of 
his life past, had never had access to the 
sacraments, and who had pven loose to 
the passions of his body 'and mind, and 
abandoned himself to the slavery of his 
spiritual enemy, fell sick, and was in 
the utmost danger of death. Hopes of 
salvation he had none ; and so desperate 
was his case that he would not give 
ear to tfye salutary advice of his director, 
or adnm into his mind the thoughts of 
reconciling himself to his Creator by 
means of the sacrament of penance. 
Nevertheless, in the midst of the ex- 
cesses of so prodigate a life, he had 
never lost sight entirely of some small 

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An Example . 

devotion and regard to the ever b lend 
Mother of God. Jesus Christ, wi« 
manifests the riehes of his mercy pat*, 
ticularfy to such as cast a favourable eyt 
towards her, raised in him so great a 
compunction for his sins, that, entering 
into himself, and in the utmost con- 
trition of his heart, he, three severi& 
times in the same day, made a general 
confession of his whole life, received 
the holy Eucharist, and on the sixth day 
after, died in all peace and quiet of 
mind, and with thei sentiments of joy 
which flow from the well-grounded con- 
fidence in the mercy and bounty of our 
suffering Redeemer, and his sacred 
passion. In effect, our blessed Saviour 
revealed, soon after his death, to the 
holy St. Bridget, that the said penitent 
died in a state of grace, was a blessed 
soul, and owed his happiness, in a great 
measure, to the tender affectionate com- 
passion which he had ever found and 
nourished in his heart, so often as he 
heard others speak of the sacred doiorm 
of our blessed Lady, or happened to 
entertain the memory of them in his 

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Holy Simeons Prophecy, SfC. 203 
Dolour I — Holy Simeons Prophecy. 

Most afflicted Mother of God I suffer 
thy servant to remind thee of that grief 
which wounded and pierced thy sacred 
heart, when holy Simeon foretold that a 
sword should run through thy very soul, 
prophetically denouncing the excess of 
torment that thou shouldst undergo in 
the sacred passion and sufferings of thy 
most beloved Son. I bear a sensible 
part and feeling in thy affliction, most 
tender and distressed Mother 1 obtain 
for me from thy divine Son, through the 
merits of this thy anguish, a meek and 
pore heart in life, and a happy exit in 
death, under thy maternal care and 
powerful protection. Amen. Hail Mary. 

Dolour II. — Herod persecutes the 
Child Jesus . 

Most afflicted Mother of God ! suffer 
thy servant to remind thee of that grief 
which wounded and pierced thy sacred 
heart, when thou wast forced to take 
thy Son and fly into Egypt by night in 
all hurry, in order to avoid the cruel 
pursuit of the tyrant Herod, who sought 



Jesus is lost . 

his life : many years didst thou remain 
among these barbarous and inhuman 
people. I 'bear a sensible part and 
feeling in thy affliction, most tender 
and distressed Mother ! obtain for me 
from thy divine Son, through the merits 
of this thy anguish, a meek and pure 
heart in life, and a happy exit in death, 
under thy maternal care and protection. 
Amen, Hail Mary. 

Dolour III. — Jesus is lost at the age 
of Twelve Years . 

Most afflicted Mother of God I suffer 
oiy servant to remind thee of that grief 
which wounded and pierced thy sacred 
heart, when thy Son Jesus, the only 
object of thy affection, at the age of 
twelve years was lost in thy journey to 
Jerusalem. I bear a sensible part and 
feeling in thy affliction, most tender and 
distressed Mother ! obtain for me, from 
thy divine Son, through the merits of 
this thy anguish, a meek and pure 
heart in life, and a happy exit in death 
under thy maternal care and powerful 
protection . A men. Hail Mary. 

Digitized by GoOglC 

Jesus carries his Cross , SfC. 205 
Dolour IV. — Jesus carries his Cross 

Most afflicted Mother of God ! suffer 
thy servant to remind thee of that grief 
which wounded and pierced thy sacred 
heart, when the sorrowful tidings were 
brought thee that thy Son was seized, 
bound, and inhumanly treated; but 
above all, when with thine own eyes 
thou beheldest him all covered with 
blood, and fainting under the weight 
of a heavy cross. I bear a sensible 
part and feeling in thy affliction, most 
tender and distressed Mother! obtain 
for me from thy divine Son, through the 
merits of this thy anguish, a meek and 
pure heart in life, and a happy exit in 
death, under thy maternal care and 
powerful protection. Amen. Hail Mary 

Dolour V. — Jesus is crucified on 
Mount Calvary, 

Most afflicted Mother of God 1 sui 
fer thy servant to remind thee of that 
grief which wounded and pierced thy 
sacred heart, when with tears flowing 
from the inmost recesses of tby heart 

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206 Jesus is taken from the Cross . • 

thou beheldest him crucified on Mount 
Calvary, pronouncing his last seven 
words; but especially, when bowing 
down his head he rendered his blessed 
soul into the hands of his Eternal Fa- 
ther. I bear a sensible part and feeling 
in thy affliction, most tender and dis- 
tressed Mother 1 obtain for me, from thy 
divine Son, through the merits of this 
thy anguish, a meek and pure heart in 
life, and a happy exit in death, under 
thy maternal care and powerful protec- 
tion. Amen. Hail Mary. 

Dolour VI* — Jesus is taken down 
from the Cross. 

Most afflicted Mother of God I suf- 
fer thy servant to remind thee of that 
grief which wounded and pierced thy 
sacred heart, when Nicodemus and 
Joseph of Arimathea, took down the 
sacred remains of thy divine Son from 
the cross, and, all disfigured, mangled, 
and tom with wounds, placed them in 
thy hands. O afflicted Mother! what 
then was the anguish thy heart felt, 
to behold the sacred body of thy Son, 
the fruit of thy chaste bowels, in such 

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Jesus is buried. 


a state ? how did thy blood run in thy 
veins, when thou beheldest this sacred 
body exhausted of all its fylood through 
those sacred openings made in his hands 
and feet, by the nails which fixed him 
to the cross, and also in his side by the 
cruel lance, which pierced even to his 
sacred heart. I bear a sensible part 
and feeling in thy affliction, most tender 
and distressed Mother ! obtain for me, 
from thy divine Son, through the merits 
of this thy anguish, a meek and pure 
heart in life, and a happy exit in death, 
under thy maternal care and powerful 
protection. Amen. Hail Mary. 

Dolour VII . — Jesus is buried. 

Most afflicted Mother of God I suf- 
fer thy servant to remind thee of that 
grief which wounded and pierced thy 
sacred heart, when in thy presence the 
sacred body of thy dearest Son, being 
embalmed with precious ointments, and 
wrapped up in a clean white sheet, was 
put into the sepulchre. I bear a sensi- 
ble part and feeling in thy affliction, 
most tender and distressed Mother ! 

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208 The seven joyful Mysteries. 

obtain for me, from thy divine Son, 
through the merits of this thy anguish, a 
meek and pure heart in life, and a happy 
exit in death, under thy maternal care 
and powerful protection. Amen . Hail 

The seven joyful Mysteries of the Life 
of the ever blessed Virgin . 

That the rejoicing hnd congratu- 
lating each day with our Blessed Lady 
on account of the seven joyful incidents 
or mysteries of her life, is a devotion 
both pious in itself and agreeable to 
her, the following example will show 
more effectually than any words we can 
make use of. St. Anselm’ is the author 
from whence we take it. 

A holy religious man, among other 
devotions, was accustomed every day 
to entertain himself on the seven more 
signal joys our blessed Lady received, 
whilst living upon earth ; he fell sick, 
and his sickness soon brought him to 
extremity. His continual devotion and 
virtuous life did not render him unsus- 
ceptible of the dread and fear which 

Digitized by Google 

The seven joyful Mysteries. 209 

generally accompany the passage from 
time to eternity. His mind was under 
no small perplexity, and himself trou- 
bled with apprehensions for the event 
of that moment. Oar blessed Lady 
appears to him, and comforts him in 
the following words ; “ Fear not, my 
son," says she, “ the passage is short : 
yon go from a miserable life to a happy 
one. Your daily congratulations with 
me upon the joyful mysteries of my life, 
have brought me hither; and 1 now 
assure you, that soon you shall partake 
of them in heaven.” So unspeakable 
were the joy and comfort he experienced 
in his soul upon these words, and the 
care of so admirable a protectress with 
regard to her clients, that, forgetting his 
sickness, and insensible of the condition 
in which he was, and making an effort 
to fling himself at her sacred feet in 
thanksgiving for so signal a favour, he 
expired in the motion, and no doubt 
accompanied his benefactress in her 
return to heaven, and entered upon the 
possession of that reward she had so 
graciously promis‘d and •'wured for 


210 Mary is Mother of God . 

St. Bernardin of Sienna, a peculiar 
client of our blessed Lady, was singu- 
larly addicted to this devotion, and re- 
cited daily his beads in honour of these 
joyful mysteries, to which he assures us 
he stood indebted for all the particular 
favours and blessings he received from 
the liberal hand of Almighty God. 

Joy I . — Mary is Mother of God, and 

Thrice happy Virgin I suffer thy 
servant to congratulate with thee for 
the ineffable joy with which thy sacred 
heart was replenished, when without 
loss or detriment to thy virginal purity, 
thou conceivedst the Eternal Word in 
• thy sacred womb. I rejoice in thy 
happiness, O blessed Mother ! look 
thou on me in this moment, and obtain 
for me of thy divine Son, through thy 
own merits and thy exaltation to this 
sublime dignity, a meek and pure heart 
in life, and a happy exit in death, under 
thy maternal care and powerful protec- 
tion. Amen . Hail Mary. 

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The P egnancy of Mary. 21 1 

Joy II . — Mary carries the Son of God 
in her Womb , and is declared blessed 
among Women. 

Thrice happy Virgin ! suffer thy 
servant to congratulate with thee for 
the ineffable joy with which thy sacred 
heart was replenished, when for the 
space of nine months thou carriedst in 
thy chaste womb the Son of God, the 
second person of the adorable Trinity, 
and wert, by the inspiration of the 
Holy Ghost, saluted blessed amongst 
fell women, and the fruit of thy womb 
pronounced blessed. I rejoice in thy 
happiness, O blessed Mother ! look thou 
on me at this moment, and obtain for 
me of thy divine Son, through thy own 
merits, and thy exaltation to this sublime 
dignity, a meek and pure heart in life, 
and a happy exit in death, under thy 
maternal care and powerful protection. 
Amen . Hail Mary. 


212 The Birth of Jesus Christ, Sfc. 

Jot III . — Jesus Christ is horn of Mary 
at Bethlehem . 

Thrice happy Virgin! suffer thy 
servant to congratulate with thee for 
the ineffable joy with which thy sacred 
heart was replenished, when the Son 
of God was born of thee in a stable ah 
Bethlehem. I rejoice in thy happiness, 
O blessed Mother ! look thou on me at 
this moment, and obtain for me of thy 
divine Son, through thy own merits and 
this sublime favour of heaven, a meek 
and pure heart in life, and a happy exit 
in death, under thy maternal care and 
powerful protection. Amen . Hail Mary. 

Jot VI — The Magi come to adore 
the new-born . 

Thrice happy Virgin I suffer thy 
servant to congratulate with thee for 
the ineffable joy with which thy sacred 
heart was replenished, when the Magi 
from the East arrived at the stable of 
Bethlehem. They prostrate themselves 
before thy divine Son, O blessed Mo- 
ther ! and by the offerings they make. 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 

Jesus found in the Temple* 219 

and homage they pay, acknowledge him 
as King, God, and Man. I rejoice in 
thy happiness, O Messed Mother I look 
thon on me at this moment, and obtain 
for me of thy divine Son, through thy 
own merits, and by the joy thou receiv- 
edst on this occasion, a meek and pure 
heart in life, and a happy exit in death, 
under thy maternal care and powerful 
protection. Amen* Hail Mary. 

Joy V . — Mary finds her Son in the 
Temple . 

Thrice happy Virgin f suffer thy 
servant to congratulate with thee for the 
ineffable joy with which thy sacred 
heart was replenished when thou found- 
est thy beloved Son in the Temple sitting 
in the midst of the doctors, hearing 
them and asking them questions with an 
admirable wisdom to the great astonish- 
ment of all that were there present. I 
rejoice in thy happiness, O blessed 
Mother ! look thou on me at this mo- 
ment, and obtain for me of thy divine 
Son, through thy own merits and the 
joyful surprise of this event, a meek 



Mary is Queen of 

and pure heart in life, and a happy exit 
in death, under thy maternal care and 
powerful protection. Amen . Hail Mary. 

Joy VI. — Mary sees her Son triumphant 
over death. 

Thrice happy Virgin ! suffer thy 
servant to congratulate with thee fo the 
ineffable joy with which thy sacred heart 
was .replenished, when thy divine Son, 
environed with glory, and triumphant 
over death and the ignominy of his pas- 
sion, appeared to thee, comforting thy 
soul. I rejoice in thy happiness, O 
blessed Mother ! look thou on me at this 
moment, and obtain for me of thy divine 
Son, through thy own merits and the 
glory of that day, a meek and pure heart 
in life, and a happy exit in death, under 
thy maternal care and powerful protec- 
tion. Amen . Hail Mary. 

Joy VII. — Mary is Queen of Heaven 
and Earth, 

Thrice happy Virgin ! suffer thy 
servant to congratulate with thee for the 

oy Google 

Heaven and Earth* 


ineffable joy with which thy sacred 
heart was replenished, when thou wast 
carried to the highest heavens on the 
wings of seraphim, even to the throne 
of God, environed by celestial choirs 
of angels and saints, but, above all, 
when the roost adorable Trinity, Father, 
Son, and Holy Ghost, embraced thee as 
daughter, mother, and spouse of the 
Most High, and placed thee on a seat 
of glory prepared for thee by the Al- 
mighty from all eternity. I rejoice in 
thy happiness, O blessed Mother ! look 
thon on me at this moment, and obtain 
for me of thy divine Son, through thy 
own merits and thy exaltation to this 
snblime dignity, a meek and pure heart 
in life, and a happy exit in death, under 
thy maternal care and powerful protec- 
tion. Amen, Hail Mary. 

' Digitized by G00gle 

216 The seven joys of our 

The seven joys of our Blessed Lady in 

This devotion, no less than the for- 
mer, is pleasing and agreeable to the ever 
glorious Mother of God. She herself 
teaches us thife truth, and suggested and 
recommended the practice of it to her 
servant, Saint Thomas, Archbishop of 
Canterbury, as related by Pelbartus in 
his Stellarium, and in his sermon of St. 
Thomas ; as also by Ballingham in his 
Calender of the Blessed Virgin. The 
fact is related in this manner. 

St. Thomas upon a time being intent 
on the rehearsal of the seven Hail 
Marys he daily performed in memory of 
the principal joys which his blessed pa* 
troness, the ever glorious Virgin, re- 
ceived whilst upon earth, was favoured 
with an apparition of the sovereign 
Queen of Heaven. She exhorted him 
to add seven Aves more each day in 
honour of the seven signal joys she 
possessed, and to instil the same de- 
votion into the minds of others her cli- 
ents, assuring him that this instance of 
their respect and affection should not 

Digitized by GoOglc 

Biased Lady in Heaven . 217 

pass without her peculiar regard and 
recompeuce: that in their afflictions, 
even upon this consideration, she would 
aid and assist them, and most particu- 
larly, she would comfort and support 
them in the hour of their death. The 
saint was at a loss as to the import of 
the commission, and accordingly sued 
for further instructions, which she gave 
him with an admirable bounty and con- 
descension, pointing out to him each 
particular subject and circumstance ; 
after which, leaving him much satisfied, 
and greatly comforted, she disappeared. 
The holy Archbishop not only wrote out 
the particulars with great care, but ever 
after, during his life, practised this de- 
votion with equal fidelity and comfort. 

We here adjoin each motive, for the 
satisfaction and advantage of such aa 
may be desirous of exercising them- 
selves in so holy a practice, and of 
reaping the fruit from so commendable 
a devotion. 

oy Google 


Her Presence , §c. 

Joy I . — She is exalted above all the 
Choirs of Heaven . 

Rejoice, O most glorious Virgin I 
thy profound humility and purity with- 
out example, have raised thee above all 
the angels* and the whole celestial 
hierarchy: thy glory, O Virgin Mother I 
as far surpasses that of all the saints in 
heaven as thy sanctity was superior td 
theirs upon earth. I rejoice in tliy 
exaltation, O blessed Mother of God 1 
look down on thy servant from the 
height of thy glory, and, by thy power 
and goodness, obtain for me from thy 
Son, a meek and pure heart that I may 
serve thee in this life, and by thy pow- 
erful intercession, be happy with thee 
hereafter. Amen . Hail Mary. 

Joy II.— Her Presence adds a Lustre 
to Heaven. 

Rejoice, O most glorious Virgin I 
such is the light of thy glorified body, 
that it illuminates the whole extent of 
the heavenly Jerusalem, even as the 
sun enlivens this lower hemisphere. — 
Thy presence not only adds an acci- 

Digitized by GoOgle 

She is honoured by the blessed* 2 1 

dental beauty to that heavenly city, 
bat also to the joy and pleasure of each 
inhabitant of that blessed court. I re- 
joice in thy excellence, O blessed mo- 
ther of God I look down on thy ser- 
vant from the height of thy glory, and 
by thy power and goodness obtain for 
me, from thy Son, a meek and pure 
heart, that I may serve thee in this life, 
and by thy powerful intercession, be 
happy with thee hereafter. Amen. 
Hail Mary. 

Joy III. — She is singularly honoured by 
all the blessed. 

Rejoice, O most glorious Virgin ! 
the saints and angels in heaven nonotir 
thee as the Daughter of God the Fa- 
ther, Mother of God the Son, and 
Spouse of God the Holy Ghost. They 
pay all due respect, love and homage to 
thee, the object, next to God, of their 
complacency, gratitude, and attention. 
1 rejoice in the honours paid to thee, 
O blessed Mother of God! look down 
on thy servant from the height of thy 
^ory, and by thy power and goodness 


Digitized by Google 


Her Intercession . 

obtain for me from thy Son a meek mid 
pore heart, that I may serve thee in this 
life, and by thy powerful intercession, 
be happy with thee hereafter. Amen. 
Hail Mary. 

Joy IV. — Her Intercession in favour of 
her Servants is all-powerful. 

Rejoice, O most glorious Virgin I 
such is thy favour with God, such the 
power of thy intercession, that the 
whole treasury of heaven is open to 
thee, and at thy disposal. When thou 
art pleased to interpose in favour of the 
sinner, his cause is in sure hands: 
there is no danger of refusal on the part 
of heaven, when thy mediation appears 
in his behalf. I rejoice in thy power, 
O glorious Mother of God I look down 
on thy servant from the height of thy 
glory, and by thy power and goodness 
obtain for me from thy j5on, a meek and 

S ure heart that I may serve thee in this 
fe, and by thy powerful intercession, be 
happy with thee hereafter. Amen . Hail 
Mary, j 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 

God regard** Sfc, 


Jot V. — Her throne is next to that cf 
the blessed Trinity. 

Rejoice, O most glorious Virgin I 
siy soul is incapable of containing the 
transport it feels. May the adorable 
Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
be ever blessed, who has distinguished 
thy throne, after so glorious a manner, 
and has fixed thy seat next to that of 
thy divine Son. I rejoice, and my joy 
is above all I can express, in thy glory, 
O glorious Mother of God 1 look down 
sn thy servant, from the height of thy 
glory, and by thy power and goodness 
obtain for me from thy Son, a meek and 
pore heart, that I may serve thee in 
this life and by thy powerful interces- 
sion be happy with thee hereafter. 
Amen. Hail Mary. 

Joy VI. — God regards and loves those 
who love and reverence the Blessed 

Rejoice, O most glorious Virgin ! 
the love the Almighty bears thee ex- 
tends even to those who love and 
reverence thee. Great is their portion, 

Digitized by G00gle 

222 Her Joy and Gbry t fyc. 

happy their lot in particular, who, with 
zeal and affection, promote thy honour 
an.d glory. I rejoice in the favour thou 
enjoyest, O glorious Mother of God I 
look down on thy servant from the 
height of thy glory, and by thy pbwer 
and goodness obtain for me from thy 
Son, a meek and pure heart, that I may 
6erve thee in this life, and by thy power- 
ful intercession be happy with thee 
hereafter. Amen. Hail Mary. 

Joy VII . — Her Joy and Glory is 

Rejoice, O most glorious Virgin ! 
thy essential bliss and happiness, how 
immense soever, will never for all eter- 
nity have an end or diminution, and 
thy accidental joy and complacency 
will ever through all ages increase and 
be augmented. I rejoice in thy pros- 
perity, O glorious Mother of God I 
look down on thy servant from the 
height of thy glory, and by thy power 
and goodness obtain for me from thy 
Son, a meek and pure heart, that I 
may serve thee in this life, and by thy 
powerful intercession be happy with 
thee hereafter* Amen. Hail Mary 

A prayer , ^c. 223 

A prayer to the Blessed Virgin. 

holy Mary, Mother of my God 
and Saviour Jesus Christ, always a 
Virgin, and conceived without the least 
spot of original sin, pray for me now 
and at the hour of my death ; protect 
me in all my undertakings, be to me 
always a comfort and take care of my 
salvation. Next to God, I have placed 
all my confidence in thee, O Mother 
of Mercy I who never wast infected 
with the least stain of sin. 

Thou art all beautiful, O Mary ! and 
the stain of original sin was never in 

May the precious body and blood of 
our Lord Jesus Christ, in the divine 
sacrament of the altar, be my defence 
against my enemies, visible and invisible, 
now and at the hour of my death. 

Praised and honoured for ever be the 
most pure and the most immaculate 
conception of the Virgin Mary, Mother 
of God, preserved through the merits 
of her dear Son, from the stain of ori- 
ginal sin, saved from corruption ir» her 
tomb, exalted to heaven in body and 

221 Other Pious Practices 

soul, and seated above ail pure crea- 

May the angels of mankind eternally 
praise the Lord. O Mother of trod ! 
be mindful of me. 


The Litany of Jesus . 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

God the Father in heaven, have mercy 
upon us. 

God the Son, Redeemer of the 

God the Holy Ghost, 

Holy Trinity, one God, 

Jesus, Son of the living God, 

Jesus, Splendour of the Father, 

Jesus, brightness of eternal Light, 

Jesus, King of Glory, 

Jesus, the Sun of Justice. 

Jesus, Son of the Virgin Mary, 

Digitized by GoOgle 

and Devout Prayers . 225 

Jesus, whose name is called Won- " 

Jesus, the mighty God, 

Jesus the Father of the world to 

Jesus, the Angel of the great 

Jesus, most powerful, 

Jesus, most patient, 

Jesus, most obedient, 

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, 
Jesus, Lover of Chastity, 

Jesus, Lover of us, 

Jesus, the God of Peace, 

Jesus, the Author of Life, 

Jesus, the example of Virtues, 

Jesus, the zealous lover of souls, 

Jesus, our God, 

Jesus, our refuge, 

Jesus, the Father of the Poor, 

Jesus, the treasure of the Faithful, 
Jesus, the good Shepherd, 

Jesus, the true Light, 

Jems, the eternal Wisdom, 

Jesus, infinite Goodness, 

Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and 
the Life, 

Jesus, the Joy of Angels, 

d by Google 


Have merry upon us. 

226 Other Pious Practices 

Jesus, the King of Patriarchs, 
Jesus, the inspirer of the Prophets, 
Jesus, the Master of the Apostles, 
Jesus, the teacher of the £vau- 

Jesus, the Strength of Martyrs, 
Jesus, the Light of Confessors, 
Jesus, the Spouse of Virgins, 

Jesus, the Crown of all Saints, 

Be merciful to us, spare us, O 

Be merciful to us, hear us, O 

From all evil, Lord Jesus deliver 
From all sin, 

From thy wrath, 

From the snares of the devil. 

From the spirit of uncleanness, 
From everlasting death, 

From a neglect of thy holy inspi- 

Through the mystery of thy most 
holy incarnation, 

Through thy nativity, 

Through thy divine infancy, 
Through thy sacred life, 










Digitized by (jOOglc 

and devout Prayers . 227 

Through thy labours and travails, 
Through thy agony and bloody 

Through thy cross and passion, 
Thrdugh thy pains and torments, 
Through thy death and burial, 

Through thy glorious resurrection. 
Through thy admirable ascension, 
Through thy joys and glory, 

In the day of judgment, 

Lamb, of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, Spare us, O Lord 
Jesus . 

Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, Hear vs, O Lord 
Jesus . 

Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, Have mercy upon 
us, O Lord Jesus . 

Christ Jesus, hear us, Christ Jesus, 
graciously hear us. 

Let us pray . 

O God, who hast appointed thy only 
begotten Son the Saviour of mankind, 
and hast commanded that he should be 
called Jesus; mercifully grant that we 
piay enjoy his happy vision in heaven 

Digitized by GoO^lC 

228 Other pious Practices 

whose holy name we venerate upon 
earth: who with thee and the Holy 
Ghost, liveth and reigneth, world with- 
out end. Amen. 


The Verside, Resp . and Prayer of 
the Blessed Sacrament 

V. Thou hast given them bread from 

R. Replenished with all sweetuess 
and delight. 

Let us Pray . 

O God, who hast left us in this won- 
derful sacrament a perpetual memorial 
of thy passion; grant us, we beseech 
thee, so to reverence the sacred mys- 
teries of thy body and blood, that we 
may continually find in our souls the 
fruit of our redemption ; who livest and 
reign est, &c. 

The Versicle, Resp . and Prayer for 
Thanksgiving . 

V. Let us bless the Father, with tlve 
Son and the Holy Ghost. 

R. Let us praise and extol him for 

Digitized by GoOglc 


and devout Prayers 
Lei ui Pray. 

O God, of whose mercies there is 
no number, and of whose goodness the 
treasure is infinite, we humbly thank 
thy divine Majesty for the gifts thou 
hast bestowed on us, ever beseeching 
thy clemency, that as thou gran test 
our requests when we humbly ask thee, 
so thou wilt not forsake us, but dispose 
us for the rewards of the life to come : 
through our Lord, &c. 

A devout prayer to Jeeus 

Lord Jesus I through the bitterness 
thou suiferedst for me on the cross, 
chiefly when thy blessed soul departed 
from thy body, have mercy on my soul 
now and at its departure from this 
world, that it may be admitted to life 
everlasting. Amen. 

“ Csesarius relates in his twelfth Book 
of Miracles, that a holy religious, by 
reciting the above-mentioned prayer as 
often as he passed by an image of Christ 
crucified, obtained to go to heaven with- 
out passing through purgatory.’' 


, y Google 

230 Other pious Practices 

A prayer in Honour of the five 

O Lord Jesns Christ, by the five 
wounds thou wast pleased to receive 
upon the cross for the love of me, help 
me thy servant, whom thou hast re- 
deemed with thy precious blood. — 

The passion of our Lord Jesus Christ 
distributed into its proper hours. 

At six dClock. 

Jesus sends two of his disciples 
to prepare the passover ; he celebrates 
his last supper, and lays open the great 
desire he always had of eating the pass- 
over with them. 

At seven o Clock. 

Jesus washes the feet of his dis- 
ciples, and institutes the sacrament of 
his love. 


and devout Prayers* 231 
At eight o' Clock. 

Jesus makes his last sermon, and 
foretells his apostles what was to happen 
to them. 

At nine o Clock. 

Jssu8 in the Garden of Olives, 
withdrawing from his disciples and 
prostrate with his face to the ground, 
addresses bis heavenly Father in the 
following words : Father , if it be pos- 
sible, let this chalice pass from me; yet 
not my will but thine be done . 

At ten oClock . 

Jesus visits his disciples, and find- 
ing them asleep, returns to his prayer. 
His agony begins, and his sweat be- 
comes as drops of blood , trickling down 
upon the ground . 

At eleven o' Clock. 

Jesus is overwhelmed with com- 
passion and bitterly laments the loss of 
so many souls. He is comforted by an 


232 Other pious Practices 

At Midnight, 

The Son of God is betrayed by Ju- 
das with a kiss, and loaded with chains, 
then conducted in an opprobrious man- 
ner through the streets of Jerusalem. 

At one o Clock, 

Jesus is conducted to Annas, where 
he receives a blow on the face from a 
soldier. He answers the person with 

At two o Clock 

Jesus is accused before Caiaphas; 
answers nothing in his own justification; 
being conjured in the name of God to 
speak, he obeys, and is given up during 
the rest of the night to the cruelty of 
the soldiers. 

At three o Clock. 

The soldiers lead Jesus into a dark 
prison. In passing through the court, 
he is witness of Peter’* denial ; this, 
together with the treachery and despair 
of Judas, gave a most sensible wound 
to his tender heart, as commg from an 
intimate and bosom friend. 

Digitized by GoOgle 

and devout Prayei s. 


At four o Clock. 

Jesus is brought before Pilate, and 
accused by the Jews. He keeps a 
profound silence. 

At Jive o'Cloch. 

Jesus is sent to Herod, where he is 
mocked by the whole court, clothed in 
a white garment, and treated as a fool. 

At six o'Clock. 

Jesus is sent back to Pilate, who, 
to make more sure of his deliverance, 
puts him in competition with Barabbas. 
The Jews give the preference to the 

At seven o' Clock. 

Jesus is stript, bound to a pillar, 
and most cruelly whipt, the blood run- 
ning down on all sides, which he offers 
to his Heavenly Father in order to wash 
away our sins. 

At eight o'Clock. 

Jesus is clothed in a purple robe. 
A crown of thorns is put on his head, 

Digitized by Google 

234 Other pious Practices 

and a reed in his right hand by way of 
sceptre. The soldiers, out of contempt 
and derision, salute him King of the 

At nine o' Clock. 

Pilate shows Jesus to the people, 
clothed like a mock King, with a Be- 
hold the Man , behold your King . 

At ten o'Cloch . 

Pilate washes his hands. The 
Jews cry out: His blood be upon us. 
Pilate, overcome by human respect, con- 
demns Jesus, and gives him up to the 
cruelty of the Jews. 

At eleven o' Clock. 

Jesus carries his cross, and often 
falls under the weight of it : he is met 
by his holy Mother, and the other de- 
vout women. 

At Mid-dap. 

Jesus is nailed to the cross, and 
lifted up between two thieves. 

oy Google 

and detout Prayer*. 235 


At one o Clock. 

Jssus prays for his enemies, and 
says to the good thief : This day thou 
shalt be with me in Paradise . 

At two d Clock. 

Jesus bequeaths his dearly beloved 
Mother, to his favourite disciple, St. 
John, and in him to us all, to be our 
Mother ; and in sometime after address- 
ing himself to his heavenly Father says : 
My Ood / my Ood t why hast thou for- 
saken ms t and then, I thirst 

At three o'Clock. 

Jesus seeing the Scriptures were 
fulfilled, says : It is consummated. 

The soldiers divide his garments, and 
Jesus cried out with a loud voice : 
Father , into thy hands I commend my 
spirit ; then bowing down his head 

At four o’Cloek. 

Jesus’ side is opened with a spear. 
Those who had assisted at his death, 
return, striking their breasts. 

^ Digitized by GoOgle 

236 An Angelical Exercise 
At five o 9 Clock . 

Joseph and Nicodemus take down 
the body of Jesus from the cross ; the 
blessed Virgin receives it into her arms, 
and her soul is pierced with inexpres- 
sible grief. The body of Jesus is em- 
balmed, wrapped up in clean linen, and 
buried in a new sepulchre, wherein no 
one had been laid before . 

An Angelical Exercise in Honour of 
our Blessed Lady . 

“Whosoever is devoted to this 
exercise in honour of the blessed Virgin 
Mary, on reading over every point, 
may meditate upon it for the space of 
one Hail Mary or more ; and by God’s 
grace, he will in a short time find 
himself greatly increase in love towards 
that blessed Queen of Heaven ; and at 
the hour of death will, by so pious a 
mother, be received as her dearest 
&hild. Nor can such a one, according 
St. Anselm and St. Bernard, possi- 
bly perish, but shall find life everlasting, 
and taste of the joys of eternal bliss.” 

Digitized by GoOgle 

An Angelical Exercise . 237 

Sunday . 

* I ah the Mother of beautiful love, 
Ego mater pulchrce deleclionis 9 Eccl. 24, 
eays the glorious Virgin Mary, Mother 
of God, Will you, my dear child, 
serve me faithfully all your life, as St. 
Anselm, St. Bernard, St. Agnes, and 
an infinite number of 'Others, my blessed 
children have done? I promise you, 
in the sincerity of a mother, that you 
shall with them, enjoy a heavenly beati- 
tude for all eternity. And the more 
to encourage you thereunto, my dear 
child, I assure you with a heart truly 
maternal, that never eye has seen, nor 
ear has heard, nor heart of man has 
conceived, what God has prepared for 
all those who faithfully serve his blessed 

Say here an Hail Mary , and then pause 
a little before you give the answer . 

Yes, most dear Mother I both now 
and all the days of my life, will f both 
serve, love, and honour you, and rever- 
ence you on my knees, 0 sacred Vir- 

Digitized by GoOgle 

238 An Angelical Exercise . 

gin Mary ! daughter of the sovereign 
Emperor; and together with all the 
angels and celestial spirits in heaven, I 
will bless and praise you infinitely, for 
that yon have been so admirably chosen 
to he the Mother of God from all eter- 
nity. Hail Mary. 

Behold, all nations do call me 
blessed, Ecce enim ex hoc beatam me 
dicent omnes generaliones , Luc. i. 49. 
says the glorious Mother of God. Will 
you, my dear child, serve me as did 
the faithful servant Venerable Alphon- 
bus, of the holy society of my son Jesus, 
who daily recited, with unspeakable 
content of his soul, my holy rosary, 
my litanies, the office of my immaculate 
conception, twelve Salves in my honour, 
to the end that, by my intercession, 
he might not fall into sin, from which I 
freed him ; and 1 will likewise deliver 
you, my dear child. And I do further 
assure you with a heart truly maternal, 
that all such prayers and devotions are 
very pleasing unto me, and also unto my 
beloved Son Jesus. Hail Mary.* 

oy Google 

An Angelical Exercise* 2SU 

Yes, my most dear mother! I will 
serve you, and endeavour to please you, 
seeing that such is your pleasure. And 
I reverence you, O sacred Virgin Mary ! 
celestial spouse of the Holy Ghost ; and 
together with all the angels, infinitely 
bless, praise, and magnify you, who have 
found all grace, having been immacu- 
lately conceived, without any blemish 
or spot of original sin, all holy and pure, 
fair as the moon, chosen as the pun. 
Pulchra ut luna 9 electa ut sol. Cant, 
vi. 9. Hail Mary. 

Monday . 

I am the Queen of Virgins, Fegina 
Virginum, says the glorious Mother of 
God. Will you, my dear child, re- 
main a virgin all your life, and live, as 
it were an angel in flesh, as did my 
dearly beloved son Aloysius Gonzaga, 
St. Agnes, St. Catherine, and a thou- 
sand others my devoted children, who 
have rather chosen to lose their lives 
than their virginity 1 I will love you as 
I love them, and cherish you as I 


240 An Angelical Exercise. 

cherish the angels, and, if it be possible, 
more than the angels themselves ; and 
moreover, my child, I will obtain your 
name shall be written in the book of 
the blessed ; and assure you with a heart 
truly maternal, that, at your death, you 
will wish you had been the most chaste 
and holy in the world. Think well upon 
it, and resolve the best. Hail Mary. 

Yes, my most dear Mother, I desire 
to be pure all my life, as well in body 
as soul. I do, I say, most humbly 
desire it and most earnestly beseech 
you, dear Lady, to obtain for me that 
which you so much recommend unto 
me. I do here prostrate, reverence 
you/O sacred Virgin Mary, Mother 
of the Word incarnate I and together 
with the holy thrones, and all celestial 
spirits, ever bless and praise you in- 
finitely, the Morning Star, Stella Ma- 
tutina ; for that you the most beautiful 
of all creatures, were the first that 
did vow perpetual chastity, prepar- 
ing the way to so many virginal 
souls, which have already followed. 

Digitized by Google 

An Angelical Exercise . 241 

and shall hereafter follow you in so 
high, so glorious, and so divine an en- 
terprise. Hail Mary. 

J am the Mother of divine Grace, 
Mater divines gratia, says the glorious 
Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Will 
you, my dear child, partake with me 
of my greatness, as did Charles the 
son of St Bridget, who took so great 
a pleasure that God has chosen me for 
his mother, that he would not have 
left, or exchanged the same for all the 
delights of the world besides. Where- 
fore at his death I attended for the de- 
parture of his soul, to conduct and 
lead it into paradise. And I will do 
the like for yep, my dear child; and 
also assure you, with a heart truly ma 
temal, that I will be present at you 
death; and although you had, as it 
were, one foot in hell, yet would I draw 
you out, and defend you against your 
enemies. Hail Mary. 

Yes, my most dear Mother ! I will 
always rejoice at those great gifts which 
Aimighty God has bestowed upon you. 

, y Google 

2-1-2 An Angelical Exercise. 

and which, if it were possible that any 
one could deprive you of, I would 
hinder him, although I were for the 
same to suffer the most grievous tor- 
ments and punishments of the world. 
And I reverence you, O sacred Virgin 
Mary, great miracle of glory! and 
together with all the celestial powers, 
bless and praise you infinitely, Mother 
of Mercy! because you are the true 
Mother of Christ Jesus, Son of the 
eternal Father. 

Tuesday . 

I am the Mother of Mercy, Mater 
misericordice , says the glorious Mother 
of God. Will you love me, my dear 
child, as did my favdfcite St. Stanis- 
laus ? He loved me as his mother, and 
I loved him as my child. He gave me 
all that he had, and I gave him all that 
he desired. He offered me his heart, 
and I presented him my little Jesu3 ; 
and at last I called him unto me to be 
present at the feast of my glorious 
assumption. I will be as sincere and 
faithful a mother unto you, and assure 
you, with a heart truly maternal, that 


An Angelical Exermse. 

if you love me sincerely as you ought, 
your love shall prove an evident sign of 
predestination to a most blessed and 
everlasting life. Hail Mary. 

Yes, my most dear mother! I will 
ever love you most faithfully. And my 
heart does even leap for joy, and my 
soul is ravished in conceiving so great 
a sweetness of so tender a mother. 
Show yourself, O dear Lady ! a mother 
to me, and here at this present 1 de- 
clare myself your child for ever, and 
moreover do reverence you, O sacred 
Virgin Mary I the delight of heaven, 
and together with all the celestial vir- 
tues,, bless, praise, and magnify you, 
most amiable Mother I for having been 
sodivinely illustrated by the Holy Ghost 
in the incarnation of the Son of God. 
Hail Mary. 

I am the help and aid of Christians, 
Auxilium Chrutianorum, says the glo- 
rious Mother of God. Will you, my 
dear child, wholly confide in me, and 
call upon me in your necessities, as did 
my dear daughter St. Mary of Kgypt, 
who, although once a wicked woman, 

Digitized by GoOgle 

244 An Angelical Exercise. 

and buried in all vice, found me the 
refuge of sinners ; and as the penitent 
Theophilus did, who, after he had de- 
nied me, falsified bis faith to God, 
done homage to the devil, renounced 
his part in paradise, signed his damna- 
tion with his own blood, in writing, 
and in a manner already plunged in 
the very bottom of hell, yet had he 
recourse to me, and was by me again 
reconciled to my Son, received into his 
favour, grace and protection. And who 
has ever heard of a greater wonder ? I 
will in the same manner assist yon, my 
dear child, and assure you, with a heart 
truly maternal, that I will plead for you 
in all your necessities, and will avert 
from you all the anger and indignation 
of my Son. Hail Mary. 

Yes, my most dear Mother I I will 
always confide in you ; and although I 
were as perfidious as Judas or Cain, yet 
if you be once pleased to undertake my 
cause, I shall never despair. And I do 
reverence you, O sacred Virgin Mary I 
happy gate of heaven, and together 
with all the principalities of the celes. 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 

An Angelical Exercise . 245 

tial court, I bless and praise you in- 
finitely, for that you have been found 
worthy to be the most faithful and 
humble handmaid of the most Holy 
Trinity. Hail Mary. 


I am an amiable and loving Mother, 
Mater amabilis , says the glorious Vir- 
gin Mary, Mother of God. Will you, 
my dear child, do something this day 
in my honour ? For you must know f 
that I leave nothing, though of ever 
so little value, unrecompensed, which 
is done in my honour, as Troilus Saveli i, 
a young Baron of Rome, though a 
great and enormous sinner, can well 
testify, who, at the end of his life, 
being beheaded for his wickedness, 
obtained by my favour so perfect con- 
trition and remission for his sins, that 
he died like a saint, for having never 
failed to say, once a-day on his bare 
knees, one Ave Maria in my honour. I 
assure you, in the sincerity of a mother, 
that, at the hour of your death, being 
forsaken of all your friends, you will 

Digitized by GoOgle 

246 An Angelical Salutation* * 

wish to have performed all things pos- 
sible to obtain my grace and favour. 
Hail Mary. 

Yes, my dear Mother I both to-day 
and all the days of my life will I say 
in your honour, on my knees, an Ave 
Maria at least, and I reverence you, 
O sacred Virgin Mary, distributor of 
all good, and with all the dominations 
of the celestial court, bless and praise 
you infinitely, whom I love more than 
my life, for that you have in this wotfd 
been ever united in love to your Be- 
loved, exempt and free from all terres- 
trial uncleanness, and always wrapt in 
contemplation. Hail Mary. 

I am the Mother of the Almighty, 
Mater Dei, says the glorious Virgin 
Mary. • O how happy are you, my dear 
child, to watch at the entry of my 
door. Hearken then to the command- 
ment of your Mother, and write it in 
your heart. Will you confess your sins 
and communicate every eight days, ac- 
cording to the advice of your ghostly 
Father. St. Catherine of Sienna, and 
St. Agnes of Tuscany, the beloved 

Digitized by Google 

An Angelical Salutation. 247 

spouses of my dear Son Jesus, did com- 
municate almost everv day, whereby 
they have been admirable in all* virtue, 
and have received manna from heaven, 
the true food of celestial people. I do 
assure you, my dear child, in the sin- 
cerity of a loving mother, that this is 
the most ready way to become perfect, 
and the best expedient for obtaining 
heaven. Hail Mary. 

Yes, my most dear Mother! it is 
my great desire to bathe often my sonl 
in tears, and in the blood of your dear 
Son Jesus, by confessing my sins, and 
communicating every eight days, and 
especially upon all your feasts, and 
those of your blessed Son, which I 
will perform, as near as I can, with all 
diligence and devotion. And I do re- 
verence you, O blessed Virgin Mary ! 
great abyss of grace, and together with 
the cherubim, bless and praise thee in- 
finitely, whom I love more than my own 
heart, for that you have been so liberally 
endowed with all sort of virtues in the 
most supreme degree of excellency. 
Hail Mar 

3y Google 

248 An Angelical Exercise. 


I am the empress of the universe, 
says the glorious Mother of God. Will 
you, my dear child, every day, both 
morning and evening, make a firm pur- 
pose rather to endure any loss, wrong, 
or death whatsoever, than once sin 
mortally ? St. Anselm of Canterbury, 
had rather gone to hell than offend God. 
And the blessed Aloysius Gonzaga 
would not even speak alone with his 
own mother, for fear of the least danger 
of offence. Will you then imitate the 
example of these holy persons? At 
the hour of your death, when those 
who are found without offence shall 
be saved, then will you wish to have 
been such an one as the forename^ and 
divers others were. Say then, will you 
be such an one even now ! Hail Mary. 

Yes, my most dear Mother! I do 
here firmly purpose, by the grace of 
God, before your blessed Son Jesus, 
my sweet Redeemer, rather to die a 
thousand deaths, than once to olfond 

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Digitized I 

An Angelical Exercise. 249 

God mortally. And I do reverence 
you, O sacred Virgin Mary! Queen 
of heaven and earth ; and together 
with the burning seraphim bless and 
praise you infinitely, whom I love more 
than my own soul, for that both heaven, 
earth, and hell, by your dear Son’s com- 
mandment, do obey your beck. Hail 

I am the paradise of Pleasure, says 
the glorious Mother of God. Will 
you make my greatness known in every 
place where you shall come, my dear 
child ? All such as have been virtuous 
in this life have done the like, and have 
carried my name throughout the world, 
even into many heathen and barbarous 
countries, as my dearest son and servant 
Xaverius, and others of his holy society 
have done, thinking themselves most 
nappy in being employed in so noble an 
embassy. I assure you, in the sincerity 
of a Mother, that if you knew how 
much that pleases v\e you would not 
fail continually and incessantly to do it 
to the utmost of your power. Hail 


250 An Angelical Exercise . f 

Yes, my dear Mother ! I do wish and 
most heartily desire the same. Oh I 
let your sacred name, as also the name 
of your blessed Son, be ever in my 
mouth, and fast sealed up in my heart. 
And I reverence you, O most benign 
Mother I seat of divine Wisdom ; and 
together with all the holy patriarchs, 
prophets, martyrs, virgins, and all the 
celestial spirits in heaven, do bless and 
praise you infinitely, for that you are 
placed in the high throne of glory* 
above all pure creatures, at the right 
hand of your beloved, in the celestial 
paradise. Hail Mary. 

Friday . 

I am the mirror of purity, says the 
glorious Mother of God. Will you, 
my dear child, daily examine diligently 
your conscience, and never go to sleep 
in mortal sin ? Surely it is the way to 
live here in this life in great tranquillity 
and joy of spirit, having always your 
soul ready in your hand to render it up 
pure to Him who has created it td his 
own image, and redeemed it with bu 

Digitized by GoOgle 

An Angelical Exerciu 261 ' 

precious blood. I assure you, in the 
sincerity of a mother, that it were better 
to sleep among serpents, dragons, ba- 
silisks, and even the very devils them- 
selves, than to rest one night in mortal 
sin. And moreover at the hour of your 
death, seeing then the ugliness of sin, 
you will find I have told you true. 
Hail Mary. 

Yes, my most dear Mother t I will 
look into my sins with a bitterness of 
soul, and search diligently all the cor- 
ners of my conscience every day, once 
at least, before I go to rest. And I 
reverence you, O sacred Virgin Mary, 
the holy ark of the covenant ; and to- 
gether with all the good thoughts of all 
good men upon earth and all the blessed 
spirits of heaven, do bless and praise 
you infinitely, for that you are the great 
mediatrix between God and man, ob- 
taining for sinners all they can ask and 
demand of the blessed Trinity. Hail 

J am the Protectress of my servants, 
says the glorious Mother of God Give 

252 An Angelical Exercise. 

me your heart, my dear child, and if 
it be as hard as a dint, I will make it 
as soft as wax; and if it be more foul 
and loathsome than dirt, I will rendet 
it more dear and beautiful than crys- 
tal. My blessed servant Ignatius gave 
me one day power over his heart, and I 
did render it so chaste and strong, that 
he never after felt any motion of the 
flesh all his life. Give me your heart, 
my child, and tell me, in the sincerity 
of a true son, how much you love me, 
your chaste Mother I Hail Mary. 

O my most dear Mother ! ) love you 
more than my tongue can express, and 
more than my very soul can conceive. 
And I reverence you, O sacred Virgin 
Mary I and together with the holy Tri- 
nity bless and praise you infinitely, for 
that you are worthy t>f so many praises, 
as none can, no not yourself, conceive 
the same. I praise and magnify you a 
thousand times, and ten thousand time? 
1 bless that sacred womb of yours, whidi 
bore the Son of the eternal Father. 
Hail Mary. 

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Saturday . 

Twelve % Hail Marys in honour of the 

twelve Privileges of our blessed Lady . 


1. O Mother of most beautiful 
love I O glorious Mother of God I when 
shall it be that I may enjoy thy presence 
in heaven, to serve you most sincerely ? 
Hail Mary. 

2* O Most blessed among all wo- 
men 1 when shall I freely praise and 
bless you, together with the thrice holy 
and blessed spirits, without distraction, 
intermission, or without any care at all ? 
Hail Mary. 

3. Blessed Queen of Virgins * * 
choose you for the faithful keeper ana 
guardian of my chastity. I commend 
the same unto you above all other things, 
I commend it wholly into you, O Most 
sacred Virgin ! Hail Mary. 

4. O Mother of divine grace i 
l ow great is your mercy l and how en 


254 Twelve Hail Marys . 

dearing are your favours to those your 
servants and children that do heartily 
love you ! Hail Mary. 

5. O Mother of Mercy ! I hum- 
bly beseech you to pray unto your dear 
Son incessantly, that he will keep me 
all the days of my life from falling into 
mortal sin. Hail Mary. 

6. O Help of Christians! how sweet 
and beneficial is your sacred name, and 
how ready is your succour to those who 
call upon you in tribulation. Hail 

7. O Most amiable Mother! and 
above all things most lovely I how good 
a thing it is to please you, and to be al- 
ways doing something in your honour ! 
Hail Mary. 

8. O Glorious Mother of sweet 
Jesus! give me perseverance, and a firm 
will to reconcile myself weekly to your 
Son, and often to receive his most pre- 
cious body and blood. Hail Mary. 

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Twelve Hail Marys . 

2. O Empress of the universal 
World ! give me force and strength to 
execute this my good purpose, rather to 
die a thousand times than once to offend 
thy blessed Son mortally. Hail Mary. 

10. O Refuge of sinners 1 give me 
a hearty desire to fly sin above all things, 
and that I may never rest or repose in a 
mortal offence. Hail Mary. 

11. O Paradise of pleasure I my 
most singular and assumed Advocatrix, if 
at the hour of death you undertake my 
cause, I shall not need to fear or be 
confounded, but shall bless and praise 
you eternally. Hail Mary. 

12. O MofHER of the living, and 
singularly beloved of those who are de- 
vout unto you! I offer unto you my 
heart and all the affections thereof. — 
Show yourself a mother unto me, I 
beseech you, at the hour of my death. 
And whilst I live, give me a sincere 
love and affection towards you ; for 
those who love you can no wise perish 
Hail Mary. 

„ * . ** 


256 The Litany of Loretto. 

Thefbrm of admission into the 
Socialites of our Blessed Lady* 

Holy Mary, Virgin Mother of God ! 
I, N. N. this day choose thee for my 
Mother, Queen, Patroness, and Advo- 
cate, and I firmly resolve and purpose 
never to depart, either by word or 
action, from the duty I owe thee, or 
suffer those committed to my charge to 
say or do any thing against thy honour. 
Receive me, therefore, as thy servant 
for ever : assist me in all the actions of 
my whole life, and forsake me not in 
the hour of my death. Amen. 

The Litany of our Lady of Loretto. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

God the Father of heaven, have mercy 
upon us. 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world 
have mercy upon u*. 


The Litany cf LoreUo . 257 

God the Holy Ghost, have mercy upon 

Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy 
upon us. 

Holy Mary, 

Holy Mother of God, 

Holy Virgin of Virgins, 

Mother of Christ, 

Mother of Divine Grace, 

Mother most pure, 

Mother most chaste, 

Mother undefiled. 

Mother untouched, 

Mother most amiable, 

Mother most admirable, 

Mother of our Creator, 

Mother of our Redeemer, 

Virgin most prudent, 

Virgin most venerable. 

Virgin most renowned, 

Virgin most powerful, 

Virgin most merciful. 

Virgin most faithful. 

Mirror of Justice, 

Seat of Wisdom, 

Cause of our joy, 

Spiritual Vessel, 

Vessel of Honour, 

Digitized by G< ■ e 

Pray fir mj. 

258 The Litany of Loretta. 

Vessel of singular devotion, 

Mystical Rose, 

Tower of David, 

Tower of Ivory, 

House of Gold, 

Ark of the Covenant, 

Gate of Heaven, 

Morning Star, 

Health of the Weak, 

Refuge of Sinners, 

Comforter of the afflicted, 

Help of Christians, 

Queen of Angels, 

Queen of Patriarchs, 

Queen of Prophets, 

Queen of Apostles, 

Queen of Martyrs, 

Queen of Confessors, 

Queen of Virgins, 

Queen of all saints, 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins 
of the world, spare us, O Lord. 
Lamb of God, who takest away the sins 
of the «world, graciously hear us, O 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins 
- of the world, have mercy upon us. 


Pray for us. 

Prayer . 


Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
'Christ, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

1 Our Father, dec. 


We fly to thy patronage, O Holy 
Mother of God! despise not our pe- 
titions in our necessities, but deliver us 
from all dangers, O ever glorious and 
blessed Virgin. 

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of 

R. That we may be made worthy of 
• the promises of Christ. 

Let us Pray . 

Defend, we beseech thee, O Lord ! 
by the intercession of the blessed Virgin 
Mary, this thy family from all adversity I 
and as with our whole heart we lie pros- 
trate before thee, mercifully protect us 
from the snares of our enemies, through 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

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O almighty eternal God ! who did 
prepare the body and soul of the glori- 
ous Virgin Mary, that, by the co-oper- 
ation of the Holy Ghost, she might 
become a worthy dwelling for thy Son, 
grant, that as we rejoice in her com- 
memoration, so, by her pious interces- 
sion, we may be delivered both from 
present evils aijd everlasting death, 
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. 
Amen . 

Grant, O Lord, we beseech thee, that 
we thy servants may enjoy perpetual 
health of mind and body, and that by 
the glorious intercession of the ever 
blessed Virgin Mary we may be deliver- 
ed from present sorrows, and possess 
everlasting joys, through our Lord Jesus 

Bestow on thy servants, we beseech 
thee, O Lord, the gift of heavenly grace 
that the solemnity or commemoration of 
the Blessed Virgin’s Conception may 
be an increase of peace to those who by 
her faithfulness have found thobeginning 
of salvation through our Lord Jesus 
Christ. Amen. 

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The Angelm Domini. 

1. The angel of the Lord declared 
unto Mary, and she conceived of the 
Holy Ghost. Hail Mary, &c. 

2. Behold the handmaid of the Lord ; 
may it be done unto me according to thy 
word. Hail Mary, See. 

3. And the Word was made flesh, and 
dwelt among us. Hail Mary, &c. 

Let us pray . 

Pour forth, we beseech thee, O 
Lord ! thy grace into our hearts, that 
we, to whom the incarnation of Christ 
thy Son was made known by the mes- 
sage of an angel, may, by his passion 
and cross, be brought to the glory of his 
resurrection, through the same Christ 
our Lord. Amen . 

“ Our holy Father Benedict XIII., 
has granted a hundred days’ indulgence 
to the faithful, each time they should 
recite the Angelus Domini , &c., on their 
knees, with devotion and sorrow for 
their sins. 

“ His said holiness grants also a 
plenary indulgence to all those who 


262 The Thirty Days' Prayer . 

having every day during thye space of 
a whole month, recited the said Angelas 
Domini , &e., shall confess and communi- 
cate upon some one day left to their 
choice in the following month, praying 
for union among Christian princes, for 
the extirpation 4 of heresy, and the exal- 
tation of our holy Mother the Church.” 
The brief for this indulgence is dated 
the 14th September, 1724. 


To the B. V. Mary , in honour of the 
sacred Passion of our Lord Jesus 
Christ , by the devout recital of which , 
for the above space of time , we may 
mercifully hope to obtain our lawful 

# # # It is particularly recommended as a 
proper devotion for every day in Lent, and 
aU the Fridays throughout the year. 

Ever glorious and blessed Mary, 
Queen of Virgins, Mother of Mercy, 
hope and comfort of dejected and de- 
solate souls, through that sword of sorrow 
which pierced thy tender heart whilst 

Digitized by (jOOglC 

The Thirty Days' Prayer, 263 

thine only Son Jesus Christ our Lord 
suffered death and ignominy on the 
cross ; through the filial tenderness 
and pure lore he had for thee, grieving 
in thy grief, whilst from his cross he 
recommended thee to the care and pro- 
tection of his beloved disciple 8aint 
John, take pity, I beseech thee, on 
my poverty and necessities ; have com- 
passion on my anxieties and cares; 
assist and comfort me in all my infir- 
mities and miseries of what kind soever. 
Thou art the Mother of Mercy, the 
sweet consolatrix and only refuge of 
the needy and the orphan, of the de- 
solate and the afflicted. Cast therefore 
an eye of pity on a miserable forlorn 
child of Eve, and hear my prayer ; for 
since in just punishment of my sins, 
1 find myself encompassed by a multi- 
tude of evils, and oppressed with much 
anguish of spirit, whither can I fly for 
more secure shelter, O amiable Mother 
of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 
than under the wings of thy maternal 
protection. Attend, therefore, I be- 
seech thee, with an ear of pity and 
compassion, to my humble and earnest 

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264 The Thirty Days' Prayer . 

request. I ask It, through the bowels 
of itiercy of thy dear Son : through 
that love and condescension wherewith 
he embraced our nature, when, in com- 
pliance with the divine will, thou 
gavest thy consent, and whom, after 
the expiration of nine months, thou 
didst bring forth from the chaste en- 
closure of thy womb, to visit this world 
and bless it with his presence. I ask 
it, through the anguish of mind where- 
with thy beloved Son, our dear Saviour, 
was overwhelmed on Mount Olivet, 
when he besought his eternal Father to 
remove from him , if possible, the hit - 
ter chalice of his future passion. I ask 
it, through the three-fold repetition of 
his prayer in the garden, from whence 
afterwards with dolorous steps and 
mournful tears, thou didst accompany 
him to the doleful theatre of his death 
and sufferings. I ask it, through the 
welts and sores of his virginal flesh, 
occasioned by the cords and whips 
wherewith he was bound and scourged, 
when stript of his seamless garment, 
for which his executioners afterwards 
cast lots, I ask it, through the scoffs and 


The Thirty Days' Pr yer 

ignominies by which he was Insulted ; 
the false accusations and unjust sentence 
by which he was condemned to death, 
and which he bore with heavenly pa- 
tience. 1 ask it, through his bitter tears 
and bloody sweat ! his silence and resig- 
nation; his sadness and grief of heart. 
1 ask it, through the blood which trickled 
from his royal and sacred head, when 
struck with his sceptre of a reed, and 
pierced with his crown of thorns. 1 ask 
it, through the excruciating torments 
he suffered, when his hands and feet 
were fastened with gross nails to the 
tree of the cross. I ask it, through his 
vehement thirst, and bitter potion of 
vinegar and gall. 1 ask it, through his 
dereliction on the cross, when he exr 
claimed, My God! My God! why 
hast thou forsaken me? I ask it, 
through his mercy extended to the good 
thief, and through his recommending 
bis precious soul and spirit into the 
hands of his eternal Father before he 
expired, saying, all is finished. I 
ask it, through the blood mixed with 
water, which issued from his sacred 
side when pierced with a lance, 

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266 The Thirty Days Prayer « 

whence a flood of grace and mercy, 
bath flowed to ns. I ask it, through 
his immaculate life, bitter passion, and * 
ignominious death on the cross, at which 
nature itself was thrown into convul- 
sions, by the bursting of rocks, rend- 
ing of the veil of the temple, the earth- 
quake and darkness of the sun and 
moon. I ask it, through his descent 
into hell, where he comforted the saints 
of the old law with his presence, and' 
led captivity captive. I ask it, through . 
his glorious victory over death, when he 
rose again into life on the third day; 
and through the joy which his appear- 
ance for forty days after gave thee, 
his blessed mother, his apostles and 
the rest of his disciples, when in thine 
and their presence he miraculously as- 
cended into heaven. I ask it, through 
the grace of the Holy Ghost, infused 
into the hearts of the disciples, when 
he descended upon them in the form of 
fiery tongues, and by which they were 
inspired with zeal in the conversion of 
the world, when they went to preach 
the gospel. I ask it, through the 
awfol appearance of thy Son at the last 

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The Thirty Days 'Prayer \ 267 

dreadful day, when he shall come to 
judge the living and the dead, and the 
world by fire, i ask it, through the 
compassion he bore thee iu this life, 
aud the ineffable joy thou didst feel at 
thine assumption into heaven, where 
thou art eternally absorbed in the sweet 
con tempi ado ii of his divine perfections. 
- O glorious and ever blessed Virgin I 
comfort the Heart of thy suppliant, 
by obtaining for me, # aud as 1 am 
persuaded .my divine Saviour doth 
honour }thee as his beloved Mother, to 
w hom he tan, refuse nothing, so let me 
speedily experience the efficacy of thy 
powmfnlr intercession, according to the 
tenderness of thy maternal, affection, 

, and ; his filial loving heart who merci- 
fully gruuteth the requests* aud com- 
plieth with the desires of those that 
love and fear him. Wherefore, O most 
blessed virgin 1 beside the object of my 
present petition, and whatever else I 

* Here mention or reflect on your lawful 
request, under the reservation of its being 
agreeable to the will of God, who sees whe- 
ther it will contribute towards your spiritual 
good. s 


268 The Thirty Days Prayer \ 

may stand in need of, obtain for me 
also of thy dear Son, our Lord and our 
God, a lively faith, firm hope, perfect 
charity, true contrition of heart, un- 
feigned tears of compunction, sincere 
confession, condign satisfaction, absti- 
nence from sin, the love of God and 
my neighbour, contempt of the world, 
patience to suffer affronts and ignomi- 
nies, nay even, if necessary, an op- 
probrious death itself, for the love of 
thy Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Ob- 
tain likewise for me, O sacred Mother 
of God I perseverance in good works, 
performance of good resolutions, mor- 
tification of self-will, a pious conver- 
sation through life, and at my last 
moments, a strong and sincere repen- 
tance, accompanied by such a lively 
and attentive presence of mind, as may 
enable me to receive th&last sacraments 
of the Church worthily, and die in thy 
friendship and favour. Lastly, obtain, 
I beseech thee, for the souls of my pa- 
rents, brethren, relations, and benefac- 
tors, both living and dead, life everlast- 
ing. Amen . 

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The fifteen Mysteries to be meditated 
wpon in saying the Rosary . 

The five joyful Mysteries, 1. The 
annunciation of the angel Gabriel, and 
the incarnation* of the Son of God in 
the womb of the blessed Virgin. 2. The 
visitation of St. Elizabeth. 3. The na- 
tivity or birth of our Lord. 4. The 
presentation of onr Lord in the temple, 
and the purification of his blessed Mo- 
ther. 5. His being found in the temple 
in the midst of the doctors, after having 
been lost three days by his mother and 
her chaste spouse St. Joseph. 

The five dolours , or sorrowful Myste- 
ries. 1. The prayer of our Lord in the 
garden, with his agony and sweat of 
blood. 2. His being scourged at the 
Pillar. 3. His being crowned with 
thorns, and abused by the soldiers 
4. His carriage of the cross. 5. His 
crucifixion and death. 

The five glorious Mysteries. 1. The 
resurrection of our Lord. 2. His as- 
cension into heaven. 3. The coming 
down of the Holy Ghost. 4. The as- 
sumption of the blessed Virgin. 5. Her 


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The Salve Eegtna 

eternal felicity, and that of all the b 
ed in the kingdom of' heaven. 

The Salve Regma> or Mail Queen, fa 

Hail, Queen, ’ Mbther ‘ of ‘ Mercy ! 
hail, our life, our sweetness, and our 
hope! to thee’ s we cry, poor banished 
sons of Eve ; to i thee' We* send up our 
sighs, mourning, and weeping, in this 
valley of tears. Turn then, most gra- 
cious advocate I thine eyes of mercy 
f towards us, and after this our exile is 
ended ; show unto u$ the Messed fruit of 
*thy womb, ' Jesus, O dement,' O pious, 
15 O sweet Virgin Mary. 

• V.' Pray for us, holy Motherof God ! 

R. That we may be raide worthy of 
< the Promises of Christ. 

1 Let us ' pray, 

O AtMioUTY and eterrial*God! 
Wlio by the co-operation of the Holy 
Ghost, didst prepare the bbdy ‘and * soul 
of the glorious Virgin Mary, that she 
might become an habitation* 'worthy of 


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The Beads of Si. Joseph . 27 1 

thy Son; grant that, as with joy we 
celebrate her memory, so by her pious 
intercession we may be delivered from 
present evils and eternal death, through 
the same Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Beads of St. Joseph. 

Upon the great Beads recite the follow- 
ing prayer . 

Assist us, O Lord I we beseech 
thee hy the merits of the spouse of thy 
most holy Mother, that what we cannot 
obtain of ourselves, may be given us hy 
his intercession, who liveth and reigneth 
with God the Father in the unity of the 
Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen. 

Upon the small Beads , say, 

St. Joseph, most blessed of all blessed 
souls after Jesns and Alary, pray for us 
now and at the hour of our deatlu 

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272 The seven Dolours and 

Seven Prayers containing the seven 
Dolours and Joys of St. Joseph. 

The first Prayer. 

Chaste spouse of the most imma- 
culate Mother of Jesus ! holy Joseph I 
how gredt was thy grief, when, ignorant 
of the mystery and co-operation of the 
Holy Ghost in that sublime mystery, 
thou perceivedst thy beloved spouse big 
with child, and on that account hadst 
thoughts of leaving her ; by this thy 
grief, and by the unspeakable joy thou 
hadst when the angel of God opened 
to thee the mystery of the incarnation 
of the Eternal Word, pray for us, that 
endeavouring to advance thy honour and 
worship through the whole world, we 
/ may by God’s holy grace overcome 
all affliction and dejection of mind in 
this life, and in the other become a fit 
mansion of the Holy Ghost for all eter- 
nity. Amen. Our Father. Hail Mary. 

The second Prayer. 

O Thrice happy Joseph ! foster- 
father to Jesus I by the great grief that 

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Joys of St. Joseph. 273 

pierced thy heart, when thou didst con- 
template this beloved infant lying in the 
manger, weeping, and shivering with 
cold; and by the great joy thou re- 
ceivedst in beholding the holy angels 
adoring and honouring him with their 
heavenly music, and seeing the three 
kings prostrate before him and offering 
him three rich presents; pray for us, 
O great saint I to the end that our souls 
may become a fit mansion to receive 
our Saviour into, and that we may lodge 
and keep him always therein, even to 
the last moment of our lives; that then 
we may find and enjoy him in heaven, 
in the midst of his everlasting glory. 
Amen. Our Father. Hail Mary. 

The third Prayer . 

O Great Joseph, a man according to 
God’s own heart ! by the grief thou 
didst feel at the circumcision of the 
tender infant Jesus, shedding his most 
precious blood ; and by the joy thou 
liadst in giving him the sweet name of 
Jesus, according to the revelation 
which the angels had made to thee; 

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274 The seven Dolours and 

pray for us to thy blessed Son, that We 
t may be washed and purified with his 
most precious blood, and always bear 
his name imprinted in out hearts. Amen . 
Our Father. Hail Mary. 

The fourth Prayer . 

O most glorious Joseph ! and pru- 
dent spouseof the Mother of Ood,by the 
gTeat grief that wounded and pierced 
thy afflicted heart when thou v didst 
hear from the mouth of Simeon, that 
the soul of thy dear spouse was to be 
pierced with a sword ; and b^the joy 
thou hadst when thou heardest 4 from 
the same Simeon, that Jesus was design- 
ed for the resurrection and salvatfon of 
mankind ; pray for us, to the end that 
we may so partake in the sorrow of the 
Mother, as to be hereafter partakers of 
the joy and happiness of her beloved 
Sen Jesus. Amen . Our Father. Hail 

The fifth Prayer . 

O pious comforter of the Mother of 
God 1 by the dolours and anxieties thou 
didst undergo in thy flight into Egypf 

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Joy* of St. Joseph. 

an<l by the joy thou receivedst when at 
thy arrival thou didst see the idols fall 
on the groand, as not being able to 
suffer the presence of thy divine Jesus; 
pray for us, 1 beseech thee, that, flying 
the dangers of all terrene, and inordi- 
nate inclinations, we may one day re- 
joice 4 to see all the black idols of our 
sins entirely cast down and destroyed 
in our souls. Amen. Our Father. 
Hail Maryj 

The Sixth Prayer. 

O 'Most chaste and vigilant guardian 1 
of Mary, the virgin of virgins 1 by thy. 
great perplexity, when, being called out 
of Egypt, thou didst hear that Arche- 
laus, the son of Herod, was made king, 
who was no less cruel and bloody than 
his fathfer; and by the great joy that 
possest thy heart when the angel bid 
thee not to fear, because all were dead i 
that sought his life; pray for us, that 
we may so live in the midst. of this 
Egypt, a sinful world, that one day we 
may deserve tube called to the- heavenly 
land of protuise. Amen. Our Father 
Hail Mary. 


276 The seven Dolours, d fc. 
The Seventh Prayer. 

O merciful Joseph! who is able 
to conceive the sensible sorrow and ex- 
treme grief thou sufferedst when thou 
hadst lost the child Jesus ? and on the 
other side who is able to express the 
joy and extreme satisfaction wherewith 
thy heart was replenished when thou 
foundest him in the midst of the doc- 
tors? We humbly beseech thee, by 
this inconceivable sadness and joy, that 
we may never lose our most amiable 
Jesus ; or if ever we he so unhappy as 
to lose him, make us feel such a true 
and lively sorrow, with thee, that we 
may so carefully seek him as soon to 
find him, with so great and sensible a 
comfort, that our only care for the future 
may he always to keep him, and never 
lose him any more. Amen . Our Father. 
Hail Mary. 

“ I choose the glorious St. Joseph 
for my patron,” writes St. Teresa, in the 
sixth chapter of her life, “ and I com- 
mend myself in all things singularly to 
his intercession. I do not remember 

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' — - 

Litany of St Francis. 277 

ever to have asked of God any thing by 
his means which I did not obtain. I 
never knew any one who, by invocating 
him, did not advance exceedingly in vir- 
tue, for he assists in a wonderful manner 
all who address themselves to him/* 

The Litany of St. Francis Xaverius* 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, hear us. $ 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

God the Father of heaven, have mercy 
upon us. 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, 
have mercy upon us. 

God the Holy Ghost, have mercy upon 

Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy 
upon us. 

Holy Mary, pray for its. 

Holy Father Ignatius, "] 

St. Francis Xaverius, most worthy ? 

Son of St. Ignatius, ► v* 

St. Francis Xaverius, apostle of 
the Indies, J ? 

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278 The Litany of 

St. Francis Xaverius, evangelizing 'I 

Sfc. Francis Xaverius, evangelizing 
all* good, 

Vessel of election, carrying the 
name of Jesus before the Gen- 

Vessel full of divine grace, 
Firmament of the oriental church, 
Defender of the faith, 

Enemy of infidelity, 

Preacher of Evangelical Truth, 
Destroyer of Idols, 

Chosen instrument of the Eternal 
Father for the propagation of > 
divine glory, 

Faithful follower and companion 
of Jesus Christ, 

Trumpet of the Holy Ghost, 

Pillar of the church of God, 

Light of Infidels, 

Master of the faithful, 

Mirror of true piety, 

Guide in the way of virtue and 

Pattern of apostolical spirit and 

Light of the blind, 


Pray for us. 

St. Francis Xaverius. 


Curer of thd lame, 

Helper of those that suffer ship- 

* Health of the sick, * 

Protestor in time of plague, fa- 
mine and war, 

From whom the devils fly, 

Life of the dead, 

Whose power the sea and tempests 

Whose commands the sea and all 
elements reverence, 

Wonderftil worker of Miracles, 
Refuge of the miserable, 

Comfort iof the afflicted, 

Splendour of the East, 

Tabernacle of incorruption, 
Treasure of divine love, 

Glory of the Society of Jesus, 
Xaverius most poor, 

Xaverius most ehaste, 

Xaverius most obedient, 

Xaverius most humble, 

Xaverius mos desirous of the 
cross and labours of Christ | 
Xaverius most vigilant in the safe- 
ty of your neighbour, 

Xaverius most zealous of Go 
Glory and the goo ul . J 

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280 Litany of St, ffrancis Xaverius, 

Angel in life and manners, 

Patriarch in affection and care of 
Gods people, 

Prophet in gift and spirit, 

Apostle in dignity aud merit, 

Doctor of Gentiles in all sorts of 
languages, I 

Martyr in desiring to die for Christ, 
Confessor in virtue and profession 
of life, 

Virgin in body and mind, 

In whom we reverence, through 
the divine goodness, the merits 
of all saints, 

Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, Spare us, O Lord, 
Lamb of God who takest away the 
sins of the world, Graciously hear us, 
O Lord . 

Lamb of God, who takest away the 
sins of the world, Have mercy upon 

Christ hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us, 

Christ, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Our Father, &c. 

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Pray for us. 

Novena , Sfc. 


V. Pray for us, St. Francis Xaverius. 

R. That we may be made worthy of 
the promises of Christ. 

Let us pray. 

Lord God ! who hast vouchsafed, 
by the preaching and miracles of 8t. 
Francis Xaverias, to join onto thy church 
the countries of the Indies, grant pro- 
pitiously, we beseech thee, that, reve- 
rencing his glorious merits, we may 
also imitate his example, through Christ 
our Lord. Amen . 

The manner of performing the Novena y 
or nine days' devotion , to St. Francis 

This Novena commences on the 
fourth day of March, and continues 
nine days, that is, till the twelfth of 
March, upon which day, in the year 
1622, Pope Gregory the XVth. canon- 
ized St. Francis Xaverius. The per- 
sons who perform this Nov^na are to be 
employed upon each of the days, in 



The Novena, fyc. 

prayer and good works to the glory of 
Almighty < God, and in honour of his 
servant St. Francis Xaverius ; always 
endeavouring to repose an entire con- 
fidence in the merits of this apostle, 
and hoping through his means to obtain 
from f .God whatsoever they shall task, 
provided it he conducive to; their sal- 
vation and the good of their souls ; or 
that otherwise, instead of that blessing 
which they beg, . and which is, not for 
their benefit, this saint will i obtain for 
; them of God, some other grace they d<> 
not ask, and which tends more to their 
eternal felicity. 

For the exact performance of this 
Novena, they are to take for their ad- 
vocates the nine choirs of heavenly 
gpirits, making particular mention or 
the principal virtues of Saint Francis 
Xaverius, and they,, are to observe 
other directions which shall* he given 
hereafter. It will be convenient to 
confess and communicate the first day, 
that so, the soul being cleansed from sin, 
and honoured with the sacred Eucharist, 
all the works we perform in the state of 
grace may be meritorious of eternal 

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28 * 

The Novena , 

ife, and the more efficacious towards 
obtaining the benefit we ask. Those 
who do not confess, must at least begin 
every day with an act of contrition, to 
cleanse their souls from sin, and so 
secure themselves of obtaining their 

When this Novena is not performed 
in the church with the general concourse 
of the people, it were convenient, that 
if it be done in a private family, all the 
family should join in performing it toge- 
ther, begging that of God for every one, 
which each apart begs for himself. 

For the conveniency of such as stand 
in need of further direction, we will 
here set down those prayers that are 
proper to be said every day ; neverthe- 
less such as are more devout may beg 
the same thing of the saint, in such 
terms and language as their devotion 
shall dictate, and may direct their prayer 
as they think fit; when many together 
perform the Novena, one of them may 
read the prayers, changing the singular 
number into the plural, and saying we 
desire , toe beg , &c. The others may 
repeat the prayer after him, or else. 

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284 Instructions for the exact 

only hour it with attention* inwardly 
desiring and beggingthatwhich is asked 
in it. 

Instructions for the exact performing 
the Novena . 

Those who perform the Novena 
afre to observe these instructions- ilpon 
all and each of the nine days. First, 
They are to endeavour t0 : imitate soriie 
one of this saint’s virtues, by practising* 
some exterior act or acts thereof ; as, 
for instance, his zeal, humility, pa- 
tience, &c. Secondly , They are to do 
some work of mercy, either spiritual' 
or corporal, for the beoefit of their 
neighbours ; as giving of alms,' visiting 
the sick, or those that are' in« prison, 
comforting the afflicted, praying for the 
souls in purgatory, or for those that are 
in the state of mortal sin, &c. Thirdly^ 
They are to offer up to this saint some 
particular mortification, as fasting, wear- 
ing of haircloth, discipling, using them*- 
selves with less tenderness, &c. Fourthly , 
They are to curb their senses, their eyes, 
ears and tongues, endeavouring to avoid 

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Performing the Novena* 285 

even the least of sins. Fifthly , They 
are to read some chapter or passage 
of the life of this saint, or meditate 
awhile upon some one of his virtues, 
with an ardent desire to imitate them. 
Sixthly , They are to endeavour, for the 
glory of God, to excite some peiaon to 
bear devotion to this saint. Seventhly , 
It will be convenient they every day 
invoke the intercession of some one 
rank of the saints, as they do of the 
choirs of angels, to the end that their 
advocates and intercessors being mul- 
tiplied, as the church expresses it, they 
may the more readily obtain what they 
ask. The classes of saints may be di- 
vided into patriarchs, prophets, apostles, 
martyrs, bishops, doctors, priests, reli- 
gious confessors, virgins, and other saints 
in heaven. For the more effectual pre- 
vailing with St. Francis Xaverius, it will 
be convenient every day to make a spe- 
cial commemoration of St. Ignatius of 
Loyola, whom St Francis Xaverius 
honoured, respected, and loved, as h i 
father, master, and superior 

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28(J Instructions , fyc. 

Upon one of the nine days, tne 
person performing this devotion must 
confess and communicate, making a 
most diligent preparation to please God 
and St. Francis Xaverius, for the 
more ready obtaining of the thing 

Such as cannot read, may cause 
another to read these pra-ers hun, 
they giving great attention o "hem, and 
offering them up to Saint Francis ; or, 
instead thereof, they may - ay ten times 
the Lord' 8 Pray£r y ten Hail Marys t 
and ten times Glory be to the Father 
&c., in memory of the ten years tV* 
St. Francis Xaverius spent in the In- 
dies ; begging of the saint whatsoever 
they desire, and praying as he did, r 
the conversion of infidels. 

Though the properest time for per- 
forming this Novena be from the fourth 
of March to the twelfth, which is the 
<iay of the canonization of St. Francis 
X&verios, yet it may be performed at 
any other time of the year. 

How much the devotion of this No- 
vena daily spreads, is well known ; on 
this account St. Francis had obtained 

The first day of the Novena. 287 

favours for several persons, as they them- 
selves testify. In the year 1688, it was 
performed at Madrid with extraordinary 
solemnity, in the royal chapel of the 
palace, their Catholic Majesties being 
every day there present. 

The first day of the No vena. 

The person performing this devotion , 
kneeling before the altar or the image 
of St. Francis Xaverius , shall lift up 
his heart to God, and profoundly hum- 
bling himself in spirit , and offering up 
all his prayers , thoughts, and words, to 
his glory, in honour of the blessed Virgin 
Mary, St. Francis Xaverius, and all the 
angels and saints in heaven, he shall 
make the sign of the cross and say the 
following prayer. 

O Lord Jesus Christ I true God and 
Man, my Creator and Redeemer, for 
thy sake alone, and because I love thee 
abovf all things, 1 am sorry from the 
bottom of my heart for having offended 
tnee ; and 1 do firmly purpose never to 
fall into sin o-ain, to shun all occasions 
of offending thee, to confess my sins, 

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288 1 he Jirsi day 

and perform the penance that shall be 
enjoined me, and to make restitution 
and satisfaction wherever it shall be due 
from me. For the love of thee, I for- 
give all my enemies ; to thee, I offer up 
my life, actions, and sufferings, in satis- 
faction for my sins ; and since I humbly 
beg it of thee, I trust in thy goodness 
and infinite mercy that thou wilt forgive 
me them, through the merits of thy 
precious blood and passion, and wilt 
give me grace to amend my life, and 
to persevere in thy service unto my 
death. Amen. 

Most glorious St. Francis XaveriusI 
apostle of the Indies, if it be for the 
glory of God and to thy honour, that 
I obtain what I desire and beg by per- 
forming this Novena, obtain for me this 
grace of our Lord : if not, guide my 
petition and beg of our Lord for me 
that which is most proper for his glory 
and the benefit of my soul. 

O God and Lord of the angels whom 
thou dost intrust with the guardianship 
of men, { make thee an offering of all 

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of the Novena . 


the merits, of, these heavenly spirits, and 
of those of thy servant, Saint Francis 
Xaverius, who was called an aogel for 
his purity, and because he preserved 
men from many spiritual and corporal 
dangers. 1 beseech thee, grant me that 
purity of soul and body which thou 
didst confer on this thy holy apostle, 
and that particular grace which I beg in 
this Novena, to thy greater honour and 
glory. Amen. 

Here say thrice the Lords Prayer and 
three Hail Marys , and then the fol- 
lowing Prayer to St. Francis Xaverius. 

Most holy Father, St. Francis Xa- 
verius ! who receivest thy praises from 
the mouths of innocent children, I 
most humbly implore thy bountiful 
charity for the sake of the most precious 
blood of Jesus, and of the immaculate 
conception of our blessed Lady Mother 
of God ; to the end thou mayest ob- 
tain of God’s infinite goodness, that 
at the approach of my last hour my 
heart may be separated and withdrawn 
from all worldly thoughts and distrac- 

Digitized by CjOO^Ic 

290 The first Day 

tions, and be fixed in the most ardent 
love of him, and a vehement desire of 
a happy eternity ; so that, laying aside 
the multiplicity of earthly things which 
hitherto have perplexed me, I may 
most diligently seek and perfectly find 
that one thing which is necessary, which 
is, to die and rest in peace under the 
protection of the most holy Virgin Mary, 
in the wounds of Jesus her inost blessed 
Son, in the sweet embraces of my God, 
and in thy presence, holy saint! through 
whose intercession I hope to obtain 
this mercy. But yet whilst it shall 
please the divine providence to preserve 
my life, I beseech thee, my most loving 
protector and most affectionate father, to 
obtain for me of his divine Majesty that 
I may live as I would wish to have lived 
at the hour of my death ; ever imitating 
thy virtues and fulfilling the most holy 
will of God ; that so my temporal death 
may be to me a passage into life ever- 
lasting. I also beseech thee to obtain 
for me that which I ask in this No vena, 
if it be for the glory of God, and the 
• good of my soul. Amen • 


of the Novena . 


In the next place , you are to ask of 
St. Francis Xaverius the particular 
favour you desire to obtain , heighten- 
ing , as much as you can , your con- 
fidence in him , with such words as 
your affectionate thoughts shall sug- 
gest, or with such aspirations as your 
devotion shall dictate . 

Then the more to please this holy Apos- 
tle, in imitation of him, say that 
prayer which he himself composed, 
and used to say every day for the 
conversion of infidels ; which is as 
follows : 

Eternal God I Creator of all 
things, remember that thou alone didst 
create the souls of infidels, framing them 
to thy own image and likeness : behold, 
O Lord, how to thy dishonour, hell 
daily is replenished with them : re- 
member, O Lord, thy only Son Jesus 
Christ, who suffered for them, most 
bountifully shedding his precious blood: 
suffer not, O Lord, thy Son and our 
Lord to be any longer despised by in- 
fidels ; but rather, being appeasea # by 
the entreaties and prayers of thy elect 

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The first Day 

the saints, and of the church, the most 
blessed spouse of thy Son, vouchsafe 
to be mindful of thy mercy; and, for- 
getting their idolatry and infidelity, 
cause them also to know him whom 
thou didst send, Jesus Christ, thy Son 
our Lord, who is our health, life, and 
resurrection, through whom we are made 
free and saved, to whom be all glory for 
ever. Amen. 

Then conclude with the Prayer proper 
to this Saint 

Antiph. Well done ! thou good and 
faithful servant; because thou hast been 
faithful over a, few things, I will place 
thee over many things : enter into the 
joy of thy Lord. 

V. Our Lord hath guided the just 
man by right ways. 

R. And hath showed him the kingdom 
of God. 

The Prayer . 

O God ! who wert pleased to reduce 
to the bosom of thy church the nations 
of the Indies, through the preaching 
and miracles of St. Francis Xaverius 

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of the Novena * 

mercifully grant ns, that we may imitate 
his virtues, whose glorious merits v<* 
hold in veneration. Through Jesut 
Christ our Lord. Amen* 

A Commemoration of St* Ignatius of 


This man, despising the world, and 
triumphing over earthly things, heaped 
up riches in heaven by »word and work. 
V. The Lord loved and adorned him 
R. A garment of glory he hath put 
on him. 

The Prayer . 

O God ! who, for the propagation of 
the greater glory of thy name, hast by 
blessed Ignatius strengthened thy church 
militant with new auxiliaries: graciously 
vouchsafe that we, by his assistance and 
imitation, solicitously combating upon 
earth, may obtain with him an everlast* 
mg crown in heaven. 



The second Day* 

A Commemoration, fyc., of Patric&j 
Apostle of Ireland 

Antiph . 

Our Lord has loved and adorned 
him, he has clothed him wi th a garment 
of glory, and crowned him at the gates 
of paradise. 

V. Our Lord conducted the just man 
by right ways. 

R. And showed him the kingdom of 

Let us pray . 

O God, who has vouchsafed to send 
the blessed Patrick, thy Confessor aud 
Bishop, to preach thy glory to nations ; 
grant by his merits and intercession, 
that what thou hast commanded us to 
do, we may through thy mercy be able 
to fulfil : through our Lord. Atnen. 

The second day . 

Lord Jesus Christ, true God and 
man, &e., as before on the first day . 

Most glorious St. Francis Xaverius, 
&c., as on the first day , and so on all the 
following days . 

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The third Day, 

A Prayer for this Day, 

Lord God of the Archangels ! 
whom thou dost intrust with the most 
weighty concerns of thy glory, and the 
benefit of men, I offer up to thee the 
merits of these most diligent spirits: and 
those of thy great servant St. Francis 
Xaverius ! whom thou madest the min- 
ister of thy glory, and to whom thou 
recommendest the spiritual welfare of 
innumerable souls. I beseech thee, 
grant that I may perform those duties 
which thy most holy and divine will 
bath imposed upon me, and also that I 
may obtain that particular grace which 
I beg of thee in this Novena, to thy 
greater honour and glory. Amen, 

The third Day . 

Lqrd God of the Principalities ! 
who, according to the disposition of 
thy divine will, by means of angels and 
archangels, takes care of the welfare 
of mankind, enlightening, instructing, 
and governing them: I offer up to thee 
the merits of those most zealous spirits, 
and those of thy servant Saint Francis 

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296 The fourth and fifth Days. 

Xaverius, who enlightened and convert- 
ed many kingdoms and provinces, and 
in them innumerable souls, not only by 
himself but by his disciples and follow- 
ers, instructing, teaching, and com- 
manding. I beseech thee grant me the 
seal of this holy apostle, and the par- 
ticular petition I tender in this Novena, 
to thy honour and glory. Amen . 

The fourth day . 

Lord God of the powers ! who hast 
a special prerogative to curb the infernal* 
spirits: I offer up to thee the- merits off 
these most potent spirits, and those off 
thy servant Saint Francis Xaverius, to* 
whom thou gavest the singular power off 
expelling devils from bodiee and souls. 
I beseech thee, grant me the grace to 
overcome all the temptations of the 
devil, and that which I beg of thee in 
this Novena, to thy greater honour and. 
glory. Amen. 

The fifth day. 

Lord God of the Virtues I by whose 
means thou workest miracles and pro- 
digies peculiar to thy sovereign power: 

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The sixth Day . 


I offer up to thee the merit* of those 
roost stupendous spirits, and those of 
thy servant St. Francis Xaverius, whom 
thou madest a new Thaumaturgus, or 
worker of new and prodigious miracles, 
renewing in him the signs and wonders 
of the blessed apostles, that he might 
discover the gospel to new nations. I 
beseech thee, grant me that profound 
humility wherewith Saint Francis Xave- 
rius amidst so many miracles sought thy 
glory, and not his own honour : as also 
that which I beg in this Novena, to thy 
greater honour and glory. Amen, 

The sixth day . 

Lord God of the Dominations I 
which preside over all inferior spirits 
and ministers of thy providence, and 
submit themselves to thy will, being 
ever ready to fulfil it f I offer up to thee 
the merits of these excellent spirits, and 
those of Saint Francis Xaverius, who, 
though superior to many, yet humbly 
submitted himself to all superiors, in 
them acknowledging thy majesty, and 
readily fulfilling their commands. J 
beseech thee, grant me a ready and 

Dig„,zed by G00gle 

298 The seventh and eighth dags. 

perfect obedience to all my superiors, 
and that special petition which I make 
in this Novena, to thy greaterlionourand 
glory. Amen. 

The seventh day. 

Lord God of the thrones ! on whom 
thou reposest as on the seat of thy glory 
and chair of thy majesty : I offer up to 
thee the merits of these supreme spirits, 
and those of Saint Francis Xaverius, 
that throne of thy glory, that vessel of 
election, to convey thy name, to new 
nations, who denied himself to himself, 
and to all worldly things, casting them 
out of his heart that thou alone might 
possess it. I beseech thee, grant that 
I may despise all worldly things, and 
rest in thee alone ; grant me also the 
petition I make in this Novena, to thy 
greater honour and glory. Amen. 

The eighth day. 

Lord God of the Cherubim ! who 
are adorned with most perfect wisdom 
1 offer np to thee the merits of these 

by Google 

The ninth day . 


most knowing spirits, and those of thy 
servant Saint Francis Xaverius whom 
thou didst grace with supereminent wis- 
dom, and to whom thou didst reveal 
most profound secrets, that he might 
teach thy law to many people and na- 
tions. I beseech thee, grant that I 
may learn to fear and please thee, which 
is true wisdom, and that by word and 
example I may teach others to keep thy 
commandments, and that thou wilt also 
grant me the favour I beg in this No- 
vena, to thy greater honour and glory. 
Amen . 

The ninth day. 

Lord God of the Seraphim ! who 
are inflamed with the most ardent love 
of thee : 1 offer up to thee the merits 
of these most fervent spirits, and those 
of thy servant Saint Francis Xaverius, 
who, like a seraph, was inflamed with 
thy love, conquering the innumerable 
hardships and dangers of his life, to 
please thee, and to make those know 
and love thee, who before offended thee, 
and knew thee not : I beseech thee 
grant that I may love thee, my only 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 


The Clients Address. 

God and Lord, and endeavour to bring 
all men to the knowledge and love of 
thee ; and also that thou wilt grant me 
that which I ask in the Novena, to thy 
greater honour and glory. Amen. 

The devout Client's Address to Saint 

Angelical youth, Aloysius, by 
the particular appointment of God’s 
vicar upon earth, patron of those who 
apply to studies ! thou who hast illus- 
trated the church by a holy contempt 
of an earthly principality, but more by 
the innocence of thy manner, sanctity 
of thy life, and glory of thy miracles, 
allow me, from this day, to choose and 
adopt thee patron and protector of my 
life and studies, firmly resolved to fol- 
low thy example and pattern, as well 
of piety as of industry, thou hast put 
before me. For the love thou hadst for 
Christ crucified, and his most blessed 
mother, receive me as thy client and 
obedient servant ; aid and assist me in 
the pursuit of virtue and learning; 
nourish and increase in me a purity of 

dy and mind: turn off the snares laid 

Digitized by Google 

Litany of SL Aloysiu ». 90 1 

against my chastity ; ward and defend 
me against the dangers of the world; 
inspire my heart with a true and filial 
confidence in the ever blessed Virgin 
Mary, the Mother of good counsels; 
govern and direct me in the choice of a 
state of life, and let the grace of God 
be my perpetual defence against all 
mortal sin ; that as thou always livedst 
in a purity and integrity truly angelical, 
so, assisted by thy patronage and aided 
by the grace of God, I may live chastely 
and holily in this world, and deserve 
to be associated with thee* and joined 
to the company of the angels in heaven. 

The Litany of St. Aloysvus. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

God the Father of heaven, have mercy 
upon us. 

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, 
have mercy upon us. 

God the Holy Ghost have mercy upon 

Digitized by G00gle 

302 The Litany of 

Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy 
upon us. 

Holy Mary, 

Holy Mother of God, 

Holy Virgin of Virgins, 

St. Aloysius, 

Most beloved of Christ, 

The delight of the blessed Virgin, 

Most chaste youth, 

Angelical youth, 

Most humble youth, 

Model of young students, 

Despiser of riches, 

Enemy of vanities, 

Scorner of honours, 

Honour of princes, 

Jewel of the nobility, 

Flower of innocence, 

-Ornament of a religious state, 

Mirror of mortification, 

Mirror of perfect obedience, 

Lover of evangelical poverty, 

Most affectionately devout, * 

Most zealous observer of the rules, 

Most desirous of the salvation of 

Perpetual adorer of the Euchawst, 
Particular client of St. Ignatius, „ 

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Pray for vs. 


St, Aloyriux 

Be merciful unto us, O Lord. 

Graciously hear us, O Lord. 

From the concupiscence of the a 

From the concupiscence of the 

From the pride of life, ► 

By the merits and intercession of 
St Aloysius, 

By his angelical purity, 

By his sanctity and glory, 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins 
of the world, spare us, O Lord. 

Lamb of God who takest away the sins 
of the world, graciously hear us, O 

Lamb of God who takest away the sins 
of the world, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, hear us. 

Christ, graciously hear us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Our Father, &c. 

V. Pray for us, St. Aloysius. 

R. That we may be made worthy of 

the promises of Christ 


ZX liver tis> O Lord, 


The Litany of 

Let us pray . 

O God, the distributor of heavenly 
gifts, who didst join in the angelical 
youth Aloysius wonderful innocence of 
life, with an equal severity of penance ; 
grant, through his merits and prayers, 
that we who have not followed the ex- 
ample of his innocence, may imitate 
his practice of penance. Through our 
Lord Jesus Christ. Amen . 

“ After the canonization of the 
angelical youth, Aloysius, which was 
decreed by his holiness Benedict XIII* 
with a particular view, among many 
other laudable motives, to offer to the 
imitation and veneration , especially of 
young persons , a youth most conspicu- 
ous for his innocence of life: the 

younger persons were not the only vo- 
taries of a saint who seemed to be 
appointed their peculiar patron; the 
devotion soon became general and com- 
mon to all. In order to promote and 
encourage the same, by the concur- 
rence of the Apostolical See, Clement 
XII. extended the plenary indulgence 
granted by his predecessors, to any 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 

St. Aloysios . 305 

one who, on his feast, should go to his 
altar; to those also who should pray 
before an altar where his feast happened 
to be kept. 

“ Heaven seemed to give its sanction 
to this zeal of the faithful, by the fre- 
quent and wonderful favours granted 
and obtained through his powerful in- 
tercession, and the pious custom of 
assigning six Sundays, without inter- 
mission, in honour of the saint, and in 
memory of the six years he had lived 
in the Society of Jesus, was introduced 
and observed. How agreeable a devo- 
tion of this nature was, Saint Aloysius 
has showed by many and very signal 
blessings bestowed on his clients; so 
that the same Clement XII., a| he 
speaks himself, to nourish so salutary a 
practice towards Saint Aloysius , approved 
from heaven by many favours , as well 
spiritual as temporal, has granted ple- 
nary indulgences on each of the above 
Sundays to them, who, by true and 
sincere repentance , by a worthy com- 
munion , by a serious application to 
mental or vocal prayer , and other good 
works of piety , performed in honour 

306 Litany of St. Aloysius. 

of the saint , and directed to the greater 
glory of God f shall sanctijy the said 

The manner of performing the devo* 
tion of the six Sundays, is as follows : • 

“ 1. On each of these Sundays, let 
the person who performs this devotion 
choose St. Aloysius for his patron, and 
receive the sacraments of penance and 
the holy Eucharist. 

“ 2. On that day let him be present 
either at some confraternity or sodality, 
or at least hear a mass in honour of the 

“3. Let him recite, on each day, 
either before some image of the saint, 
or in the church, six Paters and Aves % 
witji the Gloria Patri , the Litany of 
the $aint, &©. 

M 4. Let him perform some work of 
mercy, spiritual or corporal, according 
to his ability, and as his devotion shall 

‘‘5. Let him spend some time in 
meditating, and for the subject of his 
meditation on each Sunday, let him take 
one of the virtues which Saint Bonaven- 
ture finds expressed in the wings of the 


, y Google 


A Prayer , fyc. 

*eraphim, seen by the prophet Isaiah. 
These virtues are, compunction of hearty 
satisfaction of penance, cleanness of body, 
purity of mind , love of God, and love qj 
our neighbour . With these virtues, as 
with so many wings, did the angelical 
Aloysius fly to that height of perfection, 
as to resemble in some manner the very 
angels themselves/' 

A Prayer to be said each Sunday after 
die six Paters and Aves, Sfc. 

Angelical youth, most loving 
protector and powerful advocate, Aloy- 
gius! as thy most unworthy servant and 
client, yet sensible of the favours thou 
enjoyest with God, the just reward of 
thy merit, I humbly prostrate myself 
before the throne of thy glory. I re- 
joice from my soul, not only for the 
renown of thy name, illustrious upon 
earth, by frequent and glorious prodi- 
gies; but also am overjoyed for the 
sublime pre-eminence with which God 
has been pleased to crown thy virtues 
in heaven. Praise and glory be to the 
most sacred Trinity, who embellished 

by Google ' 

ou8 A Prayer after the 

thy soul with a most admirable inno- 
cence and with so many heroic virtues. 
Blessed be the eternal Father, who is 
well pleased in thee his adopted child, 
adorned with so singular prerogatives* 
Blessed be God the Son, who sees in 
thee so pure and so abundant fruit of 
nis precious blood and passion. Blessed 
be the Holy Ghost, who resided in thee 
after a particular manner, and inflamed 
thy heart with an ardent lov6 and 
charity. By these so singular favours, 
by thy innocence and penance, equally 
admirable ; by that love of God which 
burnt in thy breast; by his love for 
thee, and by the unspeakable bliss 
and happiness thou enjoyest in heaven, 
give me leave in a suppliant manner 
to entreat thy goodness, to obtain for 
me a true contrition and repentance, an 
undefiled purity of heart, and a con- 
science free from sin and all offences of 
God. Be thou ever present to me, pro- 
tect and defend me as well in life as in 
death, when my weakness will stand, 
most in need of, and call for, thy power- 
ful assistance. JLet me also, my dear 
and indulgent patron, most earnestly 

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Six Patert and Avts . 


beg the particular grace of N. N. which 
I confidently hope to obtain through thy 
holy intercession. 

O Queen of heaven, Virgin Mother 1 
who so much lovest Aloysius, intercede 
with thy only begotten Son, that under 
thy patronage some weight may be added 
to my poor and unworthy prayers: 
grant this my request, founded not on 
my own, which are none, but the merits 
of St. Aloysius. O most holy Virgin I 
may all know and be sensible, that 
thou wouldst have Aloysius honoured 
and respected, and that, as a true mo- 
ther, thou embracest such as have re- 
course to his protection and patronage. 
May the number of the faithful who 
honour thee, O Queen of Angels ! and 
the angelical Aloysius, here on earth, 
be daily increased, and may they yet 
more praise and glorify you both hr 
heaven for all eternity. Amen. 

A prayer to our Angel- Guardian. 

O Angel of God ! who art my 
guardian, watch over me whom the 
divine goodness has committed to thy 
charge ; direct me, keep me, and defend 

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310 Prayers , <$*c. 

me from evil spirits, and all misfortunes. 

To out monthly Patron . 

O great saint ! seeing that our 
Lord has especially intrusted me to thy 
leal, and to thy inexhaustible charity, 
/n the course of this month, vouchsafe 
to take me particularly under thy pro- 
tection ; deliver me from all dangers of 
soul and body, and obtain from me the 
grace of having my heart inflamed with 
the divine love of Jesus. Amen . 

To all the Saints. 

O most blessed Saints I I heartily 
rejoice and congratulate with you for 
your present eternal felicity, and I be- 
seech you, that amongst all your joys 
you forget not my miseries. Behold, I 
cast myself body and soul into your 
arms. Take me, therefore, for Jesus 
Christ’s sake from this moment, under 
your perpetual care and protection: and 
being now secure of your own happiness, 
show yourself solicitous for mine. Direct 
me in all my actions during iny life, and 
in the moment of my departure receive 
mo into your blessed company. Amen* 

oy Google 

Prayer s, $c. 3 ! 1 

Prayer* fur the FaUIful departed. 

O God, tbe Creator and Redeemer 
of all the faithful l give to the souls of 
thy servants departed, remission of all 
their sins, that through pious supplica- 
tions they may obtain the pardon they 
have always desired. Amen. 

O God ! whose property is always to 
have mercy and to spare, we humbly 
beseech thee, for the soul of thy servant 
N. which thou hast this day called out 
of this world, that thou wouldst not 
deliver it up into the hands of the ene- 
my, nor forget it unto the end, but 
command it to be received by thy holy 
angels, and to be carried to paradise, its 
true country; that as in thee it had faith 
and hope, it may not suffer the pains of 
hell, but may take possession of everlast- 
ing joys, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Absolve, we beseech thee, O Lord 1 
the soul of thy servant N., that, being 
dead to the world, he may live to thee ; 
and whatever he has committed in this 
life, through human frailty, do thou of 
thy merciful goodness forgive, through 
our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

, y Google 


The Beads , Sfc. 

The Beads far the Souls in Purgatory . 

You will use the common beads, or 
rosary, observing only the following 

Enter upon this pious practice with 
reciting the De Profundis. Say the Our 
Father , as it occurs in the usual order 
of the beads, and let the ensuing prayer 
be used in place of the Hail Mary . 

u O sweet Jesus ! Father of Mercy ! 
compassionately relieve the soul of my 
poor N. (name the person you pray 
for) departed this life, and grant him 
everlasting repose. Amen ” 

Or if you choose to recommend the 
cause of your deceased friend to the 
powerful intercession of the ever blessed 
Virgin, you will use this address. 

“ O sweet Virgin Mary I Mother of 
Mercy I pray for the soul of my poor 
N. departed this life, and obtain for him 
everlasting repose. Amen ” 

Concerning Indulgences. 

An Indulgence is a releasing of tem- 
poral punishment, due to such sins as 
are already forgiven by the sacrament 
of penance. 


Concerning indulgence** 418 

An indulgence for the dead remits 
the pains in purgatory, not by way of 
absolution, or jurisdiction, but only by 
way of prayer or suffrage accepted by 

To gain an indulgence, the person 
must be in the state of grace, and per* 
form the particulars required for the 
obtaining of the indulgence whilst ac- 
tually in that state* 

A plenary indulgence, duly obtained, 
is a full and entire remission of all the 
temporal punishment due to sin* 

A particular indulgence is a remission 
of a part of the temporal punishment 
due to sin. 

Though by the sacrament of penance 
duly received, the contrite sinner is 
reinstated in the favour and friendship 
of God, and consequently the guilt of 
eternal damnation cancelled and blotted 
out ; yet from hence it no way follows, 
that all the punishment due for our sins 
is always remitted. Faith teaches us 
the contrary ; and the Church, under 
the direction of the Holy Ghost, ever 
imposes some temporal punishment, 
wliich we call satisfaction; on the 


314 Concerning indulgences. 

persons receiving this sacrament, even 
in time of its greatest indulgences and 

The primitive church was more re- 
markable in the severity used on these 
occasions : not that there was any doubt 
either of the true or sufficient disposi- 
tions of the penitent, or of the virtue or 
efficacy of the absolution ; but a satis- 
faction, or penal austerity, sometimes 
even of seven, ten, or more years ; of- 
ten of ten, twenty, or forty days, was 

The Church, as an indulgent mother, 
ever compassionating the weakness of 
her children, and finding herself in the 
superabundant merits of her spouse 
Jesus Christ, possessed of an infinite 
treasure, dispenses these her riches, by 
indulgences and jubilees to the faithful, 
in proportion to their wants, and the 
solemnity of the occasion. She more- 
over points out to each one, by means 
of the particular injunctions prescribed 
in her grant of these blessings, how 
and in what manner we may apply these 
treasures to our own advantage, and 
'by them pay the whole or part of the 

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Of a Jubilee . 

debt we have contracted by our tinns- 
gressions. So that an indulgence of ten 
years, forty days, and the like, is in 
our regard, by acquitting ourselves of 
what is mentioned and required by and 
in the grant, (as the saying of so many 
Paters and Aves , giving such and such 
alms, drc.) equivalent and equal to the 
atonement and satisfaction we should 
or might make to the divine justice, by 
the performance of a ten years’ austerity, 
or a forty days* penance, &c., enjoined 
by the ancient canons, now mitigated in 
this manner. 

Of a Jubilee 

A jubilee is a solemn plenary in- 
dulgence accompanied with certain pri- 
vileges, relating to censures and dispen- 
sations granted to the inferior pastors 
of the church by the superior Pontiff, 
and specified in his bulls or orders 
directed to them for that purpose. It it 
granted every twenty-fifth year ; as also 
upon other extraordinary occasions, to 
such as, being truly penitent, shall 
worthily receive the blessed sacrament, 

by Google 

316 Prayer for. the 

and perform the other conditions of 
fasting , alms, and prayers , usually pre- 
scribed at such times. 

A prayer for the whole state of Chris? s 

Church upon earth , and all the inten- 
tions of the Indulgence . 

O eternal Father of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, Creator of all things visi- 
ble and invisible. Source of all good 1 
infinitely gracious, bountiful, and good 
to us ; behold I thy poor servant, the 
work of thy hands, redeemed by the 
blood of thy only Son, come to present 
myself as an humble petitioner before 
the throne of thy mercy. I prostrate 
myself here before thee, and most hum- 
bly beseech thee to sanctify thy own most 
holy name , by sanctifying and exalting 
thy holy Catholic Church throughout 
the whole world. O eternal king ! who 
has sent thy only Son down from thy 
throne above, into this earth of ours, 
to establish a kingdom here amongst 
us, from whence we might hereafter 
be translated to thy eternal kingdom: 
look down, we beseech thee, upon this 
# kingdom of thy Son, and propagate 


Intentions qf an Indulgence . 817 

it through all nations, and through all 
hearts : sanctify it in all truth ; main- 
tain it in peace, unity, and holiness. 
Give to it saints for its rulers, its chief 
pastors, and all its other prelates : en- 
lighten them all with heavenly wisdom, 
and make them all men according to thy 
own heart. Give thy grace and bless- 
ing to all the clergy, and send amongst 
them that heavenly fire, which thy Son 
came to cast on the earth , and which 
he so earnestly desired should he en- 
kindled. Assist and protect all apos- 
tolical missionaries, that they may zeal- 
ously and effectually promote thy glory, 
and the salvation of souls redeemed by 
the blood of thy Son. Sanctify all 
religious men and women of all orders : 
give them the grace to serve thee with 
all perfection according to the spirit of 
their institute, and to shine like lights 
to the rest of the faithful. Have mercy 
on all Christian princes: grant them 
those lights and graces that are neces- 
sary for the perfect discharge of their 
duty to thee and to their subjects ; that 
they may be true servants to thee, the 
King of kings, true fathers to their 


B 18 Prayer for the 

people, and nursing fathers to thy 
church. Have mercy on all magistrates 
and men in power ; that they may aU 
fear thee, love thee, and serve thee, and 
ever remember that they are thy depu- 
ties and ministers of thy justice. Have 
mercy on all thy people throughout the 
world, and give thy blessing to thine 
inheritance : remember thy congrega- 
tion which thou hast possessed from the 
beginning ; and give that grace to all 
thy children here upon earth, that they 
may do thy holy will in all things, even 
as the blessed do in heaven. 

Extend thy mercy also to all poor 
infidels that sit in darkness and in the 
shadow of death ; to all those nations 
that know not thee, and that have not 
yet received the faith and law of thy 
Son their Saviour: to all Pagans, Maho- 
metans and Jews. Remember, O Lord ! 
that all those poor souls are made afte c 
thy own image and likeness, and re- 
deemed by the blood of thy Son : O let 
not Satan any longer exercise his tyran- 
ny over these thy creatures, to the great 
dishonour of thy name. Let not the 
-precious blood of thy Son be shed for 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 

Intentions of an hidtdgenee, 019 

them in vain. Send among them zeal- 
ous preachers, and apostolic labourers, 
endued with the like graces and gifts as 
the apostles were, and bless them with 
the like success for the glory of thy 
name : that all these poor souls may be 
brought to know thee, love thee, and 
serve thee here in thy church, and bless 
thee hereafter for all eternity. 

Look down also with an eye of pity 
and compassion upon all those deluded 
souls, who, under the name of Chris- 
tians, have gone astray from the paths 
of truth and unity, and from the one 
fold of the one Shepherd, thy only Son 
Jesus Christ, into the bye paths of error 
and schism. O bring them back to 
thee and to thy church. Dispel their 
darkness by thy heavenly light: take 
off the veil from before their eyes, with 
which the common enemy has blind- 
folded them; let them see how they 
have been misled by misapprehensions 
and misrepresentations. Remove the 
prejudices of their education ; take 
away from them the spirit of obsti- 
nacy, pride, and self conceit. Give 
hem an humble and docile heart -Give 



Prayer for the 

them a strong desire of finding out the 
truth, and a strong grace to enable 
them to embrace it, in spite of all the 
opposition of the world, the flesh, and 
the devil. For why should these poor 
souls perish fo? which Christ died? 
Why should Satan any longer possess 
these souls, which by their baptism 
were dedicated to thee to be thy eternal 
temple ? 

O Father of Lights, and God of all 
Truth ! purge the whole world from all 
errors, abuses, corruptions, and vices. 
Beat down the standard of Satan, and 
set up every where the standard of 
Christ. Abolish the reign of sin and 
establish the kingdom of grace in all 
hearts. Let humility triumph over 
pride and ambition: charity over hatred, 
envy, and malice : purity and temper- 
ance, over lust and excess : meekness 
over passion : and disinterestedness and 
poverty of spirit over covetousness and 
the love of this perishable world. Let 
the gospel of Jesus Christ, both in its 
belief and practice, prevail throughout 
the whole universe. 

Grant to us thy peace, O Lord ! in 
the days of our mortality ; even ^hat 

Digitized by GoOgle 

ntentions of an Indulgence . 821 

peace which thy Son bequeathed as a 
legacy to his disciples ; a perpetual 
peace with thee ; a perpetual peace 
with one another ; and a perpetual 
peace within ourselves. Grant that all 
Christian Princes may love, cherish, 
and maintain an inviolable peace among 
themselves. Give them a right sense 
of the dreadful evils that attend on wars. 
Give them an everlasting horror of all 
that bloodshed, of the devastation and 
ruin of so many territories ; of the in- 
numerable sacrileges, and the eternal 
loss of so many thousand souls as are 
the dismal consequences of war. Turn 
their hearts to another kind of warfare ; 
teach them to fight for a heavenly 

Remove, O Lord I thy wrath, which 
we have reason to apprehend already 
banging over our heads for our sins. 
Deliver all Christian people from the 
dreadful evil of mortal sin : make all 
tinners sensible of their misery; give 
Inein the grace of a sincere conversion 
10 li*ee, and a truly peniteutial spirit, 


322 Prayer for the Ititentio?is y 8$c. 

and discharge them from all their bond* 
Preserve all Christendom, and in par- 
ticular this nation, from all the evils 
that threaten impenitent sinners ; such 
as plagues, famines, earthquakes, fires, 
inundations, mortality of cattle, sud- 
den and unprovided death, and thy 
many other judgments here, and eter- 
nal damnation hereafter. Comfort all 
that are under affliction, sickness, or 
violence of pain : support all that are 
under temptation ; reconcile all that are 
at variance ; deliver all that are iu 
slavery or captivity; defend all that 
are in danger ; grant relief to all in their 
respective necessities; give a happy 
passage to all that are in their agony. 
Grant thy blessing to our friends and 
benefactors ; to all those for whom we 
are particularly bound to pray, and 
have mercy on all our enemies. Give 
eternal rest to all the faithful departed, 
and bring us all to everlasting life; 
Through Jesus Christ thy Son. Amm 

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Of Agnus Deis. 

An Agnus Dei (so called from the 
image of the Lamb of God impressed 
on the face of it) is made of virgin 
wax, balsam, and chrism, blessed ac- 
cording to the form prescribed in the 
Roman Ritual. The spiritual efficacy, 
or virtue of it, is gathered from the 
prayers that the church makes use of in 
the blessing of it, which is to preserve 
him who carries an Agnus Dei, or any 
particle of it, about him, from any 
attempts of his spiritual or temporal 
enemies ; from the dangers of fire, of 
water, of storms and tempests, of 
thunder and lightning, and from a sud- 
den and unprovided death. It puts the 
devils to flight, succours women iu 
child-bed, takes away the stains of 
past sins, and furnishes us with new 
grace for the future, that we may be 
preserved from all adversities and perils 
both in life and death, through the cross 
and merits of the Lamb, who redeemed 
and washed us in his blood. 

The Pope consecrates the Agnus 
Deis the first year of his pontificate, 

Digitized by GoOglC 

324 Prayer to be daily said . 

and afterwards every seventh year, on 
Saturday before Low- Sunday, with many 
solemn ceremonies and devout prayers. 
Fran. Cost. Lib. 4. Christian Institut. 
cap. 12. 

The use of the Agnus Dei is so an- 
cient, that it is now above 960 years 
since Pope Leo, the third of that name, 
made a present of one to the Emperor 
Charles the Great, who received it 
from the hands of his Holiness, as a 
treasure sent him from heaven, and 
reverenced it with a singular piety and 
devotion, as it is recounted in the book 
intituled, Registr. Sum. Pontiff. 

A Prayer to be daily said by those who 
carry about them an Agnus Dei. 

O my Lord Jesus Christ, the true 
Lamb that takest away the sins of the 
world ! by thy mercy, which is infinite, 
pardon my iniquities, and by thy sacred 
passion preserve me this day from all 
sin and evil. I carry about me this 
holy Agnus in thy honour, as a preser- 
vative against my own weakness, and 
as an incentive to the practice of that 
meekness, humility, and innocence, 

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Secret of living with Content . 325 

which thou hast taught. I offer myself 
up to thee as au entire oblation, and in 
memory of that sacrifice of love thou 
offeredst for me on the cross, and in 
satisfaction for my sins. Accept, O my 
God, the oblation I make, and may it 
be agreeable to thee in the odour of 
sweetness. Amen . 

The true Secret of living wth Content 
and dying with Joy 9 in a religious 
state . 

To a devout Religious . 


If you have been careful and zealous 
in answering the call of your amiable 
Jesus, who, preferable to thousands of 
others, has chosen you for his spouse, 
remember it is not sufficient to have be- 
gun well, you must also persevere with 
courage, and finish with resolution what 
you have so happily begun. Perse- 
verance perfects , and ike end crowns the 

To this effect, conif der whether your 
heart be disengaged from the world and 
worldly maxims. Are you above pri- 

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326 I. With regard to God . 

vate interest and self-inclination, or is 
God the sole object of all your views? 
Yon made yourself religious, that, serv- 
ing him here, yon might be happy with 
him hereafter. The change of manners, 
and not the change of dress , makes the 
true religious . Judge by the ensuing 

I. With regard to God . 

Awaking from sleep, have God 
before your eyes; walk in his pre- 
sence during the day, and that with a 
respect partaking of humility and con- 
fidence. He that walks before God 
will not stumble. Having an upright 
intention in whatever you do, make 
this agreement with your heavenly 
Spouse: each action of the day, word, 
thought, or motion, shall be to thy ho- 
nour, praise, and love. As this is 
small, I unite to them, and offer, what- 
ever the church, either militant or tri- 
umphant, offers to the glory of thy 
name: you at the same time give me 
grace to serve you worthily, and such 
blessings to my friends and relations 
as they stand in need of. An action 


i. With regard to God. 327 

with a due attention, is as a body without 
a soul. If such an action has any appa- 
rent beauty in it, be assured it is not 
real: it is only an inanimate carcase. 

All for God is the watch- word of the 
day. Have this continually in your 
heart, and frequently in your mind. 
Nothing will follow you after death, 
but what you have given to God during 
life. Humbly submit yourself in aU 
occurrences to the will of your Creator. 
Repeat often, both in words and in 
your heart, O my God I may thy holy 
will in me, and in my regard, be ever 
accomplished. AU sanctity , and every 
lenitive of sufferings , is found in due 
conformity to the witt of Almighty God . 

The exercise of devotion, and prac- 
tice of the rules, ought never to give 
way, save only to obedience, sickness, 
and necessity. Let your care chiefly 
be about such devotions as the rule 
prescribes. Be not over solicitous as 
to those which pertain to yonr private 
devotion. Nor is it sufficient to have 
a due intention ; you must join to that 
an attention also, snch a one as may 
answer the greatness of the majesty 

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II. With regard to 

you serve ; nor should you he deterred 
by whatever disgust, aridities, or temp- 
tations you meet with. The soul be- 
comes tedious , when deserted by devo- 
tion , 

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, ought to 
be the tender objects of your devotion ; 
your angel guardian, the founder of 
your order, and saints of your name, 
should never be forgot. Thanks are 
due to them for the benefits received, 
and your piety will engage them in 
your interest. An acknowledgment of 
favours received , is a pledge of new 
ones. Ingratitude dries up the source 
of innumerable blessings. 

II. With regard to your state in life. 

Above all things in the world, 
have the greatest love and esteem of 
your avocation. God has called you 
to that state ; the ever-blessed Virgin 
in particular, and your other patrons, 
have obtained this for you. Pray to 
them, return them thanks, and beg 
they would make you worthy of so 

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your state of Life. 

signal a benefit. Esteem your own as 
most proper for you, but still with mo- 
deration. The daughter who is profuse 
in the praises of her mother , arid dero- 
gatory to the commendation of others, 
shows clearly that she is full of vanity, 
and, drawing upon herself the ridicule 
of the company , discredits rather than 
honours her family . 

Be very punctual in the exact per- 
formance of all your rules, and break 
not any of them through human respect 
or complaisance. The rules are the 
doysters of a religious soul; whosoever, 
therefore, transgresses the least of them , 
gives an opportunity to the enemy , who 
may break in and spoil the best of fruit. 

There may happen in a religious 
community, however exact or perfect, 
some disturbances ; some growling party 
in favour of some particular, and de- 
pression of others. Those unhappily 
concerned in these courses form private 
conventicles — underhand spread com- 
plaints, and, at the expense of charity, 
carry on some private animosity, some 
sinister interest or view opposite to the 
public advantage. Devout soul ! enter 

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II. With regard to 

not into the like parties ; fly from their 
meetings, and in no wise join in the 
disunion. Regularity , even in its very 
name , is quite lost, where these distur- 
bances are not suppressed ; and in place 
thereof confusion alone reigns. 

Let obedience govern your motions. 
An office or charge is put upon your 
shoulders : perform it with readiness and 
exactness. The honour of God and your 
own spiritual advantage is concerned in 
your exact discharge of this employ, 
and no other ; this charge is the means 
of your sanctification, which providence 
has allotted. Be faithful in that how- 
ever mean it may appear, or contrary 
to your inclinations ; perform the same 
with alacrity, fervour, and humility. 
Such is the order of God, such his divine * 
will, and nothing honours and pleases 
his divine Majesty so much as a punctual 
performance of and submission to his 
blessed will. 

You meet in the chapter, your opinion 
is required ; your vote of suffrage de- 
manded : crave light of the Holy Ghost, 
and act as one solicitous for the honour 
of God, your own advantage, and that 

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your state of Life . 

of your community. Suffer not your 
mind to be biassed by any party interest 
or friendship. These are a sort of bri- 
bery and corruption that influence our 
passions; and a commonwealth under 
the influence of bribery must be miser- 
able, and cannot long subsist 

Respect and love your superiors; 
have recourse to them in all your necessi- 
ties with confidence and a filial candour. 
Pay a due regard to whatever they com- 
mand, and obey the least intimation of 
their will, not because they excel in any 
articular quality or pre-eminence, but 
ecause they are your superiors, and the 
channel through which, by the appoint- 
ment of Providence, the blessings of 
I heaven are conveyed to you. Whoever 
"should endeavour, by whatever means, 
to remove this happy understanding be- 
tween the subject and superior, believe 
me, I speak with the utmost assurance, 
and be convinced that such an one is an 
enemy of religion, and a minister of 
Satan ; a member disjointed from the 
head , that must of necessity wither and 

you will say, perhaps, that you 

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332 Regard to your Sisters. 

live unhappily under a superior, who, 
either out of humour, inconsideration, 
or animosity, makes no ceremony in 
mortifying you on every occasion, with- 
out regard to time or place. Your duty 
and obligation is still the same. You 
ought to consider what you owe to your 
divine Master, who called you to this 
state, and whose example in the dere- 
liction he suffered, has given you a pat- 
tern to act by. He is your Father , and 
if you meet with such treatment under 
this your step -mother , he himself will 
show you are his child . 

Iff. With regard to your Sisters. 

Those with whom you live, viz. the 
community of which you are a member, 
have an undoubted claim to your gootf 
opinion, and that you should always put 
a favourable construction on their words 
and actions, and never relate to a third 
person what you may have heard any 
particular person say, that lessens the 
value of their fame or reputation. A 
suspicious mind is never at rest; the 
detractor causes confusion ; discord is 
worse than the devil ; and all three are 
exposed to the danger of damnation. 

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Regard to your Sisters. 333 

£»ove those who are under the tame 
rule with yourself, lore them for the 
sake of Jesus Christ, and let your lore 
be manifest by the regard you show for 
them* Serve them in whatsoever lies 
in vour power. There are two great 
rocks you must avoid, viz. aversion, and 
particular friendship ; both are danger- 
ous and destructive; the one to your 
own conscience; the other to edifica- 
tion ; both to devotion and perfection. 
An aversion to our neighbour is contrary 
to Christianity ; and particular friend- 
ship destroys a religious perfection. 

Above all things, take care not to 
exasperate, afflict, or even disorder those 
with whom you live ; the Holy Ghost 
-v? c° n fcristated thereby, and becomes the 
defender of those who are afflicted. Be 
not curious to pry into the actions or 
words of others; that cannot contribute 
to your perfection, nor be of any help 
to you in the performance of your office. 
Never was a curious person truly de- 
vout. • y 

Envy not another, because she is in 
greater favour or more preferred than 
yoursfelf. Rather rejoice and bless God 

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Regard to yourself, 

on tie occasion. Charity turns every 
thing iuto gold, and makes every one’s 
virtues our owp advantage. Envy pci* 

, sorted Lucifer s happiness in heaven, and 
still increases his torments in hell. 

Shut your eyes and ears to the faults 
of others. If their virtues be the sub- 
ject of discourse, lend your attention 
with joy, and extol them according to 
their merits; but employ not your ta- 
lents in discovering their faults and ble- 
mishes. Lamentable is the condition of 
the spider , that turns the sweetest meat 
into poison ; happy that of the bee , which 
gathers honey from the most Utter flow* 
ers. Abhor the one and follow the 

IV. With regard to yourself 

Fly idleness : it is the source of all 
other evils. Keep yourself employed, 
yet not so as to be overpowered with 
business. As the disease^ of the body 
are occasioned by emptiness as well as 
repletion ; so are the imperfections of 
the sotd, by idleness and excess in oocupa* 

oy Google 

Regard to yourself, 896 

Since the observance of silence is a 
great duty, keep it exactly, and it will 
preserve yon from a thousand evils, and 
draw upon yon as many blessings. In 
silence, the soul speaks to her beloved. 
The heart without silence will not easily 
be governed. 

Avoid singularity; not only in as 
much as concerns the care of the body, 
but the soul also. Be not singular m 
your devotions. This spirit will lead 
you astray, and expose you to dangers 
and the deceits of your enemy. Pride 
is the mother of singularity , and finds 
its ends wherever it gets footing. 

You may lawfully place an esteem 
and confidence in another, as long as 
it is conducive to your spiritual ad- 
vancement; but be careful the same 
degenerate not into a sensual satisfac- 
tion, or be upheld by too frequent con- 
versations, accompanied with over much 
solicitude, and in absence, with dejec- 
tion and desolation. Friendships among 
young people , even out of the best m&* 
lives, are often dangerous : they are 
begotten in spirit , but do not always end 

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336 Regard to your V ows. 

Bear patiently such afflictions, either 
corporal or spiritual, as may from time 
to time befall you. Support yourself 
under them by a pious consideration of 
your dear Redeemer; by reflecting on 
the sufferings of our blessed Lady, and 
those of other saints. Even accustom 
yourself to those trials by a voluntary 
and daily mortification of your senses, 
in honour of the five wounds of our 
Saviour, or by that of the three powers 
of your soul, in honour of the ever 
adorable Trinity. The livery of the 
heavenly spouse is white and red ; — pu- 
rity of heart and mortification. She that 
disdains to carry this livery is unworthy , 
not only of the august name of Spouse, 
hut also of the privileges those enjoy who 
are of the number of his family. 

V. With regard to your Vows . 

By your vows you have bound your- 
self to God. Be faithful to your pro- 
mise. They are the very being of a 
religious state. Vows , dxdy observed , 
are the wings that raise the soul to 

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Regard to your Votes. 337 

heaven ; the same neglected , becomes a 
load that weighs us dvtni to hell. 

Be poor.— K^ep nothing extraordi- 
nary by yon, without express leave or 
. necessity. Neither give nor take with- 
out license from your superior. Foolish 
is that person , who , after having broke 
through the chains of gold and silver 
which captivaie so many in the world, 
lets herself in religion be bound with 
flaxen bonds , I mean with toys and trifles . 

Obey with alacrity, with fervour, joy, 
and respect : God has appointed one in 
his place to govern you. It is God, not 
his substitute, you obey, and the obe- 
dient person speaks of victories . This 
is the reward of the religious soul in 
life: her recompense after death will 
be an eternal crown of glory. 

Chastity, a virtue so dear to your 
heavenly Spouse, must be as much che- 
rished and preserved as the apple of 
your eye. Let no intruding thought 
sully its lustre. Neither death nor 
life can rob us of so inestimable a trea- 
One raised above her birth and 
merit to the espousals of a great pnnee , 
if defective in point of fidelity , is truly 

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$38 With regard 

deeming of the utmost reproach and 

Humility is the common guard of these 
and all other virtues. It is the solid 
foundation of religious perfection, and 
measure of its height. Make it your 
study to excel in this ; seek the lowest 
place; deem yourself unworthy of the 
least regard, and rejoice in being thought 
so by others. Praise and glory are not 
due to you ; these belong and are to be 
referred to God only. Be humble for 
the love of JesuS Christ ; take pleasure 
in being looked upon as the lowest in this 
world, and you shall be exalted in the 

VI. Witfi regard to your Inferiors, 

As superiors, you ought to be united 
with God, and most jealous of his 
honour : most humble in heart, and in 
every action in life : a mirror of charity ; 
zealous for the advantage of those under 
your care; and circumspect in your 
management with externs. She ftio 
knows what is due to God , her neigh- 
bour and herself may govern the world 

, y Google 

to your Inferiors . 2d9 

to the honour of God, and the advantage 
of each particular . 

You ought to stand centinel against 
all surprise of the enemy, whilst in your 
religious repose, and lift np your hands 
to heaven, that no imperfection break 
in upon the community, whilst they 
divert themselves. They may very easily 
be indifferent, or even somewhat ne- 
glectfal,of themselves, as they know and 
are sensible you are upon the watch, 
and provide whatever is expedient for 
their health and perfection. In a word, 
look upon them as your sisters, and 
yourself as their mother, and you will 
always love, help, and assist them. — 
Remember they are really the beloved 
spouses of Jesus Christ, your Lord and 
Master, and y dk will always have the 
greatest esteem, respect, and even reve- 
rence for them. You are a Shepherd: 
the welfare of your flock , the riches of 
your divine Master , and your own record 
and recompense, depend ou y mar care 
and vigilance. % 

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With regard 

Compassionate your religious in their 
infirmities; treat them with tenderness ; 
give your orders with mildness, and let 
tue moderation you use appear even 
in the tone of your voice. Grant the 
favour demanded at your hands with an 
air of satisfaction ; and, if a refusal be 
expedient, refuse with compassion and 
benevolence. Reprimand them with cir- 
cumspection and tenderness, and then 
only when necessity requires, and after 
you have recommended the affair to 
Almighty God. He must speak to the 
heart, and will speak efficaciously if 
you ask him. Should any one have 
conceived an offence against you, be 
you the first to procure a reconciliation. 
If the bee withdraws not immediately 
the sting from the wourU it makes , what 
will be the event? It perishes by the 
poison it leaves . 

Y ou have read the dreadful history of 
certain superiors of a celebrated reli- 
gious order, who appeared all in flames. 
The cause was, they had neglected reli- 
gious dicipline in their subjects, letting 
them go on without a due regard to the 
ruie; and not to displease some par- 

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to your Inferiors . 


ticulars, had permitted the whole to 
be corrupted. Upon this consideration, 
when yon meet with such in your com- 
munity, as lenitives cannot cure, use 
those remedies that may be more corro- 
sive but not violent. Jesus Christ, the 
patron and example you ought to follow, 
though mildness itself, rebuked St. Peter 
severely on different occasions, and cor- 
rected the other apostles with resolution. 
You know in what tone he reproached 
the Scribes and Pharisees. The goal 
shepherd carries with him vinegar as 
well as oil: both have their proper uses ; 
and there are wounds which cannot be 
cured but by the application as well of 
the one as the other . 

All will go well, and to your satis- 
faction, if your subjects have a love 
and esteem for you. That you may be 
beloved, give the example by loving 
them first yourself. Esteem will rise 
from a becoming discharge of your em- 
ploy, and your own particular compliance 
in each part of your religious profession. 
Your subjects will have an entire reli- 
anpe on you if you yourself are true to 

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With repara 

the trust they confide to your secrecy, 
and careful of their ease and comfort. 
Love, esteem , and confidence, are the 
three virtues , or triple cord, by wkic h 
the soul of the subject is united to the 
superior , and which the powers of hell 
cannot break . 

VII. With regard to Seculars . 

Be awlays circumspect, and even re- 
served in your treating with worldlings. 
Let your discourse be short, and seasoned 
with a becoming devotion ; each motion 
and gesture within its proper bounds ; 
your countenance and actions humble, 
modest, and suitable to your profession. 
Unhappy the religious , who , instead oj 
gaining the secular over to virtue and 
piety, becomes herself a prey to worldly 
vanity and emptiness . 

If the subject of your discourse falls 
on the customs and rules of your monas- 
tery, and much more on your feliow- 
religious, praise and commend the one 
and the other. Cain was cast off b v 
Almighty God, and a vagabond upon 
earth, under sentence of death, for at* 
tempting on the life of his brother.—* 

oy Google 

to Seculars. 


She who lays open the faults of her con- 
vent, and takes away the good reputation 
of her community , becomes more criminal 
than the above-mentioned, and more de- 
serving of punishment. 

What does it concern yon how things 
pass in the world ? The inquire is dan- 
gerous to yon, displeasing to God, and 
disedifying to your neighbour. When 
snch conversations rise, torn them off, 
and fling the discourse into another 
channel. The Israelites in the desert, 
even whilst fed from heaven, betrayed 
their corrupted taste and inclination by 
dilating on the flesh-pots of Egypt, and 
for that reason were brought to a very 
severe account. 

Suffer not, under any pretext what- 
ever, the least word to escape you that 
bears a tendency to what the world calls 
passion, affectation, or polite conver- 
sation. Fly, with aversion, the least 
opening to snch subjects, and pat a 
stop to snch fooleries with indignation. 
The serpent kills with his breath, and 
destroys by infection. When was the 
abomination of desolation lamented by 
the prophets, and foretold by Christ, 

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With regard 

completed in the temple, but when 
sensuality, under the borrowed shape 
of a soft Adonis, was ereeted there? 
Our sanctuaries are still more holy than 
the temple, and the profanation more 
detestable,, when softness or sensuality 
even appear in them. The sold engaged 
to God in the vows of religion , , by fond 
and loose desires becomes odious and abo- 
minable, and hell itself is too light a pun- 
ishment for such a profanation . 

Ask yourself frequently this question : 
For what intent did I enter into reli- 
gion ? What should I wish to have done 
were I at this hour to appear before the 
dread tribunal of God? Oh I how dis- 
mal will be the confusion of a soul 
which, during life, was thought holy 
and perfect, if before God it is then 
cast off and condemned? What re- 
proaches from former friends, relations, 
and acquaintances ? How will it bear 
up against the insults of the devil, who 
will utterly despise the soul that has 
abandoned the substantial and real 
pleasures of the world, and after all 
lets itself to be taken with, and eternally 
lost for, the shadow of them? How 

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to Seculars 


will it answer to God for the graces, 
favours, and lights imparted, received, 
neglected and abased ? On the other 
side, with what jubilee will the virtuous 
and truly religious soul enter into the 
blessed mansions of the heavenly Jeru- 
salem, in recompense of its labours and 
fidelity ? With what praises and bless- 
ings of all the glorious inhabitants will 
it be received? Pray, therefore, for 
your parents, benefactors, and friends 1 
pray for the advantage of your own 
family, and for the private and publie 
exigencies of the church. Pray daily 
for your enemies, for the conversion of 
sinners, the increase of the glory of 
God. and allow a small share, a small 
remembrance in your holy prayers, to, 


Tour most humble and devoted 
Servant in Christ, 

N. N. 

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The Night Prayers. 

tt l E t us enter in spirit into the 
adorable Heart of Jesus ; let us place 
ourselves "in the presence of God! Jet 
us adore him, and give him thanks for 
all the benefits we have received from 
him, particularly this day.” 

O my God I we adore thee through 
the sacred Heart of thy divine Son, as 
our Creator and sovereign Good! we 
give thee thanks for all thy mercies to 
us, spiritual and temporal, general and 
particular ; but more especially for the 
favours bestowed on us this day. May 
thy holy name be eternally praised and 
glorified, and may we never be ungrate- 
ful to thy bounties. Amen. 

« Let us ask of our Lord Jesus 
Christ grace to discover the sins we 
have committed this day, and let us 
beg of him a true sorrow for them.” 

O my Lord Jesus Christ ! Judge of 
the living and the dead, before whom 
we must one day appear to give an exact 


The Night Prayers. 347 

Account of our whole lives, enlighten 
us, we beseech thee, and give us an 
humble and contrite heart, that we 
may see wherein we have offended thy 
infinite Majesty, and judge ourselves 
now with such a just severity, that thou 
mayest hereafter judge us with mercy, 
and clemency. Amen. 

“ Let us examine ourselves, and call 
t a mind the sins we have committed 
this day by thought, word, deed, or 
omission, insisting particularly on the 
failings we are most subject to.” 

Pause here a little while. 

Most merciful Lord I we are sorry 
from the bottom of our hearts for all 
the sins we have committed, purely 
because they are offensive to thee, who 
art a God of infinite goodness ; we 
sincerely detest them, and firmly pur- 
pose, through thy holy grace, never to 
offend thee any more. Enlighten our 
understandings and strengthen our 
wills, that we may persevere in thy 
favour till death. Amen . 

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The Night Prayers. 

O my Godl we firmly believe all the 
sacred truths the Catholic Church be- 
lieves and teaches, because thou hast 
revealed them. Relying upon tliy 
goodness and promises, we hope to ob- 
tain pardon for our sins, and life ever- 
lasting, through the merits of Jesus 
Christ, and by the intercession of his 
blessed Mother, and all the saints. We 
love thee above all things with our 
whole hearts and souls, purely for thy- 
self, and we desire to love thee as the 
blessed do in heaven ; we also love our 
neighbour, for thy sake, as we love 
ourselves; and we sincerely forgive all 
that have injured us, and ask pardon 
of all whom we have injured. We 
adore all the designs of thy divine pro- 
vidence, resigning ourselves entirely to 
thy will. We renounce the devil with 
all his works, the world witli all its 
pomps, and the flesh with all its temp- 
tations. We desire to be dissolved and 
to be with Christ. 

V. Father, into thy hands we com- 
mend our spirits. 

R. Sweet Jesus ! receive our souls. 

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Tite Night Prayers . 


V. May the blessed Virgin Mary, 
St. Joseph, and all the saint9 and an- 
gels, glorify, adore, and love the sacred 
Heart of Jesus for us this night, and 
pray for us to our Lord, that we may 
be preserved during it from all sin and 

Blessed Michael ! defend us in the 
day of battle, that we may not be lost 
at the dreadful judgment. O angels of 
God ! to whose care we are committed 
by the supreme clemency, enlighten, 
govern, and defend us this night from 
all sin and danger. Save us, O Lord ! 
waking, and keep us sleeping, that 
we may watch with Christ, and rest in 
peace. Vouchsafe, O Lord ! this night 
to keep us without sin. 

R. Have mercy upon us, O Lord! 
have mercy upon us. 

V. O Lord ! hear our prayer. 

R. And let our supplication come 
unto thee. 

Let us pray . 

Visit, we beseech thee, O Lord! 
this habitation, and drive from it all 
the snares of the enemy. Let thy holy 

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350 An Act of Contrition, 

angels dwell therein to preserve us in 
peace; and may thy blessing be upon 
us for ever, through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen, 

God the Father! bless us! Jesus 
Christ ! defend and keep us I the vir- 
tue of the Holy Ghost enlighten and 
sanctify us this night and for ever ! and 
may the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, rest in 
peace. Amen , 

An Act of Contrition y applicable to the 
Indulgences, Sfc. p. 187. ^ 

O my God ! I am sorry from the 
bottom of my heart for having offended 
thee, because thou art infinitely good, 
infinitely amiable ; and, because sin is 
displeasing to thee, I detest it from the 
bottom of my heart, and I make a firm 
resolution, by the assistance of thy 
divine grace, never to offend thee any 
more. Amen, 

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To unite ourselves to the Sacred Heart 
of Jesus , during the Holy Sacrifice of 
the Mass, 

Let your thoughts and actions he conformable 
to the principal actions and prayers of the 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is, of 
all the actions of the Christian Religion, 
the most glorious to God, and one of 
the most useful to the salvation of man. 
Jesus Christ there renews the greafmys- 
tery of the redemption; he there offers 
himself in a true, though unbloody Sa- 
crifice, as our Victim, and comes in per- 
son to apply to each one in particular the 
merits of that adorable Blood, which he 
shed for us all on the cross. What more 
proper to inspire us with an exalted idea 
of the holy Sacrifice of the Mass ? 

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Mass of the 

Let us assist at it, if possible, every 
day, and remember that to assist at it 
with irreverence, wilful distractions, 
without modesty, without attention, 
without respect, is to renew, as much 
as in us lies, the sorrows of Calvary, and 
to dishonour religion. Never fail, then, 
to assist there with the recollection, mo- 
desty, and devotion, which the supreme 
greatness and tender charity of him, who 
immolates himself for us, exacts. 


I present myself, O my adorable 
Saviour, before thy holy altar, to assist 
at thy divine Sacrifice. Deign to apply 
to me all the fruit thou wishest me 
to derive from it. I detest, for thy love, 
all that which impedes the progress of 
thy grace. Supply, I beseech thee, by 
thy mercy and by the merits of thy sa- 
cred Heart, the dispositions which are 
necessary for me. 


Judge me, O Lord, according to 
thy great mercy, and do not treat me as 

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Sacred Heart of Jesus 353 

thou treatest the impious ; destroy in me 
the empire of the devil, of pride and 
self-love ; in order that, being illuminated 
with thy light, purified with thy grace, 
and inflamed with thy love, I may, with 
confidence, approach thy sacred altars. 


Eternal Father, Father infinitely 
holy 1 if my crimes provoke thee against 
me, turn away thine eyes from a wicked 
servant; look on thine only Son, this 
dear object of thy complacency* and of 
thy love ; behold this innocent Lamb, 
about to offer himself as a sacrifice to 
efface the sius of the world : and, viewing 
his merits, forget my crimes and per- 
fidies. I detest them, from the bottom 
of ray heart, for thy love. Remember, 
that I am most dear to the Sacred Heart 
of this divine Saviour, who willingly died 
for me on the cross, and who, for me, 
is now'going to offer to thee the unbloody 
sacrifice of his adorable body. 


Thy Church, O Lord, prepares her- 
self for the sacrifice of the Mass, in 

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Mass of the 

praising thee and imploring tby mercy ; 
unite me to thy divine Heart, that by it 
I may worthily praise thine Eternal Fa- 
ther, and receive the marks of his pa- 
ternal goodness. 



w O sweet Jesus I may thy divine 
Heart have compassion on my misery : 
do not reject me, how great soever a 
sinner I may be, I shall not cease hum- 
bly to cry out Jesus Son of David, have 
mercy on me. 


We render to thee, O Lord, the glory 
which is dne to thee alone ; give us that 
peace and joy which proceed from a 
perfect charity. We acknowledge that 
we cannot acquit ourselves of these du- 
ties in a manner worthy of thee, but 
through thine adorable Son, who is with 
thee the only Holy, the only Most High, 
the only Lord, in the unity of the Holy 
Ghost, to whom be all honour and glory 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

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Sacred Heart of Jesus. 355 


All the Church prays to thee, O my 
God, by the mouth of the priest. I unite 
myself with this holy Church, in order 
to beg of thee the graces, which are ne- 
cessary for us. It is true, I do not 
merit to be heard by thee ; but consider, 
that I ask these graces through the 
Heart of Jesus, desiring, that the de- 
signs of his love may be eternally ac- 


Enlighten my mind, O Lord, and 
give me the knowledge of thy divine 
Scriptures, and the love of thy holy Law. 
Assist me to keep it to the smallest 
point, and conduct me to Jesus Christ 
thy Son. It is he whom I desire to 
know, to hear and to follow. 


May I never be ashamed, O my 
Saviour, of thy gospel or thy cross ; 
may I never fear openly to profess what 
1 firmly believe in my heart ; may thy 
divine word produce in us fruits of grace 


356 . 

Mass of the 

and of salvation; and grant me, dear 
Jesns, as much courage to accomplish it, 
as thou iuspirest us with firmness to 
believe it. 


Yes, my God, I believe all the 
truths which thou hast revealed to thy 
holy Church. There is not one of them 
for which I would not willingly shed my 
blood ; and it is in this entire submission 
that, uniting myself entirely to the pro- 
fession of faith which the priest makes 
to thee, I now confess in heart and in 
spirit, as he prononnces aloud, that l 
firmly believe in thee, and all that thy 
Church believes. I affirm, in the pre- 
sence of thine altars, that I wish to live 
and die in the sentiments of this pure 
faith, and in the bosom of thy Holy, 
Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church. 


Receive, O most Holy Father, the 
sacred Heart of Jesus thy Son, our divine 
Redeemer. We present it as a holocaust 
the most agreeable and worthy of thy 
greatness in order to render to thee. 

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Sacred Heart of Jesu*. % 857 

through it, our homage, our thanks* 
giving, and the satisfaction which wa 
owe to thy justice for our sins, and to 
obtain from thy bounty all the graces 
necessary to obtain eternal salvation. 
Remember the labours, the sufferings 
the death of this dearly-beloved Son, 
and the ardent love with which his sa- 
cred Heart was inflamed for us, when he 
died for our salvation on the tree of the 
cross; and regard favourably our sacri- 
fice, that it may be to the glory of thy 
divine Majesty, and useful to all the 
faithful. Vouchsafe, likewise, O my 
God, to permit me to consecrate to thee 
all my thoughts, all my desires, all my 
words, and all the actions of my life. I 
submit myself entirely to thy divine will. 
I unite the sacrifice, which I make to 
thee of myself, with the perfect sacrifice 
which thy Son, my Saviour, offered to 
thee on the cross, and which he conti- 
nues to offer on our altars. I take from 
this moment the sentiments of his sacred 
heart, as my rule and model : deign to 
apply to me his merits, in order that my 
sacrifice may be agreeable to thee. 

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Mass of the 


Purify me more and more, O my 
God, from the sins I have had the mis- 
fortune to commit. I detest them all 
with my whole heart, because they dis- 
please thee. I beseech thee, by the sor- 
row which the adorable heart of thy Son 
experienced, to pardon me my sins and 
to give me the innocence and sanctity 
which this spotless Lamb demands, who 
is going to be immolated on the altar. 


O my God, may the Sacrifice at 
which I have the happiness to assist, 
serve to extend the glory of thy holy 
name ; may it tend to my sanctification, 
and draw down thy benedictions on thy 
holy church. 


Disengage us, O Lord, from all 
things here below; elevate our hearts to 
heaven, fix them on thee alone. • In the 
union, which is at present made, of the 
church triumphant and militant, we enter 

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Sacred Heart of Jesus . 359 

in spirit, O divine Saviour, into the 
sanctuary of thy sacred Heart, to be 
there consumed by the fire of thy holy 
love ; through it we adore thine infiuite 
sanctity ; we unite ourselves in heart and 
in mind with the celestial Hosts, confess- 
ing with them, that thou art Holy, 
Holy, Holy: the immortal God, to 
whom belong benediction, glory, wis- 
dom, thanksgiving, honour, and power, 
for ever and ever. Amen. 


We adore thee, O Father infinitely 
merciful, and we entreat thee, through 
the heart of Jesus, a most holy Victim, 
to receive our oblation. We offer it to 
thee by the hands of the priest, for thy 
Holy Catholic Church, for our Holy Fa- 
ther the Pope, (N.) for our Prelate, (N.) 
and for our Pastors, for our King and aU 
the Royal Family, for our Governors, 
Magistrates, aud other superiors. We 
supplicate thee also for all our relations, 
our associates, our friends, our enemies, 
our benefactors, and all those for whom 
we are obliged to pray. We implore 
thee to grant perseverance u the just. 



Mass of the 

consolation to the afflicted, relief to the 
suffering souls in purgatory, and conver- 
sion 'to bad Catholics. 

O Jesus, who didst die for all, bring 
back to the bosom of thy church, those 
who are separated from it by schism or 
heresy ; enlighten infidels and isolators ; 
bless the efforts of those who labour to 
instruct and convert them. Give to them 
all, O Lord, thy grace, thy love, and 
eternal life. 


Lord, since the imposition, which 
the priest makes with his hands, denotes 
the possession thou takest of thy victim, 
which is going to be offered for us, we 
should no longer consider ourselves but 
as victims destined to death : grant us 
then the grace continually to die to our- 
selves, in consecrating to thee all our 
thoughts, words, and affections, in order 
to live in a continual spirit of sacrifice to 
the glory of thy holy name. 


Lord, grant us the grace, that as 
the bread and wine are going to be 


Sacred Heart of Jesus. 3G1 * 

changed into thine adorable Body and 
precious Blood, so we may be trans- 
formed into thee, to become the same 
spirit with thee. Change our hearts, 
that they may resemble thine, and that 
they may have no other desire, no other 
will but thine. 


Salutary Host, which openest to 
us the gate of Heaven, I adore theeVith 
the most profound respect: strengthen 
me against the enemies of my salvation. 

O Jesus, holy Victim, I adore thee, I 
love thee ; and I implore thee through 
thy Sacred Heart, to purify me, to sanc- 
tify me, and to inflame me with thy 
sacred love. 


O precious Blood, fountain of grace 
and mercy, I adore thee. Flow into 
my heart, O most pure source, to extin- 
guish there the fire of my passions, and 
wash me from all the stains of sin. 


O my God, what may I not hope 
to obtain through this spotless Victim 


. 362 

Mass of the 

sacrificed for us on this Altar ? It is 
through Christ our Victim, and through 
the merits of his precious blood, that we 
dare to pray mid hope for the pardon of 
our sins, the spirit of penance, a pro- 
found humility, an ardent charity, and 
final perseverance. 


Lord, we beseech thee through the 
merits of thy holy Death and Passion, 
and through the love of thy sacred Heart, 
to deliver from purgatory the souls which 
are there detained, and in particular 
those of our parents, friends, associates, 
benefactors, and all those for whom we 
are obliged to pray. Grant them, dear 
Lord, the eternal repose, after which 
they so ardently sigh. 


Heaven, O my God, where thy 
saints reign, is likewise our inheritance ; 
Jesus, the amiable Jesus, has merited 
it for us by the effusion bf his precious 
blood, and he at present offers it to thee 
on this altar, to merit for us the pardon 

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Sacred Heart of Jesus. 963 

of these sins which shnt the door of 
heaven against ns. Hear the voice of 
this precious blood, which supplicates 
mercy for as ; hear the prayers of his 
adorable heart; pardon ns, and grant 
that we may reign eternally with thy 


Though I am bnt a miserable sin* 
ner, great God, yet I take the liberty 
of calling thee my Father, as thou de- 
si rest. Grant me the grace, O my God, 
not to degenerate from the quality of thy 
child, and do not suffer me to do any 
thing unworthy of the title. May thy 
holy name be sanctified throughout ths 
universe. Reign, from this moment, in 
my heart, by thy grace, that I may per- 
form thy will on earth, as the saints do 
in heaven, and that I may reign eter- 
nally with thee in glory. Thou art my 
Father: give me, then, I beseech thee, 
this heavenly bread, with which thou 
dost nourish thy children. Pardon me, 
as I pardon from my heart, for thy sake, 
all those who have offended me; and 
never permit me to fall into any tempta- 
2 A 

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Mass of the 

tion ; but grant, with the assistance of 
thy grace, that I may triumph over all 
the enemies of my salvation. 


Lamb without spot, holy Victim, 
who takest away the sins of the world, 
purify my heart from all those sins of 
which I know I have been guilty, and 
those I do not remember. I detest them , 
all, with my whole heart, for thy sake, 
and I am sorry for having committed 
them, because they displease thee, who 
art infinitely amiable. Give me a new 
heart, O divine Jesus, a heart con- 
formable to thine. Remove from the 
world all iniquity, destroy vice, make 
thy holy religion triumph, convert and 
save sinners, and give us eternal peace. 

at the domine non sum dignus. 

It is true, O Lord, that I am unworthy 
that thou shouldst enter into a soul so 
miserable as mine, but my miseries and 
pressing wants make me desire to eat of 
this heavenly bread, and oblige me in the 
banger which presses on me to have re- 


Sacred Heart of Jesus . 865 

course to the tenderness of thy paternal 
Heart, to draw from that divine abun- 
dance wherewith to supply all my wants, 
and to fill the void of my eouL Come, 
then, O Jesus, take possession of my 
heart, and render it worthy of being 
united to thine. 

If you do not actually communicate, you must 
do so spiritually, and make the following 
acts s 


Come, O divine Jesus, the well be- 
loved of my soul, come and take posses- 
sion of my heart. The thirsty deer does 
not sigh with more ardour after a re- 
freshing fountain, than I do for the 
happy moment when I shall receive thee 


Give me at least, O Lord, the 
crumbs which fall from thy table Give 
me that profound humility, which the 
sight of my nothingness ought to pro 
duce. Clothe me with the nuptial robo 
of charity, that I may enter with the 

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Mass of the 

just into the banqueting-hall, to eat 
there the bread of the elect : give me an 
ardent desire for this food, and remove 
every obstacle which may retard my 
happiness and prevent me from partici- 
pating at thy sacred table. 


Grant us the grace, O my God, to 
dwell and to live in Jesus Christ, who 
gives himself in these divine mysteries. 
Grant that we may receive and preserve 
the fruit of this awful sacrifice, which 
we have offered to thy sovereign Ma- 
jesty: we beseech thee, through the 
intercession of the blessed Virgin, of the 
angels, and of the saints, whom the 
Church particularly honours on this day. 

at the Benediction. 

Diffuse on us, O Eternal Father 
thy most abundant benedictions, and 
grant us to hear from the voice of thy 
divine Son, at the day of avenging justice 
these consoling words : Come, ye blessed 
of my Father , possess the kingdom 
which has been prepared for you from 
the creation of the world. 

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Sacred Heart of Jesus. 307 


Adorable Word, without beginning 
and without end, grant us the grace to 
know thee, to hear thee, to love thee, 
and to imitate thee all our life, in order 
that we may adore thee and contemplate 
thee eternally with thy Father, in the 
unity of the Holy Ghost. Amen. 


I return thee thanks, with all 
my heart, O my amiable Jesus, for thy 
goodness in permitting me to remain in 
thy divine presence, whilst thou didst 
offer thyself in sacrifice on this altar for 
my sake. I most humbly ask pardon of 
thee, for the little attention and devotion 
I have had at these divine mysteries. 
Penetrated with sorrow, I desire to 
make some reparation to thy sacred 
Heart, for all the acts of irreverence, 
which are ever committed during this 
august sacrifice ; and I conjure thee to 
grant us the grace always to feel the 
effects of it, to preserve the fruit of it, 
and to assist at it every day with in- 
creasing fervour. 

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*0 TH* 



Vers. O HEART of Jesus, burning 
with love of me, inflame my heart with 
the love of thee. 

Resp. Amen. 

Vers. Lord open my lips. 

Resp. And my mouth shall declare 
thy praise. 

Vers. O God, incline to my aid. 
Resp. O Lord, make haste to help 

Vers . Glory be to the Father, and to 
the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. 

Resp . As it was in the beginning, is 

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The Little Office , Sfc. 


now, and ever shall be, world without 
end. Amen. AUeluja . 

From Septuagesima to Easter, instead 
of AUeluja , say, Praise be to thee 9 O 
Lord / King of Eternal Glory t 


O Heaven’s glorious King, 

Who dost thy starry throne, 

And its triumphant bliss postpone, 
To be our offering 1 

Jesus, our heart’s delight, 

This faithful flock inspire 
Of thy great heart to sing the fire, 
And love with praise requite. 

Thy Father's only One, 

Chaste Spouse of lovers pure, 

Who canst no rival-love endure, 
Possess our hearts alone. Amen. 


O sacred Heart of Jesus, who didst 
always live in perfect submission to the 
will of thy Father, turn our hearts to 
thee, that we may ever do what is most 
pleasing to thee. 

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370 . 

The Little Office 

Vers. O God of my heart, my heart 
is ready to do thy will. 

Resp. My God, I desire it, and to 
carry thy law in the midst of my heart 

Let us pray. _ 

Look, we beseech thee, O God at 
Mercy I on the heart of thy most beloved 
Son, in whom thon hast been well pleas- 
ed : behold the bitter afflictions he has 
endured for us, and the worthy satisfac- 
tions he has made to thee in our behalf; 
that, being thus appeased, we may ob- 
tain of thee pardon for our sins, seeing 
we ask it with contrite hearts. , Kindle 
in our hearts so ardent a love of Christ, 
that, being all inflamed with the affec- 
tions of his divine heart, we may also 
merit to be found according to thy heart, 
through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord. 

at prim E. 

Vers. O Heart of Jesus, burning with 
love of me, inflame my heart with the 
love of thee. 

Resp. Amen. 

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to the Heart of Jews. 871 

Vers . O God, incline to my aid. 

Resp. O Lord, make haste to help 
me. • 

Vers. Glory be to the Father, and to 
the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. 

Resp. As it was in the beginning, it 
now, and ever shall be, world without 
end. Amen. AUeluja. 


O heart! love’s victim, slain! 

O heaven’s lasting joyl 
To whom distressed mortals fly. 
Nor fly for help in vain. 

Darling of the Trinity, 

The Holy Ghost is eas’d 
In thee, th’ almighty Father’s pleas’d 
His Son has wedded thee. 

Thy Father’s only One, 

Chaste Spouse of lovers pure, 

Who canst no rival-love endure, 
Possess our hearts alone. Amen . 



The Littk Office 


O sacred Heart of Jesus, which so 
thirsted after our salvation, bring us, 
sinners, by an humble and contrite 
heart, to a sense of ourselves, that we 
die not in our sins. 

Vers. O God of my heart, my heart 
is ready to do thy will. 

Resp. My God, I desire it, and to 
carry thy law in the midst of my heart. 

The Prayer as before. 


Vers. O Heart of Jesus, burning with 
the love of me, inflame my heart with 
the love of thee. 

Resp. Amen. 

Vers. O God, incline to my aid. 

Resp. O Lord, make haste to help 

Vers. Glory be to the Father, and 
to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. 

Resp. As it was in the beginning, is 
now, and ever shall be, world without 
end. Amen.^ Allehja. 


to the Heart of Jesus. 373 


Choice Cabinet of oar Lord ! 

No rays of light so clean, 

No heaven so worthy to contain 

The treasure of his word. 

Form’d of pure Virgin’s blood. 
Pregnant with love divine, 

Thou heaven’s palace dost outshine, 

A mansion fit for God. 

Thy Father’s only One, 

Chaste Spouse of lovers pure, 

Who canst no rival-love endure, 

Possess our hearts alone. Amen. 


O sacred Heart of Jesus, the most 
perfect pattern of purity I make us clean 
of heart, that we may merit to be ac- 
cording to thy heart. 

Vers. O God of my heart, my heart 
is ready to do thy will. 

Resp. My God, I desire it, and to 
carry thy law in the midst of my heart. 

The Prayer as before. 



The Little Office 


Vers. O Heart of Jesus, burning with 
love of me, inflame my heart with the 
love of thee. 

Resp. Amen. . 

Vers. O God, incline to my aid. 

Resp. O Lord, make haste to help 

Vers. Glory be to the Father, and to 
the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. 

Resp. As it was in the beginning, is 
now, and ever shall be, world without 
end. Amen . AUeluja. 


O may we ne’er provoke 
This meek, this tender heart, 

Where love for us has fix’d his dart, 

And struck the killing stroke. 

When sin for vengeance calls, 

This heart, with pow’rful charm, 
Glancing withholds th’ Almighty’s arm 

And straight his anger falls 

The Fat her '8 only One, 

Chaste Spouse of lovers pure, 

Who const no rival-love endure, 

Possess our hearts alone. Amen. 

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to (he Heart of Jesus . 375 


O sacred Heart of Jesus, full of 
meekness towards thy enemies, let thy 
peace triumph in our hearts, that, from 
the bottom of them, we may pardon all 
those who do or shall persecute and 
calumniate us. 

Vers . O God of my heart, my heart 
is ready to do thy wifi. 

Resp. My God, I desire it, and to 
carry thy law in the midst of my heart. 

The Prayer as hrfore. 


Vers. O Heart of Jesus, burning with 
love of me, inflame my heart with the 
love of thee. 

Resp. Amen. 

Vers . O God, incline to my aid. 

Resp. O Lord, make haste to help 

Vers. Glory be to the Father, and to 
the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. 

Resp. As it was in the beginning, is 
now, and ever shall be, world without 
end. Amen. Alleluja. 

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The Little Office ■ 


Love did this refuge win, 

Love lanced our Saviour's side, 
Fond love display'd the passage wide, 
And bid us welcome in. 

Whence blood, to wash our stain, 
Gush'd out on every part 
O ! take, and keep us in this heart, 
For fear we sin again. 

Thy Father's only One, 

Chaste Spouse of lovers pure, 

Who canst no rival-love endure. 
Possess our hearts alone. Amen. 


O sacred Heart of Jesus, most patient 
in all thy sufferings! grant us, in all 
circumstances of life, a constant resig- 
nation to thy most blessed will. Let thy 
will be done in us, and by us, both now 
and for eternity. 

Vers . O God of my heart, my heart 
is ready to do thy will. 

Resp. My God, I desire it, and to 
carry thy law in the midst of my heart. 
The Prayer as before . 

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to the Heart of Jesiu. 377 


Vers. O Heart of Jesus, burning with 
love of me, inflame my heart with the 
love of thee. 

Resp. Amen. 

Vers . O God, incline to my aid. 

Resp . O Lord, make haste to help 

Vers . Glory be to the Father, to the 
Son, and to the Holy Ghost. 

Resp. As it was in the beginning, is 
now, and ever shall be, world without 
end. Amen. AUeltya. 


O, wond’rous pow’r of love ! 

God gives himself to eat — ' 

His blood is drink, his flesh is meat ! 
And he who reigns above, 

Dread Sov’reign of the skies, 
Regales his mortal guest, 

Himself the donor and the feast, 

Tho’ hid form mortal eyes. 



The Little Office 


Thy Father's only One, 

Chaste spouse of lovers pure, 

Who eanst no rival-love endure, 

Possess our hearts alone. Arrien . 


O sacred Heart of JesuS, most ar- 
dently in love with poverty I put thy- 
self as a seal on my heart, that, seques- 
tered from the trifles of this earth, it 
may be entirely united to thee, my only 

Vers. O God of my heart, toy heart 
is ready to do thy will. 

Reap. My God, I desire it, and* to 
carry thy law in the midst of my heart. 

The Prayer as before. 


Vers . O Heart of Jesus, burning with 
love of me, inflame my heart with the 
love of thee. 

Resp. Amen. 

Vers. Convert us, O God our salvation. 

Resp. And turn away thy anger from 


to the Heart of Jesus . 379 

Vers . O God, incline to ray aid. 
Resp. O Lord, make baste to help 


Vers. Glory be to the Father, and te 
the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. 

Resp. As it was in the beginning, is 
now, and ever shall be, world without 
end. Amen. AUeluja. 


The Mother to her Son 
Inclines with chaste desire. 

And fane witheenstant sighs the fire, 
Which makes the couple one. 

When mutually they burn. 

Two hearts are but the same- — 

Both with each others fire do flame. 
Both equal flames return. 

Thy Father’s only One, 

Chaste Spouse of lovers pure. 

Who cans! no rival-love endure. 
Possess our hearts alone. Amen. 


O sacred Heart of Jesus, a roost liberal 
rewarder to all that love thee, l$t our 
2 b 

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The Little Office , SfC. 

hearts and substance be wholly con- 
sumed in thee. Be thou, my Jesus, the 
God of our hearts, and our portion for 

Vers. O God of my heart, my heart 
is ready to do thy will. 

Resp. My God, 1 desire it, and to 
carry thy law in the midst of my heart. 

Let us pray. 

Look, we beseech thee, O God of ; 
Mercy, on the heart of thy most beloved 
Son, in whom thou hast been well pleas- 
ed ; behold the hitter afflictions he has 
endured for us, and the worthy satisfac- 
tions he has made to thee in our behalf : 
that thus being appeased, we may ob- 
tain of thee pardon for our sins, seeing 
we ask it with contrite hearts. Kindle 
in our hearts so ardent a love of Christ, 
that, being all inflamed with the affec- 
tions of his divine heart, we may also 
merit to he found according to thy 
heart : through the same Jesus Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 






Ant De torrent* in yid bibet, proptered 
exaltabit caput. 

Pm. 109. Dixit Dominus Domino meo, k c. 
Ant Mi aerator Dominus redemptionem 

misit Populo suo. 

Pm. 110. Qonfiteor tibi Domine in toto 
corde meo : in consllio, be. 

Ant Apod Domiuum, misericord is, et oo- 
piosa apud eum redemptio. 

Pm. 129. De profundis clamayi ad te Do- 
mine, be. 

Ant Soper misericordid tub, Domine, oon- 
fiubor tibi in toto corde meo. 

PMalm 187. 

CoNrrncBOR tibi Domine, in toto corde meoi 

* quoniam aadisti yerba oris meL 

In conspectu Angelornm paallam tibi: • 
adorabo ad tempi um sanctum tuum, et oon- 
fitebor nomini tuo. 

Super misericordid tud, et yerltate tod: 

* quoniam magnificat ti super omne, nomen 
sanctum tuum. * 

In qudcumque die inyocayero te, exaudl 
me : * multiplicabis in animd med yirtutem. 
Confiteantur tibi Domine omnes reges terns 

* quia a udier unt omnia yerba oristui. 

Digitized by GoOgle 

382 Oflicium Sanctissimx 

Et content in vila Domini, * qaoniaxn magna 
Ml gloria Domini 

Qaoniam excelsos Dominos, et homilia rea- 
picit : * et alta k aloogd cognoscit. 

Si ambulavero in medio tribulationis, vi- 
▼ificabis me, * et saper iram inimicorum 
meorum extendisti manam taam et aalvum me 
fecit dextera tua. 

Dominaa retribaet pro me : * Dmnine 
miaericordia tua in toeculum : opera manuum 
toarum ne despicias. 

Ant. Super miaericbrdifi tad, Domine, con- 
fitebor tibi in toto corde meo. 

Ant. Suavis Dominaa universis, et misera- 
tlonea ejaa super omnia opera cjoa. 

Psalm 144. 

Ex alt a bo te Deus mens rex, * et be- 
nedicam nomini tao in sasoulam, et in ascalam 

Per singulos diea benedicam tibi: * et 
laudabo nomen taum in assculam, et in specu- 
lum aseculi. 

Magnus Dominos, et laudabilia nimia : * 
et magnitudinia ejus non eat finis. 

Generatio, et generatio laudabit opera tua : 
* et potentiam tuam pronanciabunt. 

Magnificentia glorias aanctitatis tua loquen- 
tar : * et mirabilia tua narrabunt. 

Et virtutem terri bilium taoram dicent: * 
et magnitudinem tuam narrabunt. 

Memoriam abandantias suavitatia toss trac- 
tabunt : • et juatitnl tua exultabunt. 

Mlserator, et misericora Dominaa : * patiene, 
•t multum misericora. 

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Cordis JesUm 


Suavis Domino* onivendi : et miseratianes 
ejus super omnia opera qjus. 

Confiteantur tibi Domine omnia opera toa: 

* et sancti tui benedicant tibi. 

Oloriam regni tui dicent: * et potentiam 
tuam loquentur. 

Ut notam faciant filiis bominam potentiam 
tuam : * et gloriam magnificent!® regni tui. 

Regn um tuum regnum omnium ssculorum : 
a et dominalio toa In omnia generations, et 

Fidelia Dominos in omnibus verbis suis: 

* et sanctus in omnibus operibus suis. 

Alievat Dominus omnes, qui corruont ; • si 

erigit omnes, elisos. 

Oouli omnium in te sperant Domine : * et 
tu das escam illorum in tempore opportuno. 

A peris tu man urn tuam : * et imples omne 
animal benedictione. 

Justus Dominus in omnibus viis suis : * et 
sanctus in omnibus operibus suis. 

Props ert Dominus omnibus invocantibu* 
eum : * omnibus invocantibus eum invent*!*. 

'Voluntatem timentium se faciet : * et de 
pricationem eorum exandiet : et salvos faciet 

Custodit Dominus, omnes dilligeotes se: * 
et omnes peccatores disperdet. 

Laudationem Domini loquetur os meum, * 
et benedicat oxnnis care nomini sancto ejus in 
soculum, et in seculum a® cull. 

AnL Suavis Dominus universis et misera- 
tiones ejus super omnia opera qjua. 

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384 Officium Sanctusimi 

Capitolum. Cant. iii. i ▼. 
Eoeedimini, et Tidete, Filae Sion, regem 
Salomonem in diademate quo coronavit ilium 
Mater sua in die desponsationis illius et in die 
laetitis Cordis ejus. 


Qdicumque certem queer it is > 

Rebus levamen asperis ; 

Seu culpa mordet anxia, 

Seu poena vos permit comes ; 

Jesu, qui, ut agnus innocens, 

Sese immolandum tradidit. 

Ad Cor reclusum vulnere 
Ad mite Cor accedite. 

Auditis ut suavissimis 
Jnvitet omnes vocibus? 

Venite quos gravat labor, 

Premitque pondus criminum. 

Quid corde Jesu mitfus? 

Jesum cruci qui affixerant 
Excusat, et Patrem rogat, 

Ne perdat ultor impios. 

O Cor, voluptas coelitum. 

Cor fida apes mortalium, 

En hisce tracti vocibus 
Ad te venimus supplices. 

Tu nostra terge vulnera. 

Ex te fluente sanguine . 

Tu da novum cor omnibus, 

Qui te gementeS invocaut. Amen . 

V. Miserator et miserecos dominus. 

R. Loqganimis, et multdm miaericors. 


Cordis Jesu, 



Ant. Misericordia Domini a progenia la 
progenies timentibus earn. Alleluia. 



Cor Jesu, charitatis victimun, * Veuite adore* 

Hymnia ut in primis Vesperis. 


Ant. Factum eel Cor metim tanquam cera 
iiquescens in medio ventris mei. 

Psalm 21. 

Deus, deus meus, respice in me, quart 
me. dereliquisti ? * looge k salute mea verba 
diJectoruih meorum. 

Deus me us clamabo per diem, et non ex- 
audies ; * et uocte, et non ad insipientiam 

Tu autem in sancto habitats, * Ians Israel. 

In te speraverunt, patres nostri : * sperave- 
runt, et liberasti eos. 

Ad te clamaverunt, et salvi fact! sunt : * in 
te speraverunt, et non sunt confusi. 

Ego autem, sum vermis, et non bomo: * 

opprobrium hominum, et abjectio plebis. 

Omnes videntes me, deriserunt me ; * locuti 
sunt labiis, et moverunt caput. 

Speravit in Domino, eripiat eum : * salvum 
faciat eum, quoniam vult eum. 

Quoniam tu es, qui extraxisti me de ventre, 
* spes mea ab uberibus matris tnse. 

in te projectus sum ex utero. 

De ventre matris m« Deus meus es tu ; * 
ue diecesseris k me. 

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386 Offidum Sanetissimi 

Quoniam tribalatio proxima eat, * quoniam 
non eat, qol adjuvet. 

Circum dederant me yituli multi : # taari 
pingues obaiderunt me. 

Aperudrunt super me os suum, * aicut leo 
Tapiena et rugiens. 

Sicut aqua effnaaa eum : •* et dispersa sunt 
omnea ossa mea.* 

Factum eat cor meum tanqusm cera liques- 
ceoa * in medio ventris mei. 

Aruit tanquam testa virtue mea, et lingua 
mea adhse ait faucibus meis : * et in pulverem 
mortis deduxisti me. 

Quoniam circum dederunt me cqnea multi : 
• concilium malignant! am obsedit me. 

Foderunt me manus meas et pedes meos : a 
dinumeravdrunt omnia ossa mea. 

Ipsi yer6 consideraverunt, et inspexdrunt 
me : * diviadrunt aibi vestimenta mea et super 
yestem meam miserunt sortem. 

Tu autem Domine, ne elongaveris auxilium 
tuum d me : * ad defensionem meam conspice. 

Erne d framea Dens animam meam : * et' 
de manu cania unicam a meam. 

Salye me ex ore leonls : * et d cornibua 
unicornium humifitatem meam ? 

Narrabo nomen tuum fratribus meis, ♦ hi 
medio eccleaiss laudabo te. 

Qui timetis Domimim laudate eum? * uni- 
reraum semen Jacob glorificate eum. 

Timeat eum omne semen Israel : * quoniam 
non sprevit, neque despexit deprecationem 
pauperis. * 

Nec avertit feci era auam d me : * et edm 
aoaarein ad eum exandivit me. 

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Coixiit Jem. 


Afmi te 1 mm im In 4od«aU magtifi : • 
▼ota m« reddam in oonspeetu timadom ran. 

Eleot pauperes, at s alura b ou t ar s et lauda- 
bant Dominant q*§ nquinat wn ; * »i?en 
rarla Mm no in nwa hni aaotli. 

Reenhiieeeoter, et wnrancitar ad Deminum 
universi finis terns. * 

Et adsrabunt in toospeotu ijus * soitcm 
fismiln Gentium. 

Q— lisa dsninan «st regstsum : « et Ipse 
dominaldtbr Gentium. 

Manducarenant et adocovdrunt omnes ping ties 
terns, * in conspectu ejns cadent omaee qoi 
d escendant in term. 

Et anima mea ill! rivet ; * et semen meam 
servlet ipei. 

AnuntieMtur Demins genemtio Teuton : • 
et anantiabant cnli justitiam ^jus pupulo. 
quinascdtur, qoem Adt Deminas. 

Ant. Factum est Cor neon tanquam cera 
Uquescens in medio rentris saei. 

Ant . Sperarrit Cor ro es m in Domino, et ad- 
j utos sum : et refloruit care mea. 

Psalm 27. 

An te Domino damabo, Dens mens ne 
sileas £ me : * ne quando taoeas a me, et ana- 
mi labor descendentibus in lacum. 

Exaudi Domine vocem deprecatlones men, 
dfim oro ad te s * dum extollo man us mesa ad 
templum sanctum tuum. 

Ne simal trahas me cum peccatorfbos : • et 
cum operantibus iniquitatem ne perdas me. 

Qui loqnnntur pacem cum promixo suo), • 
mala autem in eordibus eorum. 

Digitized by CjOO^Ic 

888 Officium Sanctissimi 

Da illia secundum opera * oorum et aeeun- 
dam nequitiam ad inventloniim ipsorum. 

Seemdibn opera manuum eoram trihue illis t 

• redde retributfonem eorum ipsis. 

Quoniam non intellex&runt opera Domini, et 
In opera manuum ejus destruee illos, *.et non 
edificabis eoe. * 

Benedictus Dominos: ♦ quoniam exaudirit 
▼ocem deprecationis mete. 

Dominis adjutor metis, et protector meus : * 
in ipso speravit Cor meum, et adjutus sum. 

Et refloruit caro mea : • et ex voluntate 
mea eonfitebor ei. 

Dominus fortitudo plebis su» : * et protector 
salvationum Christi sui est. 

Salvum fac populum tuum Domine, et bene- 
dic hnreditati tuae ♦ et rege eos, et extolle illos 
usque in eternum. 

Ant Speravit Cor meum in Domino, et ad- 
jutus sum: et reflourit caro mea. 

Ant. Convertisti planctum meum in gau- 
dium mihi : conscidisti sacum meum, et dr- 
cumdedisti me lietitia. 

Psalm, 29. 

Exaltabo te, Domine, quoniam suscepisti 
me : • nec delectasti inimicos meos super me. 

Domine Delia meus damavi ad te : * et 
sanasti me. 

Domini eduxisti ab inferno an imam meam : 

* sahrasti me a decendentibus in lacum. 

Psallite Domino sancti ejus* • et confite* 

mini memories sancti tatus ejus. 

Quoniam ira in iudignatione ejus : * et vita 
voluutate ejus. 

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Cordis Jesu. 


Ad Tasperum dsunorsbitur flatus: • at ad 
matutinum ladtia. 

Ego autem dixi in abundantly mad : • non 
movebor in aternum. 

Domine in voiuntate tud, a prasstitisti deeori 
meo virtutem. 

Arartlati faciem tuam d me : • at faetoa sum 
eonturbatua. " 

Ad te Domini olamabo; ♦ at ad Damn 
meum deprecabor. 

Qua utiiitas in sanguine mao, .* dum de- 
icando in corruptionam ? 

Numquid confitabitur tibi puhris,- a ant an- 
nuntiabit reritatem tuam. 

Audivit Dominus, at misertus eat mei: • 
Dominos faotus pet adjutor mans. 

Conrartisti planctum meum in gaudium 
mihi : • oonscidisti saccum meum, at circum- 
dedisti me latitia. 

Ut can tat tibi gloria mea, at non compungar : 
• Domine Dens mens in aternum confitebor 

Ant Conrertisti planctum meum in gau- 
dium mihi: oonscidisti saccum meum, et 

cireumdedisti me latitia. 

F. Ego autem in Domino gaudebo. 

JL Et esultabo in Deo Jesu meo. 


Lectio 1, Cap . 1. 

Be nidi crus Deus, et Pater Domini nostri 
Jesu Christi, qui benedizit nos in omni 
Benedictions spirituali in ccelestibus, in 
CbrlstL Slcut elegit nos in ipso ante mundi 
constitutionem, ut essemus sancti, et imma- 
eulati in conspectu ejus in charitate. Qui 

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390 Offvcium Sanctissimi 

prsdeatlnavit nos in adoptionem filiorum, per 
Jesum Christum, in ipsum secnndum pro- 
positum voluntatis stua, in landem gloria 
gratia ana, in qu& gratificavit nos in dilecto 
Filio ano: in qno faabemns redemptlonem 

per aangninem ejua, remissionem peccatorum, 
secnndum divitiaa gratia qjua. Propterea 
non cesso gratias agens pro vobia, memoriam 
yestri faciena in orationibus meia: ut Deus 
Domini nostri Jeau Chriati pater gloria det 
Yobia apiritnm sapientia, et revelationis, in 
agnitione ejua, illuminates oculoa cordis vea- 
tri; nt aciatea qua sit apes Yocationis ejua, 
et qua divitia gloria hsereditatea ejua in 

R. GratificaYit noa Deus in dilecto auo : * 
In quo habemua redemptionem per Sanguinem 
ejua remissionem peccatorum. 

V. Det nobis Dominos illuminatoa oculoa 
oordis nostri, in agnitione ejua. In quo. 

Lectio II. Cap, 2. 

Deus autem, qui dives eat in miaericordia, 
propter nimiam charitatem auam, qu& dilexit 
noa, et cum eaaemua mortui peccatia, con- 
YivificaYit noa in Chriato (cujus gratia eatia 
salvati,) et conresuaetavit, et consedere fecit 
in ccelestibua in Cbriati Jeau ; ut oatenderet 
in aaeculis supervenientibus abundantea divitiaa 
gratbe ms, in bonitate super nos, in Christo 
Jeau. Ipse enim est pax nostra qui fecit 
utraque u nnm , et medium parietem macerbs 
aoivens inimicitias in carne iul : legem manda- 
torum decretes evacuans, ut duos condat in 
semet ipso in uoum novum homiuem, 

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Cordis Jttu. 


pacem. et reeoneUiet ambo in uno cor por a. Dm 
per crueena ; interficiens inimicitias in semetipao : 
ot vaakna enapUafit paoem robis fol longi 
falatia^tpaeomiis,qui props: Quoniam per ipeum 
htbenaa acceasma ambo in ano apirita md 

R. Propter nimUm eharitatem anam, qua 
dUcdt noa Dana, stendit abondantea diritias 
ratifla ana: * In boaitate super noa, in 

Christo Jean. 

y. ip* enim eat pax noatra: per qnem 
habemos aocessum ad patrem. In bonitate 
super noa, fee. 

Lectio III. Cap. 8. 

Hujos rai prattt fleeto genua man ad Patrem 
Domini nostri Jean Chrisd, ex quo omnia pa- 
ternltaa in calls, et in terra nominatur, at det 
robis, secundam diritias gloria ana, rhrtuti 
corroborari per apiritnm ejua in interiorem 
bominem : Christum habitare per Fidem In 
cord i bus restris : in charitate radicati, et 

fundati ; et poasitis eomprebendere com om- 
nibus aanctia ; qua sit latitudo, et longitudo, 
et aublimltaa et profundum : Scire etiam super- 
eminentem acientia eharitatem Cbriati : nt 
impienmlol in omnem plenitudinem Dai. Et 
autem qui potena eat omnia facere aaperabun- 
daoter quam petimus, ant intelligimna, aeoandem 
▼irtutem, qua operator in nobis t ipsi gloria in 
Eeciaaia, et in Christo Jean, in omoes genera- 
tion ea aaculi aaculorum. — Amen. 

R. Det nobia dominos virtute corroborari, 
per spiritum ejua, in interiorum bominem : 


392 Officium SancHssimi 

* Christum habitare per Fldem In cordibus 

V. Ut in charitate radicati, et fundati, 
comprehend am us supereminentem sclentias 

charitatem Christi. Christum habitat &c. 
Gloria Fatri, &c. Christum habitare, &C. 


Ant. Gustate, et videte, quoniam suavis 
est Domlnus : beatus vir, qui sperat in eo. 

Psalm 33. 

Benkdicah • Dominum in omni tempore i 

• semper laus ejus in ore meo. 

In Domino laudabitur anima mea : * radi- 
ant mansueti et Iwtentur, 

Magnificate, Dominum mecum : • et exal- 
teurtis nomen ejus in indipsum. 

Exquisivi Dominum, et exaudivit me, • 
et ex omnibus tribulationibus meis eripuit me. 

Accedite ad eum, illuminamini, * et 
facies yestree non confundentur. 

Iste pauper clamavit, Dominus clamarit 
eum: * et de omnibus tribulationibus eius 
salvavit eum. 

Immittet Angelus Domini in drcuti timen- 
tium eum : et eripit eos. 

Gustate, et videte, quoniam suavis est 
Dominus : ♦ beatus vir, qui sperat in eo. 

Timete Dominum omues Sancti ejus * 
quoniam non est inopia timentibus eum. 

Divites eguerunt, et esurierunt : * inquU 
rentes autem Dominum nou miuuentur omni 

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Cordis Jem . 


Venite Killy audit* me : * timorsm Domini 
dooebo to*. 

Quia oat homo qai rult ritam i * dOigit dim 
rider* bono*? 

Prohibe linfoom turn k malo : t ot libln loo 
no loqoontor dolom. 

Direrto k malo, et tee bonom : * Inquire po- 
oem et peraeqnero mb. 

Ocoll Domini super jasto* :**t onrm (jus In 
proem serum. 

Valla* aatem Domini sapor faeientm mala : 
O at perdat do terra memoriam ooram. 

Clamarerunt justi, et Dominos on aadlrit 
oo* : « ot m omnibus tribabitlofliibas mram 
liberarit eo*. < 

JuxtA est Dominos iis, qai tribalato sunt 
cord* : * ot hamile* spirita aalrablt. 

Malt® tribulations* jastoram : • ot do omni- 
bus hi* liberablt eos Dominos. 

Custodit Dominos omnia ossa ooram t * unam 
ex his non oontoretar. 

Mor* peocatoram pesaima, * et, qai odorant 
justum, delinquent. 

Kedimet Dominos anima* serroram snoram t 
* et non delinquent omnes, qai sperant in eo. 

Ant. Gustate, et ridete, quoniam suaris est 
Dominus : bento* rir, qai sperat in eo. 

Ant . Propter reritatem, et mansoetadineui> 
et justiti&m, intend*, prosper! precede, et 

Psalm 44. 

ICeuctatit cor meura verbum bonum : * dioe 
ego opera mea Hegi. 

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394 OffUium Scmtfissimi 

lingua mea e&iamus scribm, * vdociter 

Speciosue forma pm filiis heminora, diffusa 
cat gratia in labiis tuis : * propterea bon a di ii t 
to daiia la »tecnunQ. 

Accingere gladio tuo' super femur t amp . * p©- 
tent issues. 

Specie tua, et pulchritotdiee tarn, ♦ sntcmie, 
proaperi prooede, et vgn*» 

Propter veritatem, et mansaetuduMnoa* et 
j.mtkiai ; * et deduces to misabcliter dextera 

Sagittal turn acute, populi «ub to oadeot, * in 
corda Wienrirorom regia. 

Sedes tua Deus in sseculum seecalfr : ♦ vferga 
directions virga regni toil.- 

Dilexistl jostitiaro, et odisti iniqul totem ; * 
preptcnd unxit to Deus, Deus tuns otoo hetitim 
pne consortibus tain 

Myrrh% et gotta, et oasto k oeatloeentie tuis 
i domibus eburneis : • ex quibi* defootawdrant 
to film regum honor# too. 

Attitit regina k dextrie tuis in Teetitu deau^ 
nrto, ♦ oircumdata varietatet. 

Audi fiiia, et Tide et inclina aurem tuam : * 
et obliviscere populism tuum, et domuin patris 

Et ooncupiecet Rex decorem tuum : * quon- 
iam ipse eat Dominos Deus tuus, et adorabunt 

Et fili* Tyri in muneribus rultum tuum dm 
precabuntur, * omues divites plebiv 

Omnis gloria qjus fiiia Regis ab SVitus : * in 
fimbrils aurels eireumamicta varietatibus. 


Cordis Jesu. 


Adducentur Regi rirgines peat cam : • 
proxim* ejus afferentor tibi. 

Afferentor in Ictitii et exultatione : • ad- 

ducenturin tempi um Regie. 

Pro petribus tnic nati eunt tibi 6Ui : • con- 
stitues eoe principec super omnem terrain. 

Memores erunt nominis tui, * in omni ge- 
nerations, et generationem. 

ProptereA populi confitebuntur tibi in 
ctermim, * et in saeculum saculi. 

Ant Propter veritatem, et mansuetudinem, 
et justitiam, intende, prospers, procede, et 

Aut. Jadicabit populum in justitl&, et 
pauperes in judicio. 

Psalm 71. 

Daua judicium tunm regida : • et justi- 
tiam tuam filio regie. 

Judicare populum tuum in jnetitifl, * et 
pauperes tnoo in judicio. 

Suscipiant montee paoem populo, * et col- 
lee jnstitiam. 

Judicabit pauperes populi, et salvos fiaoiet 
fllioe panperam : * et humiliabit ealumnia- 

Et permanebit com sole, et ante lunam, • 
in generations et generationem, 

Descendet eicut plavia in rellus : • et sient 
stilllcidia stillantia super terrain. 

Orietur in dlebus ejus justitia, et abran- 
dantia pacts : * donee auferatur luna. 

Et Dominabitnr k mart usque ad mare * 
tt a flu mine usque ad terminos or bis terrai «• 

2 c 

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396 Offidvm Sanctimmi 

Corum illo procident iEthiopes : • et ini- 
mici «jus terra m lingent. 

Keges Th arsis, et insula munera offer ent : 

* reges Arabum, et saba dona adducent. 

,Et adorabunt eum omnes reges term r * 
amnes Gentes servient ei. 

Quia liberavit pauperum a potentete, • et 
pauperum, cui non erat adjutor. 

Facet pauperi, et inopi : * et animas pau- 
perein salvis faciet. 

Ex usuris, et iniquitate red i met animas 
eorum : * et bonorabile nomen eorum coram 

Et vivet, et dabitur ei de auro Arabise: * 
et adorabunt de ipso semper: tota die bene- 
dicent ei. 

Et erit firmamentum in terra in summis 
montium, superextolletur super Libauum 
fructus cjus: * et ilorebunt de civitate sicut 
foenum term. 

Sit nomen ejus benedictum in ssecula: ♦ 
®ut4 golem permanet nomen ejus. 

Et benedicenfur in ipso omnes tribus terras : 

* omnes Geutet magnificabunt eum. 

Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel, * qui facit 

mirabilia solus. 

Et benedictum nomen majestatis ejus in 
aeternum : * et replebitur majestate qjus omnis 
terra : fiat, fiat. 

, Anl. Judicabit populum in justitia, et pan- 
peres in judicio. 

V. Mihi autem adhaere Do* bonum oat. 
Fonere in Domino Dec ipem meam. 

Digitized by CjOCK^Ic 

Cordis Jesu. 



Lectio IV. Sens. 3 do Pass. 

Quia wmel Tenimoa ad Cor duldwimum 
Jeau, et boa tun at not hte ease : ne ainamua 
noa facile ab eo, de qao scriptam at: reco- 
don tea i ta in terra acribentnr. Quid autem 
aocedentaa? Ta lpae doeea noa: ta dixisti 
accedentibus ad Te gaadete qaia nomine reatra 
acripta aunt In Ccelo. Accademaa ergo ad Te, 
et exultabimaa, et laetabimur In Te, memorea 
Cordia Tai. O qaam bonam, et qaim jucun- 
dum habitare In Corde hoe ! Quin potiua dabo 
omnia, omnaa cogitation es, at affect oa mentia 
commatabo, jactaaa omnem cogitatuiu in Cor 
Domini Jeau, et aiue fallacii Iliad me enatriet. 

R. Introduxit me Rex in cellarU su& ; or- 
dinavit in me charltatem. 9 Fulcite me flo- 
ribua, atipate matia ; quia am ore langueo. 

V. Sub umbra illiua, quern deaideraveram, 
aedi : et fructua ejua dulcia gatturi meo. Ful- 
cite, &c. 

Lectio V. 

An hoe tempi am, ad hae Sancta Sancto- 
rum, ad hapo A ream Testament! adoraboy et 
laudabo nomen Domini, dicens com David : 
Invenit eor meam, at orem Deam meum. Et 
ego inveni Cor Regia. Fratria, et Amici 
benign! Jean. Et numquid non adorabo ? 
Hoe igitur Corde Tue, et meo dulcissime Jmu, 

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398 Officlum Sanctissimi 

invents, orabo te Denm m«um : admitte tantom 
In Sacrarium exauditionis tun precea meas : 
immd me totum trahe in Cor tuum Q omnium 
pulchritudine speclosissime Jesu, amplius lava 
me ab iniquitate me&, et k peccato meo munda 
me ; at purificatus per te purissimum, possim 
accedere, et in Corde tuo omnibus diebug vite 
meee merear babitare, et ut videre simul, et 
facere tuam valeam voluntatem. 

R. Haurietia aquas in gaudio de fontibus 
Salvatoris ; et dlcetis in illd die : * Confitemini 
Domino et invocate nomen ejus. 

V. Ecce Deus salvator meus, fiducialitor 
agam, et non timebo. Confitemini, &c. 

Lectio VI. 

Ad hoc enim perforatum est latus tuum, ut 
nobis patescat introitus. Ad hoc vulneratum 
est Cor tuum, ut in illo, et in Te, ab exte- 
rioribus perturbationibus absoluti, habitare 
possim us. Nihilominus et proptered vulnera- 
tum est, ut per vulnus visibile, vulnis amoris 
invisibile, videamus. Quomodd hie ardor 
melius ostendi potest, nisi quod non sol&m 
Corpus verfim etiam ipsum Cor lanced vulno- 
rari permisit ? Carnale ergo vulnus, vulnus 
spirituale ostendit. Quis illud Cor tarn vulne- 
ratum non diligat ? Quis tarn amans non reda- 
met ? Quis tarn eastum non ampleetatur ? Non 
igitur adhtko In oorpore manentes, quant&m 
possumus amemus, red&memus, amplecta- 
mur vulneratum nostrum, cujus impii Agri- 
ool» fbddrunt manus, et pedes, latus, et 
Cor t stem usque, ut cor nostrum durum 

Digitized by Google 

Cordis Jtsu. 


tHhnc et im porn! ten* noorii sui yinculo con- 
stringers, et jaculo yulnerare diguetur. 

JR. Auferam oor lapideum de carne Teitri, 
et da bo yobie oor caraeuin : * Spiritum mourn 
pooam in medio Tostri 

V. Effundam taper too aquam tinm, et 
mnndabimini ad omnibus iniquinamentis tm> 
trie. Et Spirittun, bo. Gloria, bo. El 
Spiritum, bo. 


Antiph, Misericordiam et veritatem diligit 
Deus : gratiam et gloriam dabit Dominos. 

Ptalmut 83. 

Qoah dilecta tabernacula tua Domine 
yirtutem ! 4 concupiscet et deficit auima m*»a 
In atria DominL 

Cor meum et caro mea 9 exultaverunt in 
Deum vivam. 

Etenim passer inrenit sibi domum : 4 et 

turtur nidum sibi, ubi ponat pallos suos. 

Altaria tua, Domine ylrtotum : * Rex mens, 
et Deus mens. 

Beat! qui habitant In domo tua Domine: 
* in BKcula snculorum laudabunt te. 

Beatus yir, cujus est auxilium abe te: * 

ascensionis in corde suo disposuit, in valie 
lachrymarum, in loco, qnem posuit. 

* Etenim benedictionem dabit legislator ibunt 
de virtute in yirtutem : * yidebitur Deus 
deorum in Sion. 


400 Officium Sanctissimi 

Domino Deua virtutem exaudi orationem 
mean : auribus precipe Dens Jacob. 

Protector nos auspice Deus, * et respice 
in faciem Christ! tui. 

Quia melior est dies una in atriis tub * su- 
per millia. 

Elegi abjectus esse in domo Dei mei : * 
magis quam habitare in tabernaculb pecca- 

Quia misericordiam et veritatem diligit 
Deus : * gratiam et gloriam dabit dominus. 

Non privabit bonis eos qui ambulant in 
innocentb : * Domine virtutum, beatus homo, 
qui sperat in te. 

Ant. Misericordiam et veritatem diligit 
Deus : gratiam et gloriam dabit Dominus. 

Ant. Dominus dabit benignitatem : loquetur 
pacem in plebum suam. 

Psabnm 84. 

Benkoixisti Domine terram tuam : • avertisti 
oaptivatem Jacob. 

Remisi8iti iniquitatem plnbb tun : operuisti 
omnia peccata eorum. 

Mitigasti, omnem iram tuam: * avertisti 
ab ira indlgnationis tun. 

Converts nos Deus salutaris noster: * et 
averte iram tuam a nobis. 

Numquid in sternum irascerit nobis * aut 
extendes iram tuam a generations in genera- 
tionem ? 

Deus tu conversus vivificabis nos: * et 
plebs tua intabitur in te* 


Cordis Jesu, 


Ostende nettle, Domfne, miserieordia, to- 
nm : * et salutare tntxm da noble. 

Audiam, quid loquetur in me Domtnus 
Dous : * quoniam loquetur pacem in plebem 

Et super sanctos suos; * et In eos qui 
eonvertuntur ad oor. 

Yerumtamen propd timentes eum salutare 
Ipeius : * ut inhabitet gloria in terra nostra. 

Miserieordia et veritas obviaveruut slbi : 
* justitia et pax osculates sunt. 

Veritas de terrd orat est, * et justitia de cobIo 

Etenim Dominus daoit benignitatem, * et 
tsrtts l. utra dabit fructum suum. 

Justice* ante eum ambulabit t • et ponet 
In vis4 gre?eus suos. 

Ant, Dove inus dabit benignitatem * loquetur 
pacwn in pleb< m suam. 

At Suav? c t mitis es, Domine, et multse t 
miseries Ttlif* omnibus invocautibus te. 

Pxalmua 85. 

Ihclima Domine aurem tuam, et exaudi 
me : * quoniam in ops et pauper sum ego. 

Custodi an imam meam, quoniam sanctus 
* sum : * salvum fac servum tuum, Deus meus, 
sperantem in te. 

Miserere mei, Domine, quoniam ad te cla- 
mavi tota die: * hetifica auimam servi tui quo* 
niam ad te, Domine an imam meam levavi. 

Quoniam tu, Domine, suavis et mitis, * 
muitss miserieordia omnibus invocautibus te. 

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Officium Sanctissimi 

Auribus precipe, Domine, orationem meam : 

* et intende voci deprecationis mae. 

Id die tribulationis m» dainavi ad te : * quia 
exaudisti me. 

Non est simulis tui in diis Domine : * et non 
esfc secundum opera tua. 

Omnes Gentes, quascumque feciste, venient, 
et adnrabunt eoram te Domine : * et giorifica- 
bunt nomen tuum. 

Quoniam magnus es tu, et faciens mirabilia : 

* tu es Deus solus. 

Deduce me Domine in via tua : et ingrediar 
in veritate tua : * lsetetur cor meum, ut timeat 
nomen tuum. 

Confitebor tibi, Domine Deus meus, in toto 
corde meo* * et glorificabo nomen tuum in 

Quia misericordia tua magna est super me : 

* et eruisti animam meam ex inferno inferieri. 

Deus iniqui insurrexerunt super me. et sytia 
goga potentium qussierunt animam meam : * 
et non proposuerunt te in conspectu suo. 

Et tu Domine Deus miserator et misericors, 
patiens, et rnultae miserioordis, et verax. 

Respice in me, et miserere mei, * da imperium 
tuum puero tuo, et salvum fac filium ancill® 
tus. « 

Fac mecum signum in bonum, ut videant, qui 
oderunt me, et confundantur : * quouiam tu 
Domine adjuvisti me, et consolatus es me. 

Ant. Suavis et mitis es, Domine, et multe 
misericord iae omnibus invocantibus te. 

V. Misericordia Domine ab sterno. 

R. Et usque in sternum, super timentes 

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Cordis Jem . 



Lectio VII. Cap. xv. v. 9. 

In ill® tempore dixit Jesus discipulis suis t 
fcicut dilexit me Pater, et ego dilexi roe. 
Manete in dilectione med. Et reliqua. 


Sens. XIII. m Ceesa Domini. 

D* dilectione Dei qud pl&s bibd, plus sitio, 
et ed saturari non possum, nec ego, nec ali- 
quis diligens Christum. Ipsa quo pl6s editur, 
pl6a famem exauget : et quanto pltis ip*a bi- 
bitur plAs sitim inacuit ipsam, quam inhabitat 
mentem, sic inebriat, ut nihil jam qtwrat, 
▼el diligat, nec diligere pose 1 *, nec Taleat 
praeter eum, qul sic mundum dilexit, ut 
Filium suum Unigenitum daret ; ut omnis 
qui credit, et diligit ilium, non moriatur, 
sed vivat cum eo. Ad banc nos dilectionem 
auctor ipse inestimabilis charitatis invitat : 
in eo nos maoere precatur, et rogat : ait 

enim : manete in dilectione med : ac si aperte 
dicat ; quia ego ed dilectione, qila me pater 
diligit, vos diligo, eadem dilectione me vos 
diligere rogo. Et quoniam dilectio vestra 
me usque ad mortem perduxit sed neque 
mors credulissima ipsa d vestra charitate me 
sejunxit, me dUigite: et in ed dilectione 

manete. .... . 

R. Sicut dilexit me Pater et ego dilexi 

vos ; 0 Mauuete in dilectione mea. 

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404 Officium Sanctimmi 

V. Si praepta mea servaveritis, manebitis, 
in dilectione mea, eieut et ego Patria met 
precepts servavi et maneo in qjus dilectione. 
Mauete, &c. 

Lectio VIII. 

San qualiter in eju« dilectione in manere 
debeam us, sequitor, et dicet : Si precepta mea 
eervaveritis manebitis in mea dilectione : Sicut 
et ego Patris mei preceptis senravi, et 
maneo in ejus dilectione. Hsec opera, Fratres 
mei, sunt causa dilectionis Christ! : unusquis- 
que vestrum videat, si Dominum Jesum diligere 
debeat. Quid pro nobis facere debuit, et non 
fecit ? Quomodd nos pl&s amare potuit, et non 
amavit? Majorem in nobis dilectionem non 
potuit habere, quam bdbuit ; quia animam 
suam pro nobis posuit: Ipsa beata Veritas 
testi est, quam majorem nemo habet, ut animam 
suam ponat quis pro amicis suls. Non ergo 
nobis vilescat, Fratres mei, non vobis amarescat 
ipse amor Christi, ipsa charitas Christ!. 

JR. Christus pro nobis animam suam posuit : 

* Et lavit nos & peccatis nostris in sanguine 

V, Majorem charitatem nemo habet, ut 
animam suam ponat quis pro amicia suis. Et 
lavit nos, &c. 

Gloria, &c. Et lavit, &c. 

Lectio IX. 

Auoa Christi totus dulcis, totus delecta- 
bilis : suum possessorem non cruciat, sed de- 
!®®t*t : non enervat, sed roborat ; cuncta 

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Cordis Jtsu. 


torrena eubeennat, at tola caleitla captat. 
Christ! mandat* requirit, et ea pro yiribos 
obeervare contendit ; et de obaervatione pra- 
eeptorum greasu felici provehitur ad preeep 
tionem gaudiorum, at cam illo Jam perfeete 
gaudeat, pro eujua deaiderie in bao valle lacrj- 
marum positua tim amaro feliciter auspirabat. 
Unde rectd seqaitar ; b*o locutus aum vobia, 
ut gaodium meum in vobia ait, et gaudium 
vdatrum impleatur ; ac si diceret : ide£ prscipio 
vobia, et moneo yoa mea obaervare prscepta, 
et manure in dilectione mea, at gaadiam meum 
in vobis ait, et gandium veatrum de me ad im- 
pleatur : at habeam de vobia per mutoam 
eharitatem, quam mihi impenditis, unde poasim 
gaudere : et illud gaodium, quod in retributione 
pnemiorum elacti sunt percepturi, percipere, et 
poaaidere poaaitia. Ta Deum, Ac. 


Ant. Diacite 4 me, qoia mitia sum, at bu- 
milia corde, et invenietis requiem animabaa 

Pi. Dominua regnavit, Ac. cum vd. ad Laud. 
Dominica . 

Ant. Suavia eat Dominua, et in sternum 
miaericordia ejua. 

Ant Sitivit in te anima men ; quia melier 
eat miaericordia tua super vitas. 

Ant Sancti, et humiles corde, benedicte, 
Domino : Laudato, et superexaltate eum in 


Ant Beneplacitum eat Domino in popnle 
suo : et exaitabit manauetoa in oalutem* 

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406 Officium Sanctissimi 

Capituldm. Cant . iii. 

Eorkdimini, et videte, Fills Sion, regem, 
Salomonem in diademete quo coronavit eum 
Mater sua in die desponsationis ejus, et in die 
lstitis Cordis ejus. 


So mm i Parentis Filio, 

Patri futuri ssculi 
Pacts beats Principi, 

Prom am us ore canticnm. 

Qni vulneratus pectore 
Amoris ictnm pertulit, 

Amoris nrens ignibus 
Ipsum qni amantem diligit. 

Jesu dolori® victims. 

Qnis te innocentem compulit, 

Dura ut apertem Lancea 
Latus pateret vulneri ? 

O fons amoris indite ! 

O vena aquarum limpida ! 

O flam m a ad are ns crimina ! 

O Cordis ardens chart tas ! 

In Corde, Jesu, jugiter, 

Recon de nos, ut uberi 
Dono fruamur gratis, 

Coeliqus tandem prsmiis. 

Semper parenti, et Filio, 

Sit laus honor, sit gloria, 

Sancto simul Paradito, 

In ssculorum ascula. Ante 
^ Misericordia Domini ab sterno. 

K. Et usque in sternum super tlmentee 


Cordis Jesu . 



Antiph. Per viaccn miserioordlsi na rir 
dtavit nos Deus, et fecit redemptionem populi 
sui. Alleluia. 


Fac nos Domine Jesa, Sanctissiml Cordir 
tui virtutibus indui, et affectibas inflammarl*. 
ut et imagini bonitatis tuss conform es, et toa 
redemption!* mereamor esse participes. Qul 
▼iris et regnas, &c. 

ad raiMAM. 

Antiph. Discite A me, &c. 

R. hr. Christi F01 Dei riri. # Miserere 
nobis. Christe> &c. V. Per quern salvati, et 
liberati snmus. Miserere, &c. Gloria Patri, 
&c. Christe, &c. V. Exurge Christe, &o. R. Et 
libera nos, &c. 

Ad Ahaolt Cap. Lectio hr. Improper! um 
expectarit oer meuxn, &o. ut infra ad Nonawu 


Antiph. Suaris est Dominos. 


Egredimini, &c. ut ad Laudas. 

R. hr. MisericordiA tuA, Domine, * Plena 
est Terra. MisericordiA tuA, &c. 

P. Justification!* toas doce me. Plena est 
Terra. Gloria Patri, &o. MisericordiA tmA 
Domine, Ac. 

V. Secundum misericordiam tuam yivifica 
me, Domine. 

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408 Officium Sanctimmi 

i£» Et custodians testimonia oris ttu 


AnSiph . Sitivlt in te. 

Camtulum, Cant* viii. 6. 

Pone me ut signacalum super Cor tuum, 
nt signaculum super brachium tuum : quia, 
Mortis eat, ut mors delectio. 

R. br. Secundum misericordiam tuam • 
uvifica m6, Domine. Secundum, &c. 

7. Et custodiam testampnia oris tui. Vivi- 
fies me, Domine, Gloria Patri, &c. Secundum 
misericordiam, &c. 

V, Fac cum servo tuo secundum misericor- 
diam tuum. 

JR. Et doce me justificationes tuas. 


Antiph. Bene placitum est, 

Camtulom, Psalm 68. 

IurROPERiuM expectavit Cor meum. et mi- 
teriam : * et sustinui qui simul contristaretur, 
et non fuit, qui consolaretur, et non inveni. 

R. br. Fac cum servo tuo, * secundum 
misericordiam tuam. Fac cum servo tuo, 
&c. V. Ut justificationes tuas doce me. 
Secundum miser ecordiam tuam. Gloria Patri, 
fee. Fac cum servo tuo, &c. 

V. Veniat super me misericordia tua, 

JR. Sal u tare tuum, secundum doqulum 

Digitized by Google 

Miasa in FeUo , SfC. 409 

In II. Vcsy. omnia id in I. sxceptis tit, qum 


Quicumque certum quaritis, kc. ut in I. Vssp. 

V. Miaericordia Domini i progenie in pro* 

R. Timentibus earn. 


Anth. Suscepit no* Dominus in Sinum, el 
Cor suum, recordatua misericord!* suae. 


Fac nos, Domine Jesu, Sauctissimi Cordis 
tuia virtutibos indui, el aifectibus inflammari ; 
it el imagini bonitatis tun con formes, el tuas 
redemption ia meraamur ease participes. Qui 
rivia et regnaa cum Deo Patre, be. 


Introitus. Cant. iii. 

Egredimini, et videte, Fila Sion, regem 
Salomonem in diademete, quo coronaYit eum 
Mater sua, in die desponsationis eg us, et in die 
lsetitia Cordis ejus. 

Psalm 44. EructaTit cor menm rerbum 
bonum : dico ego opera mea regi. 

V, Gloria Patri, &c. 

Egredimini, &c. 


Fac nos Domine Jesn, Sanctissimi Cordis 
tui Yirtutibus indui, el affectibus, inflammari : 
at el imagini bonitatis tu» conformes, et turn 



Mina in Festo 

redemption!* mereamnr essd participea. Qui 
vivis et r eg i) as cum Deo Patre, &c. 


Cap . 3. — V. 8. 

Fratees : xnihi omnium Sanctorum mini- 
mo data eet gratia bsec in gentibus evange- 
lizare investigabiles divitias Christi, et illu- 
minare omnes quae sit dispensatio Sacrament! 
absconditi a saeculis in Deo, qui omnia creavit. 
Hujus rei gratia flecto genna mea ad Patrem 
Domini nostri Jesu Christi, ex quo omnis 
paternitas in cceiis, et in terra nominatur, 
ut det yobis secund&m divitias glorias suss 
▼irtute eorroborari per spiritum ejus in interim 
orem hominem : Christum hahitare per fidem 
in cordibus vestris t in charitate radicati et 
fundati, ut possitis comprebendere cum omni- 
bus Sanctis qu« sit latitudo et longitudo, et 
sublimitas, et profundum : scire etiam super 
eminentem scientific charitatem Christi : ut 

impleamini in omnem plenitudinem Dei. 

Chraduale . Matt. 21. Diciti Filin Sion: Ecce 
Rex tuns venit tibi mansuetus. 

Isa. 42. Non erit tristis, neque turbulentua : 
Non clamabit, neo audietur vos qua foris. 
Alleluia, Alleluia. 

Matt. 1 1. Discite & me, quia mitis sum, et 
humilis Corde : et invenietis requiem anima- 
bus vestris. Alleluia. 


Graduate. Psalm 68. Improperium expecta- 
nt Cor meum, et miser iam ; et sustinui qui 

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Sancti si/ut Curd is 

ilnml eontristeratur, et non full ; et qui eon- 
oolmretur, et non inveni. 

Tract ** . Psalm 21. Ego autem sum verml*, 
et non homo : opprobimn bominum, et abjectio 
plebis. Omoee videntea me, deris£reuut me : 
locuti ennt labile, et movhant caput: Sicut 
•qua effusus earn, et disperse rant omnia oeea 
men. Factum est Cor ineum tauquam oera 
liqoeeoens in medio ▼entris met. 

roar pascha. 

Alleluia, alleluia. Psalm 19. Domine Deus 
meui clamavi ad te, et sanasti me : eduxisti 
ab inferno an imam meam. Alleluia. 

Convertisti planctum meam in gaudium 
mihi : conscidietl caecum meum, et circum- 
dedisti me latitia. Alleluia. 


Joan. 15, v. 9. 

In illo tempore: Dixit Jesus Discipulls 

suis : Sicut dilexit me Pater, et ego dilexi 

ros. Man etc in dilectione mea. Si precepts 
mea servareritis, mauebitis in dilectione ine&, 
sicut et ego Patris mei pnecepta scrvavi, 
et maneo in ejus delectione. Hac locutus 
sum robis, ut gaudium meum in vobis sit, 
et gaudium vestrum impleatur. Hoc est 
pneceptum meum, nt diligatis inricem, 
sicut dilexi tos- M^jorem bac dilectionem 
nemo babet, ut animam suam ponat quis pro 
am ids suis. Vos amici mei estis, si feceritia 
qua ego pracipio yobis. Jam non dieam 
Too >rros : quia servis nescit quid facias 

2 V 



Missa in Festo , fyc, 

Dominos ej us. Vos autem dixi ami cos : quia 
Vnnia quaeoumque audivi a Patre me©, nota 
l**ci vobis. Non vos me elegistis : sed ego 

fiegi vos, et posui vos ut eatis, et kructum 
IrtFeratis : et fructus vester man eat : ut 

quodciunque petieritis Patrera in nomiue 
ineo, det vobis. 

Credo, &c. 

Offertorium 1. P^ralip. 29. 

Dnraine Deus in simpiicitate Cordis mei 
I ictus obtuli uni versa ; et populum tuum vidi 
cum ingenti gaudio tibi offere donaria : Deus 

Israel uustodi hanc voluntatem Cordis eorum. 


Illo nos igne. qusesumus Domine, Spiri- 
tus sanctus induinuiet, quern Dominus noster 
Jesus Christus 4 penetralibus Cordis sui misit 
in terrain, et voluit vehementer accede" 1 : 
Qui tecum vivit et regnat inunitate ejusdfm, 

Prccfatio de Nativitate Domini. Et sic dicitur 
etiani in Missis Votivis cL Dominica Trinitatis 
usque ad Septuagesimam . A Septuagesima veto 
usque ad Pentecosten, Prafatio de Cruce. 


Gustate, et videte, quoniam suavis est Domi- 
dus : in sternum misericordia ejus. Alleluia. 


Pr2bbeant nobis, Domine Jesu, Divinniri 
fcta sancta fiivorem ; quo dulcissimi Cordis tui 
cuavitate percepta, discamua terrena despi- 
•®re, et amare coelesiia. Qui vivis, &c. 

Digitized by GoOgle 

Translations, Sfc, 4)3 

Translation* of the Latin Hymns, and the Let - 
tons from St, Bernard , in the preceding Qfflcs 
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 


Quicumque certum quceritis. 

To yon who lire in grief and pain. 

Oppressed by guilt's dismay. 

May heavenly peace return again, 

To chase your griefs away. 

Jesus, on high to sinners kind, 

A victim doth appear ; 

O hasten his fond heart to find, 

And rest securely there. 

Yes, *tis his voice that sounds so sweet 
Why, sinners, fly from me? 

Come, seek forgiveness at my feet. 

Your sins shall pardon’d be. 

What heart did ever friendship prove 
Like his, so good and great ? 

Behold how his expiring love 
His Father doth entreat. 

For you and me, nay e'en for those 
Who bid his veins to bleed : 

Father, forgive my cruel foes ; 

O this was love indeed. 

Jesus, that heart, which with aellght 
Fills the angelic train, 

Doth sweetly thus our souls invite, 

Thy mercy to obtain. 

O dry our tears, our bruises heal, 

To us thy blood apply : 

A new-formed heart in us reveal, 

Who for thy bounty cry. „ 

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414 lissom of 

LESSON, from the Third Sermon dp St* 
Bernard, on the Passion. 

Having once come to the most sweet 
Heart of Jesus, and since it is good for us te 
dwell here, let us not easily suffer ourselves to 
be driven from him, of whom it is written, 
those who depart from thee shall be written 
in the earth. But what of those who ap* 
proach thee ? Thou thyself teachest us : thou 
sayest to them that draw near unto thee ; 
Rejoice, for your names are written in. hea- 
ven. Let us, therefore, who are mindful of 
thy heart, approach thee ; let us be glad 
and rejoice in thee. O how good and sweet 
it is, to dwell in this heart ! I will rather 
give up all things ; I will exchange all the 
thoughts and affections of my mind, and cast 
every one of my resolutions into the heart of 
my Lord Jesus, and without deceit it will 
nourish me. 


At this Temple, this Holy of Holies; at 
this Ark of the Covenant, 1 will adore and 
praise the name of the Lord, saying with 
David : “ My heart hath learned to pray to 
my God.’' And I found the heart of the king, 
my brother, and kind friend, Jesus. And 
shall I not adore ! Having, therefore, found 
this heart of thine and mine, O most sweet 
Jesus ! 1 will entreat thee, my God, to graut 
an audience to my prayers in thy sanctuary, 
or rather draw me into thy heart. O Jesus, 
the most fair of all that is beautiful ! was 
me still more from my iniquity and 

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Si. Bernard. 


suo from my sin, that, feeing purlfled fey thee, 
who art partly in perfection, I may fee deemed 
worthy to approach to, and dwell in thy heart 
all the day* of my life, where I may at the 
aame time know thy will, and fee enabled to 
perform It. 


Foa this porpoee it was, that thy side waa 
pierced, that an opening might fee made for 
us. It waa for this end that thy Heart waa 
wounded, that we might dwell in it and In 
thee, and rest securely from exterior troubles. 
It waa moreover wounded, that through the 
visible wounds we might contemplate the 
invisible wound of love. How could there 
be here more ardour shown, than that he 
should permit not only his body, but even 
his heart to be wounded with the lance. The 
wound of the flesh, therefore, discovers the 
wound of the spirit. Who does not love that 
heart which Is thus so wounded ? Who does 
not make a return of love to him wfeo Is thus 
so loving? Who does not embrace him, who 
is so pure ? Let us, therefore, who still remain 
in the body, embrace and return love for love 
to him who waa wounded for our sakes : whose 
hands, feet, side, and heart, have been perfo- 
rated by impious villains: let us stop till he 
vouchsafes to wound ours, as yet hard and 
impenitent hearts, with the dart, and bind 
them up with the bandages of his love. 


But how ought we to remain in his Iovp ? 
He continues, and says ; If you keep mv 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Lessons of 

commandments, you shall remain in my love t 
for as 1 hare kept the commands of my Fa- 
ther, so I remain in his lore. These works, 
my brethren, are the cause of the lave of 
Christ : let each of you consider whether yon 
should not love the Lord Jesus. What could 
he have done for us that he has not done? 
How could any love exceed the love where- 
with he has loved us ? Greater love he could 
got have for us, since he laid down bis life for 
ogr aakes. The same blessed truth testifies, 
that no one can do more than lay down his 
life for his friends. To love Christ, then, my 
brethren, who hath so loved us as to wash our 
sins in his blood, cannot he beneath us. My 
brethren, let not the same love, the same 
charity of Christ, prove to you hitter. 


Thx love of Christ is altogether delicious, 
wholly delightful : it does not torment but 
please: it does not enervate, but strengthens 
its possessor. It holds all earthly things in 
contempt, and covets only what relates to 
heaven. He makes diligent inquiry into the 
will of Christ, and endeavours to fulfil it with 
bis whole strength : and from the observance 
of his commands, he happily attains te the 
fruition of joys, and rejoices perfectly in him, 
after whose love he so ardeutly breathed in 
this valley of tears. Hence, he with go<4 
reason continues : “ These things 1 hast 

spoken to you, that my joy may remain in 
you, and that your joy may be complete 
as if he had said : therefore I command y«% 
and advise you to observe my precepts, act 

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•V/. iierntird. 


to remain In my lore, that my joy may remain 
in you, nod that your joy may be lull : tit t 
by reciprocal lore thou wouldst bestow oil in* 
wherewith to rejoice : ami that you may pos- 
ers* that joy which the elect shall enjoy iu 
retribution of their rewards. Te Deum, tec. 

Ant. Learn of me, who am meek and humble 
of heart, and you shall find rest for your souls. 

Psalm. The Lord hath reigned, &c. , witii die 
rest, as on Sunday at Lauds. 


Summi parentis JU10 . 

Jesus, accept our bumble praise, 

God’s coeterual Son, 

Blest Prince of Peace, who man didst raise, 
To life that was undone. 

What tenderness thy heart did move, 

So many a pang to bear, 

Victim of thy own boundless love, 

May we iu ardour share. 

Thy innocence our ransom paid, 

*Twas love that op*d so wide 
Thy wounded heart, now all disple*’d, 

A guilty world to hide. 

O Charity ! may thy bright flame 
Our earthly dross refine, 

Wash’d in thy blood’s all-cleansing stream, 
May we he, Jesus, thine. 

Lodg’d in thy heart, O let us know 
The sweets of love by this, 

Our hearts with grace shall overflow, 

The pledge of future bliss. 

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418 Devotions to 

An Act of Consecration to the Sacred 
Heart of Jesus . 

O my most amiable and loving God, 
who callest upon me to give thee my 
heart,* and commandest me to love 
thee with my whole hearty I most 
earnestly desire to perform this duty ; 
for what have I in heaven ; and besides 
thee , what do J desire upon earth ? For 
thee my flesh and my heart have fainted 
away , thou the God of my heart , and 
the God that art my portion for ever.§ 
Thou art the source of all perfection, 
and all being, whom the angels delight 
to behold Thou hast thought of me 
in thy love and bounty from all eter- 
nity, and hast bestowed upon me in time 
this excellent being, a little inferior to 
the angels^ that 1 possess, and thou 
dost support me every instant of my 
existence, to prevent my falling back 
into my original nothingness. When I 
wag lost in sin, and had become the 
destined victim of helTs unquenchable 

* Prov. xxiil. 26. q 1 Pst. i. 12. 

f Matt. xxii. 27. U Ps. wlil 6. 

$ Ps. lxxxii. 24, 


the Sacred Heart . 


names, thou, the co-equal Son of the 
Eternal Father, according to the riches 
of thy graced and thy superabundant 
lore for me, didst offer thyself an atoning 
victim to the justice of thy Father, 
taking upon thee my imperfect nature, 
in order to suffer in my stead. And, O 
my loving Redeemer, what dreadful 
ignominies and torments hast thou not 
suffered for this purpose ! What deadly 
auguish oppressed thee in the garden of 
Gethsemani ! What unparalleled insults 
and torments didst thou endure from the 
Jews and Pagan soldiers ! What more 
than mortal pangs convulsed thy body 
and soul, whilst thou pouredst out thy 
precious blood on the cross, derided by 
thy enemies, and forsaken by thy hea- 
venly Father I O thou, my too loving 
and bountiful Saviour, is it possible that 
this excess of thy love for me should 
not engage me to love thee in return ? 
No, sweet Jesus, I will and do love 
thee , because thou hast loved me first, f 
I will and do love thee, as thou com- 
manded me, with my whole hearty 
with my whole soul , and with my whole 
• Ephea. i. 7. f 1 John It. 19. 



Devotions to 

mind.* Trusting in thy all-powerful 
grace, I resolve, with thy Apostle, 
that henceforth neither tiibulation , nor 
distress , nor famine , nor nakedness , 
nor danger , wor persecution , nor Me 
sword , Mo# he able to separate rue 
from the love of God , which is in Christ 
Jesus our Lord.\ But in order that 
I may thus love thee, divest me, O 
my divine master, of the inordinate 
love which I bear to myself: Enable 
me to take up thy sweet yoke, and to 
learn of thee to be meek and humble of 
heart.% Penetrate my heart with a 
deep sense of its own misery and sin- 
fulness, that in humility I may esteem 
others better than myself |j O thou 
meek and humble Heart of my Jesus ! 
O.thou most amiable Heart, ever glow- 
ing with love for me, frame my heart 
to resemble thine. Te.ach me to know 
myself, by a deep conviction of my 
own unworthiness ; teach me to know 
thee by an ardent love of thee, that 
henceforward thou mayestbethe moving 
principle of my heart, in all that I shall 

• Matt. xxii. 37. \ Matt. xi. 29. 

f Rom. viii. 35. y Phil. ii. a 

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the Sacred Heart. 421 

think, and say, and do. during the re- 
mainder of this mortal life, till it cornea 
to be absorbed in the Abyss of pure love 
for all eternity. Amen . 

K TJty loving heart , O Jesu s> / 
adore : 

R. With love mg heart inflame still 
more and more . 

An Act of Atonement to the Sacred 
Heart of Jesus . 

O adorable Jesus, how in sen- 
sible are the hearts of men, how insen- 
sible is my heart in particular, of the 
infinite love of us, with which thy sacred 
Heart is inflamed 1 The blessed spirits 
celebrated the mysteries of thy incarna- 
tion and birth; they ministered to thee 
in the agony that preceded thy passion, 
and at thy resurrection from the dead; 
they surround our altars to adore thy 
real presence upon them: yet how little 
impression do these mysteries make upon 
our frozen hearts, for the love of whom 
they have all been wrought ! How feeble 
is our faith in them l how tepid is our 
gratitude for them 1 how little love or 

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Devotions to 

respect do we prove to thee in the most 
holy Sacrament of the Altar, in which, 
nevertheless, thon art as truly present 
as thon wert upon the cross on Mount 
Calvary, and as thou wilt be in the clouds 
of heaven at the last day, when thou wilt 
pronounce our everlasting doom! But we 
are not only insensible, we are perfidious 
and rebellious. How grievously do we 
transgress thy holy commands by wilful 
sin! how unconcernedly do we drink 
down iniquity like water !* How fre- 
quently have I myself, like the traitor 
Judas, betrayed thee into the hands of 
thy enemies and my own, for some un- 
lawful gratification ! how have I even 
trodden under foot the Son of God, and 
esteemed the blood of the testament un- 
clean, by which I was sanctified by 
abusing the institutions of his mercy, 
for conveying the merits of his precious 
sufferings to my soul ! O the base return 
of my unfeeling heart, to the unparal- 
leled mercy and love of the most tender 
and generous heart of my Saviour! 
Would to God that I were able with 
never-ceasing tears, and the last drop oi 
• Jub xv. 1& | H«b. x. 29. 


the Soared Heart. 


blood, to atone for to much guilt and 
ingratitude 1 But, sinoe no created be- 
ing can make due satisfaction to the of- 
fended majesty of God, I here offer him 
the divine ardours of the Heart of his 
Son Jesus Christ, to satisfy for the in- 
gratitude of mine ; and I present to him 
the blood that flowed from his wounded 
heart, at his last gasp on_the cross, in 
satisfaction for all my own sins, and 
those of my fellow-creatures ; earnestly 
beseeching thee, my God, rather to take 
me out ©f the world at the present mo- 
ment, than let me live to offend thee 
grievously any more. Amen. 

V. Thy loving Hearty O Jesus, I adore. 

R. With love my heart inflame still 
more and more. 

Devout Salutations to the Sacred Hu- 
manity of Jesus Christ 

Eternal Son of the living God, 
who, in excess of thy mercy and love, 
didst take upon thee our human nature, 
to suffer in it the punishment due to my 
sins, what grateful homage and love do 
1 not owe to this sacred humanity, sa- 

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Devotions to 

criflced wholly and in each part for my 
salvation f 1 salnte thee* then, O pre- 
cious body of Christ, suffering cold aud 
want at thy birth — hunger and fatigue 
during thy life — and a bloody scourging 
which rendered thee like a leper, and as 
one struck by God,* before thy death. 

R. I salute and adore thee, thou dear 
suffering body of my Lord mid l\e- 
deemer Jesus Christ 

Prostrate before you, I salute and 
adore y<tu, O sacred feet of my Re- 
deemer, so often wearied during his 
mortal course, in seeking the lost sheep 
of the house of Israei,\ and at length 
transfixed with torturing nails to the 
wood of the cross. 

R. 1 salute and adore you , O bleed- 
ing feet of my Saviour Jesus Christ. 

I salute and adore you, omnipotent 
hands of my gracious Master, which 
healed the sick, and wrought other 
miracles for his people, and in return 
were nailed by them to the instrument 
of his torture, in order to exhaust his 
life hy lengthened sufferings. 

4. f Matt. xv. 24* 


the Sawed Heart, 425 

R. I salute and. adore you, O boun- 
tiful hands of my Saviour Jesus Christ , 
bleeding on the cross. 

I salute and adore yon, O venerable 
head and countenance of the Word In- 
carnate, on which the angels look with 
awe , but which by thy sinful creatures 
were buffeted, and blindfolded, and spit 
upon, and crowned with thorns. 

R. I salute and adore thee , O divine 
countenance of my awful Judge ; and I 
beseech thee that, instead of thy terrible 
frown , I may meet with thy gracious 
smile when thou skalt unveil thyself to 

I salute and adore thee, O sacred 
spirit of the divine Jesus, which, from 
the moment of his conception foresaw 
and accepted of all the ignominies and 
pains he successively endured: oppress- 
ed with sorrow even unto death , in the 
Garden of Gethsemani, and left by the 
Eternal Father to the extremity of inte - 
rior and exterior torment, till their vio- 
lence exhausted and took away his 

R. I salute and adore thee , O most 
afflicted spirit of my willing victim , Jesus 



Devotions to 

Christ, and beg of thee that I may 
henceforward love him with all my soul 
and alt my mind 

I salute and adore thee, O glowing 
Heart of my best friend, Jesus Christ, 
that wert laid open at his death, to 
give me, with the last drop of his life's 
blood, the final proof of his boundless 
love of me. 

R. I salute and adore thee, O pre- 
cious Heart of Jesus, that loved me unto 
death: grant that I may love thee with 
all my heart, now and for ever more. 

The Short Litany of the Sacred 

Lord have mercy on us. 

R. Lord have mercy on us. 

Christ have mercy on us. 

R. Christ have mercy on us. 

Lord have mercy on us. 

R. Lord have mercy on us. 

Christ hear us. R. Christ graciously 
hear us. 

O God, the Father of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, Have mercy on us. 

O God, the Son, the Redeemer of man- 
kind, Have mercy cn us. 

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the Sacred Heart . 












O God the Holy Ghost, the Comforter 
of the just, Have mercy on us. 

O Sacred Trinity, three Persons in one 
God, Have mercy on us. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus. R. Grant us 
grace to love thee . 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, hypostatically 
united with the Eternal Word, grant 
us grace to love thee. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, furnace of 
divine love 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, mirror of 
meekness and humility, 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, source of 
true contrition, 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, the trea- 
sury of all graces, 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, sorrowful 
in the Garden unto death , 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, fainting 
under his bloody sweat, 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, saturated 
with affronts ,• 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, obedient 
unto the death of the cross, f 
Sacred Heart of Jesus, pierced 
with the soldier’s spear; 

* Lament, iii. 30. f Philip, ii. & 

2 E 

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4 28 

Devotions to 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, the refuge 
of sinners, 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, the conso- 
lation of the afflicted, 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, the hope 
of the dying, 

Sacred Heart of Jesus, the joy of 
the elect, ^ # 

From insensibility of thy infinite love 
for us, Deliver us, O Heart of Jesus, 
From the ingratitude of wilfully offend- 
ing thee, Deliver us, O Heart of Jesus . 
From the misery of being separated 
from tbee in time and eternity, Deli - 
ver us, O Heart of Jesus. 

V. O Joous, meek and humble of 

R. O Jesus, make our hearts like 
unto thy heart. 

Let us Pray . 

O Jesus Christ, who, from the 
full treasury of thy Sacred Heart, didst 
draw the inestimable graces which thou 
dispensest to thy faithful lovers, grant 
that, mortifying our pride and self-love, 
wo may become true imitators of thy 
meekness and humility, and becoming 

the Sacred Heart 


every day more sensible of tby exces- 
sive lore, in making thyself our com- 
panion in thy Incarnation, our victim 
in thy Passion and Death, and our food 
in thy Real Presence on our altars, we 
may henceforward return thee, to the 
best of our power, love for love during 
this our present state, and be immersed 
hereafter in the abyss of thy divine love, 
who, with the Father and the Holy 
Ghost, livest and reignest one God, 
world without end. Amen. 

A Prayer proper for gaining the Indul- 
gences granted by his Holiness. 

O most just and mercMhl God, my 
Father, my Redeemer, my Sanctifier, 
my God, and my All ! when I reflect 
on my insensibility of thy numberless 
and incomprehensible benefits towards 
me, the tepidity of my services to thee, 
my daily transgressions against thee, 
and more especially on the great sins 
of my past life, and on the imperfection 
of my contrition and penance for them. 
I am seized with grief and terror, and 
wish with thy prophet, for water to my 
head, and a fountain of tears to my eyes* 

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Devotions to 

that day and night I may bewail* my 
guilt and misery. Hence also I cry out 
to thee with another of thy prophets : 
Have mercy on me, O God, according 
to thy great mercy — R. And according 
to the m u lti tude of thy tender mercies , 
blot out my sins , — Wash me yet more 
from my iniquity , and cleanse me from 
my sin — R. For I know my iniquity and 
my sin is always before me, — To thee 
only have I sinned, and have done evil 
before thee, f Nevertheless, assured as 
I am, O Lord, that thy mercies are 
above all thy works , X and that thou, my 
loving Saviour, didst suffer the torments 
of the cross, and give thy heart's blood 
to make an atonement for me, I cast 
myself with an humble hope at thy 
crucified feet, and beseech thee to apply 
this sovereign atonement to my poor soul. 
O sprinkle me with this hyssop , that dis- 
tils from thy precious wounds, and I 
shall be cleansed ; wash me with thy 
atoning blood, and I shall be made 
whiter than snow.\\ Yes, my most mer- 
ciful Lord and Saviour, trusting, as I do 

* Jer. Ix. | Ps. xl. 

| P*. 1. 


the Sacred Heart. 431 

in the multitude of thy mercies, and the 
infinite merits of thy sufferings and death 
for me, as likewise in the prayers of the 
Blessed Virgin and all the Saints, and in 
the virtue of the heavenly keys thou hast 
bestowed on thy Vicar on earth, I hope 
not only for the pardon of my sins, but 
also for the remission of the temporal 
punishments due to them ; and there- 
fore, in compliance with the directions 
of this thy Vicar, I pray to thee most 
earnestly for the accomplishment of all 
his pious intentions, and more espe- 
cially for the establishment of peace and 
concord among Christian princes and 
states, and for the extirpation of all 
heresies, schisms, infidelity, and wicked- 
ness throughout the world* — Grant all 
this, O Lord God, for thy mercy’s sake, 
and through the sacred wounds and the 
pierced Heart of thy beloved, Son Jesus 
Christ, who, with thee and the Holy 
Ghost, lives and reigns one God, world 
without end. Amen . 

Our Father, fyc. Hail Mary, Sp. 
I believe in God, %c. 


4 32 

Devotions to 

A Oondokmce with the Sacred Heart of 
A* Blessed Virgin • 

O ViRom Mother of my divine Re- 
deemer Jesus Christ, how soon whs the 
joy that filled thy heart at his birth, 
allayed by the prophecy of holy Si- 
meon, announcing to thee, at thy puri- 
fication, that He tea* wet up far a sign , 
that should be contradicted , and that a 
sicord should transfix thy own soul!* 
Accordingly thou didst soon witness 
the cruel jealousy of King Herod, who 
endeavoured to cut him off at his birth, 
the blind fbry of the people, who took 
up stones, and led him to a precipice 
in order to destroy him, and the un- 
wearied malice of the Scribes and Pha- 
risees, who sought for pretexts to ruin 
his character, and put him to an igno- 
minious death ; all which attempts 
wounded thy tender heart with a grief 
proportionable to the fervour of thy 
love of him, who was, at the same 
time, thy Son and thy God. But when, 
at length, in his merciful counsels for 
* Luke ii. 34. 

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the Sacred Heart . 


my salvation, lie permitted a mortal 
anguish to overwhelm bis soul, and his 
enemies to seize upon his divine per- 
son; when he was bound and buffeted, 
and blasphemed and spit upon; when 
he was torn with scourges and crowned 
with thorns, and sentenced to an igno- 
minious death; when thy eyes beheld 
him fainting under the load of his cross, 
and hanging upon it for three hours, sup- 
ported by nails, that transfixed his 
hands and feet, while the precious 
blood derived from thy pure body, 
streamed down from his several wounds ; 
when thy ears beard his meek voice 
commending thee to his beloved disciple, 
and likewise his unrelenting enemies to 
the mercy of his heavenly Father, till the 
extremity of their torments took awfty 
his breath. O blessed Virgin Mother, 
how severe were thy pangs I how sharp 
was the sword that wounded thy mater- 
nal heart I Surely no sorrow of the af- 
flicted was like unto thy sorrow I surely 
no sufferings of the martyrs in their 
bodies were equal to the sufferings thou 
didst endure in thy holy soul. I con- 
dole with thee, thou most innocent. 

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Devotions to 


and jet most afflicted of human beings, 
and I bewail m y sms which have caused 
thy divine Son’s sufferings and thy 
own sorrows. O, by all thy love of 
him, and compassion for me, 1 beseech 
thee to obtain of him, that 1 may never 
more deliberately offend him, but ra- 
ther that I may love him more and more 
every day of my mortal life, till I come 
to the clear sight and possession of him, 
in company with thee and the other 
blessed inhabitants of the kingdom of 
divine love. Amen, 

V. Great Queen of Sorrows , grant 
that we — may tread thy steps , and let it 
be — our sorrow, not to grieve like thee, 

R. O may the wounds of thy dear 
Son— our contrite hearts possess alone, 
and all terrene affections drown . 

A Prayer for a happy Death . 

O Almighty and eternal God, the 
Creator of us and of all things, who 
didst create our bodies of the dust of 
the earth, and, when we had sinned 
against thee, in our first father, didst 
sentence them to return to dust again, 

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the Sacred Heart. 


behold, I here submit myself to this 
awful sentence, as the just punishment 
of my sins, and as the only means of 
coming to thee, my last end and my 
supreme happiness. But, O, my most 
merciful Lord and God, 1 beseech thee, 
through the passion and death of my 
Redeemer Jesus Christ, that, at what- 
ever hour thou art pleased to summon 
me out of this world to the bar of thy 
justice in the next, I may be found 
watching with the lamp of faith, hope, 
and charity burning in my hand, so as 
not to be shut out from the banquet of 
eternal happiness, but be admitted to 
the sight and enjoyment of thee in thy 
heavenly kingdom. 

O Jesus, my most loving Saviour, 
who didst hang three hours on the cross, 
to purchase mercy, grace, and salvation 
for my poor soul, I entreat thee by thy 
precious wounds, and especially by that 
of thy adorable Heart, which yielded the 
last drop of its sacred blood for me, that 
thou wouldst have mercy upon me at the 
hour of my death. 

R. Sacred Heart of Jesus , have mercy 
upon me at that my Hast hour.. 

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Devotions to 

At that all-important hour, when m3 
sentence for eternity is about to be pro- 
nounced, and my infernal enemies will 
redouble their ^efforts to get possession 
of my poor soul, 

R. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy 
upon me at that my last hour . 

When my body, subdued by disease, 
and bedewed with a cold sweat, will 
be nearly motionless, and my mind, 
distracted with pain and anxiety, will 
be incapable of fixed attention, or fer- 
vent prayer, 

R. Sacred Heart of Jesus , have mercy 
on me at that my last hour . 

When I shall breathe forth my soul, 
and it shall behold thee on the throne 
of thy majesty, surrounded by millions 
of blessed spirits, 

R. Sacred Heart of Jesus , have merty 
upon me at that my last hour . 

Let us pray for the Faithful Departed* 

Out of the depths I have cried to 
thee, O Lord 5 Lord bear my voice. 

Let thy ears be attentive to the voice 
of my supplication. 


the Sacred Heart. 


If thftli, O Lord* wilt Murk iniquities ; 
Lord wko shall stand it ? 

For with thee there is merciful for- 
giveness : and by reason of thy law I 
have waited for thee, O Lord. 

My soul hath relied on his word. 

My soul hath hoped in the Lord. 

From the morning watch even until 
night let Israel hope in the Lord. 

Because with the Lord there is mercy, 
and with him plentiful redemption. 

And he shall redeem Israel from all 
his iniquities. 

Eternal rest give to them, O Lord, and 
let perpetual light shine upon them. 

Let us pray. 

O GoO, the giver of pardon, and 
lover of the salvation of men, we beseech 
thy clemency on behalf of our parents, 
relations, friends, and benefactors, who 
have departed this life, that, the blessed 
Virgin Mary and all the saints inter- 
ceding for them, they may come to the 
fellow-ship of eternal life, through Christ 
our Lord. 


& ifod. Ilia Creator and Redeemer 
of all the faithful, giro to the tools of 
thy servants departed, the fall remission 
of all their sins, that, through pious 
supplications they may obtain the par- 
don which they hare always desired, 
through Jesus Christ our JbonL Amen. 

V. Thy loving Heart, O Jesus , I adore. 
R. With love my heart inflame still 
more and more. 

N. B. — The festival of the Sacred 
Heart of Jesus is kept on the Friday 
immediately following the Octave of 
Corpus Christi. 

Sanctissimo Domino nostro Pio 
P. P. VII. 


Joannes Milner, Dei te 
Apostolica Sedis gratia, Episcopus 
Castabalas, Vicarins Apostolicus in An- 
glic ad Sanctitatis veatr© pedes provo- 


lotos, homiliter supplicat, ut, ad au- 
gendom in dies Amabillissimi Cordis 
Jesu Christi Domini nostri cultum, om- 
nibus et singulis ntrisqoe sexus Christi 
fidelibos, qui in locis sum spiritualis ju- 
risdictions, in Feria Sextapost Octavum 
Sanctissimi Corporis Christi, vel, loco 
ejasdem Feriae, in un& alia per annum 
die ab Qratore designanda, nec non in 
prima Sexta Feria cujusqoe Mensis, 
vel, loco, istiusmodi Feriarum, in una 
ex diebas Dominicis cujosqoe mensis 
per Oratorem pariter assignanda, vere, 
psBnitentes et confessi ac sacri communi- 
onerefecti, devote visitaverint, & primis 
vesperis usque ad occasum solis dierum 
huj osmodi, I maginem Sanctissimi Cordis 
Jesu, vel expositam, vel quando exposita 
foerit, in ecdesia aut Sacello publico, 
sive Oratorio qoocunque, etiam coUocato 
intra septa cojus libet Monasterii, Semi- 
narii, vel alterius loci pii, et ibi pro 
Christianorum Principum Concordia, 
hseresum extirpatione, ac juxta mentem 
Sanctatis vestrae, preces effuderint, qua 
die prsedictarium id egerint. Plenariam 
Jndulgentianty applacabilem etiam, per 
modum sufiragii, animabis fidelium de- 


44 * 

functorom: iis vero, qui indicatam 

luiaginem devote visitaverint, ibique, 
ut supra, oraveriut, pent mm diemm In- 
dulgenti&w in singulo* anni dies semel 
in die ab uuoquoqne lueraodam pariter- 
quo, per modum snffragu* spplicandaro, 
benign* concede*® dignetur : quam gra- 
tiam, & c. 

Ex Audientia Sanctisaimi, die 
27 Junii, 4814. 

Sapctissimus benigne annuit pro 
gratis juxta petite, in forma tamen 
Eccleai® constitute, ad quindennium. 

P. F. Caep, Giusri. 

26 NO 63 


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